Thinking About Mick St. John Today

Saw the above photo on Facebook today. Then I saw that SFX released its 50 hottest vampires list for the year. Mick was #4 last year and now he is #20. That’s a darn shame because he was one sexy vampire! He deserved to keep his rank I think.

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  1. Miss moonlight want Movie or Season 2

    1. I am glad tha H50 was a go… BUT, and a big B U T, it will never be as good as Moonlight. There is not feeling in H50 just another killum show. I miss Moonlight and want a 2nd season but would settle for a finish with a movie followup. 👿


    1. I totally agree with Suzanne.



  3. Wow, this makes me realize how much I miss Moonlight. Alex as Mick was so hot, sweet, sexy. That’s the first thing I saw him in. Should never have been taken off. The only one close is Ian Somerhalder in Vampire Diaries. Mick (Alex) is #1. I even thought he was hot when he vamped out. Is that sick? LOL.

    1. Laura: You are not sick at all. I’m sure all of us feel this way. Moonlight was the first thing I saw Alex in, too. The DVD is fine, but I wanted to see where the rest of Mick’s story would go. Even though I think Alex looks terrific in H50, I still miss Moonlight as I liked the character he played better–romantic, torn, sad, charming, strong, etc. I think he had more opportunity in Moonlight to show his versatility as an actor; he doesn’t get that with H50–it’s more one-dimensional most of the time unfortunately.

      1. You said it better that all the rest, Moonlight had everything, love, hate, fear, rejection and a great versatile actor torn, charming, stron, romantic, most of all fanatsy. It played into everyone thoughts and desires. H5O doesn’t vary. No chance to display more than on-dimensional acting or story. Apparently that’s what CBS likes
        :sick: .

  4. I agree with some I always enjoyed Moonlight and that is when I really became an Alex fan!
    I was sorry to see it go. I think now they were ahead of the times because look at all the vampire shows on now and movies! I think if alex wasn’t doing H50 and came back as Mick it would be a hit. Heck wish he would do both and then really not have time for a life LOL! but we would get more alex.!!!! 😆

  5. has antone heard anything about Alex? hE NO LONGER WRITES ON on his blog, he no longer is in the news, tv guide no longer mentions him and already two of the many sites I vist have closed down. He finally is abole tro relax about h is career and is able to get a life for himself and he has forgoatten his fans. whats up?


  7. Time has passed but still hurts…I miss Moonlight soooo much!!

  8. I agree with everone about Moonlight. I never cared for anything vampiric before Moonlight or since. I was curious after the first commercial for it, and totally hooked in the first minute of Ep.1. I have three copies of the DVD which I plan to happily wear out.
    I watch HF-0 because of Alex, but Steve is so different from Mick. I miss Mick’s sweetness and vulnerability, characteristics that McGarrett isn’t allowed to show yet. I’m thankful that we get to see Alex each week, though. :love: :heart: :love:

  9. You can keep the rest….Mick was best!!! :woot: One of these days someone (CBS)? will get a grip and have him do something besides shoot people. :ninja: He owned that show just like Ian summerfield (he’s a cutie) and his brother own Vamire Diaries which I watch. AND AS I CONSTANTLY SAY…..HE NEEDS A GOOD MOVIE TO GET HIS NAME OUT THERE!! I love Castle but have to record it….anyone know when this season will be over for 5 0?? Seems they are doing more than the average show….now that Im; complaining :heart:

  10. OMG can we get him back up the list in some way???????
    I think about him every day, I look at him on my cork board from a scene from Fever and the get pic of he & Beth in blue and black tones, I still belong to three Moonlight sites I will never get him and them out of my system. I watch it every time it is on Syi FI and the Chiller channel. What a sad sad shame, Moonlight would have made CBS very rich and millions of us sooooooo extremely happy. Thanks so much for bringing Moonlight back into our conversations. It is truly truly truly missed. Would be so wonderful to get a Mini series or movie to put a conclusion to all of our questions.

    AGAIN THANKS SO MUCH !!!!! 😀 :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

  11. I still get people hooked on ML, and when I do I get them the cds so they can keep on watching! Do you all remember the little tongue peaks we got to see from Mick? Well, if you are a regular watcher of H50 you will notice that they are there also, I’ve noticed them more lately – how sexy can one guy get!!!!!!!!!

  12. I think Shirley hit the nail on the head about teen shows. I didn’t watch Buffy because it was too high school for me, but Iike I said I watched Angel. I had a hard time getting into reading Twilight, I thought it was too young, though I have enjoyed the movies. Totally enjoying Vampire Diaries, even though it’s young, the vamps are cool. There will never be another Mick St. John, even if they remade it into a movie, Alex would have to play the lead with the exact same cast, they all made Moonlight great and memorable.

