Is Three Rivers Doomed?


In case you missed it, the upcoming show Three Rivers has had some unfavorable initial reviews. In a thread on this blog we have been discussing this issue and I love this article posted by one of the press contacts that attended the media tour recently, Rob Owen at The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It brings some perspective to this issue and he reiterates some of the EXACT same things I have been saying in regards to the bad reviews. Unfortunately I think some of Alex’s fans are hoping it will get cancelled because they only want to see Alex in Moonlight. Ironically the gal who submitted the question that Rob addresses has the same name as the person who has been to this blog saying she hopes Three Rivers fails… hmmm. I find that sad… the real fans need to step it up!

Q: I have been reading many, many poor review of CBS’s upcoming “Three Rivers.” Most of the comments I read predicted it to be the first cancelation of the new season. I was just wondering what you thought of it. It is a very depressing subject, that I do not see how a person can watch week after week. — Laura, West Babylon, N.Y.

Rob: Critics have not been kind to this Pittsburgh-set medical drama, as noted in our Aug. 5 story on the series. But having seen the three medical shows on the fall schedule — “Rivers,” NBC’s “Trauma” and “Mercy” — it’s certainly not the worst. That dubious distinction goes to “Mercy,” an awful show focused on nurses. And it should be noted that none of the medical shows ranks as fall’s best new series.

Let’s not forget, critics have only seen the initial “Rivers” pilot, which is no longer airing as the first episode, so there’s time for producers to create a better, new first episode. My take on that first “Three Rivers” pilot was that it was unremarkable. The supporting cast, by virtue of being largely newcomers, was intriguing. But there was some clunky-groaner dialogue with the mother of a heart donor wanting to listen to her dead daughter’s heart beat in the recipient’s chest.

As for the subject matter, executive producer Carol Barbee told me the show will also include living donor cases, so it won’t be necessary for someone to die every week. Also, that first pilot had little set in the hospital emergency room, but the set they’ve built in Hollywood has an extensive ER, an effort to expand medical stories somewhat beyond the transplant realm.

As for the potential for “Three Rivers” to be the first cancellation of the season, that’s certainly possible given the tough competition from ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” in the 9 p.m. Sunday time slot, but that show is aging. Granted, there were not enough rabid fans of “Rivers” star Alex O’Loughlin to keep “Moonlight” on the air, but CBS, by virtue of its position as the top-rated network, can afford to be somewhat patient. But that doesn’t mean they will be.

So come on Alex fans.. let’s make these people eat their words come October or die trying eh?

As I discussed in that other thread, I feel it is too soon to be spreading the doomsday message. Like Rob Owen, I pointed out that the pilot that was reviewed will not be the pilot that premiers in October. Also I would like to think that Alex’s fans will rally together and make a good showing. Daniel Henney has a large following with Asian viewers and Kate Moennig also has a nice size fan base. The cast is ethnically diverse so that will bring in a wide range of viewers and with the cancellation of ER many are looking for a new medical drama. There are just as many reasons to be hopeful as their are to be pessimistic IMO.

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  1. Hawaii five-o Rocks man ..

    It’s the best , ummm also 3 rivers was imazing ..

    just keep going Alex ..

    Asmko was here
    UAE =]

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    Ditto, Sohie. You know the more critics pan TR the more people may flock to watch it. And that’s exactly what I think. Alex is going to make it big. I’m sure. I feel it in my heart and soul..Am determined not to dwell on the negative.

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    Ditto, Sophie. Damn the critics, but just maybe the more they pan it the more people will flock to watch it. Hah. (I’m talking about TR of course)

  4. Did anyone see Access Hollywood today? They picked Three Rivers as one of five new TV shows to skip! They based it on early poor reviews. They did add something to the effect “in spite of starring hunky Alex O”Loughlin”. I went to their web site but couldn’t find any place for comments, I would like to make one! I did go to the “contact us” section and asked for a place to comment on their content. I’ve always found them to be a bit more salacious than other entertainment news shows, going for the lowest common denominator. It just got my “blood up!”

    1. I didn’t see the top 5 to skip but I saw the top 5 to watch and wasn’t impressed…. they picked Jay Leno as one. Huh?

  5. Tiffany,
    Sorry for your own medical issues, but we are adults and expect to face death daily; I have faced it several times…Give thanks, also, that it is not one of your children facing this…

    I lost a son who was age nine, so do not, please, compare your ills to anything like that…

    1. Tish, it is true that I have not lost a child. But I did have a very ill child who almost died 3 times. One of those times I had to do CPR for 20 minutes to keep him alive. I spent his first 3 years in an out of hospitals. Please don’t mimimize what others have gone through so you can attempt to make your point.

  6. Vampire Addicted,

    I was sent your comment through my emails, though it is not posted, that I see, here yet…
    Thank you for bringing a smile to my lips…you are saying it all correctly, plus with some humor that is appreciated…

    Even if your comment is not posted (& I remain this site’s example in whatever way they choose to turn around my comments about ML, TR, Alex & Tinseltown) I want you to know I liked what you said…

  7. LOL… okay for the folks who are coming back and posting the same basic message under different names… can you stop? I know you want to support Moonlight but I can see that it is the same person commenting many different times (IP address) and it is annoying.

  8. I am Moonlight crazed and want it back . I will support Alex in anything and everything he does and I hope for the best with TR, however it is another medical show and there have been so many of them it is a tougher call. With Moonlight there was nothing else like it on and has never been another show like it. That is probably why so many loved it. Yeh I an Alex nuts but the show was just the best ever. I have thought they should over lap the two and after the first season Coraline could show up in the hospital and we could learn that for the past year Mic has been hiding out as Dr. Andy trying to protect his secret. That is a way of maybe pleasing everybody. At any rate I will watch whatever Alex is doing but will never stop hoping for a return of the best show CBS ever had, Moonlight.

