5 Juicy Questions for Alex O’Loughlin – Women’s Health Magazine

The January/February 2012 issue of Women’s Health Magazine has a feature on Alex accompanied by a smokin hot photo. He answers some juicy questions and provides some great answers. Some of the finer points… he sleeps in the nude, he loves it when his girl wears a sarong and one of his t-shirts, and he sings “Johnny B. Goode” in the shower. Enjoy!

For a larger version click on the scan below:

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  1. Some people are just too judgmental. I’m wondering what truly is the reason behind some of the Malia hate. I hate to say this, but Im seriously beginning to wonder if it’s the fact that she’s not white is the problem so many are having. (I apologize if I’m wrong). Saying she’s not beautiful, etc. She’s gorgeous folks. Alex looks great and he looks great with her. They would have sime seriously good looking kids!!! Just saw a recent pic of them together, and he looks very happy We should be happy and supportive. Saying how much you disapprove of his choices is a slap in the face to him in my opinion.

    Not sure if it’s true but it said said Saxon was moving to Hawaii? Have any of you read that article?

    1. I agree Monica, I think Malia is gorgeous too. But it doesn’t matter who Alex is with, you’re going to have people that have nothing better to do but criticize his choice. It’s sad that these people have so little to do that they feel they have to pull another person to pieces. She obviously makes him very happy and that is what really matters.

      On Alex’s “official” FB page, there was a comment that Saxon had indeed moved to Oahu and Alex was disappointed that even the name of his school had leaked out to the press.

      1. Meghan,

        I appreciate your response. However, I disagree. What is her “reputation”? I don’t know anything about Malia and I think it is wrong to dislike someone without cause. She was a model and I can guarantee she looks better than most of the women making the comments.

        With that being said, I can understand many fans disliking Holly Vallance. Holly was really rude and insensitive towards his fans. But in the end, Alex has said nothing negative about her so I let it go. What has Malia done to Alex? He loves her and that should be enough for all his fans, regardless of your idea of beauty and/or rumors circulating. Alex picked her so everyone should stop being so judgmental.

        Thanks for confirming the info on Saxon. I think it is wonderful he is with his father after so many years apart. I won’t be surprised at all if Alex settles down with Malia. Dating a woman with a two year old (practically a baby) is a huge commitment, in my opinion. Plus they are all apparently living together as a big happy family. I just love it ’cause marriage is the next logical step. (yes, I may be getting ahead of myself) 😉

    2. I couldn’t agree more, Monica. He looks very happy to be with her and that is all that matters to me. And Muffie, I can completely understand the need to keep one’s children safe from the media if one is a celebrity. The child is not the celebrity and hasn’t chosen a public life for himself so I applaud Alex in wanting to keep his son’s privacy intact.

      1. M L,

        Thank you!!! I couldn’t agree more in your response to Meghan. I just don’t get it. I have no idea of the rumors surrounding Malia, and shoukd we really care? Alex PICKED her and i think they compliment each other. At the end of the day, im sure Alex doesn’t care what we think one way or the other what we think. He loves her and by extension, I am now a fan of hers.

        I get that a lot of the comments are jealousy. I get that some people will never be happy with his choices in women. As a woman in an interracial marriage for almost 15 years, i can interpret the passive aggressive comments from those who claim ethnicity has nothing to do with it. I know this not the case for everyone, and in no way am i stating nor implying that Meghan is one those people. However, they are out there. I have read on other sites, “Shes very Hawaiian” and “he would never date someone like that” before Alex confirmed the relationship. I still can’t help but be shocked at the amount of hate directed at Malia. This is 2012. I can’t believe we are still going through this nonsense. Plus, what is the likelihood that any of us would actually have a chance with him…if I weren’t married of course! :love:

        I apologize for the typos…I’m posting with my phone 😉

    3. Monica – I really doubt that anyone is having a problem with Malia’s ethnicity. It’s nice that you think that she is beautiful, but not everyone has the same concept of beauty nor is anyone obliged to agree with you. I think that some people are truly surprised by Alex’ choice. Not knowing him personally, a lot of people thought that he was someone else and are questioning his values in choosing a surfer girl with a not so glowing reputation among her peers.

