H50 Gets Full Season Pickup!

As tweeted by H50 Writer’s Assistant and a H50 Writer/Producer AND confirmed by CBS. :woot:

HAWAII FIVE-0, television’s #1 new series, has won its Monday (10:00-11:00 PM) time period in key demographics every week this season as well as four weeks in viewers. HAWAII FIVE-0 is averaging 14.15 million viewers and a 4.1/11 in adults 18-49.  It also ranks as the #1 DVR’d program on television, averaging an additional 3.4 million viewers with live plus 7-day playback.


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  1. I was so happy to hear that Hawaii Five-0 got a full season pick up, although, I wasn’t surprised. It is one of the leading shows that bring in the audiences for CBS. But I have to throw my hat in with the other ladies, I also want a Moonlight tv movie to tie up loose ends. For alot of us, it was Moonlight that introduced us to Alex and it was definitely love at first sight. There was something sincere and honest about that show along with the super cast that touched all our hearts. It ended so abruptly and it would be lovely if they could make time to give a heart felt ending to one of the greatest love stories of all time in television.Thanks again Tiffany for keeping us posted on all the latest news. Much thanks, Lisa

  2. YeeeeeHaaaaa!!!!! So very happy the show was picked up! The network is showing some common sense! Love everything about this show! Looking forward to many more years to come!

  3. ok according to the new tv guide(nov1-7).. there is article of as to upcoming hoilday season episodes and possibles as of may be doing…and yup it did mention Hawaii Five-0 … as in something of Scott’s Danno as Santa… Also un-invited Victor Hesse 👿 in the mix.or aka in short if that guy’s around.. um, best skip the eggnog.. right? 8)

  4. I’m with you Karen and I know there are a lot of other fans who feel the same way.

  5. Karen, no true Moonlight fan would ever beat you up over loving Moonlight. None of us can help how we feel about the series. Even though we have all moved on, it is still nice to express how we feel about the series with fellow fans who feel the same way. And thanks to Tiffany we can celebrate the new and remember the old. I really hope those rumors about Alex not wanting to do a Moonlight movie are not true. I know we all are extremely happy about the success Alex is having with H5O but what a let down for his hard core fans who would love to see a movie that would tie up all the loose ends. I agree that it wouldn’t be a big deal for a movie to be shot in between seasons of H5O. Well ladies, maybe one day Alex and CBS will give us our wish. I will always cling to the slippery wet rocks of hope. Never, never, never give up hope.

  6. ok… well i just took a look at the neilson ratings as in USAToday…as to oct 18 ep… & it read as follows. that….. ”
    10pm- Hawaii five-0 was tied w/ castle/abc… viewers/10.9 – Rank 23- SEASON to DATE(Hawaii Five-0) 14.2….


    1. on the cbs.com… check it out as to “Hawaii Five-0 – Behind the Scenes of Ho’apono” its a new one.. and well, lets just say that as to what we’ve for sure got coming our way… and um, lets just say that yup seatbelts .. for us viewers of well just might be a really good investment.. had to throw that one in for good measure.. of course.
      in short, to say that they of cast & crew & of family they’ve become and are and always be.. all of more than given true honor of to “Hawaii 5-0 original, and with this.. of in their own true way…of start to now and will beyond.. of in their own true of true honor of their own.

  7. I’m with all you ladies out there. I am thrilled that Alex finally has the hit series he deserves, however, now that Alex and CBS have proven he can be in a bankable hit, it would be nice if Alex and CBS would throw us Moonlight fans a crumb and give use a real Moonlight finale movie. I get it. I really do. How much nicer it must be shooting a scene on a nice sunny day in Hawaii than doing one on a dark dreary night on some back street in LA. As much as we love your success in your new show Alex, your loyal fans, and I don’t know any actor with fans as loyal as you have, would love you to do a Moonlight movie. Making a movie would makes the fans happy and finally bring a close to the unrest and controversy. It would also give CBS a chance to right a wrong. Alex while you’re basing on that beautiful beach, thinking about your future, please think about giving your fans some real closure with a Moonlight movie. Your fans would be eternally grateful.

