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  1. I tweeted Laura Saltman of Access Hollywood, she said she would try to get an interview with Alex O’Loughlin on the set of Three Rivers. Hooray!!!!

  2. New pictures of Alex for Three Rivers. Alex also put up a new blog today at his website. Tiffany has website link on this website.


  3. According to an article by B&C’s Critics Roundtable, By Marisa Guthrie and David Tanklefsky — Broadcasting & Cable, 7/27/2009 – Robert Bianco states that CBS appears to be trying to punish Moonlight fans by trying to “de-sex” Alex by giving him a bad haircut, bad fitting clothes and making him a lout.


  4. I can’t wait for the date to come. I have been trying to find out if this will be picked up in Australia but to date no luck. I am praying that I will be able to view it online. You are very luckly in the USA to have Alex back on your very own TVs. Hope we are as lucky hear in Australia if our local channels are smart enought to pick it up. Good Luck Alex !!!!

  5. Yes, it is a long wait but he’s worth it. To have Alex back on TV is the best news ever!. Can’t wait!!

  6. That will probably mena for me go to surfthechannel on about Tuesday 6th October, cause can;t imagine it being on aussie TV straight off. Oh, well.

  7. Well fantastic!! My birthday is October 10th so I will have a double celebration that week!! Can’t wait!!

  8. very very good news, thank you very much.

  9. o wow thats a long time but its so definately worth the wait i know this will be a hit show!!!! good luck alex, and all the best to you!! <3

    sydney jo<3

  10. I left wondering what am I suppose to do until then? He is worth the wait, but the anticipation – it’s making me wait, it’s keeping me waaaaaaaiting (as Carly Simon would say).

  11. this is wonderful news, just to have this talented young man on screen again!!! Believe ,me it’s well worth waiting for. wishing him the stardom he deserves..
    sincerely>>>G. Ross

  12. I have been waiting to hear this ….now I can start my own count down clock. Really ….time will fly so I’ll sprout some wings and hang out until then!! Excited.

  13. too long to wait until October but it will be worth the wait.

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