A promo for the next episode. Things are heating up for Steve, Danny, and Joe.

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  1. Ohh I jsut saw some recent pictures of Alex doing some shopping at some market he looked so gorgeous in ergular and ordinary clothes with the shooping cart on the market aisles and outside the market.

    Although he must had felt uncomfortable people taking pictures of him in normal moment in his life

  2. Lets not count our eggs before they’re hatched, people. All it says is one of the team pays with their job. It could very easily be one of the main four that lose their job and then gain it back by the end of the episode or a few episodes down the line. It could also be that Lori gets fired because truthfully she hasn’t been doing the job she was introduced with. I have never seen her report to the Governor even once. So he might feel that she should be fired. (And for the Lori fans, I’m not bashing just stating fact, don’t get your undies bunched) Truth is we don’t know what is going to happen. In any case it will be interesting. 🙂

  3. Now I read that indeed the one causing the problem at that incident is Lori ahd she may be punished by the Governor. odd I a friend told me it was Chin Ho the one who caused the incident and not Lori. So iI guess that this rumor is starting to become real? Lauren German is leaving the show then?So the fans requests towards Peter L of getting rid of her had paid off?? I feel sorry for the actress, all these bad comments on her was not aimed at her directly, it was the character she was portraying, she was given a bad storyline and introduced badly and to top it all off her character was dull, she did not fit the team since the early episodes of this second season. I never liked her I have to admit, and much less i wanted her as a potential love interest of Steve, taht would ahave never worked and besides Steve is her boss and it be so odd if something romantically happen between those 2. Lately I did not mind Lori being on the show, as long she wotn start giving eyes to Steve or startting to give love innuendos with Steve, some scenes she had funny moments with Kono, but if she will leave the show for real, is sad that until now her scenes were improving a little, not a lot of course, but what is done is done. We all ask her in a way that she leave, she may, even if that is not 100% true yet , but hat is the rumor circulating internet, and I guess Peter listened to fans requests.at the end.

  4. OMG ladies, I just got off the Hawaii five O online site. If you look at upcoming episodes it states that 5.0 almost causes an international incident and the governor informs them that one of them will have to pay with their job. I’m hoping that means the end of the Lori character. I got so excited I almost did a cartwheel in my house, but then I took a deep breath and thought, it better not mean Kono.
    This is described as being episode 2.16
    Check it out.

    1. To shelly. I read a similar thing at H50 site for sure, but for what I read it was Chin Ho the one that caused the international incident not Lori. that is because Chin Ho for stressing himself to find a gift for Valentines day for Malia, he does something that caused that international incident taht u mention here.

      If that happens could it be Chin Ho will be fired from H50???? Plizz dont let that happen, it has to be Lori not Chin Ho I mean if it is Chin Ho. Had anyone read anything that Daniel Day Kim is leaving the show then??? I havent heard anything about that and I hope hope is no true. I be devastated 😮 ;-(

  5. Hello Tiffany I hope you are ok and are back with us updating Alex or H50 news. I hope this site wont close at any moment because I was a fan of other Alex fan site that it was so detailed and had lots of info on Alex and hundreds of pics , but site the owner cannot keep it anymore due to personal projects and she cannot find a replacement to keep that site, so she will close it down in February so now only this site is the only one remaining that I have found that have info on Alex and H50, so I hope it stays on the internet for a time.

  6. Emma: Yes, I;m basically watching this year just to admire Alex because the stories, in my opinion, are so lame. Compare the stories to some other dramas, and it’s easy to see why H50 is not up for any awards. Wish this weren’t true.

    1. Well Shirley you are not the only person who feels that. Most fans on many sites have also stated the dislike about this 2nd season, because many reasons: Poor writing, poor casting (adding a new female character that many fans believe does not fit the team, does not have chemistry at all) or a poor storyline was given to the actress), less bromances, much less carguements but still fans continue to watch it in hope that will be changed eventually and also fans watch it beause they are fans of rhte cast and teh series itself. Like now. that the Lori character im sure it will remain until the end of the season, and she only signed for 12 episodes but she still on the show that means she signed for more and we dont know now, if she is going to leave after the season ends or she will return if there is a season 3 and this time she be included in teh main opening credits.

