Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Real Genius Conclusion


We have come to the conclusion of the fan fiction by Bryna and there are probably a whole bunch of you that are waiting to see how it ends. Well you are in luck as it is the last day for the story and therefore the conclusion. 

The story left off with the team meeting up with McGarrett in a very unusual place. Their concern for their leader grows as they learn that he has no memory of the last 24 hours. What will they do? 

Find out more in the final section of Real Genius. 


Here is Part 9 and 10


Part 9


hawaii five 0 fan fiction



McGarrett wakes up, Danny is staring him in the face.


“You okay?” Danny leans closer examining McGarrett’s bright greenish-blue eyes.


“Why so close, Danno? McGarrett wiggles away from him, ”Yeah I’m fine.. What’s the matter.  I’m just here for my radiation test.”


“Radiation Test?” Junior walks over to the side of McGarrett’s bed.


“What…what are you doing here, Junior? McGarrett looks around the room and sees Duke, Grover and Tani walking towards his bed with concerned looks on their faces. “What’s wrong?”


Grover looks at Danny, then back at McGarrett, “Your test was yesterday. Don’t you remember?”


Danny rings for the doctor, “How about the bet…did you remember that?”


“What bet, I don’t know what you’re talking about, Danny?”


“Of course you don’t,” Danny shakes his head.


McGarrett sits up in the bed and immediately feels pain in his neck, “Ow…” He  reaches his hand to the back of his neck and feels a puncture wound.


“Take it easy, Big Guy, the doc is on his way,” Grover taps McGarrett’s leg.


Noelani walks into the room, “Commander, how are you feeling?”


“Noelani?” McGarrett looks around the room again, “Confused….but okay I guess, what happened?”


“Apparently, Commander, you were abducted after leaving the Ke Aloha Bar last night.”


“A bar…I was going to have a few beers with my friends after my procedure today.”


“Yesterday….and you did,” Danny corrected. “The waitress slipped you a mickey. We found you….”


“Actually Mae found you…” Grover added.


“That’s right, Mae found you…” Danny continued.


“Who’s Mae?” McGarrett interrupted.


“You’re new Mom,” Grover smiled.


“A better Mom if you ask me,” Danny nodded to Grover.


“My what???”


“Well in her mind, anyway,” Tani added, “She is one of the homeless people that live under the highway. She saw you struggling as you were headed down the alley whe she was dumpster diving.”


Danny continues, “Mae asked if you needed help, you were a little out of it.”


“You did remember those Oxblood seats for the restaurant, though” Tani smirks.


“And that bet you conveniently forgot…and yeah Bae, a right cross IS a fight, so you owe me $100 and I get to drive my own car for two weeks.”


“No…wait!” McGarrett protested.


“And, Sir, you also stated that your friend, Tim, needed help,” Junior walked over to McGarrett.


“Tim? Tim Shelby?”


Junior sits down next to McGarrett’s bed, “Yes, Sir, he was abducted with you. He was unharmed. We went to his house and his wife said he came home and went straight to bed acting like nothing happened. Noelani sent a team over for an assessment earlier today.”


Grover looked at his notes, “And that waitress, Lei, she is with Duke at The Palace. We are going to pick up her father, Dr. Evans, for questioning.”


McGarrett starts to move, “Tani, head back to The Palace and work with Duke on the waitress.  We’ll head up to Dr. Evans’ office.”


“Got it,” Tani headed out the door.


“Commander, I want you under a doctor’s supervision,” Noelani  said with concern, “and since I’ve been unofficially Five-0’s Doctor On Call, I am coming with you.”


McGarrett agreed, “That’s fine…let’s go”.



Part 10


The Team arrived at the office, Danny was admiring the glass entranceway, “Wow, when I was a professor, my office looked nothing like this.”


One of Dr. Evans’ students was sitting at the receptionist desk working on what appears his class project, “Hello…how can I…ooh!!” When the student saw McGarrett, he gasped, “It’s the Hulk….”


Danny turned to McGarrett and back to the student, “Excuse me?”


The student hastily gathered up his materials, “Ah..nothing..ahem..how can I help…ahem..help you?”


McGarrett walked up to the student, and the student backed up in his chair holding his materials close to his chest, “I’m not gonna hurt you, it’s okay.”


“Ah,  yes Sir, whatever you say, Sir!” The student continued to look terrified.


Grover stepped forward, “Where have you seen him before?” Grover points to McGarrett.


The student looks to Grover and leans in, “On one of Dr. Evans’ research videos….he was the one that turned into the Hulk. The other guy just fell asleep.”


Grover continues, “What did he do as the Hulk exactly?”


“Well,” The kid looks nervously at McGarrett, “when the professor administered  the drug, he literally broke his safety constraints, tossed six orderlies around the observation room like they were rag dolls, ran down the hall and jumped out the window.”


Grover smiled at McGarrett, “That does sound like the Hulk to me.”


The kid continus, “Even his eyes glowed red….and apparently he stole Dr. Evans’ red Corvette.”


Danny whispers to the kid, “He does like to drive other people’s cars.”


McGarrett shakes his head.


Junior steps forward, “Is it Dr. Evans’ normal practice to kidnap military personnel to conduct human experiments?”


The kid responds to Junior, “No, no Sir, all the test subjects volunteer.  It is all above board, Sir.”


The kid, finally feeling more comfortable around McGarrett, puts his materials down and reaches over to a file cabinet behind him. He pulls out a manila folder filled with papers.


“See…here is your form, Commander McGarrett. The professor told us he was so happy that someone from the police department was willing to participate. Here is your signature,” the kid handed his folder to him.


Danny peeks at the folder, “Nah, that’s not his signature.”