    1. I was first introduced to Alex when I saw him on Moonlight – kind of a love at first site thing. When Season Two never happened, disappointment and sadness was felt by all. Especially Alex and the cast and crew who were made to believe they were getting a Season Two. So, without taking anything away from Alex’s success with Hawaii Five-O, a Moonlight movie wouldn’t be that big of a deal. A lot of actors do movies when they take a break from filming their series so why not make a movie in the genre that you love and that you know will make a lot of money and make a lot of fans happy. We’d just be asking him to do something he would love to do – play a Vampire just one more time. And if the opportunity really does present itself, it’s still up to Alex whether he takes it or not. Just my opinion. Thanks and please don’t beat me up over this.

      1. Well, it was rumored.. yes only a rumor but several people associated with the Moonlight movie efforts swear up and down that Alex was presented with the option to do a Moonlight movie and he said no. There was a huge stink among “some” fans when this happened, as it coincided with the announcement that he was to do H50. I am sure lots of people remember the cries of betrayal and how downright vicious some of his fans got about this issue. It soured Moonlight for some people.

    2. I work in downtown Honolulu and see the H50 crew just about every week. The two buildings portrayed as the exterior of the 5-0 Headquarters and the actual building where the interior Headquarters scenes are actually shot are two small blocks away from my office (I can see them from my office window). I knew it was just a matter of time before they filmed some kind of scene in front of my building, and sure enough they did last week Wed. (10/20th). It was a scene involving a bike race through downtown Honolulu in an upcoming episode. I have a photo of Alex, Scott, Daniel, and Grace taking a rest break….is there a way to post it so that others can see it? My coworker used her Apple 4 IPhone camera since I didn’t have a camera with me, so it’s not the clearest/best photo, but you can definitely see them! 😀

    3. Please , Alex, Do the movie: Moonlight. It would wrap up the series. As a loyal fan, I need you to wrap up Moonlight. I would be eternally grateful. Love Deanna :heart:

  8. Suzanne – always nice to hear from a member of “The Steeler Nation” – I had to work yesterday and didn’t actually get to watch the game, just heart the score. Sounds like it was another nail biter, but then most Steelers games are nail biters aren’t they. Only 3 1/2 hours to go until “Hawaii Five-0” I have never looked forward to Mondays until now – Have a wonderful evening watching Alex in that beautiful setting – it’s dark and raining at my house. I’m sure we’ll all have great things to say after tonight’s episode. Have a great week gang. 😆

  9. Seems I can’t shut up tonight….one of our fellow Alex lovers mentioned his (I think) first Austrailian movies “Oyster Farmer” You will never see a love scene in an American production like in that movie….I got the DVD pronto. Makes anything we’ve seen on AMerican TV looks VERY tame. Even though he said loves scenes were “icky ” because of all the people around filming, ..if he was acting….boy what an actor!!! Looked like fun to me!! Another “tid bit”…his eyes are hazel ..said so on an interview. but they can look blue or green, and I guess even dark, depending on the lighting Nighty night all. Sleep welll LOVE YOU AL

  10. JOJO: Talk about a small world…..I am living in Youngstown, OHio but was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I just came home from a friends at 4:00 to find out our Steelers won!!! How cool is that!!! Alex and the Steelers, nothin’ but the best…. talk to you soon. Hawaii Five O tomorrow…can’t wait. Wish they’d do away with a LOT of those commercials. I know they help pay for the program but it seems like 5 minutes of Alex and crew and 10 minutes of commercials….all through the TV programs actually. Oh, well, I guess that’s the way it is..have a happy! Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  11. Cheers Suzanne and JOJO, Monday night is not far away and we can chill with Alex and the cast. It’s dark, cold and rainy here in the Pacific Northwest, but what else is new. LOL Cheers to you all! 😀

  12. Suzanne – having a wonderful day – my Pittsburgh Steelers won today and are now 5-1, and tomorrow is Monday which means it H5-0 night – no better “pill” than that. Have a wonderful week ahead everyone – 😀

  13. HI M L STAATS AND JO JO!!! Hope you are having a good day …..anything I say on this site is not meant to be “written in stone” or the best opinion in the world. I would have LOVED to have seen him gotten the Double 07 part…he’s so much sexier than “what’s his face: who hasnt exactly taken off in a big way in show biz that I can see. Alex was very disappointed too but that’s just the way it went. I don’t want him to be anywhere he doesn’t want to be and swallowed up in some part that would limit him doing something else he wants to do. He said he wants to “do it all” And I don’t have to “move on”….he can do whatever he wants just so he shows up in something terrific like Hawaii Five O…. Yeah, Alex, Yeah, his adoring fans! Y’all have a nice day.

