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Alex was working hard shooting of Hawaii Five O this week and even was seen on Saturday running down the streets of Honolulu. These pics are most likely all from shooting episode 7:01 but since it has been discussed to have them shoot in seven to seven and half days instead of eight to shorten their season and save the studio some money,  it is possible that they could have already started 7.02. Time will tell when we get to see the episodes in September.

In the meantime enjoy the action and pics.

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Alex O'loughlin at the Aston Waikiki
Source @hawaii_isla808 


Alex O'loughlin Behind the scenes
Source Cheryl Frick Moreland


Alex O'loughlin on the streets of Honolulu
Source Junny_K

Alex O'loughlin shrtless

Source Elvia Garcia Rivera

Alex O'loughlin bandaged on set of Hawaii Five O
Source Dajeong Park @dana__park


Alex O'loughlin at the Marriott
Source @murakamimania


Alex O'loughlin with some fans
Source Hawaii Five O Jeep Tours


Alex O'loughlin and Grace Park
Source appgirl57


Hawaii Five O team shot season 7
Source Daniel Dae Kim on Instagram


Alex O'loughlin in the Honolulu streets
Source Amy Bakari on Facebook


Hope Alex gets to rest today to prep up for another week of work. Looks like it was hot and grueling as expected from all season premiere work.

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  1. Thanks for the photos. Is it known yet how many episodes wll have S7 and if that season is going to be their last or not? As the main cast contracts were for 7 yrs.

    1. You are welcome. Peter said that there will be 25 again this season so that is good. That will put them at a total of 168 for the series thus far. As to whether it will be the last season remains to be seen and will not be known until CBS decides. Alex probably would like to continue so he can stay working in Hawaii.

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