      We all hope that the stories will be better with better drama and action storylines, in the few episodes that remain for this season and we blame the writers for writing poor stories this season or Peter L. for not listening to fans at least listening to us not completley but at least some % of it, so we know Peter is with us, since we are the ones that keep a show on the air. So in part I agree with u, but we all have to be positive that things will change and if they dont change well it is sad because it is Peter and the writers loss and for us it be a big big loss which I hope things will change,

    2. I totally agree with you Shirley. I hate to admit it but I’m losing interest in H50. I will continue to watch because of Alex and I do love the scenery (I’ll never get the chance to visit except via the show). Although there have been some episodes that I have enjoyed, they are few and far between. That coupled with so many repeats have left me dis-enchanted and I was a die-hard H50 fan.

      Spoiler TV puts out a poll every day so people can vote on the shows they will watch that night. This morning’s poll listed H50 in 10th place with 1.39% (19 votes) and Castle in 1st place with 26.35% (361 votes). Considering that in Season 1 they were pulling in anywhere from 14 – 19 million viewers per episode, I would think it’s only a matter of time before CBS dumps the show. How sad!!! It had such great potential.

      1. So Muffie do u believe that H50 wont have a 3rd season? I agree on u in some part the writing this season has been poor therefore bad storylines and even some lame ones had been aired. I think it is affecting also too many re runs but other shoes also have re runs and I dont see people complaiing.

        What do u think it is the problem then with this season Muffie? For me it is a combination of many things.

        1. Poor writing
        2. Adding Lori Weston as anotehr H50 team which so many fans have alreayd said, no chemistry with the team, no fit, she is just dull and her cahracter was poorly written by the writers and poorly introduced
        3. Less carguements and less bromance, we need those desesperately
        4. Some dull storylines (this is the writers fault)

        This show like u said has potential but I dont know what is going on this season, why this season could not be like the 1st one, why the change of things that was not meant to be changed.

        We have to voice objectively ourselves to Peter L and say soem of the discomfort fans have over this season. I mean is not just u and me ai have seen discomforts in other places of the internet.

        I do hope there is a 3rd season and if it manages to get that far to a 3rd season I hope that a 3rd season will be improved and be like 1st season.

        Lets try to be positive and hopefully the writers and Peter will listen to the fans and fix things that do need to be changed and get rid of characters that are not necessary in the show, AKA Lori sorry but I dont like her for the reasons above mentioned, it is the writers fault as i said but also a smal percentage is the actress fault because if she is a good actress she can pull it off so far, that has not been done. But Lauren was supposed to be only for 12 episodes, so far she still there I guess for Peter she has done a great job so she extended her contract.

        So ladies what do u think so far of the show according to these latest comments and according that we are already in teh episode 2.15

  7. This is totally unrelated to the episode but more focus on Alex and it was something I noticed in a photo where he attended teh Australian gala last week in LA/ Poor Allex, he had a tiny cut on his forehead if u can take a closer look at his forehead in pictures. I zoomed one and tehre it was the wound on his head. I know this is totally senseless, but just wanted to share.

  8. Sorry, I don’t really see these as clues, but it was still fun to read–thanks!

    I doubt if the show will be cancelled, because the ratings have been good. But doesn’t anyone care about quality? There are a ton of crap shows out there that have been on for years and cater to the lowest denominator of viewers, but, by no stretch are they considered quality shows. Shouldn’t the creators, writers, directors, cast and crew aspire to this for HF-0? Its legacy will follow all of them for the rest of their careers. Just my 2 cents worth and my hopes for a long, successful and personally rewarding career for Alex.

