Fun Set Photo of Alex

Ran across this photo Tweeted by Director Jeffrey Hunt of he and Alex on the H50 set. They either have a playful relationship or Alex does not like the way the story is heading…

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  1. Gorgeous…every day, every hour, every minute………….like usual :kiss:

  2. hi thanks for the photo love it a lot

  3. Love the picture Tiffany, thank you. Yes he does get more and more sexy everytime I see a picture of him. A great sense, I love it. Love ya Alex, you roc.

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    Once again you’ve managed to come thru with the thrill of the day. Seeing Alex like this helps so much to bide the time til Season 2 begins. Holding our breath!!!

  5. Gorgeous and with a killer sense of humor – how could we not fall all the more helplessly in love with him? Thank you so much for sharing, Tiffany! Signing up for your weekly updates has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. God bless you more! Love from the Philippines! – Josie S.

  6. So handsome, talented and fun loving! That’s why we love him! Thanks Tiffany for the pic. Keep them coming! :kiss:

  7. Thanks Tiffany,very fun photo. Alex looks gorgeous as usual and I see he still has his great sense of humor. :heart:

  8. I agree with Shirley, “This is so Alex”! Thanks Tiffany for this great and funny pic! :love: :heart:

  9. se ve tan sexy con su arma !!! 👿 :heart: lovuu alex ! :love:

  10. Tiffany, thanks for the H5O photo of Alex. It has made my day!

  11. Cute and back in cargoes I see. Peter Lenkov said he would be back in them.

  12. Every time I see him he just gets more an more sexy :love: :heart:
    I cant wait for season 2 😀

  13. SO CUTE HE IS :heart: .Cant wait til hes back on tv :love:

  14. Cute—sexy—funny—what more could you ask for?? :love:

  15. This is so Alex! Love it.

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