    Speaking of Alex and how thin he is, when I saw him in Hawaii last Sept., he looked really good, not too thin. I understand his daily regiment is very strict, and like Shirley said, he does things to the extreme. We know he works very long hours, because he wants to make H50 work, after losing ML and 3Rivers, we all know, that took a toll on him.

  13. Wow! Look at the response to this blog. We die-hard Mick fans will never rest. Long ‘live’ Moonlight (LOL). I haven’t seen such enthusiasm in such a long time. And consensus in our admiration for the show and Alex’ performance.

    Quite frankly, in years to come, can you imagine such devotion to H50? I really can’t. And he may be thinner lately, but he doesn’t look sickly. I’ll bet he’s just very lean, fat-wise, since he obviously is really into this fitness thing. He does seem to take things to the extreme once he finds an interest, and I’ll bet it’s just that. As long as he’s healthy, who cares? He doesn’t look spindly like some thin guys do; he looks great.

    1. I totally agree. Moonlight will always be remembered because of the impact AOL had by his excellent protrayal of a vampire. He added emotion to the part and played it to profection. I remember the old H5O but didn’t remember any sences or even the name of the actors and I believe it will be the same the current H5O. But I can tell you about every different episode of Moonlight. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. CBS make a horrible mistake by cancelling this show.

  14. hi i watched my moonlight dvds a lot i am like every one i miss moonlight i have to get new dvds i watched them a lot and i watch hawaii five -0 and i hear that three rivers is coming out two i dont now how long it will take but if you go on amazon .com you could pre oder yours i did

  15. Quando finalmente trasmettono un telefilm degno di nota ( per quanto mi riguarda ) lo eliminano quasi subito . Non ho ancora capito perchè non hanno continuato la serie comunque anche se per poco mi sono goduta uno splendido vampiro .

  16. everything is the fault of the cancellation of Moonlight xD but … right now ,, alex is the best in HAWAII FIVE-0 ! 👿 :heart: :heart: :love: & THIS MAN HAVE MY SUPPORT :love:

  17. Well, I am totally in the same boat as every one of you. Mick St John #1 vampire of all time. Watch Mick over and over any time I get the chance. Don’t and never did like the vampire genre until ML and then only like ML….none of the others impress me at all. Love Alex as Steve McGarrett and watch intensely every minute of the series. Will never forget ML, but am totally with Alex no matter what his project is. He rules. He is the hottest, nicest, most talented actor I have ever watched. Thanks Tiffany for this nice memory.

  18. totally agree, Mick was the sexiest vampire ever. I was never one to watch vampire shows but as soon as I saw the previews of Moonlight I was hooked, on the show and on vampire. But, now we get to see more of that gorgeous body on Hawaii 5-0. :love:

  19. Thanks for the post Tiffany! Ahhh the memories! I like Vampire Diaries but LOVED Moonlight! I miss it still. Watch it often. So glad we get to see Alex on Hawaii 5-0. I love Monday nights!!!

  20. Thanks for posting Mick I really miss him!

  21. MICK ST. JOHN is one of the few TV characters that cannot be easily erased from our memory …… he’s the most good looking vampire we ever set eyes on TV and which character first attracted millions of fans. The whole stellar cast did a great job …. it’s a pity CBS never gave the series a chance. I guess they learned their lesson and now they can see that H50 series is doing pretty good. More meaty roles for AOL, please ……

  22. God I miss Mick! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that watches “Moonlight” episodes over and over. Have to get my Mick fix; although, thank God for Mondays at 9PM – need my Steve fix as well. OK OK – it’s really my Alex fix!

  23. · Edit

    DANG! I miss my Moonlight…my MickBeth. I even names my two pugs after them (sad I know, but my name says it all, desn’t?) LOL!! He will akways be my favorite vampire. I admit, I didn’t love the show until the very end of the pilot….the hug…when he was afraid to touch Beth…and then he ingulfed her and laid his head on his shoulder and closed his eyes?!!! I freakin loved it. I was hooked at that point. Prior to that, he seems almost cocky…I wasn’t feelin’ it. Alex’s sensitivity is what gets me. :woot: :woot: Doesn’t hurt one bit that he is F.I.N.E. :heart:

  24. Olá Tiffany, realmente até o momento não existe vampiro mais sexy do que Mick e acredito que não haverá igual.
    Ella, muitas vezes me pego pensando como ficaria Steve de cabelos compridos.