    1. You are right Shirley!! Sometimes people just follow the ratings and as long as the show still in the air, they dont care so much for quality. But Im with you Shirley I like both things, good ratings and good quality and the quality thing has to come from the writers, cast, creators and producers of a show. I mean if they are spending and investing millions of dollars on a show, they better make the show with good quality and entertaininment, not crappy or low quality. We all as fans deserve to watct the best they can offer us, not some low quality show. If i wanted to watch a low quality show I then could switch to The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of …., shows like that but I am not becaue im not fan of those crappy reality tv shows

    2. Shirley, so you don’t see these as clues … interesting.

      1. Niecie, I really don’t; although, part of the time, I think my mind is drifting since I’m not really into the stories. I’m basically watching, most of this season, just to see Hawaii and, of course, Alex. I’ve got to be honest here. If it wasn’t for Alex and the location, there is no way I would be watching H50, I’m really sorry to have to say. I keep hoping things will improve though, and, of course, I’ll keep watching no matter what.

        On another note, I read somewhere that Kristin Bell still thinks a Veronica Mars movie will happen. Now, we all know that Josef was on Veronic Mars BEFORE Moonlight. So, if a movie could happen for them, why not Moonlight? Of course, I know that VM was on for more than one season and that “Mick” looks a lot different now (and I’m guessing vamps don’t age or lose weight), but it would still be nice to wrap things up with a movie–and to see Alex in something other than H50. I’m guessing what with a new love and having his son with him, there’s no movie plans for his hiastis this Spring. Too bad. 🙁

      2. So Shirley, u watch the show not for the storylines, some fun and action, drama but only to see Hawaii landscapes and just to see the actor Alex O L.? Just wondering

  9. Niece u are totally right. At the begnning I thought it was a disspointing the episode althought still there are things I did not like about the episode but now i see it in a different way that the Shelburne thing as much as it was told in a very easy way to give it closure, I believe that is not over yet . The Shelburne theory will arise again in the future for sure because now we have to know the reason why Joe killed Wo fat dad and maybe Joe will reutrn eventually to help Steve and possible Adam to hunt and catch Wo fat. Joe only told what Steve wanted to hear and know, who was Shelburne, that was what was bothering him at all time, now he knows now he can move on with his life and focus on the daily crime cases at H50 but Joe just give him that kind of closure so Steve will stop snooping, investigating and asking for questions about Shelburne, Steve now knows part of the truth.

  10. Niecie-well said! The show is good!!!! Let’s sit back and enjoy!!! Positive energy ladies! Have a great day Alexf fans……..

  11. One thing I think that everyone should understand about H50 is it is a show of clues. You have to follow them, of which a great number of them are open-ended because this is television after all and television plays to the ratings meter, of which February and May are Sweeps months so most of the major “whatever” will happen then.

    Also if you haven’t noticed sometimes H50’s producers act as if they are amateurs, and I tend to ask weekly where is the “Continuity Person?” That is one of my frustrations, but I have really learned to look over it, just like I don’t watch any of the promos anymore except the week’s show broadcast one. For me it takes away from the show. I want to be entertained and watch the show as it unfolds, not think that I have all the answers, or be let down because their publicity department does a poor job of promotion. Also the Subway scene was hilarious. Yes it was a bit too detailed and in your face, but it was classic Kamekona, Steve and Kono.

    Last night’s show was excellent, it was classic S1 H50. Did you get the clues that were presented? Some of which were planted to let everyone know that Joe is a good guy and always on Steve’s side. What parent doesn’t lie even to their adult children if there is something they don’t want them to know, let alone protect them from?

    1. OK, I must not have been paying close attention or too tired, but what clues? I totally missed them!

      I can’t believe that Shelbourne was a code name for Joe. Who was he talking with on the phone a few episodes ago when he said, “He’s (Steve) asking too much about Shelbourne.” Make no sense, so either there’s got to be more to this or the writers are just yankin’ our chains.

      1. I believe that the Shelbourne story did not end last Monday it was just anotehr clue to keep the story going in the future. That is the way I see it now.

