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  1. To Gigi

    Yes it is possible he just recently started to date the lady. How did he meet each other? Well is a mystery we wont ever know He said something that she taught him to overcome the fear of water when he is surfing but Alex had been surfing since he got to Hawaii last year??

    So prolly Alex knew Malia just as a friend when he arrrived to Hawaii and they hanged together for the surf passion just until this year in November he came public and said he was his gf. As for the tattoes Yes I could see in the Women Health Magazine his both forearms, the old tattoes are stil there since he has not give them any re touch to them, they are fading awa but wow that will take a lot of time to be completely off his skin. I dont mind the shoulder tattoes they suit them well there.. The back tattoe is the one I dont like it, becaue it is huge huge and it is jsut so weird and it just one mixed drawings of different images, is not like one image for the whole one. I would have prefer that tatto on his back rather than on his lower back. That tattoo is just odd, the size and the image itself and the location of it,

  2. Wow..does he look amazing in a suit or what?? You can definitely tell he is an aussie becasuse all aussies are hot like him. He truly is the most beautiful creation there has ever been on this planet. I really would enjoy him being James Bond, he would make a perfect oneeeeee!! And the picture with the brunette girl is his girlfriend, Malia Jones. (Not the second picture down from the top but the fifth one is Malia). I love you Alex :heart:

  3. Did anyone else get to watch “Whiteout” on the Lifetime channel over the weekend? Alex looks so different in that part!! Aussie accent, all his tattoos, long-ish hair!! But that look in his eyes and that frown are pure Alex!! And he’s even seen taking a romp in the buff at the beginning–doesn’t get any better :woot:

  4. I read the yahoo article and it seems it was just something being at the wrong place at the wrong time from H50 cast and crew and both events collide at the same time. but the article said the cemetary commission gave them permission to film and it is normal for ordinary people to walk over the graves. I mean even in my country in private cemetaries people walk over the graves I mean how do you suppose to walk to where ur famly grave is or a family grave if it is not stepping on other graves that belong to other people,

    But for example if for soem reason the cast and crew wwent to the cemetary without asking for permission and they mess the cemetary with their filming cemetary and shout to the veterans and disrespect them literally or something like that then I be appauled at their behavior for sure.

    We can now guess surely that the episode that took palce at this cemetary has something to do with Shelburne because it is Steve who is visiting his dad grave during that episode

  5. Cherie, the article did say that Alex was there but he didn’t interact with the reporter who made the scathing article. Many of the comments in response to the article were along the line of the reporter having a whinge and the cast and crew not being disrespectful – just going about their business and doing their job. Most reports say that the H50 crew go out of their way to be sensitive to anything going on in Hawaii. Hope we don’t start seeing lots of negative articles – it would be a shame considering te good will they usually have with locals.

    1. Well lulu, the incident abotu what happened in Pearl Harbor is starting to surface on teh iinternet on other sites as well. I found this:


      Ohh my I hope this incident wotn bring the ratings down because that will be so bad for the show and I hope Peter gives a proper apology because I read he gave one but was not very believable and noone bought it . I hope this incident wotn have consequences with the show itself because it may happen that people will start to look at the cast and crew of H50 with bad eyes and indifference to the actors on red carpet, social events, and that can hit indirectly the ratings. This is not looking good. ;-( 🙁

  6. hay last nights ept, even with the wedding scene just was not that interesting. Glad it wasn’t the first I seen or I don’t think I’d be back. In next weeks TV guide there was no mention of 5o at all, should we be worried? 🙁 😮

    1. Carrie, we agree on this. I was completely underwhelmed with last night’s episode. It’s almost as if Alex is a bit player in his own show now. I swear, Jack Lord, the original McGarrett must be rolling in his grave over what they are doing to the HFO franchise.