  14. I was so happy to hear Hawaii will get a full season and many more .Alex was is doing so well as McGarret and the whole cast work so well together.Thanks ot Tiffiny. I don’t miss moonlight since we have Hawaii 5/0. and if I do I just play one of my VCR’s. Good luck to Alex and the whole cast.Can’t wait until Monday at 10:00.

  15. That is wonderful news!! H5O will be on for the whole season. Alex sure deserves it I’m glad CBS finally opened their eyes and found what a great actor he is. Congradulation to the whle team. I know I will keep getting my weekly fix of Alex. Love ya Alex, your whole team rocks.

  16. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!!! For the entire season!!! H50… I’m so happy for Alex and the crew!!! Will be waiting every Monday!! :love: :love:

  17. OH JO JO: Take a chill pill…aint nothing wrong in wishing…i personally wouldn’t be terriblly disappointed if Moonlight never made it to the Big Screen ….but it sure would be fun to see him beat out the Teenage vampire fans.!!! All in good fun. Alex will do what he wants and he has said many times how much he loved Moonlight….its up to him. End of Story Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. @Suzanne, Chill Pills for all, Jo-Jo, is entirely right. There is no going back. For whatever reason, CBS missed the Vampire Boat by not seeing the trends and realizing that Vampires were going to be the Next Big Thing. But that is in the past. The problem with Alex being Mick was he would have been cubby-holed and that could have ruined his career. He has had a time getting his own niche, considering he came in second behind Daniel Craig for the new James Bond, but that would have been limiting, too. This is his time and I predict Hawaii Five O will do for him what ER did for Clooney and launch him into mega stardom. Clooney holds the record for more failed series and movies than anybody, he had to get some miles under his belt to be more than just a Handsome Actor and the same has been true for Alex. He could put his own spin on all the classic Paul Newman roles and I predict he will be a bankable movie star after this series, just as Clooney was after ER.

      And if anyone has any doubts, check out this from The Oyster Farmer. He has his acting chops for sure, along with all the looks anyone would ever need!

  18. Seriously – we have been waiting for a succes for Alex and now that he has achieved it – people still will not move on and let “Moonlight” go. As much as we love it – it’s over. Do you think right now, Alex is on a beautiful beach in Hawaii talking to his agent about anything involving “Moonlight”? No, because even though he loved it as much as we did, it still goes on his resume as a failed attempt – one that he has obviously rose above. It’s really time to let go because if CBS had any plans for anything involving “Moonlight”, it would have happened by now. Hawaii FIve-0 was given a full season after only 5 aired episodes – “Moonlight” only got 16 episodes and then we had to wait all summer to see what was going to happen, only to be disappointed. We need to enjoy this moment of success for Alex and move on. Once again, though some still find it hard to let go – “Moonlight” is over, and has been for 3 seasons now – put your energy in support of Hawaii Five-0 so that Alex can enjoy success, and who knows – maybe he’ll get enough clout to get a “Moonlight” movie made but until then, his success is Hawaii FIve-0 – let’s keep the foucs on that.

  19. Hey Rose and Elizabeth I,m on the same side of the pond as you guys and I,m also waiting with baited breath for one of the TV companys to pick it up and put us Brits out of our misery. Who do we contact who do we email to bully them into getting their fingers out and giving us what we desparately need!!!!!! :woot:

  20. Let’s help Alex and CBS get a nod at the People’s Choice award for 2011. Nominate and vote for Alex and J-Lo for “The Back-Up Plan” in these categories: best comedy, comedic team and best actor-comedy. He was really funny w/ J-Lo!
    And.. the same for H50, as TV’s best crime show and our Alex, as THE best crime fighter. Thanks guys. We can do it!!
    Go to: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca

