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  1. he is awesome
    i love him :heart:


  3. Estou amando receber fotos de alex e um delirio constante,tambem sou membro de uma comunidade que vez outra da noticias do nosso lindo alex.bjin. :

  4. Cozette I didn’t forget Kevin, just didn’t go back that far. Also , Russell, Marshall,Marcus, Michael, Will, Luke, Eric, Jack more or less in that order. I wonder if he will ever be Alex or Alexandra in anything? LOL

  5. Tiffany, glad to you back was getting lonely.Sandra, you forgot Kevin , Alex was Kevin in the Shield. :heart:

  6. Holly’s been gone for ages now. He was without a girl friend for at least a year, maybe more. Amber is from 3R’s, and he’s been with her since 3R’s was cancelled.

    Yes, Alex was Mick, Mick was Alex. We all fell in love with Alex because of Mick S J. But I loved him as Stan, Andy, VIncent and now Steve.

  7. I was wondering: I saw, recently, pics of Amber & Alex outside the LAX airport. Are they an item? I have read that Holly is history. The timing of that breakup would make sense if this is the cast. Whether Amber broke them up or Alex dumped Holly for Amber is a mystery to me. But, to me, it makes sense. For now, it looks like Amber is in and Holly is out. Any comments?
    And, by the way, my favorite thing that Alex has done so far is Moonlight. He total rocks as Mick. The character suits him! I love the whole concept of the show. And Mick made it work. Too bad the studio couldn’t see that! Oh, to find out how it all ends…..

  8. From the interviews I have seen Alex seems like a nice guy and from watching him act he is totally talented. What seems like a shame is that everyone is so focused on his looks. There is a lot more to a person than their looks – how about focusing on his talent? I am a Doctor, I specialise in trauma surgery and I can tell you that the way he tossed around medical terminology on Three Rivers took a lot of research and practice, not to mention how well he has mastered an American accent. P.S. from a medical standpoint for it’s genre Three Rivers was a really bad show but he did take it seriously and did his best. Having a cake with an open flame near someone on oxygen – don’t they have technical advisors to keep actors from looking like idiots on shows that are unbelievable even to laymen?

  9. I normally would not do this and post anything on a fansite but with all the rumor and speculation, I didn’t think it would hurt anything.
    For the record, Alex is NOT seriously dating anyone at the moment. Any interest and intentions he has towards a specific lady is complicated and NOT for public consumption at this time.

  10. Who ever is writing the Bs needs to go back to school, I believe Alex knows how to spell.
    This Tammy person, Is living in LA_LA land. She needs to put the pill bottle down and stop
    having all these vivid dreams. If he was truley going to get Married I think it would be done
    quietly to avoid Fan frenzy.

  11. So you still think it is a load of rubbish.
    I am sure if it was true no way would Alex post and write like that. Do we know anything about the lady concerned? I presume it is this Tammy person. Well if we see something in the media then we might believe it. Re-new vows in Hawaii hey??

    1. If it was legit I think they would use my email posted at the top of the site. I think this lady is trying to start a viral rumor. Plus… I highly doubt Alex would identify himself as the guy from Hawaii Five-O on his own fan site and give his bride’s home address. 😉

  12. What’s hgoing on Tiffany, Two more comments form supposedly Alex?
    It asked you to get in touch Tiffany, did you?
    Concerned Alex Fan


  13. These are good pictures of Alex! I really loved him in Moon Light!! I wish that show had made it!

  14. hey everyone im glad i found this website… Im Anna~ from Europe/central!
    totally love Alex, he seams to be an amazing person. I hope I have the chance to see/meet him in real life someday, somehow…

  15. Thats ridiculous.. Who would believe that Alex got married and his wife is announcing it on his fan page?

    1. I know.. I deleted them.. so ridiculous that some wacked out fan thinks we would fall for that. I certainly laughed though. 😉

  16. I am looking for a comment I received on the link that says from Tammy O’Loughlin.
    It is supposedly written by Alex saying that he isa married man now, not single anymore, but it appears to be no longer here?
    What’s the fo Tiffany? any thoughts.

