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  1. ALex’s new Blog from My space. Move it where you want tiffany

    Friday, July 31, 2009
    Its been a while
    Current mood: adored
    Hi everybody.
    Well it certainly has been a minute since I last wrote you all, but I am glad to say that it’s because I literally have not stopped working since we last spoke. I finished The Backup Plan a few days ago and flew straight back to LA to start production on Three Rivers, which is where I am now.

    The film experence was wonderful! We were very lucky to have the team of producers & the director that we had and I would work with them all again tomorrow! It was nothing but positive.

    Our director and leader, Alan Poul was as good as you can get. Very intelligent, funny, sensative to everyone’s needs and a true visionary. I think we might just have a decent little film on our hands! 😉

    Many of you have sent me messages full of questions about Jennifer and how I found working with her, and I appreciate your enthusiasm.
    Jennifer is a very private person and I respect that, so what I will tell you is that she is all the good things you could possibly imagine her to be. Funny, smart, generous, always prepared, very professional, always punctual… and of course, beautiful.

    Thank you all so much for the constant support. It can be difficult to reach you all personally and individually, but none of your love and hard work ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated. It is something in my life that helps me find the energy I don’t always think I have, to get through another long work day and stay inspired. Without you all it would be kind of pointless so, again, thank you.

    All my love
    Alex O’Loughlin x

  2. Perhpas Lance meant their sire. Remember Coraline tells Mick about the 7 siblings. Then he finds out she was one of those siblings. It said they all had the same sire. He was a relative or was King Louis the whatever number. So he would be a very powerful person. Also that Coraline brought Mick into the family without permission

    Nor sure he loved SImone, after all she was his Tuesday and Thursday refreshment. But Mick says Oh, you do like her, or words to that effect, He said SImone had hinted at not being human anymore. But that he was not sure if he was worried the turning would go wrong or right, forever was a long time. Then they both admiited they had commitment issues. So with Josef who can tell. Perhpas once bitten twice shy (excuse the pun), but he was still looking after another human Sarah, that the turning didn’t quite work on.

  3. Sandra, what I want to know is who was Coraline talking about when she told Lance “If you take me to HIM, you know what will happen.” Who was she talking about? I also want to know who gave Talbot “The List” and what happened after the door closed. I’d also like to know if Josef ever told Simone that he loved her. There are too many questions to even write down. I just hope we get those answers either in a movie or a continuation of the series. It is too good a series to just abruptly end like that. I think if we cause enough ripples, we can definitely get something to happen. Look at what we’ve accomplished so far: the dvd’s were released in the US (they weren’t originally going to be), we got Syfy to air the first season, and now cbs (again, I refuse to capitalize those letters, they don’t deserve it) is “admitting” they made a mistake in cancelling the show. There’s a word that comes to mind when I see that, “DUH!”

  4. Sorry Tiffany did I let the cat out of the bag. I have what they call the first season DVD, it is 22 episodes of Blood Ties. Not sure how many are 1st and how many 2nd. I think they sort of combined because it was cancelled not many 2’s were made. I also liked Henry, but like Vicky said although he is 470, she could accused of cradle snatching. Mick is more the matrure vamp even though probably nearly 87 now. Mick is still my man. Must admit Henry is human blood sucking cute.

    Why thank you Tish for your kind words. I thought I had covered all possibles. I certianly know my Moonlight.

  5. Hi Sandra Fegan,

    Wow, you basically covered it all…Yep, folks, all Sandra said so perfectly…BTW, Sandra is #1 on ML Trivia….

    Sandra, hope all is going well for you & yours, especially for your hubby’s illness…In my prayers & thoughts for you both…Tish

  6. Oh Melissa,
    For whatever reason you are Sooo medicated, I do hope you will be on the mend soon…

    However, medication or not, your points are valued…We, in actuality, for the majority, saw loose ends needing to be tied up…As in every good drama, especially one involving a love story, the hero & heroine can never just live happily ever after as in a child’s fairytale…

  7. Compared to Blood Ties the ended of Moonlight was better. In B T Vickly Nelson eneded up with neither of her men.
    But we unsatiable M.L..fans want to know what happened after the door closed. The list yes, the voice on the phone? Where did Lance take Coraline? What were the consequences she had to face? Did Mick ever get the cure again from his own blood sample?
    Let’s face it we just want to see all the characters gel again. Josef’s wise cracks, Mick;s good looks and olde world charm, and Mick and Beth banter. Not to forget Logan in the basement.

