Did Someone Get Engaged?

holly valanceI saw this a few days ago but didn’t get around to posting about it. Alex’s ex-girlfriend Holly Valance appears to be engaged. She showed up at London Heathrow Airport a few days ago sporting a big rock on her finger. She had just come back from a trip to LA.

If you remember Alex and Holly were together for almost 4 years and she even appeared in Moonlight as Lola… the vampire who created the black crystal drug.

Some other reports indicated that Holly got engaged to her ex-boyfriend (before Alex) named Peter Ververis. BUT most of those sources seem kinda trashy and tabloidish to me. I also want to give Holly the benefit of the doubt that she would not go back to a man just sentenced to 2 and a half years prison on drug trafficking charges. She looks pretty happy in the picture and I am not sure if happy would be what you are if you just got engaged to a felon.

holly and peter

So I am back to guessing who Holly may be engaged to and of course wondering if there is a chance it is Alex. She did apparently get the ring in LA where Alex is AND Alex recently said their break-up was more like a time-out. It is any body’s guess and neither one is talking. And there could be nothing to tell. This is the second time news of a secret engagement for Holly has hit the news. What does it all mean?

Did Alex and Holly get engaged or did Holly do one heck of a quick job jumping into a new relationship? Care to share your theory? 😉

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  1. Actually, I remember reading that she got the ML gig all on her own and unbeknownst to Alex. As for the rest-I don’t know and I can only hope Alex will find someone who will be an anchor in the cut throat enviornment of Hollywood.

  2. Hey, guys, either shut down this site (OLD STUFF and INFO) or get something new on it. Alex in Hawaii right now busting his butt making Hawaii Five O I’m sure doesn’t have time for any real heavy duty relationship. Move ON!!! Luck to Holly, she’s probably still a friend knowing how nice Alex is but she’s GONE. TAKE YOUR FRIENDS AND SEE ALEX IN BACK UP PLAN APRIL 23RD AND LET’S GET WITH WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW!!!! HIS FOREVER FAN SUZANNE

  3. I’m from the Netherlands and follow Alex’s career since Moonlight was on screen. I read also that he broke up with Holly, but maybe they are together again. I read also negative things about her. I don’t know her, saw her once acting in a episode in Moonlight,so I don’t speak negative about her. And I never noticed that ring on her finger. I’m a fan of Alex and his personal life is not my business.

    I wish Alex good luck on everything whatever that might be for his career or his personal life!

  4. · Edit

    Alex is a kind man from everything i read he does not say anything negative about anyone!
    I know I read he broke up with holly… and he probably wants to leave it at that and move on!
    I am guessing people say alot of negative things about holly, and Alex does’nt want to open that for discussion.
    As for her having a ring on that finger that does’nt mean anything, untill she comes out an says she is engaged…and she just might be with this guy peter !! who cares!!!!

    I care for Alex …I wish him much happiness ,health, true love and success.

  5. holly has that ring since last year///and ….. old boyfriend is not alex.
    alex is sooo sexy man u gonna have so many woman in your life good bless u darling bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I have never noticed that ring on either of her hands…it could just be a mood ring or a CZ, however, I think the whole Alex fan following would know by now if he asked her to marry him… I just do not see that ever happening and I hope I am correct…

    Holly has never had good terms with her fellow Melbournites and the feel she acts stuck up, etc…She has also been rumored, by personal acquaintences, to not have ever been faithful to Alex…SHE IS EITHER STUPID OR SELF CENTERED AS “IN LOVE WITH HERSELF”… Being pretty does not make a person pretty inside or acting pretty outwardly in personality towards others…

    I wrote some Holly facts on the older thread in February presented here: Holly & Alex Split… She does not strike me as the faithful type either & even though she may have some claims to minor fame in AU, she is just a “wanna-be” here in US…Oh, yes, now she is in a major movie, but one can be certain that it was Alex who got Silver to cast her as Lola in Moonlight… And I was not impressed by her “trying” to act…

    This “time-out” that Alex is claiming may be just his way of diverting fans from asking too many questions while he is hurting… As for the “time” to be ended and they resume a relationship…Oh God, I hope not; she is all wrong for him altogether…

  7. Maybe this was the reason for the “time-out”, playing both ends against the middle, maybe?
    Anyway, her loss because the new /old boyfriend is NO ALEX – –

  8. confused is correct.. Holly has been wearing that ring off and on for at least a year. Sometimes on her left hand..sometimes on her right. The photographer just jumped to conclusions 😉

  9. Holly has had that ring since last year. She has it on in pics from then.

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