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nielsen ratings

Several people have asked about the ratings for Alex’ episode of Criminal Minds, The Big Wheel. It was hoped that we would boost the ratings and show our support but the numbers just aren’t showing that unfortunately.

Now of course there was an Obama speech before the show aired so it is entirely possible that many regular viewers either turned the tube off and entertained themselves some other way or watched Fox instead (which did not air the speech). Criminal Minds also aired against American Idol I think, which is heating up because they are nearing the end of the contest. It got 22 million viewers on the same night.

Anyway the numbers for the week prior ended up being 13.7 million viewers. For The Big Wheel the numbers were 13.6 million. So the numbers went down. 🙁

I am going to stick with my theory that the Obama speech messed with the numbers. What do you think? I am keeping an eye out for last night’s numbers to compare.


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  1. The Big Wheel was on TV in Australia last night Wednesday. Of course, I had already watched it internet. But had to catch it again. Also record it for when I feel the need LOL.
    I was still emotional at the end. I don’t suppose Aussie ratinga add the the total for people that watched it.

  2. My bet is that the 13 million that did watch were true Alex fans. The Criminal Minds fans probably skipped it that night due to the Obama speech. I, being a faithful follower of Alex, suffered through it and prayed it wouldn’t run over. Here’s to Alex, you rock, even as a serial killer!!!!

  3. What I have always wanted to know, is how they arrive at these numbers. I had always thought that Nielsen had to have a box attached to your TV receiver in order to see who was or was not watching any given show. If this isn’t correct, will someone let me know how they do it? I know that I was watching , but how do the number crunchers know whether or not my TV was even on that night, let alone on any given channel? Maybe I am obtuse, but I don’t understand this.

    That being said, I thought that Alex was absolutely great, as he always is.

  4. · Edit

    I’m a big CM fan, so I watch it all the time anyway, BUT I am a die hard MOONLIGHT fan and would watch anything that had Alex in it.

    TR should do just fine as NT really wanted to be right about Alex and I’m sure she’ll get her wish.

    NOW if we could just continue to see Moonlight for a while longer on Sci-FI!!

  5. I really like CM and I, too, hoped Alex would boost ratings. I like watcing him do anything. I was not disappointed. Too bad more people weren’t watching.

  6. Let’s stay positive – the ratings for “Criminal Minds, The Big Wheel” were right up there with the other “CM” episodes. I truly believe that if Mr. Obama had not given a speech, or as Susan B. had mentioned that CBS would have said “next on CBS’ and ran the promo about Alex’s return, more people may have stuck around to watch. Regardless, what’s done is done and now is time to focus on “Three Rivers” – This is where the numbers will definitely count once it becomes an actual series. We’ll know something soon!

  7. Lena, thanks for posting that. I am kind of bummed about the numbers. They are good no doubt about that but CBS expected Alex’s fan base to really boost the numbers. Either the Obama speech messed with the regular viewers or Alex’s fans did a big no show.

  8. Don’t want to be an ass. But I am a CM fan. This past Wed the ep where Hotch slams into a car to save people got MORE viewers than the Alex episode.

    Here: 14.128 million viewers- those were the final numbers.

  9. If Obama had not been on, there would have been more “next on CBS” and I am sure that would have gotten a few more viewers.

  10. criminal minds ohhhhhh alex i love u xxxxxxx

  11. Although the actual viewing numbers are down slightly, the over-all ranking for CM vs other shows went from #20 to #10. I think that’s pretty significant.

  12. I thought that Alex’s appearance on Criminal Minds would certainly spike the numbers. He has a very loyal fan base as does Criminal Minds. I, too, think that Obama’s speech had a lot to do with it. I am certain that if the President was not on, we would have seen a different outcome. Tough break for Alex – again!

  13. When I went to and go back a few more weeks under CBS, you will see that it was still a very good number of viewers. Compares very well to other episodes of Criminal MInds and CBS shows.

  14. Since FOX won with “Idol” I would say that it was because FOX chose not to carry President Obama’s speech. I think that was a respectable showing either way. It looks like the rest of the CBS lineup did about the same for the week so by looking at that, I think “Criminal Minds” held it’s own.

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