  9. Best example :

    Critics hated the movie, could not stop bad mouthing it…. yet, it became the no 1 hit movie of the summer.

    Goes to show you what critics know about what people want to see, and how much fate we, the viewers and movie goers, put in their opinions.

  10. More power to those who feel they are not looking behind anymore, alas they just may be again… Myself, I do wish it wasn’t so, but critics and reporters know more than we do…they have valuable connections that make them seem to be forecasting when, in fact, they are actually broadcasting what they already know….

  11. Tish,
    You have stated your opinion again… and again… and again.
    I read your post and I see the same phrases, the same arguments, the same obstinate reasoning every single time.

    Personally, I am “tired” of reading about your “facts” that aren’t anything of the sort.

    Yes, we all have the right to state out opinion…. it’s ONLY when doing that feels like someone is driving a sledge hammer into my head do I start to get really… tired of reading said argument.

    I won’t presume… but I think am not the only one that feels that way.

    Yes, Alex loves vampires.
    Yes he loved Moonlight.
    Yes he and every single fan out there loved the show.
    Yes it sucks that the show was canceled.
    Yes, CBS probably thinks it did a mistake my canceling it.

    All that, is over and done with…. and has been for two years now.

    Sure, Alex said in an interview that he would do a Moonlight movie…he’d be crazy to say the opposite when asked the question. Does that mean that he’s secretly asking his fans, in a coded message only you seem to understand, that we are to push for that to happen? I SERIOUSLY doubt it.

    In his own blog, he said himself that he was presented with a series of ideas for all kinds of different shows…. and this, is the one he felt a connection to…. whether you agree with it or not, respect his choice….. repeating non-stop that YOU think its a mistake, doesn’t make it so.

    The guy’s career does not revolve around what you want.

    P.S. Tiffany, I am sorry if this crosses a line…. but I am really tired of reading the kind of stuff this poster puts out every single time she comes here.

  12. Tiffany,

    Please do not presume as to understand what I am saying…it was given as a mere example…as far as being Alex’s Mom, I am by far much older than she given Alex’s age & as her oldest…My own children are in their mid-40s…

    And let’s also realize too that Alex cannot just come out and say, “I want to do a Moonlight movie”, because of his contract with CBS for the moment… So he must be careful what he does say to reporters & let’s not forget the reporters are famous for twisting words around to suit their own stories that they write… Also do realize that Alex, himself, has shown a great deal of interest in doing a ML movie, and in one interview said almost as you stated but went on to say Joel contacted him & he, Alex, accepted… But I do see Alex with more heart, especially getting to know more about him from someone who knows him personally, than many actors in Tinseltown… I also believe that I, myself, have a right to voice my own opinion in writing (so says the Constitution giving us Freedom of Speech) & firmly feel some moves an actor makes are not always the best for their careers; it is a pity that some may learn this too late… And as much as we would like to believe that it is us fans that promote an actor’s career, sadly this is not so, helps some, but not the basis for their success…it is all decided “behind the scenes”…

    Did the failure of the 2nd season Moonlight Campaign not teach anything…all fans were just considered to be star infatuated and we were nothing but crazed??/ Of course some of this developed due to poor leadership, but it still showed me that corporations do not give a tinker’s hammer for us, just what money we could bring in buying advertised products… same, I feel, goes for their phony feelings toward the actors that work in the industry…The cast of Moonlight never knew that Sonata was to be their last episode ever until after it wrapped; does that sound like actors work for niche people?

    1. Tish, I am not trying to trample your free speech. You are welcome to have your own opinion. I just think you should realize that being less than supportive of Three Rivers won’t sit well for many of Alex’s fans.

      That said though we can’t use your “gut” feelings as indicative of anything. Not long ago I posted an interview where Alex clearly said he wanted Moonolight fans to let the show go. I remember you commented at that time that he betrayed us. I read other things similar.The fact that he is being more supportive in SOME instances about a movie being a possibilty could be just words… so that he doesn’t anger some of the more vocal Moonlight fans.

      I don’t have an opinion either way… I am looking forward to Three Rivers and not behind anymore.

  13. Sophie,

    to each his own, but having lived through several medical traumas & life losses in my own life, as many of us do face from time to time, I am not in favor of watching something to dredge up such heart wrenching memories on TV…to me that is poor entertainment & that is why I watch TV (though very rarely) is to get my own mine off of real life & enjoy some flights of fancy or a romantic show…

    Death faces us all too soon, some sooner than others; watch a child die, a husband, and other family & then tell me that TR will be entertainment

    1. Yes, to each his own Tish. I for one spent all day in the ER myself yesterday waiting to find out if I relapsed. As I type this I still have my hospital bracelet on. I have been to hell and back medically speaking over the past few years and I LOVE medical shows. Their popularity should tell you that many other people do as well.

      I have had loved ones die and been been faced with the possibility of my own death for three years now. Yes, Three Rivers is entertainment.

    2. I agree, reality is hard especially when you are faced with transplants or other serious illnesses in your own family. I like fantasy because it takes away from the day-to-day routine. Moonlight provide this release for me. I plan on watching Vampire Diaries when it starts on SW in September. I even watched TrueBlood but it was too much of everything (blood, death, hate, orgies, sex) to be enjoyable. I plan on watching Three Rivers even though I don’t like medical shows because it pulls you into life wretching problems. I wish Alex the best on whatever he does, but still want Moonlight back regardsless of the probability of it happening. I am not the only one out there that thinks Moonlight is the best .. SEE 32.5% on this website chose Moonlight as the best.

