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Photographed by Robbie Fimmano

From the magazine and

It’s really important that if you’re an artist involved in recreating something as iconic as this, that you find some way to step away from that. First of all, there’s a lot of fans of the old show and a lot of critics who are looking to get their teeth into us. And then there’s also a lot of fans and friends of Jack Lord who played the original Steve McGarrett  and I’m an Australian. So I can’t think about any of that. All I can think about is doing my work, being true and honest within the character and trying to deliver on time.

For a number of years, O’Loughlin struggled to find his place in LA. Just as he’d put down some roots, he had to relocate. When I first moved over here I was really, really nervous. It took me six years to settle into living in LA. I had my life together there, my niche and my friends. And I’m like, ˜Wow, I’m up and moving to the middle of the ocean, to a small island where I don’t know anyone. And it’s one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me. This place is one of the greatest on the planet; the people here are amazing. I’ve already made so many incredible friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life. I can’t really see myself leaving, regardless of what happens to the show.

An image scan of the article is below with thanks to Ozbella of H5o fans. Click to enlarge.

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  1. My mag is in the mail from Oz – but I have read the whole article and that interview just cracks me up! Alex is so my kind of guy. The guy who did the interview, Brendan, must have been totally freaking out – the part where he says that he is thinking he has “irredeemably pissed Alex off” is just too funny – and it starts out with me LingOL when Alex recommends the book and then asks if that is going to make him sound like a cunt! LOL, LOL, LOL. He is just too funny – I love him. Oh – and now I have to get that book. When Alex recommends a book it is always a winner, like “A Fortunate Life”, the book that he says changed his life when he was younger. It is excellent. I remember when he first said that there were so many copies on Amazon – and after I bought mine – one for me and one for a friend – the others just disappeared until there were only a few at several hundred dollars each. I got a paperback for just a few bucks and then later found a hardback (beautiful) for $10. Anyway, can’t wait for my magazine to get here. Paid a bit for it, but this is a must have!

  2. um, don’t want to get anyone upset … yet i just saw a photo of alex w/ a cast on his forearm. Was just wondering…

    1. um, since posting word travels fast , cast = upcoming ep … would of posted this sooner yet things happen.

  3. It’s amazing how one man can be that incredibly gorgeous! – his hair, his eyes, his smile, his rock solid abs and the rest of his perfectly sexy body! On top of all that he is also a sweetie pie! I envy all of the people that are a part of his life – especially Amber – who gets to share a part of his life that we can only dream about. ( and I’m sure a lot of us do dream about it………. sigh……… it’s nice to dream). I wish him complete happiness! I LOVE him so much!!!!!

  4. Ok, I must confess that I´d was a good girl all my life but HE turns me so so baaaaddd!!!!
    I can´t still being ¨una perfecta señorita¨ when I look pictures like this second one.

  5. Shirley, I can buy the magazine in wisconsin. I live in Sturgeon Bay and in a little town of Sister Bay the bookstore store there carries it. I hope they have it next week.

  6. thank yo tiffany for posting this… thanks again. :

  7. Shirley, the entire article is transcribed at

    1. CafeteriaMom: Thanks so much for the link!

  8. If there’s any way that we could read the entire article and see all of the photos since we can’t purchase mag in the States, please post it. This is an extremely interesting article from the little bits that have been leaked. Seems to be the most revealing and honest one and not the usual questions you usually see in an interview. Thanks so much.

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: Just when I thought it was impossible to find Alex any sexier! I’m totally speechless! Love ya Alex! 😀 :heart:

  10. That is such a great interview with Alex..He is so down to earth and honest :heart: ..I just love him..He is the best actor ever on the planet 😀 .And OMG…those photo’s are so breath taking.. :love: ..He is the sexiest men ever on this earth :whistle: ..and I hope that they never cancel Hawaii Five-O..I’ll never watch CBS again :straight: ..and my soaps come on that channel, but I’ll quit watching them .. 🙂 Alex is the best :love: :heart:

  11. That was a great interview. What I like about Alex, other than he’s gorgeous, :love: etc. etc. he’s up front with his comments, he has a great outlook on life in general and doesn’t play into the Hollywood hype. IMPO he is the best thing that has happened to television, again IMPO there isn’t anyone starring in any show that has captured my attention like he has. :heart:

  12. Just love the photo shot. I did find the magazine in the bookstore near me. His picture was not on the front. Maybe it is to early. I can try next week now that I know the store has the magazine. It was March’s issue. Maybe he will be on the front of April’s.
    What a wonderful story Alex wrote. I will always be there for him and always a loyal fan. There is nobody better. Love ya Alex, you roc.

    1. If Alex wasn’t on the cover, then that is NOT the magazine the article is in. It’s pretty confusing actually. The magazine is called GQ Style Australia. It comes out twice a year only and is an additional publication to GQ Australia, which is published every two months. Alex’s edition was released on March 7th and is only the second issue of this particular magazine (the first featured Ryan Kwanten last September). It’s only available internationally through subscription to GQ Australia.

      I hope that clears up the confusion for you.

  13. hi thanks for the info i went out today and try to find the mag but had no luck i will try ebay

  14. Even though I don’t know him personally, I feel his genuineness. There is nothing fake or phoniness about him. What you see is what you get, and that is the best of the best. He makes you feel good and its an absolute delight to be one of his millions of adoring fans.

  15. I just love Alex! He is my favorite actor ever!!!!!!! I was so disappointed when Moonlight and then Three Rivers were cancelled, but now I have Hawaii 5-O to look forward to every week. As long as CBS doesn’t cancel this show I will be fine. I think it is so cool that he made such a large adjustment moving to LA, and how he has jumped right in to the acting scene (no pun intended). I hope his new friends are here for him always, I know I will be :love:

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