Hawaii Five 0 Renewed For Season 9

Congrats to the Hawaii Five 0 cast, crew, and anyone involved in making the show over the last eight years. Looks like they will be doing it again as CBS announced today that they will be returning for another season in Hawaii.

Many fans are still wondering what that upcoming season will look like with the contracts of Alex and Scott unknown. It is likely they signed but there has not been any official announcement as of yet regarding that. We will let you know when/if that is announced by a reliable source.

In the meantime, there are still five more episodes in this season too, so Hawaii Five 0 fans have a lot to rejoice about. 


Hawaii Five 0 season 9


If you want to have some fun, comment below as to what you would want to see in season 9. All respectful comments and opinions are welcome. Enjoy the celebration of the news!



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  1. Steve and Catherine find a way to make their relationship work …and become parents of twins… a boy and a girl… I would love to see Steve just melt away as a daddy ?

  2. How i miss max, grace and daniel hope they will come back

  3. I absolutely love the show and I would love Catherine and Steve to get married and have twins. No matter what happens I will be watching and waiting for season 9 to start.

  4. Hi Alex , I’m a 64 yo Aussie from Perth WA I’ve been to Hawaii 3 times with my wife we are big fans ,we were over when you were doing a scene on the trolly when it was Catherine’s last one I think she was in the blue dress ,we sat and watched you guys do the scene we were lucky that day we were on the 5-0 tour , we would love to be in an episode but you have to be a resident. Yes family comes first but do hope you stay on ,we love the show

    1. Thank you for sharing your story but to clarify this is not Alex, we are just a fansite. Thank you for following and glad you got to watch them filming as it is a fun experience.

  5. I would like to see the character of Steve become a father. I think since that they have not shown Mary, his sister, in such a long time, something happens to her and he finds himself with her daughter to raise. He doesn’t have to be married. Also I would like to see the Doris issue resolved, I think she probably married Wo Fat’s father, how would you like him for a step-dad! Then to top it off I think Joe White is really Steve’s father, that would top it off. This show needs a lot more action than last year with Steve being the main character, not sure how Alex feels about that, but this show was based on a lot of action and a lot of family.

  6. ok Hi I would love to see Steve settle done with someone and that they do a crossover with magnum P I but I definitely would love Steve ending up as a dad even if it was with a one night stands after Catherine’s break up

    1. Lea McCabe I think Steve should end up being a Dad, he would make a great one and can you imagine the conversations between Danny and Steve on how to raise a child. Would be funny!

  7. Hi there please alex stay in the show without you there is no show only reason why show is still running is because of you so please stay there

    1. Lea McCabe I think that would be great, he needs to become a Dad in this show…..

  8. It’s time Steve had a strong love interest a wife may be and child. Times ticking.

  9. One of the things I really love about this show is the humor. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO MORE!!!

  10. I would like to see more episodes with Jorge Garcia.

  11. As long Alex Shaun & the rest of t h E cast is there it will be grear

  12. Story where Steve loses one of his sense’s,how it affect’s him and his ohana and life style

    1. That would be kind of interesting and it would give Alex something to work with outside of the procedural stuff, too! Good idea!

  13. · Edit

    I’m down for season 9 as long as Alex is on board

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