      1. I see what you mean but lots have fans have been asking for more air time for the other team members too. I just hope they give us a more personal storyline for Steve that isn’t only about his dad and/or Joe White at some point too.
        And also more about Danno and Lori ( don’t mind her with Danno just not Steve) :heart:

      2. I agree There was a big buzz about the wedding and it only lasted like for 3 minutes. I mean there should have been a bit more air time for it like some minutes not a lot of course of how Malia was getting ready and Kono helping her and giving her advice. If u could see Malia and Kono never really interacted a lot to each other it jsut implied that they know each other they have a story with Chin but we never really see an interaction.

        I guess peter just wanted us all to be aware of the wedding and that Chin got married and focus more on the case. I dont know really what is Peter doing to the show,. Im very confused. I know is a reboot but he is like messing the same core of the H50 franchise it all up. I mean I never watched the original H50 but Im pretty sure that H50 was more a cop, action drama show rather than a flirting, love story between the characters, that has turn out to be the current H50. The fun parts are ok, but not to use it so often. And what do u think about the opening scene of Danny and Lori handcuffed to each other? For me it was a total unnecesasry scene, it was cheezy and bit of ridiculous if u ask me, beause it has nothing to do with the case itself. This is not a fun or comedy show Peter L or the writers, this is a cop, action show, stick with it .

        I also agre with Lulu that I hope Pter give us a bit of more personal story line on Steve I mean something totally different than just Joe and his dad case.. But not a love story!! San Ming, Catherine, Rachel and Mary is back which im glad.

        Also Peter is dragging us or pulling our leg with having Lori I guess to the end of the sesason. I mean she signed for 12 episodes, now she will be in like 3 more episodes, then Im sure when those 3 episodes will ran out, she will again sign for more and I bet she will be until the end of the season, so I give up hope she will leave soon, I know she will be at the end so I guess I will have to put up with her presence until the end of the season. I mean I know Lauren german just act on the story she is given, but if she had a better story line and a good character, maybe we all like her. It is not the actress fault is, it is Peter and the writers that create a bad character to her. 🙁

        Do the writers of this season the same as the 1st season? Anyone knows?

        And to top it all off, and make matters worse, the incident that happened during the vets anniversary in Pearl Harbor last week or 2 weeks ago that involved cast and crew of H50 that end up making some fans appauled and dissapointed on the show.

        Where Peter L is heading the fans with this 2nd season?

      3. I googled the Pearl Harbor ceremony and it said that the film crew showed disrespect by continuing to film during the playing of taps. CBS issued a statement–sort of a “he said, she said.” There was obviously a misunderstanding–too bad the film crew got caught up in this controversy. H5O is a big hit in Hawaii so the crew doesn’t need to be burning their bridges. The article didn’t say anything about the cast being there.

      4. Im a fan of H50 but been a bit dissapointed with this second season , episodes had been a bit off for my taste.Have you seen some episodes of CSI NY not recent but some past seasons? Lately I have been watching CSI (I always like all CSI though) and I never took a closer look at the credits after the opening scene until recently that I have been watching several episodes and you know what I found ? That Peter Lenkov was the executive producer of many episodes of CSI NY and even wrote several ones. and those episodes of CSI had been great excellent episodes. I knwo H50 is different in a way but why the heck Peter cant do the same he did on CSI applied to H50? Those CSI episodes he was involved at were excellent episodes. Just wonder why

  7. I cant wait for Tiffany to re cap on the latest episodes of H50 and read fans reviews as well.

  8. Check this site out. It seems there may be a possibility of an episode where the producers and the writers want to dig up in Steve past, like when he was a teenage boy. and the rellationship he had with his dad in his teeage years more if his dad was so misterious and everything was secret and classified.

    So producers are looking for teenage boys who can play the part of teenage Steve Mcgarrett.

    I dont have kids but i know there will be plenty of mom who will liek their sons to play the part of teeange Steve and there will be many moms signing up their kids for that.

    this is the linkl


  9. Shirley – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh9ddsEzpWk is the link for Alex’ arrival at the Sydney Opera House. If it doesn’t work, google alex and malia arrive at the Sydney Opera House.

