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Contest is now over-AND

the winner of the contest is Susan Schoppe. She was the top commenter on the site and we will be sending Susan her Amazon certificate soon. Thanks for participating and until the next one. CONGRATS Susan!



It is going to be a September to Remember with the season 7 premiere and Sunset on the Beach only a few weeks away now. To kick it off we thought we would run a September to Remembe contest and give away something valuable. Originally, we thought that since to any Hawaii Five O and  Alex O’Loughlin fan, the season 6 DVD is like gold, we would give that away. BUT after much thought, we decided that we probably don’t have the rights to run a contest like that and decided instead on a $25 Amazon eGift Certificate. (based on US dollars). 

The winner of the certificate can put it towards the DVD, a previous season DVD, a Hawaii Five O t-shirt,  catch up on a lot of prior Alex O’Loughlin material  buy some Alex O’Loughlin merchandise, or frankly do whatever she/he wants with it.

So if that excites you read below to find out how to participate and the terms of the contest.


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Here is how it works!

We decided to make this a participation contest so YOU will control your own destiny. The person that has the most points at the end of the contest period WINS. It is that simple.

Who can participate: Everyone no matter where you are located can participate except for us site admins, of course.* 

Duration : The contest will run from September 1, 2016 to Sept 30, 2016 midnight PST.  The winner will be announced the week of October 3, 2016. 

Rules and Guidelines

You will receive points for participation on the site. (IMPORTANT: You must be logged in for the point tracker to give you points- If you are not already a registered user of our site than please register here.)


Here is the point breakdown:


Registration – 25 points


Site Visit –     2 points  per visit    * you can only visit once per hour to avoid spamming


Post/Page Comment–  10 points per comment    

* comments must be more than a few words so things like “good post” or “good job” or “I love Alex” will not be counted. The intent is to encourage community conversations onsite. You can comment more than once per post only if there is  at least one other commenter on that post and it is in flow of the conversation.


Post Submission – 50 points per accepted submission  

*posts submissions can be anything from fan art, fan video, articles, gifs, opinion pieces, etc. and must be accepted by admin to receive points. To be accepted, it must be original and not taken from another site or social media and include some copy and be of substance. Copyright and credit will be provided to you on site  or you can declare online anonymity per your choice. Once posted all rights will be shared between the site and the submitter. If you want to submit a post please email us so we can change your registered role as a contributor so you can submit your works. You can also email it to us direct if you prefer. We make it easy even if you are not wordpress or tech savvy.

Our email is



IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to ensure true fairness and true participation, the Amazon eGift Certificate prize will ONLY be awarded if there is “enough” participation. The description of “enough” is “total points of ALL participants must be a minimum of 2500 points”. That should be an easy target with all the visitors we have coming to the site but you should  also SHARE this post to help spread the word and help meet this requirement so the prize can be rewarded.*


A Couple of Hints for Success

Remember there you need to be logged in to get points no matter what you are doing. If you have trouble logging in, check that you are attempting with a  password that caSe SenSitiVe as all passwords are. Here is the login link which is on the sidebar too. You MUST login each time you visit the site for it to count.

Comments are easy to make and can add points quickly so after registration start scanning for some posts to comment on. There are plenty to choose from for any Alex fan.

You can always contact us with questions or problems. 


That’s IT. It is that easy to be the WINNER!

There will be plenty of posts and plenty of action this month for you to participate with so who is ready to become a WINNER and join in on all the fun? After all we promised you some fun in the Fun Zone, Didn’t we? And as long as there is site participation the fun will be ongoing. More fun and more Alex everything for a long time.


*Be  Sure to Read the Contest Official Rules Terms and Conditions 


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