      Re Saxon: yesterday a girl from his school tweeted that Saxon was in her brother’s grade and that Alex was at the school for a parent-teacher conference.

      1. Meghan, you wrote, ” I think that some people are truly surprised by Alex’ choice. Not knowing him personally, a lot of people thought that he was someone else and are questioning his values in choosing a surfer girl with a not so glowing reputation among her peers.”

        There you go, you said it all. People thought Alex was someone else. Well, the onus is on them for thinking that. We never know these people unless we do on a personal level and if that were the case, we wouldn’t be on a fan site speculating and being judgmental about him. Our only involvement is to either enjoy his work or not and if his personal behavior is a deal breaker, then just forget about him and find someone else to admire.

        If people thought he was someone else and then are shocked or disgusted by whom he chooses to share his life with, then they need to move on. I don’t know Ms. Jones at all and I think calling her a “surfer girl with a not so glowing reputation amongst her peers” is very judgmental. Who cares? If he is happy, if he loves her, that is his business. He isn’t running for office so we really don’t need to be concerned with his values. He’s an actor and all he owes us is a good performance.

        But let me congratulate you on this: You used the singular possessive for a name ending in “x” and I ALWAYS love to see that used correctly. YAY, Meghan! I give you kudos and a half for that!

    4. Personally I don’t care who Alex is dating. It gets a bit catty when that’s all everyone talks about on these sites. Do you really think he would not have a girlfriend? But I will say this as FACT Alex started getting skinny when he announced he was dating: look at the timeline.

      As for Saxon, again everyone seems to be obsessed with him. The funny thing is now that he is in school in America, the kids will text each other and their friends and families as to what he is doing, and there is nothing any school administrator can do about it, reporters will be the least of the problem.

      1. I agree with u Niece on the fact that Alex started to get skinnier after he he announced dating Malia.

        The obsession of Malia I think relies on the fact that fans expected Alex to date different type of girl to put it in a way sicne his previous relationships were blonde, pretty actresses so most believe he will date a smilar woman like those previous gf physically. Im not saying Malia is not pretty, she is pretty but some perhaps thought she will be like a bombshell, knockout beauty, she is an average pretty lady.

  2. Oh, Linda, of course our dear boy can do what he wants with his life..but we all love him and want the best for him. Wonder what his son Saxon (who we never see) thinks..that’s what’s important as far as the fair Malia is concerned. Its just fun to speculate on his life choices…I myself am a person who does what I feel is right in my ife and I don’t like people telling me what to do…..all in fun. 😀 Have a nice day and Tiffany..what’s up””?? I read in the current TV Guide that they are going to combine two shows with Hawaii 5 0 and NCIS in (I think) the coming week. Should be ineresting. Two sets of popular stars on two shows Monday and the following night doing a case together. Must watch. Love Suzanne Alex’s forever fan :heart:

  3. Everybody seems to be going a bit out of kilter about Alex’s life. It’s HIS life not ours. He can date and live with anyone he chooses. If he loves Malia-so be it. Whatever makes him happy should be our primary concern. As far as him looking thinner-I think he looks HOT! I prefer the ‘chase em down’ scenes. If you don’t care for the violence then watch another show. A love show is okay now and then-but, Alex is an action guy. That’s what makes him so damn appealing!!!!!

  4. Oh come on, Muffie and Staats…..as I said “you can’t be jealous without showing it” yeah, Im’ jealous. Ive followed alex’s career from the very beginning and he does deserve the best ..just from a few line on her beauty, etc. you really don’t know much about her and I’m sorry if “chick” doesn’t sound nice but that wasn’t my intent. Just so he’s happy and she is really treating him right and not in it for the fame and glory. CBC WHEN THE HECK ARE YOU GONNA PUT ALEX IN A MOVIE!!! He is never going to have the fame he should have if he isn’t on the big screen….. :woot: THe 007 movies would have been great for him..too bad he didn’t get in ..I love Hawaii 5 0 but it is too hectic, not enough close ups and REAL conversation, too much violence. Alex is at his best (my opinion!!) in a romantic story line like of course, Moonlight which none of us will forget. :love: Love from Alex’s forever fan. :heart:

