Hawaii Five 0 Mini One Part Fan-Fiction


Since we have a little bit of time between episodes with the next new one being March 2nd we thought we would do some filler fan-fiction stories to help pass the time. This month Bryna has stepped up to the plate and offered her assistance and creativity in a couple of short stories.

This one below is super short but fun and her other one which we will start next week sometime is about 5-6 parts long. Since she provides some fanart along with her stories, we hope you enjoy her works.

Here is the first mini-one which is something you can imagine as a short beginning scene within one of the episodes. 


Spinning Wheel


Hawaii Five 0 fanart


All McGarrett could hear was noise…he couldn’t make anything out. His head was swirling, mind disoriented, “I can’t be this bad…it’s never been this bad.” He mumbled to himself as he tried to fight the dizziness.


“Where is he?” Danno searching the streets, “He said he would be here.”


“The tracker says he should be at Kuhio Street by the theater,” Junior answers as he looks down at his equipment.


“He better be. I’m getting worried.” Danno steps on the gas.


“Almost there!” Junior sits up in his seat and peers out the window.


He could hear Junior yelling his name, but he could not respond.  His body being violently tossed back and forth, relentlessly, “Why…whha…”


Danno whips the Camaro around the corner, “THERE!!!!”  They finally see him when they hit the last corner.


Now McGarrett heard Danny but he couldn’t make out what he was saying. All of a sudden, he was thrown forward, and he felt he was at stop.


“How was that, Bae?”  Danny asked enthusiastically as he stares at McGarrett in the passenger seat.


“Sir…Sir…are you alright? It looked liked you passed out for a minute there,” Junior says as he leans forward from the backseat and gently puts his hand on McGarrett’s shoulder.


“Passed out! The indestructible Navy Seal…”


“Danny…” McGarrett slowly sits up.


“…passed out…and I was only going 75 miles an hour. You top at 100 chasin’ perps all over the island and you passed out!


McGarrett leans towards the backseat, “How did I do this time, Junior?”


“Well, Sir, you did last longer than the first two times. I guess we hit your car-sickness threshold. Glad we made it here in time.


“Flippa walks up to the Camaro and hands Danno a package, “Hey, here you go. Next time, Brah, give me some warning. I had to bump two wahines out of line by the time you texted me. You know how the ABC Store is this time of day!”


“Sorry, Flippa, we just didn’t want to risk the chance of Captain America spewing his locomoco on the floor of my car,” Danno passes the package to McGarrett who quickly opens the bag, unscrews the top, and pops two Dramamine into his mouth. Junior passes McGarrett a bottle of water to wash the pills down.


Flippa turns to Junior, “How did the tracker work this time?”


“Perfectly. We’ll let Jerry know his experiment worked. He can now work on the next step in implementing our personal tracking devices in the event one of us is in a hostile situation,” Junior turns his attention back on McGarrett, “You are getting better, Sir.”


“Thanks, Junior. I appreciate you and Danny’s help in overcoming car-sickness,” McGarrett rubs his stomach and leans back into the chair.


“My pleasure! How many chances do I get to drive my own car without any constraints? and make you sick at the same time?



Credit Becoming_Bryna


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  1. Love it. Keep up the good work, Bryna. Peter should have you writing for him.

    1. Thanks Allie!!! It’s fun!! I appreciate your time in reading it!

  2. I love it.

    1. Thank you, Priscilla!!! I appreciate it!

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