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  1. thank you for the video tiffany, sad to see catherine go tho, her and alex worked well together. looking forward to season two. thanks again for the updates.

    1. Hi,

      I am from South Africa, and you know what sucks the most??? We have to wait until next year before we get to see Season 2…..that sucks BIG TIME!!!! Season 1 is only finishing here on the 1st December……

  2. la verdad yo no le veo ninguna quimica con esta actriz,y eso que se muy bonita,si asi hubiera sido los productores le habrian dado mas protagonismo ,en la serie,no nos engañemos a esta tia ,steve la tenia solo para hecar un polvo,pues el esta obsesionado con atrapar aquien asesino a sus padres y no esta por la labor de enamorarse.

  3. me gusta mucho la serie sobre todo mc garret.

  4. hey! my name is katherine! AND i have dark brown hair!!!
    :love: 😆

  5. I’m sorry to see Catherine leave H5O. I thought her character would have been more explored with Alex.

  6. I thought whoever was filming then was going to get an ear full from Alex! I guess was on a mobile phone from quality? I am looking forward t season 2 :love:

  7. I’m sorry to see Catherine go. She and Alex had good chemistry. Hope the new love interest will have the same chemistry with Alex. Thanks Tiffany for the vid! :love: :heart:

  8. I agree that Alex and Catherine had good chemistry on the show. She is also good in Combat Hospital and she has the star role there. I can see why she took the other job. It would be nice to see her back a few times on H5O. Can’t wait for the new season to start. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  9. Love Catherine, but boy she is busy with her being the lead in Combat Hospital, hope they can work with her to stay in H5O, the on screen chemistry is awesome.

  10. Tiffany I have over the summer sent several request to keep Catherine on the show but you know CBS never listens to us…. Thx

    1. It is probably out of their hands since she has a new job.

      1. Tiff, have never watched “Combat Hospital’ . Is it a take off of MASH ??

  11. So was that them breaking up I wonder. ’cause I saw somewhere there was a new love interst for McG. I liked Catherine. So she is in a new show.

  12. Unfortunately that appears to be the case. She was asked at an interview about her new show “Combat Hospital” on ABC where she’s based in Khandahar, Afghanistan as a surgeon in the Canadian military named Major Rebecca Gordon, what happened to her role on H50. She said at this point, it’s up in the air, but she did say she was sure she’d probably make at least one more appearance if only for closure. But if asked to come back, she would at any time if they needed her.

  13. Thanks Tiffany for the video,this is going to be interesting. Looking forward to the new season. :love:

  14. NOOOOO CATHERINE !!!!!! ;-( ,,,, OK YES !!! Jijijijij ,,,, 👿 XD LOL 👿

  15. Interesting that the trailer is the remake of a vampire movie 😉

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