        I was not very happy either the wya the episode ended at the beginning, it was so easy how the revelaiton turned out to be, but now watching the way Joe spoke to Steve that he may, just may return who knows when to continue hunt down Wo fat with him and possibly with Adam Noshimuri as well, made me believe that there is a lot more of the Shelburne story than we think. There are still unanswered questions that need to be solved and answer, specially now that we lnow that Joe killed Wo fat dad, so wwe have to know why and how and I hope the writers do give continuation to the story. Joe just told Steve what he needed to hear and know, in order Steve stop snooping around and stop asking questions momentarilly and he can move on with his daily crime cases at H50 and give the Shelbourne theory a rest. That is the way I see it.

      2. Couldn’t agree more, Shirley. What clues? The show isn’t that complicated. The writers seem to forget where they’re going with their story lines. There have been a handful of entertaining shows, but for the most part, the writing is poor and the acting is worse. Daniel dae Kim and guest stars consistently give the best performances. Some of the storylines (like Alex on horseback chasing down a plane then coming out of nowhere the next week to catch an unconcious man thrown from a plane) show a lot of Peter’s comiccon influence. I’ll be surprised if the show lasts more than one more season. I watch mainly to look at Alex, but even he can’t get me through many more shows.

      3. The Clues:

        Joe telling Steve he had to leave and that they will together find Wo Fat quietly, now along with Adam Noshamuri. It has already been published that Joe will be back in May which is Sweeps month in TV land.

        Steve saying that Hesse was Hiro’s Lieutenant – remember everyone thought Hesse worked for Wo Fat.

        It has not been revealed who was on the phone with Joe – that is one of those open-ended clues, which will probably be resolved in May.

        The Flashback scene in which Steve’s father made it clear to Steve that he should trust Joe. Also John told why he was sending Mary and Steve away – no he didn’t go into details but what he did say was he never runs from a fight. Sounds just like Steve to me.

        Shelburne was a code name. Everyone knows that Seals use Code Names for all operations, logical since Joe was a Seal, don’t know about Papa McGarrett, but he was in the Navy. And that code name was used to draw Wo Fat away from John McGarrett and his family. We also learned that it was Joe who killed Wo Fat’s father, and that is why he is so obsessed – kinda like Steve and his dad. But what we didn’t learn is why – which becomes another clue of which we will probably find out in May.

        As I have said before, there are times when i think the producers think of one thing then change their mind, because they come up with something different. A lot of that goes on in H50.

        Another clue is the man saying that the baby has Danny’s nose. The chemistry between Clare and Scott is awesome, so people why shouldn’t Danny and Rachel get back together? They play their roles so well. There is always love beaming from the two of them on camera.

        Any ways that’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope that helps.

      4. I agree with u also Cristy. The scene where Alex horseback ride. etc etc I found it so dull! and also who can forget the episode of Alex wrestiling with Chuck Lidell. Also the episode where a highschool girl was murdered in her bed, in that episode there were 4 storylines at the sametime and at the end it turn out to be a murder related to some construction lawsuit a sotry that has anything to do with how the episode begin. I mean what????

        That was a lame scene also and this Lori girl, not even fitting the team. I do believe this show has potential but the writers are messing things up terribly and poor writing this season. The storylines do not have consistency, and Peter just focus on teh comedic side of the show he forgets that H50 is a action cop drama, not a comedy. I mean I agree when ther eare some funny parts on a show, like during a dialogue or a conversation not a scene or that the funny part is part of a storyline. The writing is poor for sure and therefore they make the actors look bad on teh screen. You dont see these kind of unconsistencies on NCSI, or the 3 CSI. They do have funny scenes sure, but the focus on those shows are really serious stuff, with serious drama and serious actions sequences. I know all shows are different and I understand, but the H50 have to give consistencies on their storylines otherwise It become a poor writing thta it is translated into poor acting by the actors and the actors are not the ones to blame, they just play what the script says and therefore whta the writers says as well.