  21. hi thanks i am happy to hear that the show was pick up i was a little worried but my daughter told me when she heard that made my day cbs took moonlight and three rivers off now they see they have a hit with this one why to go alex and the reast of the cast

  22. Ya think by this time the producers, directors, CBS bigwigs, .. EVERYONE connected with the Moonlight show would get a big flashlight go off in their heads…”Hey, those millions of fans who want to see a Moonlight movie have something..”..AFTER YEARS OF BEGGING! You think all these braniacs would get a grip they could probably make a bundle seeing as how the vampire craze goes on and I can’t get HBO but LOVE Vampire Diaries…ohh, those Damon eyes (he used to play on LOST…was the boy who died falling out of the old plane) he’s gorgeous and plays that part well. NO I don’t think he’s better than Alex ever, but that is the way the public seems to be leaning. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES….or the money, give us back Moonlilght for at least a movie. I know this is super boring to a lot of people to go on and on about this but most of us would LOVE to see another Moonlight. Love from Suzane Alex’s Forever Fan

    1. Don’t worry Suzanne–We may be watching Steve McGarrett, but we’re not going to forget about Mick St. John—-EVER! Maybe one of these days CBS will get it!

  23. These are so great news…my congrats to the same cast…they all have deserve this!!!
    This show is my favorite…and my dream team are Steve & Danno 😀
    thx Guy`s :kiss:

  24. Brilliant news !!!!!!! Congratulations to Alex, Scott, Grace and Daniel and everyone else involved in H50. :love:

    What’s happening with Bravo in the UK? They were advertising it on their website up until recently. The Sky book gave an 18th Oct start date as Rose said. I wish Sky One had purchase it instead as they’re showing new seasons of Fringe, Lie to Me, Bones and House already. Rant over, I’m sure H50 will be worth the wait. 🙁

  25. About b****y time is what I say! We Brits are still waiting for a start date as Bravo is closing in January. Talk about frustrated!!

    1. rose…. um… trust us on this side of the pond….if you please…, and this, for it will be veryyyyy well worth the wait…. for sure! :angel:

  26. I am so glad that Alex & Co. got picked up for a full season! He definitely deserves it after Moonlight & Three Rivers were canceled. I wish him all the luck in the world!!

  27. It’s about time CBS recognized Alex’s talent and gave him a real chance. Thank you CBS!! And congratulations to the whole H5O crew!

  28. I knew Alex could do it!! This is his forte – action shows are where his best performances seem to happen. Good Luck Alex this is wonderful news!!

  29. ALRIGHT!!!!!! best news of all! :angel:

    1. um.. ok try this… just checked.. “the Ausiello files”
      “Breaking:CBS orders full seasons of “Hawaii Five-0,……..”

      o’ and there is a combo mix of a photo… and yup, Alex is right in the mix… like always. :whistle:

  30. http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/20101022_CBS_orders_more_Five-0.html

    This is from the Star Advertiser regarding more episodes for Five-O. I think this will guarantee a renewal of the series for next Fall which I am very happy about, too. Congratulations to Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, and the rest of the cast for doing so well. 😀

  31. Thank goodness. I want this show to be a big hit for Alex and the crew. They deserve it and we the fans do too;

  32. Im thankful CBS has realized the talent of this man and this cast. Wish they would bring in old cast of Moonlight because they had such chemistry together. I feel it was the best Vampire series they had because of the writing and special effects. We must keep up with the pressure of bringing Moonlight back also or at least give it a good ending to this love story or make a movie from the start to the end story line. People today would gobble it up. I love H5O because of the humor the boys have with each other and the beautiful shots of Hawaii. Let pray it will continue next season.

    I’m so happy, although I can’t watch (YET) the series on TV, the entire cast and crew and my beloved Alex above all so so so deserve it!
    Can you all imagine the volume of fan videos we will be able to get from an entire season? (There are millions fv about Moonlight and it only got 16 episodes 🙁 ).
    The quantity of prime time talk shows Alex will attend?
    In the end what really matters is that Alex will be working, showing is talent and being in front of my eyes lots and lots of times.
    AM I HAPPY? NO, I’m absolutely delighted!!!
    As we say in Portugal “ESTOU QUE NÃO POSSO” – maybe we can translate it to “over the moon” so you all can get the sense of it.