  5. I saw a video U Tube about Alex and the blonde cutie who plays opposite him…yo, Lori, I’m sure you know alex is dating (living with) a divorced surfer chick with a 2 year old). They say she is “nice” Alex deserves more than “nice
    Wonder how far that relationship will last….the photo of him with her , her dress was not very “fashion wise”….needs a new dresser. Oh, well, can’t be jealous, etc etc.
    TIFFANY..WHERE ARE YOU? NOTHING SINCE AFTER CHRISTMAS. Love, suzanne alex’s forever fan

    1. I’m still around just busy with other stuff. Just got back this week from Detroit and The North American International Auto Show.

    2. I know what u mean Suzanne. Really in the video Alex spoke about Malia as¨ “she is a nice person”? Maybe like u said he deserves more than just nice when referring to a woamn he lives with and supposedly he is in love with. I also know the chick is a surfer model who has a 2 yrd old boy and the dress shw wore at the GQ awards welll. not very pretty, it looked like a table cloth hehe!! and also this is my point of view I donbt find Malia that extremely beautiful woman, I haefv seen her in other videos or pics, and sure she is a pretty lady but like a knockout? For me it is not. Her body thugh is very pretty, well toned and fit, maybe that is what Alex like abotu her, being fit and the asme interest in surf as him. Well I gues Alex is the kind of guy who had to end up with girls like that, models, athletes, with nice bodies, he cant settle for less than that, maybe that is who he is he is very reserved on that., who knows.

      1. Beauty is in the eye of the behodler and perhaps to Alex’ eyes, Malia is beautiful. And also, perhaps being a nice person is tops on his list. What is wrong with being a nice person? We need more of them in this world. It is his call, after all, and as his fans, we should be happy for him if he is happy.

      2. First of all I find the term “chick” to be extremely derogatory! To me it is as offensive as calling her a “slut or whore”. Would you like it if someone called you that? Furthermore, you are entitled to your opinions regarding Malia but in the end, it is Alex’s business whom he chooses to love. If she makes him happy, and she obviously does, then that is all that matters.

        I also don’t think it is particularly nice to imply that Alex “wouldn’t settle for less than someone who was a model etc. with a nice body”. Like most men, he is drawn to attractive women but Alex strikes me as a man who isn’t afraid of going against the norm. (remember it was his idea to make the movie Feed). I get the feeling that no one tells Alex what to do or whom to date. We should all be happy for him and wish him every happiness. If it’s with Malia, so be it.

  6. M L: I don’t know about Penny. Have you ever heard Tom do an impression of her? It’s kidn of like, “Well, go over there and do something.” and he says it mumbling where it’s almost incoherent. But that’s maybe Tom being Tom although I’ve heard others say the same thing about her. It’s one my faves of Tom’s, and he really should have won the Oscar for that one. Do you know how hard it is to remember what’s it’s like to be 13 and how they behave–the looks, the mannerisms, the sounds, etc. It’s much more difficult to make someone laugh than it is to cry–at least for me it is–I can cry at commercials! I’m very sensitive.

    1. Penny is a notorious mumbler, that’s for sure, but she is a consumate professional. Before she even starts the cameras rolling, she expects her people to have in their minds what needs doing and yet she allows them a great deal of moving room. She certainly got an excellent performance out of Hanks in that film. Comedy is the hardest, I think, to write, to act, to direct, all of it because it is so subjective.

  7. Hey girls have you noticed how Alex is looking thinner these days? I hope someone is closely watching Alex’s health. I noticed, particularly in the last episode, that his face is looking incredibly thin…sunken cheeks and eyes. Compare the 2.13 screen caps with those from last season, or even earlier this season, and you will see a noticeable difference. The camera adds 10 pounds, he may look even thinner in person. It is just as dangerous to be too thin as it is to be overweight, even more dangerous with his heavy work schedule and the physical demands of his role.

    I know there are plenty of legitimate reasons for the weight loss given his diet, exercise, and work schedule. I think he’s incredibly handsome no matter what his weight is, but I’m very concerned about the severe dangers of being underweight particularly with the way he pushes himself physically. The people around him may not notice how thin he’s become because they’re around him every day. I just hope they’re keeping on medical eye on him.