        So an advice to H50 writers and I hope Peter read the fans opinions for the sake of the show. Make consistent storylines and if u want to include funny scenes, add them but make them as part of the storyline not as an extra ingredient

  12. I’m sorry, with all the hipp about last nights show I was totally dissapointed. The whoe Shelborne thing went on for how long, got us all wondering and then it was like the writerws just closed down. Chin is getting less and less air time, and why out of the blue did they have his wedding with nothing leading up to it. The best part was Danny and Rachel. She is natruraely pretrty and I was hoping for a relation between her and Alex in reall life. Hoping Joe is finally gone now to get rid of Lauren.

    1. Last nite episode was mmm so so and so. All the buzz abotu Shelburne to end up the way it ended up it was an alias and not a person. Why Joe did not tell that to Steve before? I guess that the Shelburne thing is not over yet though. Joe only told Steve what he wanted to hear so Steve stop asking about it move on and give a closure to it for a while. But who then was Joe talking to when Hiro was in his car trunk, who had to be moved? The mystery remains. There’s more to it, right? Shelburne will rise again and maybe even end up being a person (because a fake operation name is so lame). But honestly, the question will be, will anyone care?

      Joe killed Wo Fat’s daddy (that is the reason for Joe s Shelburne alias), Wo Fat killed Steve’s daddy, Joe takes Adam’s daddy away. Who was Wo fat dad and why Joe kill him and under whose orders he killed him? So now anotehr plot may eventually be in the works, season 3 perhaps?

      The Rachel and Danny thing, overshadowed the rest of the episode it sounded more like a soap opera and we dont like this on a action show. and Danny has to have a life now, im tired of Rahcel using him. Either she leaves happily ever after with Stan nd his new baby boy and dotn reutnr anymore only when it has something to do with Gracie and she needs to be present , get back togehter with Danny so once and for all Danny has a steady stable life with Gracie or leave Danny alone so he will move on with is life, maybe with teh museaum lady that we havent heard of anymore???

      I like the part that Steve and Adam may be allies to hunt the elusive Wo fat but Adam never said if he was in or out so I believe there will be a story about that. and hopefully we will have that answer in some upcoming episode.

      What was Loris pickup line Holy mullet!! Too cheesy and tacky. Please make her leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The Subway commercial was the worse part of the episode, what was Peter L, thinking

      Im still waiting for that moment from the CBS press release where Chin Ho drops a bomb on McGarrett that will rock him to the core. For me Joe revealing Steve that Hiro was alive rocked me more to the core than the Shelburne revelation. This is the second time CBS press releases are not accurate. The first tiem was Chin Ho and Malias wedding, a lot of buzz that turn out to be in like 2 minutes weddign with no reception and nothing more than those 2 exchaning vows and now they dont even mention anything about Malia or Chin ho marriagein the show. I suggest CBS not to give any more press release over the internet because we expect to see what u say and at the end it is dissapointing, better to keep the press releases under wrap so for us is a total surprise.

      I may stop here but I have more to add but I dont want to make this message long hehe

  13. OK, I think we’ve gotta come back down to earth, ladies. Alex doesn’t care what we think about any of his relationships. Malia doesn’t care if you don’t like it that her kid is in school or that she’s been married twice. It’s none of our business. There’s been a lot of cattiness and jealousy posted lately.

    I think we have taken this Alex thing a bit too far. Let’s remember that we don’t personally know Alex nor are we ever likely to. We just enjoy his work, so let’s focus on that, shall we?

    1. I completely agree with you, Shirley, especially about the cattiness and jealousy. Alex is a wonderful actor – his personal life is his business. A true fan would be happy that he was found someone to share his life with.

  14. Where did the information come from that Malia was living with Alex?

    1. I dont know, Leah was the one who mentioned that based on a tweet by Malias ex on the internet

  15. I am not from your country but why is a 2 year old in school, to give hermore time for a fast life? If she doesn’t want to be a mom why not let him live with his dad, isn’t that what Alex did with Saxon when he wanted a career instead of fatherhood.I don’t think hea know what he wants, and she just needs to be with someone. Wish it waswn’t our Alex

    1. I think you’re right, Rouy. She’s a FORMER pro-surfer and a FORMER model. Surfers don’t make a lot of money, and she wasn’t exactly a sought after, full time model. She basically followed surfers around and picked up modeling jobs when they came along. At 35 with that resume, how do you support yourself and your child? Find a well-paid man.