      TV Squad (under Vampires)Who’s your favorite vampire on TV? True Blood 371 (22.0%)
      The Night Stalker (with Darren McGavin) 27 (1.6%)
      Moonlight 548 (32.5%)
      Angel 269 (16.0%)
      Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) 279 (16.6%)
      Forever Knight 33 (2.0%)
      Kindred: The Embrace 14 (0.8%)
      Count Chocula 116 (6.9%)
      Other (say in comments) 27 (1.6%)

      1. Heather I need to point out that the poll you reference is not a good indicator. You see you could go back and vote more than once and Moonlight fans mobilized to do that.. in fact they were leaving comments on this site to organize it. Before Moonlight fans started to go and vote more than once Moonlight was getting its butt kicked.

        Not saying Moonlight wasn’t a good show but 99% of the legit polls show that True Blood, Buffy, and Angel come out on top. That poll you mention is not legit.

  14. BTW….ever heard of The Cleaner?
    it’s a show about drug addicts who’s loved ones are willing to do anything to get them back on track. You want depressing?… I cry every single week I watch it…. and I go back the following week to watch it again… because it’s good… and it deals with real issues… issues we sometimes choose to ignore when we shouldn’t.

  15. Sad and Depressing….. why?.
    Because one person dies and another lives?
    Don’t we get that every single day on the news and reading newspapers?
    Are we not brought to tears by one, and almost believe in miracles by the other?

    Ya know…. Fantasy shows have their merit, and their place in viewer choice, but in the end that’s all it is… Fantasy, characters that don’t exist, and that will never exist… (i.e. vampires).

    Shows that are based and deal with RL situations…. like ER for example, also have their place in viewer choice, and because ER was made so popular AND because it is now over, there is a real good chance for Three Rivers to occupy the place ER had in viewer’s hearts, because it isn’t about fantasy people, living fantasy lives and romances…. this show is based on the work of real individuals, flesh and blood real people that deal with live and death every single day of their lives…. and who perform miracles with their own two hands.

    I’ll take that over any fantasy show any day of the week personally.

    If I want vampires, I can watch my Moonlight DVD, or read a book.

  16. rocksister & Gigi, loved your comments…

    I will also comment that I know in my heart that Alex loved doing Moonlight, & since he is questioning Harry Werksman still about a ML movie even after his Tr was picked up, I feel he would gladly resurrect Mick St John when Joel Silver does begin such a production…Joel contacted Alex first back in December of 2008 & Alex was all for it even being under contract to CBS… So all of those saying Moonlight is in the past are not reading carefully what is in this young actor’s, who loves the vampire genre, heart… I am hoping for a movie as many fans who loved ML for the story, not just the cast, who were all exceptional in their character portrayals; I honor them at all and, by no means am actor-centric… Being such would not leave room for all of the fine talents to show to me their capabilities & ML had a vast account of such fine talent, but made Alex O’Loughlin a U.S. household name…

    Someone mentioned Alex being in a “show” called “Mary Bryant”; it was an Australian show of sorts for TV… It was actually a mini-series, so one cannot count that as a show being canceled… Alex was magnificent as Will Bryant & I had tears at the end…I bought the DVD thru an online store… As a matter of fact any film works of Alex’s was purchased by me after Moonlight… I am an Alex fan as well as a Moonlight fan, but became such of Alex only due to ML… If the man does a work that is not favorable, after all he is only human & not the immortal Mick in real life, & he can choose to do something that would not be his best work as any of us can; if he chooses a film project that is not fun for fans to watch (in this respect I am referring to something that will only leave fans sad or depressed instead of what acting, plays, films, TV were actually meant to do which is entertain lightheartedly to drift people into fantasy not subject them to face harsh life realities at the end of a hard day in their lives) & they are only watching to catch glimpses of “their actor” & really not be enjoying what he is playing in, this is not helping Alex grow…

    Do we say to a child, yes I will condone that behavior because you are my flesh & blood or do we say, no I will not let you do this which is harmful for you because you are my child & I care & love you because you are part of me? True we all learn from our mistakes,hopefully, but if it is at all possible, can we not better protect those we care about by voicing our fears & misgivings?

    So please do all think about it in this way & you can also see where critics are coming from…they are really not being hard hearted toward Alex’s new show; they are just voicing their misgivings since i feel many a reporter & interviewer liked Alex from the first chat they ever had with him…I am certain they & all of us do not want Alex to fail, but sometimes this may be the only way we learn…

    As far as Moonlight, Alex’s abilities as Mick ,& the talents in all of that cast, had not a darn thing to do with its demise…it was canceled due to 2 head honchos disagreeing…we were led to believe it was the ratings…that was hogwash fed to fans by Nina Tassler & others at CBS who packed up their toys and canceled ML because of this argument… ML is not owned by CBS, it is owned by Warner Brothers…CBS owns very few of its show, most come from ABC or WB, but it does own Three Rivers….

    1. “Do we say to a child, yes I will condone that behavior because you are my flesh & blood or do we say, no I will not let you do this which is harmful for you because you are my child & I care & love you because you are part of me? True we all learn from our mistakes,hopefully, but if it is at all possible, can we not better protect those we care about by voicing our fears & misgivings?”

      Sounds like you want to be Alex’s mom and not his fan. Alex is a grown man and capable of making his own career choices. I am not so sure Alex would appreciate his fans saying he is making a mistake taking on this role or them trying to undermine his work because they want to influence his career in the direction THEY want.

      And as for you reading what he think in his heart… well the last he spoke of this he said he did not think Moonlight could compete with all the vampire shows coming out now AND he talked about how all his energy was in Three Rivers now. Let’s listen to what the man actually says and not what we want to read into his “heart”.