    1. That blows Sandra, I haven’t yet watched season 2 of Blood Ties… I was soooo routing for Henry, that man is yummy.

  8. Hey Tish! It never even occured to me about Talbot being part of the “were” community. Although I’ve cooled a considerable amount, I’m still angry as “heck” about them taking this wonderfully inventive show away. I don’t care who did it or why, but they should AT LEAST give us a movie or something to close the loose story lines they left unfinished. I think that would be something they could handle if they could get their heads out of their collective bums and get over themselves. They should do this for the love of the fans. We’re still here over a year after our show was snatched from us so unfairly. You’ll have to forgive the ranting, I’m medicated to the gills at the moment, lol. VSRRR!!!

    1. I actually thought they did a good job of resolving things at the end of Moonlight… other than that list business. Fans were given the impression that Mick and Beth got together and were happy at least.

      I remember a show I used to watch in 2005 I think it was, called Carnivale. That show won like 10 awards and had TONS of fans and had been approved for 6 seasons when after season 2 suddenly it went bye bye becuase it was so expensive to film per episode. In the last episode we were left to believe that both main characters were dead and that the girlfriend of the hero chose to bring the bad guy back to life rather than her boyfriend/good guy. Now THAT was a crappy way to end things. Fans are still petitioning for a movie 4 years later and have been given a bit of hope each year by the studio but it never seems to materialize.

      Thank GOD they didn’t do something like that with Moonlight were we are left to think that Mick or Beth is dead.

  9. One thing I have noted since Moonlight’s TV premiere & all that has ensued since its cancellation is the creative side it has brought out in all of us… Some with fanfic, some with poetry… And Vampire Addicted I just read your comment & thought to myself, my, but this fan may be on to something for a storyline to appease all Alex & ML fans… I can really picture such a script being put on film in my mind’s eye…

    I will also say that CBS, in fact, admitted in a roundabout way, that they were wrong for taking Moonlight from us…However, again that Un-Divine Ms T, gave us back (Criminal Minds episode), or is giving us back Alex soon in TR… But for many that is not the same as him being Mick St John…though we all know & honor that Alex is a very talented actor who will rise high in his career, his Mick St John has been immortalized in itself that the character has taken on a life of its own & is, in fact, who fans craved more & more of in connection with the loved story line including his undying love of Beth Turner…

    So, though we have learned to love Alex for who he is & what he does (but then who couldn’t or wouldn’t?) ML fans were totally not actor-centric as the Un-Divine Ms T assumed (now we all know what assume indicates, do we not?)… In fact, it was character-centric, if the truth must be known…and what is a character without a superb storyline, which ML had flavored with all the fine attributes to keep us continuing to tune in…

    I know we all want to say it was all CBS; oh, yes, they went home with their toys like spoiled brats…but the truth is that the cancellation had nothing to do with Nielsen ratings, either… The truth that brought about the cancellation of ML was an argument that ensued between Joel Silver & Les Monvees (Corporation Head of CBS, & over the Un-Divine Ms T) because Joel wanted to bring about more realism in the vampire vein with more blood spilling…The list of LA vampire namesTalbot got was the beginning key there…

    A notation here: I do not think it is coincidental that DA Talbot had such a name because the Wolfman of movies onscreen name was Lawrence Talbot…so now do you get the picture?

    And apparently Joel had an idea along with his writers to have Beth/Mick’s new admission of love hampered som with Vampire Wars, but Monvees vetoed it & went home with his onw crayons & so did Ms T, so they canceled our beloved Moonlight…

    As far as CBS bringing Moonlight back on TV depends on if these differences can get ironed out between the honchos…however, Moonlight does not belong to CBS, so along with Joel went the rights to Moonlight whose Rights belong to Warner Bros, not CBS…If we want more ML look towards WB & Joel…

    Sorry to be so long winded, but thought this needed addressing…
    now i need to get offline as I have a nice phone repairman waiting in the wings as the lines have had some damage due to our summer monsoons…

