New Hawaii Five O Season 7 Spoilers


A few more spoilers were released recently so if you do NOT like spoilers, STOP here and do not read further. With that being said, if you do like to peak into what is happening on Hawaii Five O a little in advance then this post is for you.

The newest spoiler just released a few hours ago is that Sarah Carter, who plays the role of Lynn, will be returning this season for the 150th episode. If you like Steve and Lynn together, this will excite you. If you are a Cath fan, sorry, as  the season spoilers so far are not biding well for you  We had posted in a recent weekly recap that EP, Peter Lenkov, was trying to get Sarah back to reprise her role as Lynn and now it has been confirmed by numerous sources.

With this newest info, there will be three women returning in McGarrett’s life in episode 150(Mom McGarrett will be there too). As we have seen in the past, it is hard for him to handle one of them so three of them simultaneously could be more threatening than the liver transplant he just had 🙂 Glad he learned how to meditate last season.


steve mcgarrett and his women

 No matter what, it should make for a memorable fan episode just like the 100th was.


Also, thanks to Peter, we got to see a short clip from the results of this BTS shoot videos and pics. Check it out.


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If you were thinking that  Steve (Alex) would stay out of trouble just because he had a liver transplant, then it would not be the Hawaii Five O that we have come to know and love.

Tell us what you think about all the latest news? Are you ready for the Catherine?Lynn showdown? 




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  1. Quero muito que o Steve e Catherine finalmente sejam felizes,a trajetória do casal é linda,lembrando que quando houve necessidade ambos se ajudaram e se protegeram.

  2. would be Bad Catherine don’t end with Steve… not enough already happens in real life. As for your favorite series or you can dream

  3. Never been a fan of Cat. Steve just needs a more feminine woman who wants her man to take care of her. Equal to a point, but all women love the feel of a man’s strength holding her when she can’t hold herself!

  4. This is the best news I’ve heard all summer, Cathrine has been awful for Steve, she lies to him all the time, she wants everything for herself & leaves 2 times now, Lynn is a much better fit, and he can protect her, I’m tired of seeing Cathrine run around beating up guys, If Steve was gonna be with his equal he should just marry Danny, that would be a better fit to!

    1. Tend to agree with you, Susan, Catherine has hurt him too many times. What self respected man would allow it to happen again. The lies just keep coming and getting bigger. Hopefully he is able to rebuild the ability to trust through being with Lynn. They are fun to watch together.

  5. I am hoping he keeps to his own words and moves on from Catherine. She was him as a female and I don’t see that fitting. He needs to be needed and protective which Lynn seemed perfectly content with and unthreatened by. Her career is a much better fit for McGarrett also. And I adore the flirtiness. Sarah is cool.

    1. Yes Steve and Lynn’s flirtiness tend to be a favorite amongst fans. Does not seem to be as competitive either, just fun. Sure it does not hurt that Alex and Sarah have been friends.

  6. Looking forward to watch the 7th season and Don,t have any doubts that Will have lots of surprises, curious to see how macgarret love life develops he went throug so much he surely deserves to be loved <3

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