  17. Veronica,
    ER is over, and it was the most popular medical drama of the list you names.
    Grey’s Anatomy is seeing some of its favorite characters, not returning for another season…. sure it has some hunks in there, but so does Three Rivers, if that’s all the reason one needs to watch the show.

    Look at it this way, there are how many CSI shows out now…..three…. four if you add NCIS in there. Every week its the same thing… the same shots of found bodies, the same zoom ins, the same labs with the same technicians performing the same duties show after show. Yet people watch them and still ask for more.

    So now Three Rivers will be another medical drama… so what? If WE don’t watch it, then it won’t be the best of the bunch…. Alex did his part… now it’s time to do ours.

    And if you doubt the kind of power we have as fans…. just look at Twilight!

  18. Sad news, indeed, but I must confess it’s not a shocker. The first time I knew Alex ‘s show was about medical drama, I knew it would be hard to succeed. There’s Dr. House, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, last season of ER, the timing is not good. Trasplants are topics used in all these series, there’s nothing new about it. But he deserves the chance, and obviously I will be stuck to the screen as soon as this show comes out. Besides, there’s something the others don’t have: a SUPER HOT AUSTRALIAN GUY!!

  19. I, and my daughters love Alex’s work and will watch him whatever he does.

  20. I’ve never been a fan of any medical show, and have never watched more than one of any of them, EVER, but since I have an acute appreciation of Mr. O’Loughlin, I will list this as one of my “resolution to watch a new show” shows. I do this every season; I force myself to watch every episode of at least one new show, but of course I research them first to see which one I am likeliest to be able to stomach for the whole season. That is how I found “Moonlight,” and boy am I sorry it’s gone. With all the vampire rage going on right now, you’d think they’d try to resurrect it. I have heard no such news. Anyone? I’m a willing freshie………

  21. Barbara said it – “a second chance is a powerful thing – take it” Let’s all make sure we give all the support we can to Alex and TR so he can get his “second chance”. For the non supporters or believers, just move on.

  22. Oh yes Kimba I too am from Australia and can only wonder when we might get to see Three Rivers. I love all of Alex’s work and anticipate “The Back up Plan’ and ‘Three Rivers.’ I have all of Alex’s work on DVD and listen to me THEY ARE WORN OUT. I miss watching Moonlight on TV and constantly surf the net for anything on his career. I find him an excellent actor, great sense of hurmour and of course gorgeous.
    Alex I wish you EVERY success with all of your endeavours. Let’s face it people this is the man’s career and life long passion you are all talking about so casually. Let him have a fair go and show the world what he can do. He is very young and has a long career ahead of him.

    Keep up the great work Alex.

    Love Aussie


  24. · Edit

    Anything I could say here would be so repetitious. All I will say is to quote Alex’s dialogue in TR: ” A second chance is a powerful thing. Take it”. Support Alex. Watch TR

  25. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Yes, there will never be another series like “Moonlight” but no matter what, I’m a fan of Alex O’Loughlin and I don’t care what his next project will be, I’ll be there to support him. I’m a 4ever fan in love with handsome Alex with the most beautiful face, smile, voice, eyes, sweetness and you name it and he’s got it. I don’t care what he’s in I can’t stop looking and listening to this beautiful man no matter what role he plays. He is absolutely an incredible actor.

  26. Love him, love his work and will be following him whatever he does to see him and his talent more. As everybody else I became a fan of him after I have seen Moonlight but it is over so to be able to see him more he needs to work on other projects as he cannot play Mick st john in his entire career/life. I live in Turkey so dont know when TR will be shown here . dont think anytime soon!! but never mind I will be following him from here and full support from me to him as much as possible on any project he involve. so long story to short I admire him because of that I will be with him in every project.

  27. Hello…just wanted to add my two cents to this…I want to believe that everyone on this board are fans of Alex no matter whether we are actively rooting for 3R or Moonlight. Fans come with different experiences and emotions. Some stronger than others. I have no animosity towards anyones feelings. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. The power of Moonlight impact many of us. And I believe no matter what’, Alex will be a major star one way or another. I was never a fan of network tv and Moonlight just ignited a sense of romance I never experienced with a television show. So its lost is profound. Of course, I am a rooting for Alex too and will watch 3R, although I am not a fan of medical shows. We are all excitedly commenting on 3R and Moonlight boards about our support for hm, but the general public knows little about him. And is anyone really reading blogs or interviews other than his fans? My concern is the success of this show will not rest with just his fans but the general public. Granted…CBS is heavily promoting 3R, but I sure wish Alex would show up on a Regis and Kelly or Ellen or Dave Letterman, ET(by himself), etc. so people can really get to know him. I think he needs lots more exposure, not just on fan boards or blogs. Most times that’s what got me watching a program.


    True Blood 367 (22.1%)
    The Night Stalker (with Darren McGavin) 27 (1.6%)
    Moonlight 528 (31.9%)
    Angel 269 (16.2%)
    Spike (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) 278 (16.8%)
    Forever Knight 32 (1.9%)
    Kindred: The Embrace 14 (0.8%)
    Count Chocula 116 (7.0%)
    Other (say in comments) 26 (1.6%)

  29. come on fans of Alex, lets be there to support him in his new show. yes, i loved Moonlight as much as the rest of you. But, it’s over and Three Rivers is Alex’s new show. Let’s show CBS that we support Alex in what ever he’s in. I have never been one for medical shows either and will only be watching this one because of Alex. I don’t really like the ideal that it’s on a Sunday night, and not because its across from Housewifes cause I don’t watch that either. But a weekday would possibly be better. I would have rather seen Alex in the new NCIS show coming on this fall. I think he would have been great in that. But, regardless of all that I know Alex has put his heart and soul into this new show and we need to be there to help make it a success for him. SUPPORT ALEX……………..WATCH THREE RIVERS.