      1. I dont want to criticize Malia but I do wonder why she will put his 2 yrd old baby to school? I mean 2 yrd is still a baby, at that age most mothers dont put their babies to school yet and they are full time moms, I mean he is just a baby, if she feels she cant have him 24 hrs let him live with his dad then. Well I dont know what Malia does in an average ordinary day in Hawaii, that does not have time to take care of his son during the day and tha tis the eason why she is putting him into school at such young age, so I wonder why at such young age he is just 2 yrd old she is putting him to school. Does not she has time to be with his son during the day? It makes me wonder that is all

    2. A question? How old is Malia son? Does anyone knows?

      1. Dora – Spike was born in March 2009.

      2. Dora, Black women, of which I am one, as well as other nationalities in this country have been putting their children in school since the beginning of time because they have to work full time, some as early as six weeks. So I am very puzzled by that question. No I don’t know what Malia does during the day nor do I care, but to criticize her for her child being in NURSERY SCHOOL, of which it is called here in the US, makes no sense.

  16. Tiffany: So glad to see you back. Hope you had fun at the Auto Show.

  17. Have to agree that it’s difficult to express opinions on other sites. There seem to be no moderates out there – either bashers or those who think Alex is above reproach. He does look thinner, but that may be because he isn’t working out like he did last summer. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Malia’s beauty. The outfit at GQ was bad enough, but this one looked like she lost her luggage and didn’t have time for hair and makeup. G’day USA was advertised as a black-tie affair with a number of Aussie and American A listers in attendance. Malia was wearing a blue/black woven skirt with a see through black blouse and leg warmers. If you wonder aloud about her appearance, people on other sites will respond that their happiness together is all that matters. Seriously? And you’re right – she does look like a fish out of water. Alex needs to get her some assistance if she’s going to keep going to events with him. She needs to leave the surfer girl image in Hawaii. On another note, I saw a tweet from Spike’s father that Spike had started his first day of school this week. He’s enrolled in Montessori near Kahala Rd. Malia was living in North Shore, so she and Spike must have already moved in with Alex. One fast moving relationship.

    1. If Alex is not working out like before then he not be thinner. Mailia for me is just a normal pretty lady nto that extraordinary beautiful like some say. She for sure feels like a fish out of water, is not her element to attend events like this. I guess Alex will have to teach her how, since he is more accostum on that than her and her dress is horrible, it looks like she woke up grab the first thing she saw in her closet, washed her hair, pull her hair up and there she goes.

      In Hollywodd and teh entertaining business image is so important so I guess she will have to learn to dress better. I know Alex does nto mind her image and what is more importnat is the inner beauty, I agree on that, but when you are in taht business they care more about the image than anything else so it be wise if she can dress a bit better or someone give her assistance on that department, image is not that very important when an actor or actress is in her 60, 70 or even 80, but when you are young and beautiful like Alex image is so important and much more the significant other will receive when hanging out with a hottie,

      IF she is used to cameras why then she alwyas look so stiff standing next to Alex and in the 2 events we have seen her so far she does nto smile naturally or she does not smile at all, unlike Alex, I mean you I conclude that for her body language.

      So Mailia already moved in with Alex?? Talking about a fast moving relationship LOL!!!

    2. Having been on the stage for 40 years I know what it takes. Your presentation at the Torwood Lounge was first class. You have all that it takes to get the magesse out there and entertain people at the same time. The organutans need all the help they can get and you boys are doing a magnificent job. I could feel your love as a family and your love embracing our nearest relative. I wish there were more in the world like you.Sylvia Raye

  18. Evael and Maria,
    I didn’t want to critique the GF too much, because I believe she is out of her element. Clearly she is not used to attending celebrity events,… but he is. The two events that she has attended with him, she looks downright trashy. He is going to have to throw some of that H50 money her way for a stylist that can make her look presenable. But maybe he doesn’t care, perhaps he likes that look.
    I was so distracted by his changed appearance, I didn’t focus on her that much. It will be interesting to hear what kind of buzz comes out about her.

