Alex O’Loughlin Valentines Day FanArt


Valentine’s Day is here and because it is a special occasion, we decided to do a special fanart day by bringing the usual group back for some fun. It turned out to be good timing, too, as with the show in this short break, everyone needs something fun to fill the time, right? Since the pieces do not provide a lot of explanation, we will just let the art speak for itself for the most part. Hope you enjoy this special fanart edition.


Starting with Gaby who reached out for permission to use one of the newest photoshoot outtakes for her piece. We appreciated the respect and shared an unmarked unseen color one with her, too. That’s two determined looking Alex’s coming forward surrounded by a subtle nice background emphasizing the special day.

alex o'loughlin valentines day fanart

Credit H50Europe


Next from Monika, who did something similar with dual Alex’s against a subtle background. She showed off the different sides concept of the same photo. Wonder what he is thinking.

alex o'loughlin valentines day fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz


Sonja provided us two and she went with different looks entirely as one is serious and the other very carefree.


alex o'loughlin valentines day fanart

alex o'loughlin valentines day fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)


This is the one we did and went with a romantic setting for the celebration.

alex o'loughlin valentines day fanart



Here’s one from Bryna, who also did a double concept but she used a couple different entirely different looks to do so.  

alex o'loughlin valentines day fanart

Credit Becoming_Bryna



Silvia could not make it based on computer issues so we grabbed from the gallery for hers.  Hopefully her computer can get some love, too.

Credit Silvia from our gallery



Hope you enjoyed this special edition of fanart and it spread some love your way. Happy Valentine’s Day to all our followers! Much Aloha to all of you.



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