  30. Wonderful to see more of the true fans speaking up. People willing to give TR the chance it deserves. We need to remember that critics are getting paid big bucks for reviews, good or bad so there is no real stake in a review for them, they just move on to the next topic, get the next paycheck. It is the fan base that has the power, not words in print from some disgruntled actor wanna be turned critic. Keep the good vibes coming Ladies – let Alex know we are true and here to support him 100%. 🙂

  31. I am excited about and planning to watch Three Rivers regardless of reviews. Also looking forward the Whiteout which hits theaters soon if I’m not mistaken! One thing’s for certain Alex attracts attention!

  32. I would watch ALex washing dishes, or taking out the trash. Just to see that goregeous man in a new story line. Yes, I watch Moonlight an episode a day love it.
    Of ocurse I would watch Three Rivers of if it was on my TV. which unfortunately as far as I know there is no lan to show it on aussie TV.
    Oh, well nothing new, we only 8 eps on TV, Nog Wheel I watche ages before it came on over here. Surfthechannel for me to wtch Dr Andy and all the casr.
    I too, wish for Moonlight 2 or a Movie or both. But I do not want to jeopordise Ales’s feelings or career by another of his shows that he starred in being cancvelled.
    Can you imagine his feelings if this happened again, he was 10 months without work, sort of a little lost after Moonlight was cancelled.
    I know he is perhaps more well known now. with two movies on the way, but it would still hurt. We must all support this amazing man in whatever he turns his hand to.

  33. I am a fan of Desperate Housewives and will be until it ends so upon hearing Three Rivers was put opposite it on Sunday nights, I was going to tape Three Rivers. But now I’m rethinking that to help give support to this new show (big fan of Alex’s) and will have hubby tape Desperate for me to watch later. I hope it helps in supporting the new show with the other fans and bring up the numbers so it will have a chance at staying on.

  34. True Alex O fans want him to succeed in any endeavor. Alex has clearly stated he doesn’t want to just be Mick St John for the rest of his life. We agree, an actor needs to grow. If this show doesn’t make it it won’t be because of his lack of talent or effort and there will be other shows

    I think Three Rivers looks good and it has been retooled from it’s original pilot. Give it a shot, more than one episode since character development isn’t always fast in a good show.

  35. Olá!

    I met and fell for Alex O’ Loughlin because of Moonlight and that is something that no one can ever take away from me!
    Moonlight will always have its place in my heart and memories along with the whole cast and crew but unfortunately due to some people’s lack of vision it was cancelled on the 13th of May, 2008.
    Since then I’ve been praying and expecting to see Alex’s work and although I truly whished Moonlight to come back I knew all along that it wouldn’t be possible.
    All this been said and thanks to Alex’s perseverance and a lot of good work along with some anguish and fears he managed to get involved not only as a guest star in Criminal Minds but also a leading role in Jennifer Lopes’ last film, and last but NOT least he is working in this new show called Three Rivers.
    As a truly devoted fan, I only wish him to succeed and for that I’ll always be at his side, cherishing the past, embracing the present and hoping for the best possible future for Alex’s career in order I can always be part of his success.
    I don’t live is the USA and I don’t know when I’ll be able to watch the new show (I just hope and pray that my cable TV airs it as soon as possible as it did with Moonlight), but since I’ve heard about it I’m already making the countdown to its premiere and I can only wish it to be the most humongous possible HIT of the year.


  36. Oh and to set the record straight about a previous statement, as an official “trekkie” ( I like that better) Star trek was cancelled after THREE seasons not One as was noted.



    1. I AGREE my goodness i just read all the blogs and its 7.30am and i think I need to go lie down, Jeez ladies i understand die hard fans coz im one from when he did Mary Bryant but lets not get any knickers in a knot. I love reading all this stuff its fantastic to see Alex has such devoted fans Im sure coming from a fellow Aussie I reckon he would have a good chuckle if he ever read any of this stuff. And lets face it WHO CARES what hes doing just as long as he is working and we get to see him do what he does best. I even watch the commercials hes done over and over. Yes i know sad but true lol. So for the Moonlight fans just watch the episodes on dvd. And a huge thank you to Tiffany for the weekly updates dont get to hear much about Alexs’ work here at home so its greatly apprecited

  38. I love Alex. I have supported him and his projects ever since I saw him in Moonlight. I have told him so personally, and written about it on forums. I dont proclaim to “know” him, unlike some “other people” on these blogs and I certainly don’t know anything as “facts” when it comes to him, his wishes or his desires. I don’t think anyone has an evil master plan to destroy him. If any top notch CBS executive was out to get him, they would have broken his contract with him long before this.

    Alex has stated he has this show in his heart, and I believe that to be true, and not just a publicity statement.

    Its time to get OFF the Moonlight band wagon. Time to stop hoping for Moonlight movies and start looking to the actor we are all here to support.

    Three Rivers is the project he chose to work on. Let’s honor that decision by being positive in our support, confident in his acting abilities and ever present as fans of “the actor” we all love. He would not be here without us…. and we would not be here without him.

  39. I would be honored to be associated with you on any level but no, I am not your moderator, just a fan with very strong opinions that obviously do not agree with certain people. It is funny though. I take that as a compliment.

  40. I also was heartsick over the cancellation of Moonlight… but anyone out there wishing for TR to be a failure are NOT a true fan of Alex.