  25. There never has been nor will be a series concentrated on the vampire that can surpass Moonlight or Mick. CBS were idiots. Not even Hawaii Five O, as good as it is, can match Moonlight. :love:

  26. Thanks Tiffany,loved Alex as Mick and loved Moonlight. So grateful I have the ML series on dvd. Alex as Mick St. John was the hottest Vampire ever on television. :heart:

  27. I agree that Alex was by far the best vampire to ever hit the tv screen. For movie vampires, I would have to go with Brad Pitt. If I had to choose between the two for favorite, it would be Alex. I too watch Moonlight on a daily basis. I cannot get enough of him. I often wonder, if he grew his hair longer, like in Moonlight, would he still be convincing as Steve McGarrett or would everyone see Mick again? I always see Mick when I look at him.

  28. He should have been the #1 sexiest vampire of all time :heart: There is no one else who is more sexy than Alex :love: :heart:

  29. I have to agree with most of you. Mick St. John was the best vampire on TV. Now saying that I was a huge Angel fan, when that was cancelled, I was distraught and got the DVD’s and watched it over and over, of course they had a lot more seasons than Moonlight. When I first saw Mick St. John in one of the ads for Moonlight, I was de-Angeled, I was totally Micked out. I couldn’t get enough of him. I recorded it, but figured I would just get the DVD when it came out. You have no idea, well of course you do, how it felt when the show was cancelled. I guess like the rest of you I was on the Internet, writing to CBS, Nina Tassler, etc. and anybody who would listen. Too bad they didn’t because look at the influx of vampire movies, TV series. They would have made a fortune on Moonlight. Even after all the Twilight and good looking vamps on that and The Vampire Diaries, Mick St. John will always be my NUMERO UNO VAMPIRE. :love:

    BTW, I still watch Moonlight on a daily basis and actually, probably like you, mouth the words they are going to say. I have the show on VHS, a good friend had taped it and sent me a copy way back before it came out on DVD, which I watch while I’m on the treadmill. I watch the DVD whenever I can. Like Angel, I watch it over and over and over again.

    1. Audrey D: I totally agree with your first paragraph. CBS really dropped the ball with not renewing Moonlight, if, for no other reason, the influx of vampire interest soon after. Once again, we have to remember that the writers” strike really caused the death (no pun intended) of Moonlight. Bad timing. I still would like to know how Mick’s story panned out.

    2. LOL!! I have the DVDs of ML and watch them on my treadmill!! I mouth the words–know every line 😆 And I agree that Mick was the Number One Vampire of all time. It seems as tho’ all the other vampire shows are for teeny-boppers, i.e. teen love. They all go to high school, school dances–more like Buffy. I want some adult romance–like Mick and Beth (sigh!). And Mick tried so hard to cling to his humanity–the whole story and background of ML just was more appealing.

      1. You are so right, Cheri. There’s the difference–all of these other shows pander to the teenage audience. We don’t want to see boys; we want to see men and one man in particular. Clinging to his humanity was the attraction we all had for him. His being torn between loving Beth and not wanting to lose her but not wanting to turn her was so understandable. Does he sacrifice himself and his needs/wants for Beth even though it will cause great pain for both of them? Does he cause Beth even more harm in not wanting to lose her? Great drama always has conflict, and this one was so romantic.

        Thank goodness for DVDs! Although, as I said earlier, I would have loved to have seen how the whole story played out and the ultimate conclusion.

  30. I thought I would never watch another vampire show, but have to admit I am enjoying the Twilight and the 4th instalment, but I DO so love Being Human US version. Still I watch my Moonlight dvd’s nearly every day, go figure.There is no other like Mick.

  31. i dont know about 4 he must be 1, there isnt anyone sexier. :love: :love:

    1. Sorry to be repetitive here, but, Rosemary, I totally agree! #4? #20? Tsk, tsk–he’s #1–always.

  32. He was THE best Vampire of them all and I have completely lost interest in the genre since CBS cancelled Moonlight.

    1. Really? I love Vampire Diaries and True Blood too. The latter is my all time fave vampire show evah. Still love/loved Moonlight though.

      1. Alas, Tiffany, it is true. I just don’t care anymore about the genre. :sleep:

      2. Hi Tiff…….i’m so so so so happy…in Romania yesterday started recap of Moonlight…….and I planning to see again all episodes….. I like SMG but I think he loose to much weight now (maybe the new lady in hes life :)))))))))…its too thin (hope its not ill)…he look so gorgeos as MSJ. I agree whit everyone he is the most goodlooking vampire ever :heart: :love: Now i’m in haven…..I have H5O and Moonlight!!!!!!!

    2. M L: I totally agree!

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