  10. I too am a Moonlight fiend. I own the dvds and watch them over and over. I am looking forward to Three Rivers, however I am holding on that CBS will bring back Moonlight. The show was at the beginning of the Vampire Craze that now includes True Blood and Twilight. CBS FEEDBACK is a great place to enter your comments so I do daily if possible. Keep up harrassing them let them know what a mistake one lady made. I do. I have even thought of ways they could ask us our opinion , like voting , like on dancing with the stars. It may have been cancelled but there is no reason it can’t be revived. I have been suggesting it for months. I have even said I thought Three Rivers would be nice but suggested Alex reveals he is a Dr. by day Mic by night . He had to leave LA because of Talbot and Beth goes in search of him and finds him hidding out in the dr. field still searching for Coraline and the remaining of the compound. Then she can get him to go back to LA and MOONLIGHT is back and Miss Tassler no longer gets to vote on the show. Moonlight fan keep fighting. We are many and if we keep it up we will get it back. Oh congrats on the Saturn Award!!!!!! Tells you right there it was a show that should still be. Fix your mistake cbs. Now off to tell the feedback how I feel about the award for the show that they cut.

  11. So glad Moonlight has not been forgotten. A great show that was cancelled way before its time. I hope Joel Silver or Warner Brothers will at least give the fans a movie.

  12. You are up early, or very late Melissa… Did you get my other invite…Check the mail…

  13. Ihave been n sufthechannel, that is here i got thethirst to own it Sometimes they are not very good though, depnds whe you are watching it fom, I can’t emember what they call it but you choose who u will watch with, not all eps are on a good screenerI think hey call it.
    Thanks anyway. .

  14. Lol Tish!!! You and me both hon!

  15. Apparently you can view full episodes of Blood Ties online.


  16. Since I began the Moonlight Movie Crusade here on a thread called “We still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight” (check out on the Permalinks), I have not been so elated…The Crusade is beginning to go about the Internet & is circumventing, in turn, the world…

    This is a great sign everyone…Moonlight will not be dimmed so easily as long as there are fans like all of us…

    And for those who made comments about the Saturn Award in regards to Nina Tassler…Though I would not want to soil the trophy in anyway, I do hope Tassler is heading for the Boot eventually when higher execs take note of the Award, & I also hope something is shoved at her where the sun doesn’t shine…

  17. One can hope that Nina is doing the “hope they don’t fire my butt” dance, though I doubt it. I’m so happy that Moonlight finally got some recognition a year after it’s unfair cancellation. Just goes to show how stupid a move Nina made. VSRRR!

  18. · Edit

    I’ve just got to add my congratulations to all of yours…Was so pleased to get thenews. I watch an eppisode of Moonlight at least once a day…can’t be without seeing Alex. And thanks for giving me a name to despise for cancelling Moonlight . Looking so forward to Three Rivers.

  19. Thanks for the info guys, I had them confused. I just bought a few of the “True Blood” books. I don’t have HBO so I’ve never seen the TV version. Moonlight fans everywhere know that NT screwed up big time and will never admit to it but as long as we are all still here, we will never let her forget it..

    1. Yep. I was reading somewhere today that there are some 20-30 new vampires projects coming up for tv and movies through 2011.

  20. To JoJo, No HBO’s True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris’ books. Blood Ties was a good series. I watched all. Too bad it also got the Axe. True Blood is highly entertaining, but is no Moonlight. As for that Nina Tassler, HUGE mistake! I hope she realizes that.

  21. Tiffany – is that the show from HBO based on a series of books or am I thinking of something else. I just bought a couple “vampire” books and I think those were from that show? Just curious –

    1. Blood Ties is a Canadian TV show that aired on the Liftetime Network I believe. It is pretty awesome. It was based on the books of the same name. The HBO one is True Blood and that show is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series.

  22. Congratulations to all the Moonlight cast, crew, writers, producers, directors! BOOOOOO!!! to Nina Tassler. Hopefully she will stay out of Three Rivers and not take our Alex away from us again. I still miss Sophia and Jason too. What a great cast they were!