  10. Hey this is the plot of episode 2.12 of H50 Alaheo Pau’ole*” – On the eve of Chin Ho’s wedding to Malia, Five-0’s investigation into a man left for dead in an abandoned WWII bunker crosses paths with Capt. Fryer’s case of a Jane Doe.

    Wow Chin Ho is getting married really fast. I wonder how long did it take from the proposal to the wedding? I mean just 2 episodes? LOL LOL!!! The writers and Peter L really were in the rush of marrying Chin Ho and dont wait like more episodes so the relationship will develop a bit more hehe. Is like they are getting married just after weeks of Chin Ho proposal hahah!! So now im wondering if Chin Ho will take a leave of absence of his honeymoon does that mean Lori will take charge? Super Lori? LOL LOL~!!!! This is supposed to be the last episode where Lauren German signed with the series So we have to wait to the 2.13 episode if she renew her contract or not anymore. Just saying .

    1. Maria, we don’t know how long Chin Ho and his lady were in a relationship but they were engaged before he took the rap for his uncle stealing all that money. He called off their engagement to protect her. Now that all of that is behind him, they can pick up where they left off. Seeing as how all of this happened before we met Chin Ho, we have no idea how long they had been together. For all we know, their relationship may have developed over several years.

      1. I can’t wait for this episode. I think it is going to be so sweet to see Chin Ho finally marrying his love. I like the 2 actors together–they are very believable. And don’t forget, Alex is supposed to be the best man. Chin asked him on the heli flight back from Korea.

  11. I really don’t care whom he sleeps with, but I do find his remarks in interviews annoying. Alex seems to say whatever he thinks endears him to the foreign press. While he was introducing H50 to the Belgium media, he stated that Europeans are lucky that they aren’t American, because irony is lost on Americans. Seriously? The irony that Alex, an Australian here on a work visa, is pulling down $115,000 per episode for mediocre acting while millions of Americans are unemployed has not been lost on this American. By the way, Alex, Hawaii that you love so much and consider your base is part of the USA.

    1. Crista, while as an American, I support your right to expressing your opinion, one would wonder why you are here on an Alex fan site making disparaging remarks about Alex. Anyone who knows the history of HFO understands that the character of McGarrett is stoic and the strong silent type, which is exactly as Jack Lord played him back in the day. And anyone who has seen Alex in other work knows he is not a wooden actor.

      Next, Americans are not known for irony. It is a type of humor that the Brits and Aussies thrive on but we have a different sense of humor and frequently we don’t get each other. You have clearly illustrated this. I have lived in other countries in my life and often I have said things I thought were funnty and vise versa and communication was scrambled. And being interviewed a million times the way actors have to be, a great deal gets lost in a sound byte.

      And thirdly, ALL actors make far more money than is sane, IMO but the fact they do pull down those salaries has nothing to do with why millions of Americans are unemployed. That is a far more complicated issue than what can be addressed here.

      And finally, yes, Hawaii is part of America. And I’ll give you an irony that is completely American. How many American citizens think our president is not an American citizen yet he was born in Hawaii? That is the greatest irony ever, but once again, not something to be dealt with on a fan site.

      While I am sure we do disagree, I know you will support my right to express my opinion, too.

      1. ML: Gotta agree with you about the president and being born in Hawaii–good one! Did you see the interview that Crista referenced? I was kind of shocked when I saw it as it did come off as a bit of a slam against the U.S. I worked with a guy, coincidentally from Australia, who worked here in the U.S. and then proceeded to put down the U.S. at every opportunity (and I’m not saying that’s that what Alex did by any stretch!). In this co-worker’s case, I think you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, especially if you are taking a job that an American could be filling. To me, it’s kind of immaterial how much $ Alex earns. And I did briddle at the mediocre remark as I think Alex rocks as an actor! I’m sure Alex meant nothing by the comment, but it just didn’t come off well. And you’re right, M L, they do a ton of interviews and sometimes it might be hard to watch every word that you are saying. But he had to know that it would go viral and would be seen in other than Belgium, right? And it wasnt’ just a sound byte–it was quite lengthy. But it could have been one that he did after a long string of them or when he was tired, etc., so I’ll cut him some slack. I’ve seen him in other interviews where he says he loves the U.S. and will eventually become a citizen when he finds the time. I don’t know if the tables were turned if I could easily become a citizen of another country, even if I could have dual citizenship. Plus he said that he’ll always have a home in Hawaii, so there you go.

