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As we mentioned last week, Bryna would be back with a longer story to fill the gap between new episodes and here we are with the first couple of parts. We will do two parts a day starting with today. 

A bet, a Vette and McGarrett….could this be an explosive combination or a relaxing staycation? Find out who is the Real Genius starting today.


Here is Part 1 and 2


Part 1



McGarrett could hear the beeping sound, “Allirght, allright…time to get up.” He tried reaching out to his side table to turn off his clock, but his arm would not move,  “What the…”


“Hey, we gotta stop meeting like this.” Danno leaned over from the chair next to McGarrett’s hospital bed, “I mean, seriously, you really need your own wing, you ‘re in here so much.”


“Danny…” McGarrett glares as the heart monitor beep, “It’s not my fault this time.”


“Well your doc is checking your blood cells because you had to be Spider Man and get yourself exposed to radiation. So it was your fault,” Danny smirks and gets up from his chair.


“I should’ve had Junior pick me up,” McGarrett sits up in the bed.


 “Anyways, the doc said your…hmmm….how did he word it? Oh yes…”precautionary” biopsy procedure went fine.”


Great….” McGarrett mumbled and he slowly makes his way out of his bed.


“He will be waiting for you at the nurses’ station to discharge you….AND he wanted me to remind you, no physical activities for 24 – 48 hours…do you know what that means?”


McGarrett rolls his eyes as he walks to the bathroom to change clothes, “What, Danny…what does that mean?”


“It means no fighting, jumping, leaping, rolling, being tossed, twirled, whirled or swirled, no firefights, no WWE tackles, MMA punches, karate kicks or Jujitsu rolls….got it?”


“Well since I took a few days off, I think it is safe to say affirmative.” McGarrett finished changing out of his gown into his street clothes… a black Henley with black cargo pants.


“Wanna bet?” Danny snapped back while playing with the blood pressure machine, “If you engage in any physical activity, any type of combat, even if it is arm wrestling, you owe me $100 plus I get to drive my OWN car for a week!”


McGarrett shook his head like he was hearing things, “What?”


Danno continues,  “AND  you cover my two-weekend, night-guard duty next month at Charlie’s school.”


McGarrett stops his stride and turns towards Danny, “Wait, you drive your own car for a week?”


“Make that two weeks,” Danny walks out the door.


“You’re on,” McGarrett follows after Danny to meet his doctor at the nurses’ station to be discharged.


Part 2


Danno walks into The Palace and joins Tani, Jerry and Junior at the table.


“So how’s our boy,” Grover asks as he walks out of his office and gathers with the team.


Danno smiles, “Our boy has been placed on a two-day, no-crackin’ heads restriction.”


Grover rolled his eyes, “How do they expect him to comply….strap him to the hospital bed?”


“If he doesn’t, he owes me two weeks of driving my own car,” Danno nods to Junior.


“That won’t stop him,” Tani joins in with a smile.


“The $100 will,” Grover smiles at Danno.


Danno flashes a wink and smile at Grover, “So….Noelani brought me up to speed on the Bauer case.”


“Yes Sir….ah…Detective Danno…” Junior stumbles….Danno winces…” Excuse me, Mr. Williams, Sir…” Junior winces as he tries to break his “Sir” habit.


“Danny is fine kid,” He flashes a smile at Junior, “Show me what you got.”


Junior swipes up on the table revealing the victim, “Mr. Ted Bauer was found in the fields outside of Mililani last night with lacerations, bruises and a blunt force trauma to the head.  He was a former reservist in the Army, his unit has been notified. He was considered an excellent service man, great integrity, and didn’t have any  enemies.”


“Any exes…married or otherwise?” Danno interjected.


Tani enters the next slide and swipes up, “No, never married, no children, but he did have a girlfriend, Marilyn Henner,” The last time she saw Mr. Bauer, he was meeting his unit for a night on the town to celebrate his colleague’s retirement. When he did not come home, she reported him missing.”


Danno nods, “How ‘bout his buddies, what did they have to say when you interviewed them.”


Grover chimed in, “They were in total shock. They supplied us with every establishment they frequented that night…no bar fights, no unruly activity, just a solid evening out.”


Danno walked closer to the screen staring into the eyes of Mr. Bauer, “No enemies, rivals, anything?”


Grover shook his head, “No, nada, nothing, he’s clean. His friends are clean as well….no arrests, not even speeding tickets.”


Danno’s gaze was interrupted by the shrill of his cell phone, “Detective Williams…”


“Hello Detective, this is Noelani. I think I found something, can you come down right away?”



To Be Continued…


Story and fanart by Bryna



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  1. This is a great interesting story so far. So many responsibilities.

  2. Love Bryna’s story’s. I have been doing the same for years. Some were put on screen. It’s fun to lose yourself, for awhile, in them. Keep it up, Bryna.

    1. Thank you so much, Allie!! It is relaxing!!! It’s like watching your own episode in your head! Thank you for reading and commenting!

    2. That is great and if you ever want to share your stories in similar fashion here let us know. Glad you are enjoying them.

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