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  1. I viewed these months ago, but just came back again today. Is it just me, or does he seem to be chanelling Paul Newman, especially in the bottom shot? Have to say it; I love this man!

  2. As always Alex takes awesome pics. He is so GORGEOUS!!!

    1. OMG. What a beautiful man!!!!!

  3. Tiffany….I bet you don’t hear from as many of the same people as you do from me! Probably say “oh no not her again” Do you happen to know the date of the Vanity Fair magazine? I’m assuming its out now (June issue?) My printer costs too much to run all these gorgeous photos of our man. I thought Vanity Fair was a pretty upscale magazine to run Alex photos not that I mind a bit. they have class too…. LOVE HIM! Love to Alex from Forever Fan Suzanne

    1. Not sure of the date Suzanne but it was just released.

  4. um, ok so i’m going to ask the wild Q/ and that is .. any chance this will show-up here in and usa.. I had to ask!

    o’ um.. they do have a site, and well who knows as to of ask.. right ? O’ and yes of always w/ honey and not the vinigar.. who knows?

  5. Alex….. why so THIN…. you have a fabulous face and should smile more!!!!! Be well. So looking forward to Hawaii 5-0, but it conflicts with my other love, CASTLE!!!!! what are we to do?

    1. I thought of Castle too, but we must support Alex! Watch his show when it airs to give him the ratings, and either record Castle or what I do when I have to choose, go to fancast or hulu or the network online and watch it the next day on my computer. We MUST support Alex. 🙂

      I too wonder why so thin. I appreciate he has worked hard for that body, but it is so Hollywood to change your body for the screen, it’s not who he was before, to be himself like in Moonlight, I loved his healthy look in Moonlight. Sigh…I still sink into the DVD Series.

  6. Alex looks great .. what a great photos..Thanks Tiffany..

  7. Being Italian myself, I think I would die if Alex ever spoke Italian. Oh my. To all Canadians have a wonderful Victoria day long weekend.

  8. Oh my “one quote is saying Daddy when are you going to find a women, it will make me happy” Wow!

  9. THANKS TIFFANY for the pics of our Alex! . Can’t wait for the pilot to air. I just watched the video of the opening theme song for Hawaii Five-O. They are comparing it to the original. I think the new version is perfect – it takes a little of the original song and kicks it up a few notches. I love it! I’ve got a good feeling about this show. It’s got the energy and ac tion of Moonlight and The Shield combined, not to mention the gorgeous scenery….Scott Caan is a cutie, not to mention the handsome Daniel Dae Kim nd James Marsden is the perfect villian….funny how former Vampires have ended up on this show.

  10. WOW his eyes kill me every time, absolutely gorgeous and a shot of his tattoos, big sigh.
    Thanks Tiffany XX. Love you loads Alex XXX

  11. The link for the Vanuty Fair Italia:
    The magazine is out since 2 days ago and the article was firstly done because of “The back up plan” – for me just an excuse (although a good one) ’cause thank GOD it has a lot about HIM HIM HIM HIM!!!!!.

  12. THANK YOU TIFFANY! The line in italian refferring to his son means: My son always say: “Daddy find yourself a girlfriend.”. He wants to see me happy.
    These pictures are absolutely amazing and Alex loks so mature, like if he has grown up a lot since these last 2/3 years… I like it, I really do.
    In a sense he is just another man.
    I’m dying to know what man he will turn out to be.
    Really really HOT.

  13. Spanish and Italian are a little similar, so I get that Alex does not believe in spectacular romantic gestures, like spreading lots of rose petals all over your place. He considers that romanticism should be spontaneus, like picking a rose ialong the way even if your fingers end up full of thorns just because you want to show how much you love someone. “Being romantic means to be a little stupid”, says Alex. Ooooohhhh I want that kind of stupidity!

  14. My beeautifufl Alex! No, I’d rather see him smile too but I bet he has a big smile on his face almost all the time in the last couple fantastic days!! Congratulations and all the best to this wonderful man on his role in Hawaii Five 0. THe feelings and promotions and excitement I’ve read and heard make it sound like one big hit coming up in the fall….and all his adoring fans will be there to see it! Also, I heard that CBS is going to run the last several shows of 3 Rivers that they made but never released…maybe we’ll find out what happened to the poor African guy who was longing for his new heart! Not nice to keep your public guessing CBS but It seems you saw the light at the end. Thank you Thank you Love to Alex from Suzanne His Forever Fan

  15. Great picures! Thank you Tiffany

  16. Love the pictures. Love the tatoos. Next time shirtless so we can see more of them. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  17. · Edit

    I believe this article is in Italian. And the caption in blue translates: Alex says that his son always says to him, “find a girl and you’ll make me happy”….loosely translated.. If anyone is more literate in Italian, please correct me. Love the pictures, but he looks so deadly serious. I too miss his smile. But thanks Tiffany. Love anything at all about Alex. Hope toone day read this article in English.

  18. Oh how lovely! I really do miss his smile though! Thansk Tiffany.

  19. Yeowsa!! That sums it up!!! What terrific HOT!!!! photos of ALEX!!! He just keeps getting better and better!! Any idea what country this Vanity Fair edition is from??? Thanks for posting, Tiffany!!

  20. What a gorgeous man !!! Thank you !

  21. OMG – does he even have one tiny little CLUE as to what he does to women???? He sure doesn’t act it and that makes him all the more HOT!!!! WHEW…thanks so much for these pics….. Will this mag be published in English and sold here cause I’m ready to buy it NOW… AAahhhh yuummmmmyyyy Alex!!!

  22. hi thanks cant read it thans a lot for the photos

  23. WOW amazing! Too bad I can’t read the article to haha. Eye candy is the best though. 😀

  24. WOW, Alex looks so HOT. Who cares if you can’t read the magazine. Thanks for the pics.

  25. WOW and double WOW. Alex is looking really good as always, too bad the mag wasn’t in English, but the photos are hot.
    Tiffany you’re the best, thanks for getting these photographs to us so quickly. XXOO

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