        Although I compare it to the following: woman can call other woman ‘girls’ but men can’t. It’s just an unwritten rule. Same goes with the good ol’ US of A. We can say whatever we want about us, but no one else better rock the boat!

        On another topic, I haven’t seen the video of Alex and gf on red carpet at awards; wouldn’t mind seeing that, so if someone has the link, would you mind posting it here? Thanks.

      2. ML STAATS :straight: I just found this site and thought it was nice. I thought everything you said was well put. I feel sad that even though everyone has a right to opinion some can be almost combative or angry about it at the same time. Can we all play nice?

    2. Christa, the fact that Alex is earning $115000 while Americans are unemployed, does not qualify as ironic … see some Americans don’t get irony :whistle:

      1. all Hollywood is drastically overpaid but we as their “adoring ” public allow this to happen. we are willing to continue need to be entertained and therefore, those who entertain us are paid extremelyt high incomes based on “us” their public needs. There isn’t an actor or actress, including Alex O Loughline that will not horne in on our obsessiveness. :alien: .

    3. Crista, you’re entitled to your opinion about Alex’s remarks to foreign press. I’ve seen the interview and I didn’t think it was a big deal, though it could be deemed as ill-advised by some. However, as you used the phrase “mediocre acting”, I would guess you’re not a fan of Alex. If you are, I would hope you were just in a snit about the interview. I hope you feel better soon. 😆 :angel: 😆

      1. Bravo, Linda. I concur. :heart:

  12. He was interviewed the first day of filming season two by a very pregnant reporter and asked if he had any significant other in his life and he said not at that time. He jokingly said his demographic’s for a companion was she had to be at least 18 to 65 and have all her teeth. I think at that point he and Amber had been broken up for over a year. I don’t know anything about surfer culture but I hope Alex is smart enough to get involved anything that isn’t what he doesn’t believe in. The pictures I saw of him with Maliea she looked older than he did. I agree I hope he is happy. It is only natural for his female fans to be upset but they don’t have to be nasty. Does anyone know if the one picture of Alex with a woman and a younger woman was his mother and sister? Another forum said the boy with Alex an umbrella was not his son.

    1. mary- were did you see the picture you talked about? I’d like to see it as well. thanks! :straight:

    2. Mary, the two women in the pic – an Australian fan and her daughter who talked with Alex for a moment, then had the pic taken. In a short video of Alex and Malia arriving for the black carpet walk, there is a very attractive woman (in an orange dress) who says something about “my brother,” so there has been speculation that she may be Alex’ sister Jackie. The boy holding the umbrella was hired to hold the umbrella.

  13. I wish Alex and Malia much happiness!

  14. True fans of Alex would be happy for him. His on screen acting belongs to us his personal life does not. He usually a private person and didn’t have to mention her at all but he really must be in love to introduce her to basically his fans. He may have wanted to let his Mum and his son know that he was going public with the relationship which is why it was done in Australia. I wish him the best and its good to see him with a woman who has her own career and independent financially and won’t use him to further her career. I wish them many happy years together and hope they will be happy, I feel Alex really and truly deserves it.

    1. Well said Heather. I only hope that Alex’s “fans” will not start belittling her and pick her to pieces. If she is the reason Alex broke up with Amber, so be it. It’s his business and none of ours. As long as Alex is happy ( and he certainly looks happy) that all that matters.