    Someone take care of our Alex!!! 😮 🙁

  8. The first picture of the teenage actor who will play Steve in his teenage years for the upcoming 2.14 episode.. THis boy such a cutie handsome young boy


    What do u think girls?

    1. Cute–but not as cute as Alex was, I’m sure. Whether he can play the part–I will hold judgement.

      1. Well we have to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. That is a professional photo shoot, we have to see it live when the episode air. But hey William Sadler does not resemble at all Alex and still people dont complain. We have to wait to see how this kid will do.

    2. When acting was on stage, as long as the person had a similar height, etc., it didn’t matter if the actor was younger or older. But in film or on TV with loads of close ups and what not, my BIGGEST jam up is when the eye color doesn’t even match. Just a peculiarity of mine, but a big one. If the kid can act, he should be able to carry this off dressed in the style of that time, but it really bugs me when they have kid actors playing the adult character and they can’t get the eye color right. Just my thing.

      1. M L: Now, every time any show does a flashback, I’m going to be looking at the eye color! I never thought of that before. What I notice are facial expressions, hand gestures, etc. I think one of the best pair ups was in Big. The kid who played Tom Hanks’ character as a kid had his mannerisms and facial expressions down pat. And Tom was so good at remembering what kids would do–the way he held himself, etc.

        I actually thought one of the other kids in the photo was playing Steve. I don’t think this kid looks like Alex. But, of course, I wish him well. And Dora was right–William Sadler doesn’t resemble Alex at all nor does the actress that plays Maryann. But you tend to forget these things if the actor is good.

      2. Shirley, I couldn’t agree more with you regarding the child actor and Tom Hanks in Big! Superb casting and excellent continuity but that is Penny Marshall as a director and editor for you!

    3. Here is a link to another picture of Will Carlson , the ttenage b oy who ill be Steve in his teenage years.


      Here this kid looks so much better with dark hair. Wow this boy is aveyr handsome attractive man.,

      1. I think he’s cuter with the shorter cut. And yes, he’s cute and attractive but he is young. It’s hard not to be cute when one is young. It’s later when the rubber hits the road and we get older that things even out. So while I think he’s a cute young guy, I wouldn’t call him a handsome, attractive man as of yet.

        That said, this could be a great break for his career and that is a very good thing. I wish him well.

      2. I mean the boy is very good looking I just wanted to say that. We have to see how he will do when acting comes.

  9. Hi, just an FYI, there is an auction on CharityBuzz.com for a trip to Hawaii. I’ve got the details below. The bid is up to $12,000! If it were lunch with Alex, I might consider bidding. I’m surprised it’s lunch with Scott, because he doesn’t seem to like to do this kind of stuff and doesn’t seem all that talkative in interviews. Can you imagine what the bid would be if it was lunch with Alex?! Whoa! BTW, the Four Seasons resorts on Lanai are to die for (not sure which one since it doesn’t say)–The Four Seasons Lodge at Kohele is where I stay every time I go. So this really isn’t a bad deal, considering that you are flying first class and all of the other stuff included. But I’m sure my husband would kill me if I posted a bid. Anyway, here’s the info and good luck to any of you who make a bid:

    You and a guest will fly first-class to Honolulu. Pick up your 4-day rental car and drive over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village (where HFO films a lot) with a 3-night stay in a grand ocean-view room.

    While staying in Waikiki, dine at Nobu with a $200 gift certificate. Spend another night taste-testing $150 of Iron Chef Morimoto’s unique Japanese cuisine.

    Embark on a privately-chartered dolphin cruise. Snorkel in the waters of Hawaii with wild spinner dolphins and green sea turtles.

    Learn to surf in a private lesson with professional surf instructor Ty Gurney. Take a guided helicopter tour around Oahu.

    Take off for Lanai, where you’ll enjoy a night’s stay at the luxurious Four Seasons Lanai. Go off-roading to take in the beauty of the resort island with a 3-day Jeep rental.

    Visit the set of Hawaii Five-0! See where the action happens and Meet/Greet the Hawaii Five-0 cast members. Sit down to lunch with Scott Caan!