  41. Natalie that is one really well written response!
    The example I keep using is the previous CBS painfully cancelled, Ron Koslow project-Beauty and The Beast. We got Ron Pearlman out of that one. Look at all he has done over the years! Frankly, when it comes to Moonlight and the fan response, I feel like I’m having deja vu (all over again LOL!)….yes, Mick was an amazing character. So was Vincent. But the actors who brought these incredible characters to life have to move on, and if we respect the skill they used to make our favorite characters so real, so riviting, so moving, so touching…then we will naturally want to see what they can do with other challanges.
    whew, I need to lie down now…:)

  42. I wrote the following at the CBS website in response to a person who posted there. I wrote: I’m a Moonlighter and unlike the previous poster, I plan to watch Three Rivers because of the actor, Alex O’Loughlin. I’ve watched his past projects such Mary Bryant, The Shield, Criminal Minds episode, and Moonlight and have thoroughly enjoyed them because he was in it. When the poster stated a loyalty to a show. I get that. But if you look at other actors like Tom Hanks, Bosom Buddies, if he stopped there, we wouldn’t get Philadelphia, Forest Gump, Saving Private Ryan. Harrison Ford – Star Wars, then he did another franchise Indiana Jones – people could have said stop there, but he didn’t. He did another franchise Jack Ryan. Don’t pigeon hole Alex into one genre. He is a multifaceted actor who has got to act. Whiteout, he’ll play a baddie. The Back-Up Plan, he’ll play Stan. Three Rivers, Dr. Andy Yablonski. You’ll get to see brilliant acting range from this single wonderful actor. Appreciate his work, appreciate him. Enjoy his journey. I’m just along for the ride. ”

    1. Well said, Natalie. Alex fans will watch him in any endeavor.
      Alos, there is a difference fon loving an actor and a character. If all you want is ” Moonlight” then you just want Mick St. John..

  43. Tiffany, understood, would never want you to cross that line. I just hope that individual knows that there are true fans out there who are anxiously waiting for October 4th and that there is more positive feedback than negative out there. Congrats on the success of this website. We do love talking about Alex. I did not mean to include “Survivor” as one of the programs that has been showing clips during commercial breaks since it is not airing right now so before someone calls me on it, I already corrected myself. The promos have been more frequent during “Big Brother” since that is the show that TR will be following.

    1. JoJo did you know you are my moderator? News to me and you, LOL. For the record, I have no moderators.

  44. People seem to forget all of the changes, etc. that “Moonlight” had before it actually aired. The lead actress for one, she was replaced by Sophia Myles. Changes in new programs are constant but the program is given a chance, none the less. For those who want TR to fail, they will search for anything negative from cast changes, locale changes, wardrobe, etc. just to have something to complain about and will continue to insult people along the way. As far as the comment made about all the focuse on death “as TR will be” – – that is a ridiculous comment to make. How is there supposed to be a medical drama about transplantation if there is no one to be an organ donor. TR is not only focusing on death, but the lives of people as well. And Tish, the only people “setting Alex up for failure” are those with closed minds who are not willing to support Alex and TR, it won’t be from CBS. They are spending a lot to promote TR and they have been doing the promoting during shows like
    “Survivor” and “Big Brother” because these are just 2 of the most popular shows on CBS right now. That is great exppsure for TR. I do not remember this type of support from CBS for “Moonlight” Once again, the true fan will support Alex and TR and not be so quick to bury it. We will be the deciding factor for success or failure, not the network or some nerdy critic sitting in a cubicle somewhere.

  45. Tiffany – care to reveal this person? Sorry for the rambling earlier but obviously, this is a hot topic, always has been. There are a few “fans” out there who will never be satisfied unless THEY get what they want. How sad. Put yourselves in Alex’s shoes for once. He is putting everything he has into “Three Rivers” because he believes in it. How do you think all of this makes him feel hearing that people want it to fail. How selfish can someone actually be to wish failure on someone because that person or persons are still pouting and not getting their way. Once again, WE ALL LOVED MOONLIGHT AND NO ONE MISSES IT MORE THAN THE NEXT PERSON but it is over. I am still waiting for a sequel to “The Way We Were”. Hasn’t happened, and it’s not going to happen but I have never wished for or wanted to see
    Robert Redford fail because I haven’t gotten my way. For those who continue to put a damper on the excitement that Alex’s true fans have for “Three Rivers” shame on you. The true fan will be there on October 4th, regardless.

    1. Sorry JoJo,

      I don’t want to share about private emails but by and large the pessimism is hurtful. I will be there on October 4th with virtual bells on!

  46. Sorry folks for the down time and server errors lately. You all just like Alex too darn much! Today before 5:00 PM this site already had 50,000 hits! Yes 50 thousand… I confirmed it with my host. Yowsa!!!

    It looks like a private server is in the future. Thanks to all the fans that are supporting this site and making it so successful!

  47. Aww shucks.. I just got an email from someone… close to the TR project… who was appreciative of what i had to say here. You never know who reads these blogs…

  48. Lots to say here…Poor reviews for a pilot are not uncommon in TV land, and the fact that they aren’t showing that pilot bodes well for the integrity of the show’s producers. The character/cast changes appear to be in the best interest of the show – Alfre Woodard is an excellent addition. Not everyone likes medical dramas, but then not everyone likes the vampire sci-fi genre. We, as staunch, die-hard Alex fans must support him in this new venture. I personally have been rallying the troops, touting the new show to friends and relatives, making sure they’re aware of it…they already know how I feel about him as an actor! We need to get behind him and the new show and at least give it a chance. I love Moonlight, will always love Moonlight, but as Alex has said he has moved on and so should we. Our hearts should be with Alex, not just one character he portrayed. I am looking forward to the Three Rivers premier, and when I need my Mick fix I have my DVDs! I also have 6 episodes of Moonlight on my iPod so I can watch wherever I am!!! If you haven’t checked out his other work I can strongly recommend The Oyster Farmer (he’s a delight!), The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, the 6th season of The Shield, Feed (not for the faint of heart, but he is incredible in it), all of these I own and seeing more of his body of work makes him that more enjoyable as an actor. He truly is amazing!! I just don’t understand negative energy that some people feel the need to project.