“No, it is not,” McGarrett studied the file, “Noelani, this name look familiar?”


Noelani looks at the folder, “Mr. Bauer…Commander, I’ll need the files of the test subjects.”


McGarrett turns to the kid, “What is your name?”


“Kaipo…Kaipo Kanalahi, Sir.”


“Kaipo, can you show us the video?”


“Yes, of course, Sir,” Kaipo motions to the team, “Please follow me.”


The team follows Kaipo into the laboratory area. As they walk through, they see three students cleaning up what looked like the aftermath of an earthquake. Broken glass, twisted metal, overturned chairs and tables littered the room.


The students look up and saw McGarrett. They immediately stop and back away like they saw a ghost. Kaipo waved to him, “It’s okay..he’s okay. The effects are gone…and he is a police officer….it’s okay.”


The students were put at ease and resumed cleaning the area.


Kaipo lead them to a meeting room with a huge LED flatscreen. He pulled up the footage on the console and immediately you see McGarrett destroying everything in site.


“Whhoooa…Hulk IS right!” Grover’s eyes widen as he watches McGarrett in action.


Danny shrugs, “He looks normal to me.”


McGarrett turns to Kaipo, “Can you have your professor come and talk to us, please.”


“I am sorry, Sir, he’s…he’s not here.”


Grover responds, “Well where is he?”


“Ah…getting his Corvette serviced.”


McGarrett sees that Kaipo is nervous again, “Go ahead, Kaipo, it’s okay.  You don’t have to be afraid.”


“Yes Sir. They found the Corvette early this morning. You flipped it on the ramp of the highway.”


McGarrett raises his eyebrow.


“Sir, it’s totally understandable as you were under the stimulant from the test,” Kaipo assures McGarrett.

“What shop is Dr. Evans servicing his Vette?” McGarrett asked.


“Makua and Sons off of State Avenue…here, I will give you the address,” Kaipo wrote down the information and gives it to McGarrett.


“Mahalo,” McGarrett turned to Junior, “Have HPD work on a search and seizer paperwork for all the patient files, and have Duke’s team pick up Dr. Evans and bring him to The Palace.”


“Yes, Sir,” Junior answered as the team headed out


Once they arrive at The Palace, HPD had Dr. Evans are in the Rendition Room and Lei was in Danny’s office hand-cuffed to his couch.


McGarrett and Grove walk into the Rendition Room, Grover smirks, “So this is the Real Genius.”


Dr. Evans acknowledge them. He looks over to McGarrett, “You were too good to be true. Our serum finally worked.”


“At the cost of two lives,” McGarrett stepped closer.



Dr. Evans looked unnerved, “Cost of two lives? That is nothing compared to the worth of this study. It could change the face of war.


“How? By creating super soldiers? That drug is a threat to National Security…sold to the highest bidder on the black market…you would fund terror cells!” McGarrett yells in his face.


Grover walks toward Dr. Evans, “And worse of all, you dragged your daughter into your mess…now she is an accessory to murder.”


Dr. Evans raised his head, “She is my best creation.”


Grover rolls his eyes, “Of course she is, she is a product of you and your wife.”


“No, she is a product of the serum…perfect obedience, unwavering loyalty, and deadly when needed. She is MY creation.” Dr. Evans stated with pride.


Grover leans over, “You sick b…” 


 “Book’em,” McGarrett says as he walks out the door.


Grover, “It would be my pleasure.”


“Commander,” Noelani walks over to McGarrett as he steps out of the Rendition Room. She has a syringe in her hand.


 “We found that the serum Dr. Evans created had a component that violently reacts to radiation residue. The two cold cases were actually suicides.”


“Suicides? How?”


 “A side-effect of the serum actually caused devastating migraines 48 hours after it enters the bloodstream. This happens only in subjects that had chemotherapy. Or in your case…”


“…exposed to radiation.” McGarrett finishes Noelani’s sentence.


“Yes, Commander. Dr. Evans’ coworker, Samuel Mahoe, had no idea of the deadly side effects. He was able to create a counter-agent for you and your friend before he was taken into custody.”


McGarrett started rolling up his sleeve, “Okay…”


“It’s not that kind of shot, Commander. This one is for the hip.”




“Also, once it’s administered, you will most likely sleep for about an hour.”


“Let’s go to my office, that way I’ll be on the couch…just promise me one thing, Noelani?”


“Yes, Commander?”


“Don’t tell Danny. or he will be the first face I see when I wake up.”


hawaii five 0 fan fiction





Story and fanart by Bryna



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  1. Hi Debra! So glad you like it!!! I’ll make more…I’m a McWhumpaholic, but I like seeing the ligher side of McG and Danno too….so very glad. I have some more ideas and will share them with AOLO in the near future!! Thank you again for reading!!! I truly appreciate it!

  2. This was a great story not too painful to read, creative and dialogue true to character . Great way to ease the pain of no new episodes. Thank you for sharing. Where can I read your other works. I don’t care for exteme torture and too much angst.

    1. Ooh and Debra, my “other works” are here on this site…the first one was “Hawaii Alt-0” and the second story is a MiniFic called “Spinning Wheels”. AOLO has links below I think!! More to come!! 🙂

  3. Oh so good. Loved it. Hanks for gettingbthe final chapters done. I will say I want more stories from you or a book. Lol I would definitely buy a book. Lol have a great day you made mine. ??

    1. Hi Sally! Thank you so very much!!! AOLO is a great guidance counselor in helping me get the rest of the chapters done!! Wow…seriously humbled…thank you! I will make more and share with AOLO in the near future!!!! And you made my day too!!!! Aloha and mahalo nui loa!

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