Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 6

Hawaii five 0 Rendition fan fiction fanart   The thriller Hawaii Five O fan fiction story Rendition continues and it is getting even more suspenseful. Are you hooked yet? This time the story left off with the team finding out that Duke also has the codes but that will not do any good when the electricity is down. The Governor is all […]

Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Wednesday Fun

alex o'loughlin fanart   After a week off for a special edition of the Rendition story, we are back with our Whimsical Wednesday fanart. Since the creators had some extra time to work, you can expect the art to be really good. It is also all really different this week so there does not seem to be a […]

Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 5

Rendition fan fiction fanart- alex o'loughlin   The Rendition fan fiction story, where Danny is trapped down in the blue room with a dying Steve and the baddie that shot him, continues with Part 5  below. We have also been asked to include all the links to the previous chapters so we have done that at the bottom of this one.  […]

Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 4

Rendition fan fic fanart   The Rendition fan fic is back with Part 4. It is not too late to catch up if you want to start reading   The first Part can be found here and you can find the rest from the last few days. The last part left Steve and Danny in the rendition room with a psycopath […]

Hawaii Five 0 Fan Fiction- Rendition Part 3

Rendition fan fiction fanart   As promised, the release of Part 3 of Rendition is below. If you have been reading this fan fiction by Peggy than you are probably already hooked. If not then you can start from the beginning here.  The last part left Steve fighting for his life and Danny trying to overcome his claustrophobia in […]
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