  17. A lot of landsome guys in Hollywood and
    Show biz seem to always say “they don’t think of themselves as Sexy”…but \have egos a mile wide….I’m quite sure Alex means it when he down plays the “your so gorgeous” remarks. made about him….one of the few sincere hunks in Hollkywood. They sure don’t hire them when they look like Frankenstein!~! I love him most for his sincerity and just being a genurinely nice person…the looks are definitely icing on cake!! can’t wait for Hawaii Five 0, the CW putting Moonlight on Thursdays at 9:00 starting June 3rd and I hope the rumors are true they are going to air the last few 3 Rivers stories to find out what happened to the poor guy who was waiting for his heart!!! LOve, to you Alex.. your Forever Fan Suzanne

  18. Nice photos he does look relaxed and well and a lovely smile for the camera. Love you loads Alex XXX

  19. It’s too bad that FAME brings reporters in your face all the time. Too bad your private life
    isn’t private any more. The fact that he has a son isn’t anyone’s business but his.All the reporters do is blow things out of proportion and tell so called facts (lies).
    I hope Alex can keep his son from going thru what the other Hollywood Kids do.

    Love you Alex good luck and God Bless

  20. I rather doubt Alex has had time to seriously date anyone on a day to day basis. He has so many friends that who knows who his present “lady” is???? I try not to think of that. I heard he is also in close contact with Sophia from Moonlight. But I think he’s a long way from wedding bells at this time in his career. Probablyi sometme in the future. One site said his son wants him to have someone special LOVE to see a photo of his son…I guess when the ole papparazzi start hounding him after Hawaii ‘Five 0 is a big hit we’ll see him….and anyone else those vultures to try to trap in a photo of him and his family. Oh, well, that’s show biz.Comes with the territory…BE safe, you luscious hunk, you are prayed for every day of your life by me….Love Suzanne Your Forever Fan

    1. How great that he is still friends and in contact with Sophia Myles!

  21. Being an sussie and not American what is LAX airport, is is Los Angeles but what’s the X for? Alesis scoring lots of frequent flyer points these days. He likes casual best.

    1. Sandra, I assume you’re an Aussie, not a Sussie! LOL! (That’s what my twins called their pacifiers!) Anyway, each airport has a 3-letter abbreviation and LA’s is LAX. The X doesn’t “stand” for anything.

      1. anything with an x in the name is a major international airport…

  22. Love you Alex, you handsome hunk!!! He sure does look good in blue. I heard rumor that TBP did real good for Alex but so good for JLo. Way to go Alex!! Thanks for the pics. You Roc Alex.

  23. Alex looks happy and relaxed. I like seeing him in casual clothes. What a year this has been for him and H5O hasn’t even started. Good for him!! Thanks Tiffany and Nadioz.

  24. OMG, He looks so good. Rested and happy. He does look good in Blue. Like why do i have to live in the desert, wish I could be at the port .

  25. Alex is also on the cover of vanity fair.. yeah baby..

  26. Nice look!! Looks sharp.. 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 ! ! !

  27. All I can say is YUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

  28. Alex is such a HUNK. He sure knows how to make my heart go thump…thump…thump! Thanks for sharing these awesome pics.

  29. Thanks Tiffany for this very nice pictures…Alex smile shining where the sun in California!!!

  30. hi thanks for the photos of alex he looks so good

  31. Be still my beating heart. Thank you so much Nadioz, these photos are great, he looks relaxed and pleased that you took the photos. I think he just arrived back from Australia, with Qantas being in the background.

  32. · Edit

    Love that guy & his pretty blue shirt !!! Thanks for the photos, wonder why he’s alone ?? 🙁
    Maybe he’s waiting for me to pick him up 🙂 🙂 🙂

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