  34. It’s good news for us in the Philippines! H20 telecast starts before the end of this month on AXN. We’re seeing more of Alex as “Three Rivers” is still showing every Thursday on Velvet Channel, plus replay telecast on Fridays and Sundays. Thanks, Tiffany, for all the updates!

  35. I never had any doubts or as my Aussie cousins would say”NO WORRIES MATE” I am thrilled for everybody who has worked so hard to make H50 the hit it is. Special love to Alex, DDK. Scott and Grace. They make it all seem so real and easy

  36. What wonderful news, Alex and the other team members are to be congratulated, as Alex said no comment, it’s all good, he can be sure that here in Brazil it is the number one, I love Alex O’Loughlin. Kisses .

  37. Couldn’t be happier. Best news ever. Have been hoping and praying along with the rest of you guys for this announcement. We’re all together on wishing Alex and crew congratulations and more and more success to come. YIPPPPEEEEE.

  38. Whoo Hoo — Hawaii Five-O
    You Go Alex!!!!


  39. YIPPEE! Great news for Alex and us! Thanks so much Tiffany for the fantastic news! 😀

  40. Praise God from whom all blessing flow! AND this is a blessing MORE H50, MORE ALEX!!!

  41. Congratualtions to Alex and the whole cast . It’s long overdue for our favorite Vamp!

  42. Ladies—time for our fan club here to celebrate big time!!! This is what we’ve all be hoping would happen for Alex—especially after his huge disappointment with Moonlight and Three rivers not being renewed. He must be so darn excited! Congrats to CBS and the entire Hawaii Five O cast and crew that’s making the show so wonderful every week. And Alex—we are super thrilled for him most of all! We all knew this time he had a winner!!

  43. Incredible news!! So happy for Alex and the whole crew!

  44. Thanks, Tiffany – this is wonderful news – FINALLY a huge hit for Alex. The third time is definitely the charm. We need to go to CBS comment line and let them know how excited we are about this news.

  45. hi thanks for the good news this is good for alex and the cast i now that he must be happy
    i am happy i love that show

  46. Congrats to Alex and the crew! I knew this would happen. The show is just too good not to get a whole season. I predict a long run for him. Finally, he has found his show. Third time seems to be the charm for Alex.

  47. There is a God!!! I am just so thrilled for them I can’t stand it!!! I felt SO bad when Alex sounded so down hearted when he said if they didn’t like Hawaii Five O to paraphrase him…
    “I don’t know what they want”….. Cheers, Love, continued luck to all the cast , crew and everyone of us fans who have been behind him since day one. (Wonder exactly HOW many fans he does have??) HAPPY HAPPY DAY AND MANY MANY MORE! lOVE FROM SUZANNE ALEX’S FOREVER FAN:

  48. wish I was celebrating with him! Sigh.

  49. I am so happy for the cast and crew, as well as Hawaii because after Lost finished, that left a hole in the economy. Good news for everyone, and especially for Alex. REJOYCE!

  50. YIPPEEEE!!!1 GREAT NEWS .Now we can see the guys longer….LOVE all of the ..ALEX CONGRATS. :love:

  51. Finally!!!! Our Alex deserves all the best

  52. Happy DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the entire 5-0 family!!! I am SO thrilled for Alex!!!! NO one deserves this more! The monkey is off his beautiful back! I fell in love with Alex as Mick St. John, but dang—-he is SO FINE as McGarret! It is like he was born to play that role!

  53. Halleluiah!!! Finally Alex gets his just desserts. He deserves this show he woks v ery hard and it finally paid off for him. I am so glad because now I get to see him for the whole season. He definitely makes my week.

  54. No doubt, I knew it would because it is beating out anyone in their time slot. They have set a record of the most watch (DVR + TV) in history. Still want Moonlight back because it was the best in it’s class of SCFI Vampire shows. Miss Moonlight even thought I love Hawaii Five-O

  55. Yeah baby.. love u guyz.. i dont miss an episode.. Love u alex!

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