  23. Okay on an unrelated note…which one of ya’ll told me the Blood Ties series sucked??? Seriously I am so glad I did not listen cause it rocks. For anyone missing Moonlight, it is a nice diversion.


  24. Tassler is still calling the shots at CBS so apparently she hasn’t made enough people angry to the point of losing her overpaid position. Let’s hope her leash has been shortened so she won’t interfere with the success of “Three RIvers”. Congrats to all of the Moonlight fans who went out and bought the DVD. We knew we had a good thing, didn’t we.

  25. i hope someone chews Nina out for cancelling the show!!!

  26. Great news. Contrats to all Moonlight team. It is and always will be my favorite show!!!

  27. I wonder if it had anything to do with a TV series being number one the week it was released on DVD? Hmmmm! Fans really love Moonlight and this is awesome news for all of us!

  28. I loved the DVD and sadly it really showed me what a terrible mistake it was taking “Moonlight” off the air. But alas at least we have this set to keep and watch over and over again. Sure wish it could have had some special features on it so we could see more of our dear cast members. Am anticipating everything Alex is working on – saw him on Criminal Minds and he was great. Maybe just maybe someday they can get the whole cast together one more time to complete the saga of the tv series in movie form. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate for Moonlight fans everywhere and .. then we can buy that DVD too to keep forever and ever.

  29. I to wished that there was more special features on the DVD that would have been COOL. I was excited to see the post that they won.So much talent , and so little time., but it was enough to shine out past everything else. Amazing .

  30. wHOOP,S would not want to spell the lady,s name
    wrong perish the thought. and congats to Alex,
    and the moonlight cast.

  31. Im so pleased moonlight won for best series
    not surprised , what does that say about Nina Tassler,

  32. So glad they won. They certainly deserved it. Wonder what CBS and Nina Tessler are thinking now. Shame on them.

  33. Congrats to the gang! 🙂

  34. I can’t believe Moonlight won. That’s fantastic. Someone should shove the award down Nina Tassler’s throat. That’s mean isn’t it? Congratulations to Moonlight.

  35. I am absolutely certain that woman Nina Tessler is kicking herself right now. She knows she acted too quickly because she would have had a ratings bonanza on her hands by now. And we are the ones having to suffer for her idiotic mistake. Damn her!!

  36. I’m glad that the DVD won for best series. I only wish they had extras on it. Would have loved to have Alex, Sophia and Jason’s commentary on each of the episodes (I know many of you have expressed that sentiment). Bloopers would have been great fun. Too bad CBS just put out the DVD to placate us fans without extras. May CBS will have a 5th Anniversary edition someday that will have extras. I can only dream. Until then, I’ll wait to buy Three Rivers DVD Seasons 1-5 (wink), Whiteout DVD, Back-Up Plan, and whatever Academy Award winning movie that he makes in the future – I’ll buy them all.

  37. Nina Tessler, not the brightest bulb on the tree, and sure not interested in what the viewer wants. They could have had a long run.

  38. wow thats so awesome but why would they pick it now? after so long of not being in the limelight…anyway im so happy they got it!!! totally deserved!!!


  39. I hope Nina Tessler is kicking herself . She could have had the best vampire show on t.v. with the best cast ever assembled-with Alex O’loughlin at the helm. And what did she do? She cancelled the show!

  40. Good one. Mnd you no idea how. I stil haven’t seen one DVD in Australian stores, I bought both of mine fore Ebay, The first form the UK, tha’s where it came out first, the second Australian source/ Meve been on sale in my Kmark. Sanity you can get it from the internet, but I went to a bigger town a couple of weeks ago where there was a Sanity store, it wasn;t on the shelves there.

    1. Congrats to all the cast and crew of Moonlight. The series was excellent and it’s a shame that a woman (Nina) at CBS had a voice powerful enough to ax the show that won People’s choice Award. A year after Moonlight was canceled , it receives yet another award. Now, that was a powerful 16 episode run of a brilliant show. I hope Nina is in agony over canceling a show that would have proven to be one of the best that CBS has offered in a long time. A costly mistake!!!

    2. Okay this is great news! Now will a network out there pick this show up? SyFy has been running it on Friday nights and it’s still great to watch last season again. But why not pick Moonlight up and give us some new stuff. It is obvious there is a huge following for this show!

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