Reviews of the Moonlight DVD

moonlight boxed setThe DVD of Moonlight Season 1 is out! I just got mine today via Amazon in fact. I was soooo happy to get it!

Reviews of the DVD are also popping up everywhere online to remind us why we loved this show so much.

Fanbolt had this to say:

Perhaps if it had premiered in 2008, it would have been perfect timing for the series to have thrived. Fans will never know, but they can at least enjoy watching all the episodes now at their leisure. Being a fan of the newly revived vampire/human series and movies (such as Twilight), I can’t help but to find myself less than satisfied with this series in comparison to the similar media that is available now.

Unfortunately this review declares that there are no special features fans can dig into. WTF? Pardon my french! They should have done some bloopers, deleted scenes, interviews, etc. I will have to watch and see what is actually on there.

Radar online called it a Twilight Fix:

If you’ve got a yen for a hot young vampire, check out today’s DVD release of the complete series of Moonlight, starring Alex O’Loughlin as a vampire detective.

So have you gotten yours? Have you watched? Stay tuned tomorrow for a review of episode 1 as it airs on the Sci-Fi channel.

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  1. hello
    im new on this forum….

  2. We did it!! We won the Saturn Award!! yay!

  3. I don’t remember where I found the unaired pilot clip exactly. Wherever I found it, it was probably linked to Youtube. But no, I don’t recall who the original poster was.

  4. I have seen the clip (and was able to download it), but I got the impression from many things that I’ve read and heard that there was a whole pilot shot. Perhaps I simply got the wrong impression, but I do believe that more was shot than those couple of minutes. I was able to find a PDF file of the whole original script (titled “Twilight”), so a whole pilot was never outside the realm of possibility. I don’t remember the clip saying that it was the property of CBS. Maybe it was shot before it was picked up by the Crazy Broadcasting System, making it the property of Joel Silver and not CBS (?). Of course none of that excuses CBS or Nina for the childish behavior they exhibit regarding this show. I know they have demanded nearly everything concerning it to be removed. It’s a damn shame that grown adults running a major company would act like that.

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    Hi Susan,

    First of all, don’t pull your hair out; it won’t help and it can hurt very much…

    Secondly, I doubt you are going to find much along the Moonlight lines, if anything as I have not clicked over there in awhile… This is unfortunate… I did get a message but hadn’t had a chance to open from one of the postees on YouTube by the name of kelcouch… Do you happen to recall the name of the person who posted that clip? On the brief subject matter kelcouch stated some had stlen her videos…these people who post these videos do their own editing and placing of the proper songs to go into each clip…

    Do you happen to know if that unaired clip was on the video placed on YouTube by CBS? If so, or if any clips that were CBS property are missing, we can only place the blame on CBS and Nina Tassler in her underhanded way of trying to MAKE Moonlight fans both go away and, if she can’t do that, she wants to obliterate all evidence that Moonlight existed and was/is still very popular… WHY? Because she is NOT ENOUGH OF A WOMAN, never mind a corporate exoecutive, TO ADMIT SHE WAS WRING FOR CANCELLING MOONLIGHT!!!!!

    Does this answer your questions about any clips pertaining to Moonlight????

  6. Susan I have no idea where to find it. It seems to have disappeared or never been there to begin with. I “heard” that CBS might not have even shot the whole orginal cast pilot..only scenes to pitch as a promo and then when they recast they filmed the whole thing. I don’t for sure either way.

  7. OK, so I am terribly disappointed in the lack of extras on the DVD set, and burning frustrated at the way most of the good clips, etc have had to be removed from the internet. I have spent more time and money than I care to admit on sites that promise to have things, only to encounter dead links and non-existent tech support for ill managed sites. I have been able to find some things, but there is one particular illusive item that I’m pulling my hair out to find. So, tell me. Does anyone know where I can actually FIND the unaired pilot to download, or have it to share? Amazon Unbox doesn’t have it anymore, and most of the “toggle” (?) sites promise it, but charge you money to lie to you.

