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It is almost September and that not only means that the premiere of season 8 is in a few weeks, but also that the Season 7 DVD is available in just a few more days. The DVDs are always a gift to Hawaii Five 0 fans as it means there is a lot of new material to watch while we await the premiere. One of the things that has been a fan favorite over the years is the blooper and gag reel.

This is understandably so as the behind the scenes comedic activity can sometimes be as good as the show itself. Alex and the rest of his cast mates know how to have a good time on set, and the gag reel shows just a small side of that for fans to see and join in on vicariously. The only complaint in the past is it has not been long enough. Although CBS made it slightly longer last year, it will never be long enough in the eyes most of the fans who wait to see it all Summer.

Other fan favorites of the DVD have been the Aloha Action and the Shorelines features. If you have never seen either, the Aloha action is a behind the scenes look at how the stunt team, alongside the actors, makes the stunts you see on your TV come alive. It is always a very interesting segment especially for those that love the action scenes on the show. Shorelines is an overview of the season progression per episode and the thoughts behind them.



Although those are the three constant features over the seven seasons, there has also been some other great features per year that come to mind. The commentaries are fun where they choose an episode and it is shown with a couple of the actors (different each year) doing a play by play as they watch the episode along with “you”.

Last year, Alex did a behind the scenes tour of what happens to make the show a success in other departments behind the scenes. He of course added his two cents to it which made it a must see and a favorite feature from the season 6 DVD.  

Over the seasons, fans have been able to learn about the Hawaiian culture, the island’s beauty, the famous theme song, see deleted scenes, and so much more.  


BTS with Alex O'loughlin


Although we have to wait to Sept 5th to see exactly what is on the season 7 DVD, we can guarantee one thing…it is a MUST have for EVERY Hawaii Five 0 fan. There is still time to pre-order yours now and be one of the first to have it. Although you can catch some of it online, you will never see all of it unless you add your own copy to your library! Get it now and join in on the fun!


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