    1. Shelly. I also believe she is out of her element. I mean some say in anotehr site I read that she is used to cameras. I mean one thing is a photo shoot and another is is being chased by paparazzis the whole time, so maybe she is not used to attend these kind of events and she feels odd of course is used to and I agree, I got trashed in another site where I said that she did not look presentable and people told me it is her life and his life. I was not saying anything. I was just saying that regarding fashion sense I dont understand her. If u ask me and my opinion is that if I was Alex gf, I will try to look my best knowing there will be hundrends of cameras all over me and even more if I knew that Alex is an eye candy I have to look s smiliar as him so I can give a good impression. Maybe Alex does not care for that, but at least like Shelly say he is going to throw of the H50 money for some fashion advice.. I rather people speak good of me and not bad and yes her dress now I dont get it. I did not understand her dress either in the last event she attended.

      Also if u take a closer look at her body language and the way she is next to him, she has a pose of not very uncomfortable, and we repeat again she is not used to these events im sure, her smile is like forced, she does nto smile naturally, like Alex. I just saying this because Malia will have to start to get used to attend events and change a bit better the way she dresses, it will take a bit of time but she will have to do it, she is gf of a popular actor , she has to get acquainted with the entertaining business. Maybe for me giving a good impression is very important and if I had an opportunity to attend these events where cameras will be ovet me, I will try to make an effort to look presentable. If she lieks to wear shorts and jeans and skirts and bathing suits off of the camera is ok but when attending formal events, is different..

      And I agree im not the only one noticing that Alex look very different here, he has more grey hair (LOL!!), is thinner and needs to eat!! Poor guy he must be under a lot of pressure.

  19. shelley– your right he doesn’t look as good as he had. She looks much better when she is not smilling and has professional makeup on instead of from drug store. Whats up with her outfit? You can see right thru her blouse just like the one in Aussie. She thinks she is all that. Wondering if Amber was there being she too is from Aussie. He said he enjoyed being with Amber and was alwasy smiling, he says he’s in love with this one and always looks so smug.

  20. Ladies if you go to hawaii five0 online, you will see some photos of Alex at a gathering this weekend. Very attractive girlfriend, but I was surprised at how different Alex looked. I’m fedexing him some steak and potatoes ASAP. We all change as we age, but there should not be such a noticable difference in one year. Don’t get me wrong he’s still delicious, but not as much as last year. If you look at the other H50 cast members, they all look the same. He must be under a great deal of stress. His face just doesn’t look as relaxed as it used to.
    Please check out the site, would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hi Shelly. O hh I looked the pictures you are talking about. Well Mailia is a pretty lady but not taht extraordinary beutiful one, for my opinion she is ok. I love how Alex hairstyle is now, he now combs it to the side, have u noticed that? I have noticved something in the pictures too. This gf does not smile naturally, all her smiles look a bit fake, like she was forced to smile. Have u noticed that? For her body language it looks Mailia is uncomfortable attending these kind of events on hands with Alex, on the contrary to Alex, he looks natural and he always smile. And pliz someone hire a fashion stylist to this lady, her dress is terrible, like a tiger came ripped her bottom half and her hair is mess even if it is up. . Maybe she is not used to attend these kind of events, being a surfer and always yused to wear shorts and bathing suits.

      And yes Alex look very different, now, he is way too thin, his cheeks look sunken and he has a bit of bags under his eyes, and now becaue he is thinner u can look at them more and I even noticed more gray hair now that last year. He must b e under a lot of stress for sure, work,exercise, and now beacue he has a gf, is more stress also added to his daily life. Poor him!!! I will like to feed him he needs to EAT ASAP!!!