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    In all of the cmpaign and our snailmailing letters to all of TPTB I never ran across an email address for Joel Silvers… I will tell you that snailmail is the best way to go…and when doing so to send it Certified/Registered mail with retrun receipt to make sure it was picked up by someone at Silver Pictures (on the Warner Brothers lot) who Joel authorized to sign for him…

    I do a lot of research online so if I come across anything that can help all of us, I will definitely post it here

  9. Does anyone have an email address for Joel Silver? I can find a “snail mail” address for the company, but would prefer to send via email if possible (maybe both).

  10. Hi Everyone – when it comes to getting through to TPTB at CBS in regards to anything that the fans want, it seems that we’re all out on a limb. This is the same network that just cancelled a popular soap opera after airing it for over 70 years to do a remake of another tired game show. I am talking about the cancellation of “The Guiding Light” and replacing it with “The $20,000 Pyramid”. I am sure to loyal viewers of GL have bombarded TPTB with their concerns and comments just as the fans of “Moonlight” have done only to get the same results – the brush off. Let’s face facts, as long as programming of any kind is in the hands of Nina Tassler, she will not side with the viewer/fan unless it’s something that she wants aired. “Moonlight” is the best example of that – – – the fact that a “People’s Choice” winner got cancelled without any reason other than Nina’s whim says a lot and if Nina thinks that there could be an outside interest for “Moonlight”, I think she would do anything and everything to stop it. Let’s hope that she like pilot for “Three Rivers” because if the decision is strictly up to her and she does not like it, we will never see it. She does not think of viewers/fans first. Guess we’ll know soon enough.

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    At this point, I do not know except for us continuing to be persistant…if we do not give up the Moonlight fight, than perhaps, hopefully, Joel Silvers will take up his vested interest in this show, that was his baby, & throw enough power around that CBS will let go if any interest it still has in Moonlight so that Silvers can now do Moonlight movies in sequels, as is being done with the Twilight books…but we do deserve more storyline into the “what comes after Sonata”…

  12. I am all for the continuing Moonlight story. I wrote directly to CBS (as I hope many of you all did) concerning Nina’s comments. I do have to admit that I agreed on the level that the outcry was actor-centric in that it was THESE actors (Jason and Sophia as well) that CREATED and DEVELOPED these characters in such a way that we grew to know them so intimately. It was the talent of THESE people as well as writing, directing, and producing crew who made this show what it was, and that the fan base was clearly strong enough to support it. It won a PEOPLES CHOICE for Pete’s sake! But also that it was not this only, but that Moonlight was so multifaceted. Dramatic at times, romantic at times, and funny at times. All at the same time. I neglected (to my own dismay) to mention that the soundtrack was totally awesome. It was, simply put, the absolute best mix in the best proportions to make the best TV programming in a very long while. Within a FABULOUS fantasy genre.
    So my question is this..other than writing our complaints that don’t seem to be read, staging publicity stunts that don’t seem to be seen, or commiserating in forums that never get seen by anyone that can do anything about it…what can we do?

  13. I was on it the 1st I noticed the ALert, Tiffany, and thank you…

    And SonjaMMK, I care what Alex is in and he does have my support, but I will not stand by and have Nina make a fool out of him and then cancel a show on him again and know the fall will come for any NCIS & CIS shows and its spinoffs, they are boring and the plots are just too transparent and weak…

    I also have seen Alex, bought the series of the Sixth Season of The Shield, as Kevin Hyatt and am here to say that this character did not do the man’s talents justice…except he played a lout at the end…

    No, Alex does well in uniques shows or movies, eg, Feed, in which he was brillant… He was a character that was one minute demonic, then loving, sad, sick, and at the end one felt sorrow for… And Moonlight, again a unique performance of a unique complex character… Putting Alex in a tired plot of a parent show is an injustice to him…


  14. I have created a new topic just for this at:

    Come tell me what you think.