    The proceeds for this item benefits the Life Rolls On Foundation, which provides hope and advocates on behalf of young people whose lives have been affected by spinal cord injury.

    The auction runs until January 12, and can be accessed via CharityBuzz.com

    1. I would thoroughly enjoy lunch with Scott Caan! He is a talented photographer, devoted to his writing and I think a very interesting, funny person. Because we share more interests in common, I would prefer lunch with him than Alex because other than organ donating and the fact I think Alex could be a heavy-hitting film star if given the right vehicle, I don’t think I’d have much to talk about. All that said, whoever bids successfully on this will have a great time!

      1. M L : I think you’re right about Scott being interesting, but he seems so quiet during interviews–like the interviewer has to pull teeth to get him to say anything.

        I think I’d have tons of topics to talk with Alex: books, music, art, theater, film, television, travel, Hawaii, Australia–the list goes on and on. And he could tell me what he liked/hated about Cleveland when he was here shadowing Dr. Gonzo for 3 Rivers. Of course, that ain’t gonna happen, but nice to dream, no?

    2. Shirley, I might be tongue-tied around Alex. LOL But I have seen Scott being interviewed, on Letterman for example, where he was erudite, chaming as hell, filled with great stories about growing up with his dad and not knowing he was a big movie star since James Caan took time out off from his career to raise his sons, and showing off his brilliant black and white photos in his book. I found him to be very much as his character is on HFO and a great story teller. I wonder if he just isn’t comfortable with the run-of-the-mill sound byte interviews and doesn’t open up.

  10. Did anyone of you watch NCIS: Los Angeles yesterday? I did not but I read somewhere, thta in yesterdays episode, the character played by Daniela Ruha, Agent Kensi Blye, mentioned something about being in Hawaii some weeks ago to her partners. First a new director told Kensi that he needed to talked to her about her recent trip to Hawaii.

    Then mintues later she was talking to one of her partners and mentioned that she was in hawaii beaue she was investigating the murder of her father so she spoke to a few marines (her dad was a marine) to dig in more information about it but she did not find anything new that she did not know already. Then her partner asked her why she never talked about the death of her dad, but she kept silent. When the episode was almost at the end, the new director suggested Kensi to stay away from Hawaii.

    I found the Kensi thing a bit misterious since she spoke about being in Hawaii and we know thta Kensi was in H50 to help Joe and Steve about the video audio, but it could be 2 total unrelated and isolated cases, her dad death and Steve dad death and the video that the only thing that both have in common is that Kensi dad and Steve dad both died in Hawaii.

    I still am misterious about Kensi being in Jakarta and Joe helped her there in getting out of a problem a problem that Kensi did not want to talk to Steve when he asked her about the Jakarta situation.

    Any thoughts?

  11. Thank you Tiffany in keeping me up dated of alex i too love to sleep in the nude and i love love the song johnny b. goode and i am single :love: 😆

  12. Tiffany, it’s great to hear from you again. Thank you very much for sharing this terrific article about Alex. His responses made my day! Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012.

  13. How much cuter can Alex can get. Check this link


    And look, Alex he seems he combed his hair a bit to the side.

    I will aet tyhis guy piece by piece from head to toe!! LOL He is just adorable, smile, the way he seems to like being around kids, so laid back, easy going, not like so many arrogants actors in Hollyweird. This guy is unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :kiss: :angel:

  14. I wish there had been more questions; his legion of fans would love a seriously in-depth article, I’m sure. I know I would! I think he is the most perfect man. 😉

  15. thank you for this tiff! i will look out for it in the shops, gorgeous pic, so sexy and sultry!! season two starts in the uk on new years day, so its gonna be a good 2012! got s1 for xmas. happy new year to you and everyone on this page, have a great one!

  16. :love: alex es magnifico ! :heart: tnx Tiffany 😉

  17. Can anyone tell me what car does alex drive and his favorite cologne ?

    1. Just a wild guess–but I bet he had his custom Harley shipped to Oahu. And his favorite scent? Is “sweat” a scent? 😉

    2. I read somewhere that he has a Porsche and a Range Rover

  18. :heart: Thanks for this Tiffany!(: I really like hearing about what Alex likes. He truly is a sexy man<3 I really liked how he answered those questionsssss. He is such a nice, sweet, and sensitive person.