  21. Thanks Tiffany,
    I’m looking forward to this weeks episode,looks very exciting. :love:

  22. I’m looking forward to Monday’s episode! Thankfs for the latest update, Tiffany.

  23. Looks like another good one!

  24. Ohh my I just saw anotehr preview for Mondays episode Alex looks incredible handsome !! He must have had a haircut because his hair is much shorter and he look so yummy!!! But the bad part here is that Alex look so thin in comparison with previous episodes this season and last season.. That is true, it seems he has lost weight I hope he is not overexercising and endager his health. Maybe there is a lot of pressure and stress on teh set and he works so many hours putting all the effort in his character. But I know he likes to work out and keep a healthy diet, just hope he is not overdoing it.

  25. Did anyone of u know that James Caan finally will make an guest appearance on H50, wont be neat that he will play Scott dad also in teh show?

    I heard also that comedan Dennis Miller will have a guest appearance. This guys Im not so excited about it. This guy cannot even act!! and they have to hire him? I guess Peter ran out of good options for upcoming guests, he had to find that kind of guests.

    I also look forward to NCSI LA/H50 crossover in February.?

  26. i dotn want H50 to become Greys Anatomy Honolulu with a lot of emotional plotlines. I am for some emotional drama in a action show and it gives the show a bit of a an edge, because it balances the action and drama of a show but I dont like the emotional part to overcome the action of a series that its main genre is action. I wish the baby is not Danny’s becaue he already had the idea is not his anyway. With Grace, Danny has enough drama already and also becaue Danny with 2 kids his story on the show will change and that is what we dont want. We want carguements and Bromance with our lovely Steve always.

    I am also that give this newcomer actor who will play young Steve a chance, looks are not veyr important the important part is if he can act and play his role well, looks is important but not quite so. The producers im sure did they best they could to find a young boy who resembles the most to Alex, Im sure they did what they could. For me young Mcgarrett will be a rebel boy who always got in trouble and give his parents a lot of headaches, and thta he played of course football and was a casanova. But if he was a nerd then he could have not played football and be so popular with that sport because nerds and football are not related, you see. The tough guys play football is like a stereotype and the dorky guys who are very studious do not play football, they are in book clubs, science clubs, etc. and according to season 1, Steve did play football. So if young Steve was a nerdy who could not ask a girl out, he wotn be playing football and if he played football he be a girl magnet I bet and a cocky arrognat teenager. We will see on Monday how our Steve was in his teenage years and teh relationship he had with his father, before Daddy Mcgarrett sent his only son to join the Navyy to protect him.

    The Shelburne thing. We are finally going to see who the infamous one is, since it was told it is a person and not a place or a code. I stick my version that Shelbourne is either Momma Mcgarrett, Hiro or Mokoto, a 4th person is unlikely, but Peter L. may have in store for us a surprise that we are not expecting and at the end Shelbourne is a totally different person and it is not the mother, Hiro or Mokoto. So will see what will happen. My 2 cents here

    1. Maria, if you listen to the promo video again, you will hear Danny say that he was helping his ex-wife deliver “another man’s” baby. So he is not the father. As far as the actor that will play the younger Steve not looking like Alex….I saw a picture of Alex as a teen and he looks nothing like the Alex we know now. No resemblance at all, so I agree, all that really matters is that he can act and make his part believable.

  27. I think Shelburne has something to do with Steve’s mom. A great storyline would be that Steve’s mom didn’t really die in the car explosion. They have never given us any details about the explosion so I would love to see his mother still be alive. I can’t wait for Monday!!!!

  28. At last Gracie. Couldn’t see her very well but that didn’t look like the actress is it Claire Van Der Bloom whi usually plays Rachel. I am sure it is this episode where there are flashbacks and a nice looking boy takes the part of a young teenage Steve. Things are hotting up, is Joe really on Steve’s side. Who is Shelburne?

  29. I love it,thanks!!! 😀

  30. Love it – can’t wait to watch it :heart: :heart:

  31. also looks like he has no waist, his pants are fallin off.

  32. hay the picture of him in the alley looks like he is a little pidgeon toed.

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