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  1. Alex&Jennifer so awesome to watching them together. Perfect partners in the movie. So grateful, amazing, joyful, lot of funs watching them compatibly each other. I am looking forward to watch their next movie together again. More fun, happiness, excitement and success together. MORE LUCKINESS! :love:

  2. wow i wish i couldv’e gotten that awesome bear hug..and i watch moonlight too, to help the ratings (even tho i hve the dvd), and cuz i just like watching it on tv like when the commercials come on i still get mad and cant wait for it to come back even tho i know what will happen! 😉 <3

  3. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I’m confused , is the kiss and hug for the movie or a greeting to JL from our Alex? What ever it was it looked great. I’ll get my fix tonight when I watch Alex on the rerun Moonlight on Sci-Fi at 9:00. I have the DVD of Moonlight but like to help the rating. signed hopeful

    1. Looks like Alex was just greeting JLo with all the other people milling about.

  4. According to Star News Online: Lavin said she got to shoot a wedding scene that includes, for the movie’s closing credits, a Bollywood-esque conga line.

    If there’s a conga line, I want to be behind Alex 🙂 The article focused on Lavin playing JLo’s mother.


  5. I have this uncomfortable feeling. I know that Alex has to fade a little or a lot in this movie because it is a Jennifer Lopez movie. His character Stan, from what I can see, is not strong and sexy; Stan is more dependable and sincere. I like Alex when he’s full-on hot and sexy. I hope he’s shirtless at least once in this movie, I need my fix.

  6. Looks like I have to work in the field today in Pasadena.

  7. Tiffany, WOW that was some hug! We all appreciate so much your keeping us up to date. I too need my Alex fix and really enjoy getting your e-mails. You’re the best. Thanks.

  8. Was able to watch this clip. Jennifer probakly had her pregnancy belly on that she’s got to wear for the movie.

    I wonder who the guy in hte dark grey shirt , his arm seems to be jutting on and virtually leaning on Alex’s back.?

    I think I am getting used to seeing Alex’s shorter hair style. But perhaps it’s because I have just watche the Invisible and his hair in that is shaved very close to his head, plus earring in his one ear.

    Jlo and ALex seem to get on very well. How could anybody not get on with him though, he really seems such a genuine nice guy. She may not have known who Alex before the movie began shooting, but she sure knows who he is now. And so much more attractive than her husband, well in my opinion anyway.

    1. I think it’s suppose to be Eric Christian Olsen according to another website. He has a twitter page.


    2. The guy in the gray shirt is Zoe’s friend (character), the one she asks to be her “baby-daddy.” He gets close to Alex becuz i noticed Jennifer lean her head towards Alex as to say to the guy behind her, come in closer and close “the door” so that the paparazzi couldnt get a photog.. U c the guy in the gray shirt move closer to Alex.. U can tell Alex had Deep feeling for JLO and likewise.. Thats why i think i will enjoy this movie very much..Its not about Alex OR JLO, its about them both, together .. Thats what will make the movie.

  9. According to Pasadena filming calendar, they will be shooting new scenes:
    The Backup Plan F 6/18 6/19 21 Dayton W.


    So I hope there will be new video coming soon. More Alex, Rah, Rah, Rah!

  10. Tiffany,

    Great pictures!!

  11. are we gonna see anything from the award three rivers won tiffany, alex would’ve most likely been there?

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    How in the world do you get these sooo fast. I have been searching for days for something.
    Your good!!!


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    I told my hubby we are moving to L. A. and I am going to beome papparazi!!!

    You are soooooo right Natalie. Gotta get my fix.


  14. Ohhhhhh, my Alex fix. Thanks Tiffany! Looks good.

  15. is there a video at the bottom of the page or artcile whatever you wanna call it, cuz it isnt showing up on my laptop

  16. Looks like a kiss on the cheek to me, since JLo has the pucker lips going on in response. 😉

  17. was that a quick kiss in the second pic? lol

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