  15. Okay, all this talka about wanting the best for Alex and you not seeing him in a NCIS spinoff, well, I beg to differ. Anything at all with Alex in it and I’m there! He has to stay in the public eye in order to get more jobs in the industry. He can’t just wait till his “project” is ready as there may not be a “project” just for him for years. By that time most people would have forgotten who he is. All but the diehard fans of Moonlight and Alex O’Loughlin have moved on. Let’s face it there are literally thousands of actor out there who have faded into the background as they did not accept jobs that would have kept them front and centre in the industry. Hollywood is a fickle town and you are only as good as your last project. Its been too long since Alex was front and centre. He needs the exposure if he is to remain in the business. And, yes, he is probably running low on the money necessary to remain in Hollywood and the regular pay check would be a bonus. I love NCIS and Mark Harmon makes the show a success and he has an awesome supporting cast. If Alex were to be the lead in a spin-off I’d be there to support him in any way possible. I’d sure his agents know that as well. I don’t think he would hold out just to piss off Nina Tassler and her ilk. Quite frankly, he needs a job!

  16. Hi Linda & Everyone,

    I truly wish that others, besides you & I, would wholeheartedly give their input on this matter…

    Tiffany, can you be a dear and bring us a thread on just this matter…How we all feel about Alex’s CBS Holding Contract???

    I can say that the personal manager does not deal with booking Alex or in Alex’s contracts…Alex may also want to keep his foot in the TV door and, as given from his PM office, “He needs to work”… This is what I was informed & the PM office is under the impression that these projects take time to bring about…So what do I get from this? Absolutely nothing except their way of saying they know nothing or do not want to devulge anything. Also a way of keeping us interested without breeching loyalty…

    The agents who make the deals are not within the personal manager’s office,the booking agents are in Nathan Morris Agency or Creative International…why not send letters to those agencies and ask them for the absolute truth?

    Let’s face it folks, the loyalties for any agent is to themselves; they are selling a commodity of human flesh that is HOT, nothing more…Alex and any other young star, including Rob Pattinson of Twilight, is just such a commodity until they reach the status in stardom of, say, George Clooney, who can detail in no uncertain terms what he wants & his agents, & all involved, best HOP TO IT…

  17. Hi Everyone – this would be much easier to deal with if we heard something from Alex himself to know where he stands on all of this. I find it hard to believe that his personal manager would send him down a wrong path by having him accept something that would not be in his best interest. We do not even know for sure if there has been anything offered at this point, just hope and speculation by us, his fans, the 8 million or more of us who just want to see Alex working again. We all want what is best for Alex even though our opinions and ideas differ on how that should happen. That is why this format is so nice to be on – we can have opinions, and express them because there is no right or wrong here, just friends having “conversations” about a topic that we all have an interest in – ALEX. Until next time friends, stay well. GO STEELERS !!!!! 🙂

  18. last words are not WEARE but We Are!!!!

  19. PS to the above:

    Nina holds an advantage to toss her weight around in Hollywood or perhaps she has the “skids” on many and thus can do her evil; in my opinion, Nina is…Why did People’s Choice dethrone Moonlight? Go figure…And that goes for any other incident that has befallen Moonlight and all associated with it…You see, Linda & Everyone here at AOLO, blackmail is how Nina holds her throne, but now SHE NEEDS TO BE DETHRONED…Guaranteed Nina is the reason no other network picked up Moonlight, the show was catchy and any network would have gone into the money reserve to get the rights to it; Nina prevented that…. Now it time to put a stop to nina for good in the show business world…going to be a long road, people, but are we fans of Alex or not…Did she not take his signia show away from him and us?? Are we, who stand in millions & should have the faith that Alex will not fall at her evil, ready for the new battle and campaign??? I hope you are out there shouting RAH! RAH! RAH! WEARE…