  19. Thanks Tiffany,what a great article and great questions. Wow,so Alex sleeps in the nude. Now that’s hot* lol* :heart:

  20. WOW, WOW, WOW, he has the most beautiul manly hands. I wouldlike them to be all over me. You can tell all his answers pretain to Maylia, DAMM, to die for 👿

  21. Oh my!! That smile and those eyes could melt butter!!! 😀 I wonder, Tiffany, if you can find out for us—I heard that Donate Life has a float in the Rose Parade Jan. 1st and that the Grand Marshall is a transplant recipient. Will Alex be on the float too? He was into Donate Life at one time. Not sure if he still is. Thanks for any info–and welcome back!

    1. Hello Cheri I believe Alex was indeed on the Rose Parade on te Donate Life float. I did not watch the parade because I was at work, but my mom did watch and even though my mom does not watch the series like I do, she knows that I love and admire Alex and she knows who the guy is and she called me on the phone: “Hey Im not sure but I believed I saw the guy from the series you watch on a float on teh Rose Parade”. So I guess you may had been right Cheri.

      Can anyone confirm and where I can see photos of this hottie??

  22. He is such a darling I like No. 3 and that he sleeps in the buff?? Oh y my my!!! I drool over this man!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :heart:

    The promo for the new episode for January 2nd looks good!! Cant wait for it to be aired! But I think Joe is not bad he is just protecting Steve by lying to him, perhaps is the only way he can get protect Steve for other people to harm him, But what I dont like about the story line of Shelburne/Joe/Wo fat/Steve is that the dialogues and covnersation of Joe talking about to protect Steve and so on had only been that, just conversations, we havent seen an action scene where lets say Steve is in danger beacuse of that storyline, and where Joe is to the rescue to protect him (like it is the objective of Joe), the Shelburne story has end up being just dialogues and conversations between Joe and Steve but no palpable action scene related to that. There has been lack of action related this topic I mean Steve in all this time and episodes has never even been in danger (the only time was in the Jenna episode) like Joe supposes, Steve only knows what Joe has told him,. I dont know if you understand what I am trying to say here. Do u think that the revelation of Shelburne will end the Wo fat story? I hope not because in the original H50 the Wo fat character lasted for the 12 seasons of the series. If Wo fat ends with Shelburne here so that new story from past or the future Peter will bring for Steve?

  23. hi great to hear from you i just love alex photo very hot

  24. Welcome back Tiffany! The picture and Alex are yummy! He looks SO good in blue! Thanks for sharing the latest on our fave H50 guy! Have a great New Year. Look forward to new show Monday.

  25. Thanks Tiff for keep us posted whith the “Alex” news and well come back, I wonder where you was so long time.
    Alex is full of quality that is no doubt……whishhhh I was Malia 😆
    Happy New Year for every Alex fan…..and for Alex to ofcourse!!!!!!! :heart:

  26. He has it all; he is gorgeous with a great body and wonderful personality, he obviously knows how to treat a woman, you can’t get any better than Alex!

  27. And about being an attentive lover, another very admirable quality, Alex! You get that we’re smarter, you let all the other women drift off when you’re into a lady. I declare, it doesn’t get better than that!

  28. Oh, Alex, you are one of the rare ones who gets that we are smarter. I like that about you!

  29. Damn.

    I’m a very attentive lover? Why is that not surprising. :heart:

    Malia, you are a very lucky lady!!! Whew!!!

  30. OMG…I am so turned on, I would die for some of that…….. :angel:

  31. Welcome back Tiffany. And many thanks for this delicious article about Alex. I absolutely love reading interviews he gives. He is so adorable when being himself and I really appreciate your keeping us in the loop. Happy New Year.

  32. Great to see you’re back, Tiffany. Thanks for the post. Hope you had a good Christmas. All the best for the new year.

  33. I love #3…
    And sleeping in the nude? Oh yeah!!
    I would love love love to meet him.. I would make a fool of myself though.. and my husband would get miffed!! :love:

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