      Yes, some of his fans will be heart-broken with his news, but do they really expect him to not date or fall in love? Whether he decides to marry Malia or not, is up to him. (Sorry, we don’t get a say in this matter).

      I hope she is the right one for him. If she is, I wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness. :heart:

    2. I agree with you Heather and a few others. For him to go public has to be real right now to both. As for her being married twice. Third time the charm. I wish them the best I will always be an Alex fan and I am no spring chicken. LOL! So with that said I have to check the beach for the bottle with the Genie in it so I can make my wish and swap places with Malia!!!!You know I just happen to have been blessed with 2 good looking sons and one favors Alex. Go Figure! 😀

  15. with all said and done… um, isn’t of what matters most is that Alex is happy? of for sure he certainly looks like he is… and well… of by chance that Malia is the lady of who is the one… that may all the best be to them.

    o’ as to until this… of as to they were able to keeping from the tabtukerys.. they’ve for sure of done really well indeed when u think of it? and yes the tabs are turkeys…. :angel:

    1. Whoa – you guys obviously do not know the surfer community – if Alex is with Malia Jones – who probably isn’t even divorced yet – she onl;y just recently left the hubby – probably why Alex wouldn’t comment on when he started dating her – spunds like he only just very recently sarted the relationship all I can say here is either he don’t know her so well or he is a wild boy – BTW –

      1. Thanks Mary for clarifying the thing and yes particularly me I dont know the surfer community but yes the lady has been married twice. and like you said prolly Alex is just starting dating her and getting to know her and it could be that she is not even divorced yet jsut separated. I do have read somewhere that for sure she just not too long ago got separated.

        We jsut all hope Alex get to know her better. It could be that Alex is a wild boy for sure 👿 :p HAHA!!

      2. Alex is all Hawaiian and all surfer dude these days, so guess she fits well in his new lifestyle. She may be amazing, but you can’t be a part of surfer culture for more than half your life without some of it rubbing off. These people put a new spin on sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Really don’t think that Alex is the boyscout that fans believe him to be.

      3. Uhh Crista what you wrote sounds really bad. I just hope Alex dont rub any of that bad stuff that surfers do in their community just because he is dating a surfer girl who has been married twice before and has been in teh surfer community for a long time I also agree now she fits his new lifestyle, surfer and living in Hawaii. Im sure Alex is smart enough to know what is right from wrong if some of that bad stuff at any moment come knocking to his door beause he is not a teenage anymore he is a grown up man.

        I do have heard also the bad reputation the surfer community has all over the world, including where I live (guys who dont or seem not to take a shower they look like homeless, they look like bumbs, sometimes, some do drugs, not all but the majority do) and yes the community is like a circle just them.

        I mean I dont want to jump to conclusions about this lady he is just beginning to date, maybe she is a nice lady sure, but since the surfer community has like a bad stigma, for what you said, we are just concerned and hope Alex dont really turn to the bad side of the surfer community. 😮 ;-(

      4. My husband is from Hawaii and was a competitive surfer for years. I find some of these comments rather insulting. First of all, no, not all surfers are choir boys and I am quite sure Alex isn’t as well. But he is an adult, a grown man of 35 and how he chooses to live his private life is really none of our business. And as for Ms. Jones, it isn’t a concern of ours if she is separated or not or whom she has been married to or how many times. Who he chooses to spend his private time with is his choice and if he is happy and comfortable with his new ladyfriend, then we as his fans should be happy for him and not spend our time making value judgments or casting aspersions.

      5. The surf scene is insane but maybe Malia is happy to be out of it all and with a gorgeous guy like Alex who adores her. Would be a nice change from the drugs and cheating! Seriously, who cheats on his pregnant wife?

    2. Malia Jones is 2 times divorced (Conan Hayes and Luke Stedman) both pro surfers.

  16. do you think maliya asked alex to change his tramp stamp? i liked it before he added to it.