  20. Hi Linda and Everyone here at AOLO,

    I read what you said Linda & though a good point, there is still a point we are forgetting…it is a holding contract and the terms of that contract were to have Alex in his own devised project (something new not worn out like another form of NCIS) with the help of Mark Gordon, who homes at ABC…Thus far, and the contract was signed in July, 2008 and we heard of same in August. 25th to be exact, nothing definite has developed; taht is 6 months of NOTHING!!!! That is enough time, hoping Alex’ booking agents are on his side and not on the side of the piggybank, and not stupid to realize that Alex is their Fort Knox, for something to ALREADY BE IN PROGRESS. Don’t fall for it takes time for these things to develop, for goodness sakes…

    It did not take Twilight that long to go on to filming, screeplay written & given to us, which turned out to be a big screen hit…Telling me that this “ghost” project is still being developed or we will have “something” for Alex soon is buying time, nothing more…

    And for Nina to just “TOSS” Alex into a series she has had on the backbuners waiting to be used as a spinoff tells me she will grab at that to save her behind from annihilation by TPTB because I am certian Queen B is getting flack from High-Ups and this would be the perfect time to rid CBS, Alex & us of the Queen B…People this is not what Alex signed on for, believe me…this is a Nina sham…This NCIS spinoff is not going to aid Alex’s career, it may bring high ratings to CBS because Alex is in it, but like “The Shield”, this fancy cop show (Military or not, still a cop show) is not Alex…Alex is capable of a better show carving its own niche, not a worn out cubby…I would put my life on it that this is not what this contract was really signed for but Alex, hopfully gets some salary for sitting and waiting as hard as that may be for someone like himself, but a show may mean a better paycheck, still I would hate to see Alex, economy or not, sell himself short to an extended contract for a show that is based on a worn out storyline and be kept “prisoner” of CBS’s Queen B…

    And there should be, if the contract was written properly, a time limit for CBS & Nina to come up with a show for Alex, if not, my friends, that is then A BREECH OF CONTRACT… Could we be getting close to that time when Alex & his agents can sue the pantaloons (surely that attire because no male working for Nina has any male appendatures) off of CBS???? The hint of a worn out storyline in a NCIS spinoff tells me this is actually why this may be “offered”, tossed like a bone is more like it, to Alex…

  21. Hi Everyone – The idea of ABC or another newtork bringing back Moonlight sounds very good but let’s be realistic. If that was going to happen, it would have happened by now. It is obvious that no other networks are interested in bringing back Moonlight as much as we would love for that to happen. We need to remember that this is about Alex, not us. He is still under contract to CBS and if he were to break that contract or turn down anything offered to him, such as a spin-off, that would give Nina and TPTB at CBS reason to blackball him and ruin his chances to continue to work in the US. We need to be supportive of Alex regardless of whatever he may be doing whether is it a spin-off or reading telephone numbers from a directory. For now, let’s be glad that the DVD has been released and for those of us who have access to it, we can watch Moonlight on the Sci-Fi Channel. Let’s hope we hear something positive about Alex soon. On a lighter note – any Pittsburgh Steelers fans out there – let’s go STEELERS – bring back the Six Pack. Until next time friends, stay well. 🙂

  22. Why is it that this smells suspiciously of Nina’s underhanded methods to give Moonlight a bad name and to devour its fans and Alex even more????

    I feel Nina did, again, what she has done in the past…Recall Moonlight being dropped from the roster as a winner of the Best New Drama for People’s Choice Awards? nina was behind that as well as every other effort we tried to reclaim the Moonlight… Now it is time again to try get our Moonlight back on the air and get Nina out of any control at CBS and to hope, even if Alex does work for awhile on a NCIS spinoff, that he quits at end of this CBS holding contract and tells Nina where to stick it…Then we will, as always, back him to bring Moonlight back with NEW SEASON of Episodes, with him as Mick and same for entire cast in their parts… onto a different network, preferably not a cable network but one with equal or more power CBS, that being ABC…

    Can you hear your ratings climbing even more ABC, with this move????

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