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Alex O'Loughlin horoscope


Well, it’s August again and time for our favorite actor, i.e. Alex O’Loughlin, to get another year older and another year better. With his date of birth being August 24th, he is considered a ‘cusp baby’ which means he can show the traits of both Virgo and Leo.

Based on that, we wanted to explore the zodiac signs and how much of each is exhibited by Alex. Please note, this is just for fun and is based on speculation by what has been put out on the internet in his interviews and from some who have met him and shared their stories With that being said, who is ready to have some fun?

We will start with strengths as we all know he has many.


Virgo strength traits







Leo strength traits







alex o'loughlin horoscope


Looking at the above strength traits, it can be said that Alex seems to exhibit some of all of them. Here is why:


    • From his support of Donate Life, Taylor’s Gift and numerous other charities, we know he is generous and helpful.
    • From all the times it’s been said and written that he shows up to work even when sick or injured, we know he is very reliable and loyal.He has even sated that he is a loyal man in an interview.
    • He has said many times he does not like to watch himself as he is too critical and can only see what he views as poorly done. Definitely precise and analytical.
    • And with the success of Hawaii Five-0, we know he has to be ambitious and confident in order to maintain that.

We could go on and on, but do we really have to? He seems to exhibit all these strengths at one time or another, right?

But what about weaknesses? It’s not something we want to dwell on, but let’s be fair.


steve mcgarrett mood

Virgo Weakness Traits 

– Skeptical 

– Inflexible

– Cold

– Interfering -vain


Leo Weakness Traits






Not so many of these have been apparent but there may be a few:

    • Inflexible comes to mind. It has been said in a few interviews that he can be demanding in getting the shot just right (precise and perfectionist) before moving on. That can be seen as inflexible.
    • Stubborn goes hand in hand with the above. Back when he was making “FEED”, he was more than stubborn in insisting on a stunt where he jumps from the second floor balcony. Yes, he did it in one shot, as they would not do it a second time for fear of injury. Since he would not take no for an answer when he brought it up, and he had a big say in the movie, they saw it his way as those that have seen it have been able to witness.
    • Being an actor, melodramatic seems to be a forgone conclusion. Though not much, he can over act and go a bit too far just to make a point. But that’s usually all in fun, right?
    • Vanity. Enough said? Yes, he has said that he works out because he wants to be healthy and happy. Yet, when those shirtless pictures come out, as in the recent magazine shoot, how can one look that good and not be a little vain? IKR!


alex o'loughlin horoscopeThe rest of those listed weaknesses have not made it to the forefront but not sure we would want anyone to see those characteristics either. Those closest to him might have a few things to add.

Moving beyond just simple keywords, how about we delve a little deeper in what makes Virgos and Leos tick. 

It is said that Virgos tend to be shy and don’t want to be the center of attention, whereas Leos tend to be just the opposite, loving to be center stage, and have a flare for the dramatic.

Virgos tend to be faithful, quiet and persuasive whereas Leos can be overbearing and autocratic.

Virgos are known for their intellect and love art, science, literature, math and get detailed work completed. Leos are known for natural leadership skills, are opinionated, set in their ways, but are idealistic and have a knack for inspiring others.

Virgos also tend to see their shortcomings rather than their good sides. They are still waters that run deep; they are unassuming, outwardly cheerful and agreeable along with being witty and wise and understanding other’s problems, but not applying that same practicality to their own lives. Leos tend to insist the world revolves around them. They are outgoing, self-assured and enthusiastic, giving them a generous spirit and a determination to succeed.


Alex O'Loughlin mmods


What do you think so far? Virgo or Leo? Which one does Alex lean toward more? 

Here’s a little more information to help you decide.

Virgos – Charm and Dignity. Affectionate, Methodical and Logical. Meticulous and Realists. Conscientious, Thorough and Perfectionists. Better subordinates than leaders. Virgos are more concerned with the details; getting all of them before making a decision. They veer away from the theoretical.

Leos – Independent yet don’t want to be alone. Energetic, Charming and Witty. Generous, Kind and Openhearted. Public image is very important but they only want the best. Leaders, Driven and Delegator. Territorial, Opinionated, Prideful yet Sensitive. They are full of life, want to be happy and have all those around them just as happy.

They are both Sun signs yet the elements they are associated with are quite different. Virgo is the earth where Leo is fire.

Virgos are grounded, humble and easygoing. They love to work out if only to know they are keeping themselves healthy. They are extremely health conscious, almost to a point of hypochondria. The benefits are more important than the workout itself. Sound like someone we know? “Gotta get those thousand sit-ups in” between takes.

Leos are outgoing, courageous and dynamic. They are sought out by many, especially the children they love. Remind you of someone? Alex’s love of children, whether his or someone else’s is something he never seems to try and hide.

There are so many more characteristics that could be discussed but we think it’s quite obvious. This man that we are all so fond of shows the characteristics of both of these Sun signs in almost equal amounts. Call him Virgo or Leo, he is a good example of both…and of being a cusp baby.

Though we can say he seems to show more of the Leo, there is much we do not know of this man. We only see what he wants us, as fans, to see. In many early interviews, he seemed to be a little shy and unbelieving of his loyal fanbase. He seemed more interested in the product that he was putting out than the performance he was giving.

Now, as he looks to be more comfortable with his “loss of anonymity,” he takes being in the spotlight with ease, though still a great deal of humbleness. It has been said in many interviews over the years that he is fiercely protective of his personal life, which can be attributed to both of these signs and we cannot fault him for that. A double shot from both signs seems to give him that protectiveness of his family, especially his children.

In conclusion, this man, this actor that we are all so adoring of seems to be the best of both signs, but like everyone is not perfect and does exhibit some of his weaknesses.

What do you think? Which do you think he exhibits more of? And, in the full scope of things, does it really matter? We will still love him anyway. Thanks for coming along for the ride of our fun look at the signs of Alex.


Also remember there are many ways you can wish Alex a happy birthday and there is still some time to do so. Check them out and get on it if you are going to participate in one or more of the ways.






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  1. I can imagine this article was a fun delve into Alex’s life. It’s funny and interesting. Guess I must be a cusp baby too … being born on the 26th June. Had never heard of it before. Interesting and entertaining. Thanks x

    1. Yes it was. Glad you found the research from the writer worth it!

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