    1. I mean Alex back tattoe is huge for him to change it in the case she ask her to do it and I believe he have had it since many years ago. Or what u mean is that Alex upgrade his back tattoe and now it has more color to it???

      Does this girl have tattoes or not? Does anyone know?

      Also that tattoe is huge so I dont think it is easy to remove it, it will take a LOT of WORK!! . Do you know why those kind of tattoes are called tramp stamp? They are called like t that beause sometimes intended to emphasize sexual attractiveness.. They are commonly derided as suggestive of promiscuity, haha!!!! Those kind of tattoes are hardly seen on guys. Alex is the first guy, taht I personally see, who has that lower back tattoe.

  17. Congratulations to Alex :heart: :love: 🙂

  18. I think Alex and his new ladyfriend make a good couple. She looks like a very nice person and I’m impressed she is close to him in age. Good for him!

  19. does anyone remember when alex during an inerview was asked if ther was anyone special in his life(or simulae, can’t remember exact words) and he thought and said “no not really” Do you think thats when they hooked up and he didn’t want to let it out, or were they not yet together. Just trying to figure if she is why he broke it off with amber.

  20. i don’t think they planned to come aout with the news just yet. he looked like a kid who couldn’t wait till christmas. almost braggiang about his new love. also sthe away he looked into the crowd when he said her name, i think she was surprised also. glad he has a companion but lets not take them down the isle just yet…..

    1. Carrie or anyone else I did stumble across that very brief interview when he answered about Malia but I can’t find the darn thing again. I agree with what you said on how he said her name. Is there anyway you can send the interview page? I am kinda new at this stuff. I admit I am no kid but still think like one LOL! Just love Alex and H50 like everyone else. Actually, one of my handsome sons resembles him.
      Shocked me! Only a year apart. But I’ll keep looking for that magic wish to swap with Malia. Merry Xmas to all

      1. Got the site Carrie checked more and Tiffany left the site on her comment.
        This is really nice to swap thoughts. Just hope it stays nice. I have seen some where there was alot of bad things being said to each other really insulting.
        Happy Holidays everyone

  21. FYI: Added a photo of the two of them together at the awards.

  22. You know, when Alex went to Hawaii I just knew he was going to hook up with some type of Hawaiian swimsuit model. Just a feeling. And Maria, you are right. What is wrong with just ordinary pretty. Maybe she is really nice though but that is rare. Alex seems pretty smart and down to earth so she is probably okay. Also a brunette, like me. But it just broke my heart. She just better make him happy and realise what a treasure she has. Also his pictures for QC looked awesome. He would make a GREAT Bond. Thanks Tiffany.

    1. In these photo here she does not look that good, maybe is teh camera angle. Here in this particualr photo he looks so much younger than her even if they are the same age. They look like siblings hehe!!LOL. Like Carrie said lets not take him down the aisle for sure. But is Alex the kind of marriage kind of a guy, What do u think or hwat have you heard?

      Wow or Alex has been dating this gal sicne he moved to Hawaii last year or he knew exactly how to hid his relationship from the media in a very precise way that even on interviews he never never gave any kind of clue. I was surfing on Wikipedia and on her biography, there is alreayd written that she is dating him.
      Either the wikipedia page was just updated yesterday when most of us just found out about teh girl or like I said he has been dating her for quite some time and was very good at hiding his relationship from the media and we all were completely clueless. Now I know what Alex liked about her. The gal has lots of things in common with Alex. Take note:

      1.she has appeared on the cover of over a dozen magazines, and has been named one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” by People magazine, and one of America’s “10 Sexiest Athletes” by Esquire. She has also been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Jones has done TV commercials for American Express, Capri Sun, Coca-Cola, Corona Beer, and VO5 shampoo. Jones was also a consultant for the Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. She also designs a line of swimwear for Mambo Graphics sportswear. Gee this lady does many things hehe!!

