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  1. Love the show. Have never missed an episode. I have to agree that you need to lose the new actress, hurry up and wrap things up with terry and solve what going on there. And get back to the original team. Either way hope you have a long life with the show. :love:

  2. I enjoyed the new Hawaii 5-0 much better when the series first started in 2010, it is now beginning to look more like “Charlie’s angels” with the added females ! Keep the original format or I’m afraid ratings will drop as viewers are becoming disappointed with the series !

  3. PLEASE return to the original core 4 cast members in Hawaii 5-0. The addition of characters (Terry O’Quinn and this girl “Laurie”) has ruined what was a great show last season. You’re losing ratings and viewers this year because you messed with a good thing. Please save a sinking ship and get back to the show we all welcomed last year.

  4. I must tell you there are only two programs that ever look at on TV, the news and Hawaii 5-0, the new Hawaii 5-0 is in my opinion far better than the original series, just one suggestion I wish you could have Tom Selleck on one episode in a cameo role ! Enjoy the series very much and I wish Hawaii 5-0 a very long life ! 😀

  5. Alex you are SO HOT and Handsome you really ROCK, love hawaii 5 0 show! :heart:

  6. I love what Alex said about Twitter – rather set himself on fire – lol, lol, lol!!!

  7. Great interview:-) Thank God Alex didin’t really break his arm. He’s so sweet as always. Many grtz to all Alex’s fans all around the world:-)

  8. alex, you are the best, love everything about you, and love your show., i lived in hawaii for 5 years, and i will be back. i do face book for a few friends, and that is it. i totally agree with you, see you on monday nites. :love:

  9. My kind of guy-does not like twitter. I do not like facebook neither. I would rather hear it right from Alex. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  10. Wow glad to read post that Alex didnt break his arm. The video froze just as Alex showed the cast while trying to get something out of his pocket and that was all i saw. Im going WHAT HAPPENED????????

  11. Tiffany, thank you for sharing this fabulous interview with Alex and the H50 team! I understand Alex’s perspective about Twitter, Facebook, etc. I appreciate seeing him in H50 and his other work. Alex’s website is the BEST!!

  12. Alex really doesn’t need to blog !!! his wonderful work speaks for itself and he is being ever more open and telling us all he wants us to know in his interviews. I HATE twitter. My Space used to be user friendly and fun but is jusr “Facebook Lite” now and Face book is far to vast and impersonal. I want AlLEX to enjoy his time off with the people who really matter in his life and to have lots of rest and fun. I have STEVE McGARRETT every Monday for an hour and for this devoted fan that is just FINE
    Love to all of Alex’s fans out there
    XOOX :love:

  13. Impressive… always so sweet and with much humour! It is a great show to see him.
    Thank you 😀

  14. What an awesome interview. Just loved it. Thank goodness Alex didn’t really break his arm. :whistle:

  15. What a great interview. Now we know why Alex hasn’t been blogging anything, but that’s okay, he’s out there living his life and working hard. I think all that’s good because it keeps him on television, for us to see him on a weekly basis and that makes me very happy.

  16. hi thanks it was great now i will watch it again i love the show a lot hope it comes back for number two

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