Kissing Alex O’Loughlin for 8 hours

Found a fun article on Zap 2 It about Odette Yustman, who got to kiss Alex in a brief scene for the movie The Holiday. I am sure you all remember it! According to the article it was not very brief to film…

“I ended up having to kiss this guy for hours! It was a tricky shot because you had to get the angle right, so it was very specific; I’d say we were there for a good eight hours, at least. We were troupers, though. I was in good company, and it was just a fun little thing. It’s one of those things you do when you’re just starting out.”

Here is the clip from that movie below:

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  1. :heart: :love: :heart: he is hot! :heart: :love: :heart:

  2. alex is ssssoooooooo hot and georgous,and one who is that lucky should have an award!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :love: :heart: :heart: she is very lucky to be kissing an austrialian dude this hot!!! :kiss: :heart: :kiss: :heart:

  3. jeez i wonder how it will be kissing Alex cos looking @ him just sweep me of ma feet. i am just head over hills in :heart: :heart: with him.

  4. jealous!!! i would swap places with her anyday! kissing alex for eight hours! only in my dreams! thanks for the pic and vid. all the best to you.

  5. trivia note….. Shannon Sossamyn (his future Moonlight co-star was in the rest of the film!)

    Add me to the list of those lining up for this job……. 😆 😆 😆 😆

  6. How lucky can you get! I got that movie when I started collecting all of Alex’s stuff – and almost missed him in the beginning! A purist has to have them all though…

    1. Any woman would consider herself very lucky to be kissing Alex for eight hours. I wouldn’t changing places with Odette. And oh, love Alex in Hawaii 5-0. :love: :kiss: :heart:

  7. Lucky girl. I wouldn’t mind kissing Alex for eight hours. I had to watch the video more than once and just pretended it was me. It made me feel mushy inside yet sad.:( Wishing I could fall in love like that. Reality sometimes sucks. Anyway, love Alex in Hawaii 5-0. :love: :kiss: :heart:

    1. Keep dreaming, girl. Never lose sight of your dreams. There is one lucky man out there for you. So, don’t let anything or anyone negative get in the way of your dreams. There is hope. Keep the faith. :love: :heart:

  8. lucky broad ill kiss him anytime 😉 :whistle: :angel: :kiss: :love: :heart:

    1. Comment 😮 It’s not nice to call a woman a broad. Whether or not you’re a man or a woman. But, partculiarly, if you’re another woman and the statement isn’t true. Alex looks like he’s good kisser from the video. I had to watch it more than once. I wouldn’t mind kissing him the way he and Odette were kissing in that one scene. Anyway, love Alex in Hawaii 5-0! :love: :kiss: :heart:

  9. The news from Hawaii is that Oahu had little or no damage. Another Alex fan site said that the entire H5O cast and crew are safe (whew!). Damage was limited to Hilo on the Big Island and on Maui. WOW! I was just on Oahu and heard the monthly civil defense alerts. Isn’t it ironic that a recent H5O episode was about a coming tsunami?? The writers must be psychic! :straight:

  10. Such horror and devastation in Japan. Hawaii and many other areas are bracing for tsunami. My heart and prayers go out to all. Much love and good thoughts to Alex and all others in the path of danger. Be safe!!!

  11. Holey moley, what a hardship to have to kiss Alex for 8 hours!?!?!? :love: I’d gladly be the stunt double for THAT action!!:kiss: Although, I do wonder how a person could kiss Alex for that long and not become aroused! I’d probably throw him down on the ground and try to have my wicked way with him after 5 minutes! 👿

    1. I totally agree with you Beth! That is all I would be able to think about!

    2. beth, “you go girl” tell it like it is! I’m 58 years old and still think like you. Tell you what, I don’t remember the guys in there 30’s looking like that when I was young. ^_^

    3. Beth,

      I totally understand exactly what you are saying. I have a big “O” just looking at the man! I haven’t had that happen since Tom Selleck did Magnum PI.

  12. when did that film come out. i dont remember it. i bet that girl got it wrong every time so that she could keep kissing alex. some people have all the luck.

  13. that girl was way too blaise about kissing Alex O’MG! Doesnt she realise just WHO she was kissing. Btw I wish he could let his hair grow just a tiny bit more so that those gorgeous curls show and a bit more on the sides suits him better. But I,d take him anyway he came!!!! :p

  14. Anyone here anything about Alex & Amber lately?

  15. I bought that movie just for that scene. Love Alex and anything he’s in, even if it’s only a few seconds. I too would have loved to be the girl in that scene. That would be payment enough for any gal. :heart:

  16. Yes, I agree, I would do it for free. I don’t see how they can call that work, especially on her part. Yes Alex look so gorgeous.

  17. I remember than scene,lucky girl for getting to kiss Alex. They wouldn’t have to pay me either to do that kissing scene with Alex. :heart:

  18. What a wonderful way to spend a day!!

  19. It’s a dirty job but someone got to do it!!! She was a very lucky girl.

  20. They wouldn’t even have to pay me to do this job, I’d do it enthusiastically for free!!! 🙂


  21. Oh My God…… What a wonderful “job” that must have been. Nothing “work” about that. I’d do that all day for FREE. :love:

  22. Lucky Odette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

  23. One lucky girl. It is the one movie that Alex was in that I didn’t bother to buy, his part is way too small in it. But doesn;t he look gorgeous.

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