  49. Mags,

    There is quite a difference of a acting deaths in say a mystery or a cop show; most of us think fantasy or make believe…TR, however, brings to light, in a different scenario right “under the microscope, so to speak, of our own mortality… This is why critics, not just I, are saying TR will not last…and more than one critic, who have done this work with correct callings for years, has vetoed against the show before it gets out of the starting gate.

    Yes, there are other medical shows, but none so deeply focusing on death as this one will be…

    And Mags, TR was CBS’s 3rd choice for the Fall lineup cause they wanted to bring in a medical show…not because of who or what it was about…. It is already having a problem; one was letting go of a excellent actress, Julia Ormond, due to some trumped up excuse about her accent… Geeze, Miss Ormond is not at all difficult to understand in her slight French accent; watch “First Knight” with her, Richard Gere, & Sean Connery & tell me if you can’t understand her!

    Two, too much emphasis on Alex as formerly being in Moonlight…CBS knows they screwed up royally, but they are also slamming it at Moonlight fans again to indicate we are just actor-centric for one actor…And, to me, or anyone with a little savvy, would see this as an insult to Alex’s abilities in multiple acting roles…But I, for one, loved all of the ML cast & their fine performances as their ML characters…

    Three, switching all around to LA, and making it too Hollywood with it’s sets… I saw that one stage set pix & thought “echos of the Flight Deck on Star Trek, not like a hospital at all…. And I have been in some of the nicest and most modern like Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA….

    Four, one thing more authentic going for TR is that Alex did not like the skin tight scrubs so they gave them all the normal medical scrubs…Good for you, Alex, & an honor to your own mother’s medical profession… His Mom was/is a nurse in AU…

    Five, the fact that the premiere of the show was already pushed back to make room for the 2 hour season premiere of Survivor…. Not good in the respect of this show & its actors by CBS as I see it and so do some other fans who are not actor-centric but appreciate good acting as a whole….

    I still strongly feel that CBS is again setting poor Alex up for a major fall…Why? Just think about it and “how upset NT was by ML fans, or so was indicated….

    1. Tish I have corrected you on the Julia Ormond thing before… it was not an issue of not being able understand her. It was an issue of her having an accent in some scenes and not in others… or so I heard. Her accent wasn’t consistent. Maybe they just wanted a different actress after they saw her performance… I think replacing her with Alfre was a good call. They needed a more ethnically diverse cast.

      And yes Survivor is getting top billing. It is a sure thing and a big money maker for them.They are being strategic and looking out for number one.

      And now with the conspiracy theories again… yes fans Three RIvers will be cancelled in a devious scheme by Nina Tassler. She hates anyone who liked Moonlight and she is using millions of dollars to promote a show that she plans on axing just to get back at people who called her names when Moonlight was cancelled. And she is buying ocean front property in Arizona.

  50. Tish just one thing I would like to address in your post,with the exception of very few shows on television these days…almost all deal in one form or another with the death of the week.So if Three Rivers doesn’t make it it will not be for that reason,

    1. Mags I agree,

      Cold Case is a popular show and someone dies in it each and every week. Most medical dramas have lots of death… ER killed off 3 of the STARS of the show and of course hundreds of patients. Ghost Whisperer usually revolves around a new ghost each week.. aka someone who has died. Some is usually dead each week in The Mentalist. Also, all the CSI shows feature plenty of death. Three Rivers does not have the market cornered as far as death goes. In fact in each episode where someone dies another person or multiple people get a second chance when they would have died.

  51. Tiffany,

    I noticed you closed the Discussion on Mick/Beth …Sexiest Couple #5… And ended it with a lead into this thread… Well, I need to approach something that I feel is the reason you closed that older thread… a statement you made, which indicates you in a nutshell…

    May I remind you of what you wrote…see below in quotes that I copied and pasted here exactly as you put it….

    ” I realized that I was attracted to the leading male star more than the overall show… hence AOLO. I did not want to cover the other actors in the show and really could care less about them still.”


    Jason Dorhing may have taken a screen test for ML, but Alex is the one who chose him to be Josef Kosten…They remain great friends still…

    Alex & Sophia made a lasting friendship when they met on Moonlight…

    Alex, though only in a brief scene, knew Shannyn from “The Holiday”…

    What am I getting at here…Tiffany you just insulted 3 of Alex’s friends in one sentence, so I do hope you are proud of this in your bliss & you are aware of what “bliss” is, right?

    Now as far as TR making it through the trial period, I am not condemning or wishing bad luck to Alex, but the whole concept is morbid… The weekly morbid content, if TR gets canceled, will be the due to that….

    And as for changes in TR, this had to be done because they filmed the pilot with actors who are no longer in the show…And CBS chose to move the whole production, except for a few outside scenes being shot in Pittsburgh, PA, to LA & not use the interior shots in the old Brownsville Hospital… This Tiffany has not a thing to do with the storyline or the theme of the show…
    I do not look at Alex like a serving of dessert as too many do…I truly like Alex’s acting & this is why I will watch TR for as long as it is kept on CBS… It is running up against some tried & true shows I watch on ABC, too, so if I find TR too depressing, I will just record for posterity and watch my ABC shows….

    And many Moonlighters are still working fervently to resurrect a form of Moonlight in a movie, so never think Past with ML for it will rise just as the Star-ship Enterprise has done for the past 40 years after that show, Star Trek, was canceled after one season…And let’s face it, the storyline for Star Trek were fun, are fun, in a sci-fi way, but the lure of vampires, especially a vampire/mortal love story, is always more alluring and supernaturally mystical…
    A book series like Twilight, et al, would not have attracted the older generations to read if there was not this impossible love link to intrigue readers &, now, viewers…

    1. Tish I honestly don’t think Alex would think I am OBLIGATED to adore his fellow Moonlight actors just because they are or were friendly. I didn’t say I hated them.. I just said I don’t care to follow their careers. That is not an insult. I just have no interest in them. There sure are a lot of “rules” one must follow in Moonlighter world.