      2. In 2007, she married Australian professional surfer Luke Stedman.[1] In 2009, she gave birth to the couples first child, Spike.[2] The couple is currently separated. Her ex is blonde, with the features of a typical surfer and those are: blonde (or his hair bleached, hehe) and super tan skin . The lady divided her time between Hawaii, France and Sydney, Australia, before recently moving back to her hometown of North Shore.[3]

      Now I know why Alex liked her. Lets see Alex has appeared in fashion magazines, he surfs, he is Australian, lives in Hawaii and the lady is exactly like him.: Hawaiian, has connections with Australia, has a home in Australia, Hawaii. I guess he found his match hehe!! These type of actors, like Alex will always look for girls who have slim, athletic, thin bodies, model type or at least in the entertainment business for sure (like his previous gfs )and like u said Laura, whats wrong ordinarly pretty ladies, HEHE!! Those guys look for girls with very highl profiles . HAHA. Ok this is my last comment for today sorry it was too long. Just wanted to share the info with u ladies.

      1. Maria OMG you said it well. Personally, I think Alex just started dating her, because if he were so into her as he said, she would have been with him at SOTB, and if you remember Alex arrived with no significant other, so that was Sept 10 and then by Nov 19 he’s announcing a GF. He just met her and for some reason is smitten. I don’t think he planned to say anything about her but everyone was calling Jodhie Meaheres his GF so I think that’s why he said what he did at the time. To me he is acting like this is a first love, and we all know it isn’t.

        The back tattoo is covered with make-up on camera. He has not gotten rid of it. If you really notice, he had the tattoos on his forearms lightened, notice the dark pigmentation, you can really see it in the Women’s Health magazine article. So if he had the back one removed you would see dark pigmentation and you don’t.

  23. Alex is happy and I am happy for him…Malia seems like a great gal. They have a lot in common and I wish them the best!

  24. It is official: Our beloved Alex is dating a Hawaiian surfer/model lady named Malia Jones. She is a divorced lady from a surfer and she has one kid with her ex. She is just one year younger than Alex. Have u noticed how always these kind of hunks like Alex (also another hunks out there) always pick chicks that has to be physically attractive like them? I mean there are couples of couples. Some hunks that we know of in the movie business or in our personal lives (friends, acqutainances) who date not so appealing girls or very attractive ladies with not so attractive hunks, but they are happy together. But in some particular cases, soem hunks pick someone who has to be physically attractive similar to them, like in this case Alex. Damn so I guess I dotn have even a chance, Im a blonde lady, lets say pretty but not as tall as him, HAHAHA, LOL LOL, Im teasing here.

    But yes that Malia is THE LUCKIEST WOMAN EVER. I read that she is the one teaching Alex to surf better and she was the one who took away the fear of surfing of Alex in the beginning or something like that I heard.I read that this lady is also down to earth girl and he is very happy at this moment.

    1. Thanks Tiffany for posting that site! I just asked someone else if they knew it. I found it the other night and for the life of me couldn’t find it again. I did agree with some of the girls that he did say her name and smiled like a kid bubbling over. But, give him credit revealed no more then what he did. However, he has now updated his facebook site with pics. of him and her so Lots of Luck to Both. Happy Holiday

  25. Congratulations to Alex on his award. He looks fabulous as always. I’m glad he has someone in his life and that he seems happy. :love: :heart: :love:

  26. Not being able to understand the first part of the interview, I thought that Alex was joking around with the reporter; however, a woman and her daughter attended the black carpet event, met Alex and had a pic taken with him (she posted it on another site). She said that he did indeed have his Hawaiian girlfriend with him. Speculation is that the woman is Malia Jones – surfer/model who is currently separated from her husband, surfer Luke Stedman. They have a one year old son. Since Malia is a common Hawaiian name, who knows.

    The woman posing with Alex is a designer/model from Oz who lives in Hawaii.

    The boy with Alex is supposed to be holding the umbrella, although it seems that Alex was holding the umbrella for the boy and himself.

