Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap Up Week of January 23


It was another really slow week with no behind the scenes pics or fan photos either. Alex sure has been incognito a lot lately and the set has also been pretty quiet too. They could be shooting some top secret stuff or just not in areas where they are being seen but either way it makes for a really small wrap up. We have included a few pics that came out after we were done with our wrap last week of the Bellator event Alex attended on the 21st. Both came from Egan who attended the event with Alex.


Hope to see some action next week.







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  1. The only bad thing is once people are famous they forget there are ordinary people. Moonlight, The Backup Plan, Hawaii Five-0, he is great but I just want to see his human side. I would gladly go on vacation in Hawaii if I knew I could meet him and the rest of Five-0 with my baby girl.

    1. Yes and his human side is what many fans love. Depends on your budget but there are ways to do so such as the charity auctions.

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