      We all know why the pilot wouldn’t work and the reasons…. aka recasting, new location, etc. It doesn’t change what Rob Owen said or what I said. You are still looking for ways to cast doubt on this new show. Did you even read what he said? That someone won’t have to die in each episode and they will have ER storylines that have nothing to do with transplantation.

      And once again you insult people who want to give it a chance.. saying we are teenagers at a rock concert first and now we are looking at Alex like a piece of dessert? I would like to see you make ONE comment that isn’t insulting someone please.

      I wouldn’t compare ML to Star Trek either. Star Trek was on TV six times in differerent forms and had about a dozen movies. That is comparing apples to oranges.

  52. While I understand the feelings of fans in missing Moonlight and wishing that there was more to come,Sadly Moonlight is over and it’s time to move on,If you don’t want to follow Alex to his future projects then don’t but Jeez people don’t wish his new projects fail,Even if there ever was a Moonlight Movie Alex won’t be in it,Maybe a cameo or something but like it or not Alex will age and a Movie is very far off if at all,And even if Three Rivers does get canceled Alex will just move on to the next project and sorry to say it won’t be a Moonlight Movie,So if your gonna keep wishing for something that isn’t gonna happen I hope you have a Genie in your pocket cause IMO thats the only way it’s gonna happen

  53. i agree with jojo and amyvil, if your a true alex fan you will follow him anywhere and that means letting “moonlight” go. if he can move on, epsecially since he was part of the cast!, then we, his true fans should be able to also. im sure it killed him inside when “moonlight” was canceled too, but did that stop him from moving on and getting back out into the business again-NO! i will watch and support any movie or show that alex does and i hope you all will too.

  54. i totally agree with JoJo.

    “Moonlight” is the past. i was sad when it was cancelled, but it’s the PAST. “Three Rivers” is the future and truly Alex’s fans have to be focused in it and the future projects

  55. I understand people who love Moonlight so much they were saddened by its cancellation. Heck, I was in tears the day Moonlight was cancelled. But that is the past. Alex’s present and future is Three Rivers. I can’t understand the behavior of the haters (those who are actively undermining TR by asking negative questions or making negative comments on boards). Do they honestly think that Moonlight will be brought back if TR fails? No, it won’t. If TR does not succeed, Alex will just move on to other projects and sadly the haters will still be out there wishing for something that will never come this way again.

  56. I have been saying all along that people need to support Alex in THIS project because this is NOW, “Moonlight” is the PAST. If people actually read Alex’s comments regarding “Moonlight” and a movie – they would see that Alex’s focus is on “Three Rivers” and not on resurrecting “Moonlight”. When asked the question about “Moonlight” now, he said he did not think it would be a success because of too many vampire-inspired movies and tTV shows. Though he did say that “Moonlight” is still the best of that genre, he also is a realist and knows that it may not have succeeded. For those “fans” who have constantly put “Three Rivers” down before even seeing it need to step back and ask themselves this question – are you so selfish in YOUR own wants, i.e. a “Moonlight” return in any form that you are willing to throw Alex under a bus by hoping for the failure of “Three Rivers”. By the way CBS is promoting “Three Rivers”, I feel that TPTB want this to be a success, unlike those people who call themsleves fans while hoping for a failure of this project. True fans of Alex should be livid that there are people out there pretending to be fans when all they have done is whine about what happened instead of being excited that Alex has chosen to move forward. What happens if “Three Rivers” does fail, then what? Alex starts over again? To some people, they will not be happy no matter what Alex does because it is not “Moonlight”. They need to get over it – Alex has moved on – time to support Alex and get behind him 100%. “Moonlight” is over as much as we do not want it to be, it is over. Time to deal with reality and that reality is Alex has moved on to “Three Rivers”. True fans get it unlike those who want to live in the past. 🙁

    1. Yowsa JoJo! Tell me how you really feel okay? Hehe, I agree totally.

    2. You go girl!!! I love Alex and can’t wait for Three Rivers and his two movies to come out. I’ll watch Alex in anything just so I can see him and hear his sexy voice. Speaking of his voice he needs to do an audio book doesn’t matter what just so long I can hear his sexy voice.
      I loved Moonlight and wish it would come back too but it’s not ,so get over it and Support Alex in his new show.

  57. I’m probably gonna get a smack down on this but I have to say I’m really torn about this. I am a die hard Alex fan but I also loved Moonlight. Not just Alex but the whole show. It was an excellent show and Alex was a great Vamp. I just love Vampire shows I guess. I have never been into Medical shows of any kind and the only reason I’m watching Three Rivers is because I want to see Alex again on a weekly basis. I would love to see him in Moonlight but I’ll watch him in Three Rivers because I want to support whatever he does. I just wish with all my heart it was in season 2 of Moonlight.

    1. LizKs no smack down… you are being honest yet are still NOT willing to sabotage his new projects. Sadly some are boycotting or trying to undermine Thee Rivers in other ways. Many of us miss Moonlight but we support Alex and won’t cut off our nose to spite our face. 🙂

    2. I agree with LIZKS about wanting Moonlight back — total cast and total show. I have never like medical shows but was planning on watching because of Alex O’Loughlin. I would feel bad if another one of his shows was canceled during the 1st season. Haven’t heard anything about the show — negative or positive until now. Hope CBS and the public give the show a chance.

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