  27. I saw some more pictures from the award red carpet and I think there are pictures of Alex’s son in some of them. There is a young boy with dark hair in two or three of them. He doesn’t look at all like Alex but he is good looking and tall.

    1. MaryAnn: Considering that Alex has stated more than once that he is a very private person and won’t discuss his family, I highly doubt that he would take Saxon to such a public event.

      The pictures that were on the internet last year showed that Saxon has Alex’s eyes and long eyelashes. Unless he has changed an awful lot since those were taken, I don’t believe this boy is his son.

    2. I stand corrected. I just saw the interview Maria mentioned earlier and Alex did indeed say he had a beautiful Hawaiian girlfriend. So now we won’t have to speculate anymore. Nice call Maria – you told us about it first.

  28. Thanks Tiffany,Alex looks great on the new GQ Cover,and congrats to him on getting the title of Best Actor of the Year.
    Want to wish everyone on this great site,A Very Happy Thanksgiving,enjoy yourselves. :love:

  29. Ohh my I have to share this: I believe if Alex is not kidding since he loves to tease people and reporters and he was serious about it. I believe our beloved koala is dating a hawaiian girl called Maliea or something like that. Duirng an interview I jsut hear on teh GQ Awards the reporter asked him about Hawaiia and teh hawaiian girls and he indirectly mentioned about a girl in Hawaii called Mailea, then when teh reporter asked him again how long they both were dating since Alex is very private of his personal life between joking, smiling and teasing ALex responded somethign like: Im not going to say anything else.

    IF that is true that woman is the LUCKIEST GIRL EVER and darn my man is already taken 🙁 LOL!!!

  30. Thank you for sharing the great shots of Alex, I could look at them from morning till night. Your the best! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

  31. Alex se vve precioso ^_^ :heart: y lo mejor de todo fue ke gano !! :love: lo tiene bien merecido ! el es un gran actor !! lo amooo !! :p :heart:

    gracias Tiffany 😀

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  33. Now these photos I can get behind.

  34. Nice to see Alex looking all relaxed and happy. He cleans up really well LOL :love: Looks just like prince charming he is. :heart:

    Thanks again Tiffany for posting.


  36. Teh first pic on this page is totally for Drooling!! Im going to faint (LOL!!!) He looks EXQUISITE, UBBER SEXY, HANDSOME SEXY, HOT, ATTRACTIVE, What a piece of a fine man Alex is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God total perfection to my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :heart: 😀

  37. who the hell is this bimbo? he has his hands in his pockets in stead of on her so hopefully she is not his date. He must be crazy to give up Amber for her. Anyone get more info on this?

    1. Dont u worry girls I read that the girl there is fashion designer and TV personality Jodhi Meares.

      1. Tina: I receive alerts from another site and they posted three pictures of Jodhi and Alex with the caption “they” had just arrived at the event. Maybe implying they went together? In one of those pictures, they were obviously enjoying the moment. Alex’s body was leaning into Jodhi’s, indicating he is very comfortable with her. Body language usually doesn’t lie. Having said that – he was asked once how he felt about marriage. His response was that he has found most marriages do not work out, and he is so busy that it would be hard to have a SERIOUS relationship. I hope he finds the love and happiness he deserves, who knows, maybe he already has.

    2. Okay is EVERY girl he is spotted with going to be called a bitch, bimbo, barbie, etc? Really???? xD

      1. I agree completely, Tiffany!!! When I read the comments of a certain lady on both your new posts, I had to bite my tongue and fight the urge to reply back. HE IS ENTITLED TO A LIFE and as long as he’s happy if doesn’t matter who these ladies are. xD

      2. I agree, Tiffany. I want the man to have a wonderful private life. All he owes us is his art/work. And even then, if he chose to leave acting, it HIS life. I would wish for him to have someone to share his life with. And it is demeaning for we women to call each other names.

  38. :kiss: Comment Alex you are looking great and that is a great GQ cover.

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    So glad he got actor of the year in his home country!!! :heart:

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