Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 7


We are in the final stretch of the Hawaii Five-0 suspenseful Rendition fan fic as we will be wrapping it up this week.  

In the last part Steve was trying to stay alive long enough to help Danny through the situation at hand. Steve was sure he was dying on the floor of the rendition room with no help in sight and Danny was going insane because he was trapped in a small room where he felt everything was closing in on him. 

In Part 7, as Danny decompensates, Chin and Jerry fight to save them both. Time is running out and the situation is more than dire so read on to see what happens next. 


Part Seven

Hawaii five 0 Rendition fan fiction fanart


            Jerry watches in horror as Danny shocks Steve. 

            “Chin!  Chin!  Come in, Chin!”  He yells into the handset. 

            “What?  Calm down, Jer.  What’s going on?”  Chin comes back.

            “He’s shocking him, Chin!  Danny’s shocking Steve!  He’s dying, Chin.  Steve’s dying and all I can do is stand here and watch.  I can’t do this, Chin!”

            Chin’s eyes get wide and wet at the same time.  He’d just checked in with Duke and the governor, once Duke got hold of her, was pushing the work crew to restore power to the Palace in any way they can.  She didn’t care about anything else.  This task force was important to this island and no one was going to be lost on her watch.  She’d backed this whole security system the Commander had wanted.  She even thought it was a good idea but now she’s having second thoughts with this whole situation.  She understands the the odds of all this happening were a million to one, but here they are and it’s happening now.  Once this is all over, she will sit down with the Commander and rework this entire system. 

            First things first…they need to get out of this situation.  She’d rushed over; she wanted to be onsite and is in constant contact with Sergeant Lukela.  She watches as he talks to Lt. Kelly and his face tells her all she needs to know. 

            “Get that power up now!”  She yells at the foreman.  “We need that power now!  I don’t care how you do it, but you need to do it now!” 

            The foreman turns to his workers, pushing them harder.  He likes his job and he’ll be damned if he loses it over this.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

             Danny starts to panic.  He listens to the machine as it charges up one more time, praying that it works this time.  If not, he knows that’s it.  He’s tried five times and the machine is calibrated to only make so many attempts.  As he watches the numbers increase, the tears fall freely from his eyes, falling on the backs of his hands and to the floor.  His sanity is slowly slipping away with every second that passes.  He’s trapped in this room, a psychopath having shot his best friend and his best friend lying dead next to him.  He has to admit it.  Steve’s dead.  His heart, technically, is not beating even though the machine is still picking up a shock-able rhythm.  He’s not breathing; his chest is not moving.  His skin is clammy and cold; his face pale and lips blue.  He waits for the machine to tell him it’s ready.  One more time.  His hands are shaking and he can barely see anything for the tears in his eyes.  His sanity slips further away as he looks around, the room now the size of a closet.  He starts hyperventilating again as he knows they will never get out of this room alive.  At least, not Steve. 

            “Please, Steve.  You promised you’d fight.”  He cries, the tears falling freely.  “You said you weren’t going anywhere.  Don’t leave me here alone.  Not here.” 

            Time seems to slow down for Danny.  Out of the corner of his eye, he sees movement and he pushes back against the wall as Akua gets to his knees, turning to him and standing tall.  The chains fall away and he grins, evilly.  Danny watches his feet, one step at a time as he moves closer and closer to the two of them.  He whimpers as Akua moves closer, Steve’s gun suddenly appearing in his hand as he brings it to bear on, not Danny, but Steve. 

            “He’s already dead.  You don’t need to shoot him again!  You first bullet did its job!”  Danny screams, moving between the giant and his partner.   “Shooting him again will serve no purpose.” 

            Akua looks down, smiling at the fact that the task force leader is dead.  “Well, then, I guess I need to go for number eight!”  He points the SIG at Danny’s head and pulls the trigger. 

            “Ready…ready…ready…”  Danny hears, blinking his eyes and shaking his head. He glances around quickly, seeing Akua still out on the floor and the defibrillator screaming at him it’s ready to shock. 

            He tries to clear his head of the scene that just played out and he pushes the button.  Watching Steve’s body jerk on last time, his breath shudders on its way in as he waits…waits to see if the heart of his best friend starts again. 


Hawaii five 0 Rendition fan fiction fanart

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _

             “We got it!”  The foreman yells as he tells the man back at the power plant to throw the switch.  For a split second, nothing happens and then the Palace lights up like a tree at Christmas, every light on in the building.  Chin, having gone back down to the basement with two of the guards, waits.  He waits to see if the system reboots itself once full power is restored.  He hears snaps and pops and then the hum of the overhead lights as they come on, one by one, moving down the hall in a wave. 

            Seeing the panel in front of him light up, he types in the code to get into the basement…and nothing happens.  Huffing with impatience, he takes a deep breath and tries again.  Still nothing. 

            “Jerry?  What’s going on?”

            “Give it another thirty seconds, Chin.  This is a big system and takes a bit to move through the entire building.  Another fifteen…” 

            Chin counts to fifteen and then tries again.  For a moment, nothing happens and then, *click*, *beep* and the door opens. 

            Rushing through, he heads to the room where Steve and Danny are.  “Jerry, tell Duke to get the EMT’s downstairs immediately.  Your plan worked, we’re in.  Get them down here now.  What was your last twenty, Jerry?”

            “Was about five minutes ago, Chin.  Danny was still shocking him, though he looked terrified, as if someone else was in the room with him.”

            “Okay.  We’re there.  Get those EMT’s down here stat!” 

            Chin punches in the code to the room, hearing the click and then the beep and then the door opens.  Chin yanks it open, sprinting in and the sight he sees almost crushes him. 

            Danny’s leaning over Steve, tears flowing freely, rocking on his knees, his hands lying on Steve’s chest, the sobs filling the room.


Stay tuned for the conclusion on Thursday!



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Story by P_Street_7609


Fanart by Becoming_Bryna








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