Sleeping Beauty Episode 1.10 – Moonlight

Mick and BethEpisode 1.10 of Moonlight titled Sleeping Beauty aired last night. It was REALLY good. We left the show with Beth stabbing Coraline thinking she was still a vampire. Mick of course was upset because he thinks Coraline holds some sort of secret for a vampire cure.

In Sleeping Beauty Mick and Beth are hovering over Morgan’s (aka Coraline’s) bed to see if she will live. Beth regrets her actions and Mick is wrestling with feelings of concern for the woman that is still his wife and anxiety that a cure for vampirism could be slipping out of his grasp.

Meanwhile a mercenary is hired to kill Josef (Mick’s best vampire friend) and specifically to burn him to death. The mercenary infiltrates Josef’s office/home and sets off military grade explosives. All authorities and Mick as well believe that Josef is dead and Mick breaks down in tears at one point while talking with Beth about how much Josef means to him. It was SO touching and maybe one of my all time favorite Moonlight moments. The acting was so sincere I was crying myself. Of course right after he breaks down he walks into his apartment to find Josef sitting at his desk making wise cracks….very much alive. 😉

Mick starts an investigation into who tried to kill Josef which leads him to the discovery that Josef once fell in love with a mortal woman and when he tried to turn her into a vampire she slipped into a coma and has been in that state for 50 years. It was the woman’s elderly father that hired the hit-man. We get to see Mick snap the hit-man’s neck.

In the midst of all this Beth and Josh have an argument and it looks like they might break up. A semi conscious Coraline tells Mick that she became mortal for him and she fears that he only wants the cure so that he can be with Beth. When she falls back into unconsciousness and can’t tell Mick her secret he draws some of her blood. Later on, Coraline starts to feel her vampire urges again and almost bites a nurse. At the end of the episode she disappears from her bed.

All in all…an awesome episode!

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