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  1. I think this episode hasn’t been aired in Spain yet, but I’ve watched it online ,anyway. One of the best episodes. Alex’s performance was just awesome. He should appear again.

  2. Alex’s CM episode aired on my birthday and I really considered it my favorite gift. His performance was so stellar, he took Vincent beyond a killer to someone who evoked sympathy from the viewer. You could see and feel his pain and internal struggle. I read that Alex studied OCD behavior to make the portrayal as accurate as possible and it showed. The young boy was amazing as well and the final scenes with the two of them made me cry. I e-mailed CBS that night with my rave review and also suggested that this was a performance that should not be overlooked when it came time to submit Emmy nominations. Unfortunately there was no nomination for him. I look forward to the awards to see who did get an Emmy nod, I’m sure none of these performances will be as astounding as Alex’s Vincent. And even though I taped both the original airing and the second one as well, I still plan on buying the DVD. Here’s hoping they have some extras that include deleted scenes or on set interviews like the above video…wouldn’t it be wonderful if they re-released Moonlight with all of the extras we were cheated out of? One can always hope.

  3. This was truly a great show and thanks for the clips, you picked the best ones, I really loved the show and will probably buy the DVD as I live Criminal Minds too.

  4. Cela me rend optimiste, rien que de savoir qu’Alex existe !

  5. I have watched Criminal Minds for years and have always considered it one of my favorite shows. The show with Alex in it was especially great. I taped it on the first running of it and watched it again when they reran it. I never get tired of watching Alex. He does such a great job with any character he portray. The time he puts into the research of each character is amazing. But it pays off cause he does a fabulous job always.

  6. Criminal Minds has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but when Alex appeared in this episode I was over the top in admiration for his performance. I taped it when it reran a few months ago and kept that tape. But somehow I lost the last few seconds when Morgan quoted a famous saying. Can’t wait to get the complete season. I’m going to order it tomorrow. Vincent was such a great character to portray and of course Alex did it brilliantly. I also thought the young boy was very good and again chemistry was there between Alex and him… I wish there was some way to get more people in the know about Alex. I try. I hope people don’t start running away from me! LOL

  7. Alex’s performance was outstanding! I felt sorry for Vincent. Alex takes on so many different roles and he’s great in everyone of them. I guess he enjoys the challenge. Not only is he gorgeous but he’s very smart too! Thanks Tiff

  8. So that’s what the episode was about. I’m sorry I missed it. Alex’s performance was stellar. Looks like I gotta get that dvd!

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