New Whiteout Trailer

The trailer and movie looks exciting but still no decent shots of Alex… although a couple of the fly by shots look like they “could” be him. Who knows… can you spot him?

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  1. I watched the trailer. Precisely, I couldn’t see Alex neither. Just one shot where I thought it could be him. One question: is there only one leading actor in this movie?

  2. Sorry, I went off on a tangent about “Back Up Plan”. I realize this thread is only about “White Out”.

  3. This looks fantastic! Kate Beckinsale is super, I loved her in UnderWorld! I have to say, (okay everyone’s going to hate me for saying this…) I am disappointed that Alex got stuck in a chick flick fluff movie. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE chick flicks (well, I am a woman so of course I do!) but with Alex’s talent I hate to see him in a movie that is likely very fluffy. Plus working with JLo is like committing career suicide! I hope I am wrong-totally wrong. I just hope his part in “Three Rivers” will be dynamic enough for him to really show his acting skills.

  4. I sure hope they plan on making improvements on the trailer. It only lists one star, and doesn’t show Alex at all. Is he really in this? Why wouldn’t they show previews of a movie that include the people that star in it? *sigh*

    1. LadyEarnhardt he has a VERY small part in it. He is not in one of the leading roles.

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