Alex O’Loughlin & Cast of Hawaii 5-O on The Early Show 5/20/2010

A nice morning treat for us.. they get along so well and have great chemistry so far and they are marketing the heck out this one… is this the show we have been waiting for since our beloved Moonlight was cancelled?

Wouldn’t ya know my cable was out this morning and I had a gal call me on the phone to tell me it was on but alas I had no way to watch but thank goodness for YouTube!! This video looks like  video of a TV screen and there are kiddie sounds in the background but until I can find a cleaner version. Enjoy and thanks to Glorann for posting.

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  1. No matter what Alex stars in, or even how great the show is and Hawaii Five-O is great, NOTHING beats MOONLIGHT. Still missing that show.

  2. A heads up! The movie “Whiteout” begins on CineMax-E tonight. It stars Kate Beckensale (Underworld) and Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight) co-stars in the movie! So if you have this premium channel, look for it!

  3. Happy, happy, happy! ML on CW starting 6/3 (hey, I know we all have the DVD, but I love seeing it on TV – always watch the Sci-Fi marathons), TR on CBS soon (so we can probably see those elusive last 5 eps!) and now H5-0. TBUP was great (I enjoyed my trip to LA so much!) – ROCK ON, ALEX!!!

  4. WOW! I’ve been watching the promos and The Early Show clip over and over again. I was skeptical about a H5-O remake, but this looks good!! Looks like the guys at CBS have finally realized what they have with Alex!

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    I’m glad that not only will we be seeing Alex on Hawaii 5-0, we will get to see him on CBS Three Rivers Saturdays beginning June 5th until Hawaii 5-0 airs. This is in addition to Thursdays beginning June 3 on CW channel Moonlight. Alex all the time. Don’t forget, The Back-up Plan too! Such a yummy time for Alex and us, his fans!

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    Thank you for posting this clip, I enjoyed it. They all seem to get along well with each other, lets hope it continues. I am excited for Alex as I am a die hard Moonlight fan and I hope he succeeds in this show. Now if they would just fit more Moonlight in somewhere 🙂 🙂

  7. OMG! The chemistry is back on the set! Remember how cool it was to watch Alex and Jason Dohring together?, well it looks like we’ll have a blast again. Thank you, Tiffany.

  8. Thanks so much Tiffany for this video. I didn’t know they were going to be on this morning on The Early Show. Great chemistry among the cast. They’re all very happy and excited. This is the charm Alex and his fans have been waiting for! YIPPEE!!

  9. great video, thanks for posting it. Looking forward to Monday nights this fall. Guess we all need to save up our money for a Hawaii vacation now uh? This is going to be a great show.

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    Oh, wow, so great to see this interview. Had no idea it was on. Thanks you guys for making it available. Always love seeing Alex as himself. And yeah, great chemistry among the cast.

  11. This was a great interview. Alex looks dreamy, and the whole cast seems to have great chemistry together. Really looking forward to the pilot episode. I live in Canada and it’s odd that I was able to see the interview at the CBS website, but the preview clip is blocked. I’m happy for small blessings though. Good Luck to our dear Alex !!!

  12. This must be so exciting for him. A new chapter and a new state to live in. I will watch him on any show. A true fan I am!

    Thanks Tiff & Glorann for posting

  13. That was a great interview and like Candy Ann, I’m a big Alex O’Loughlin fan and will watch him in anything. Hawaii Five-O sound really good, I look forward to seeing it, too bad it won’t be on until Sept., that’s nearly 4 months away, I guess I will have to be patient.

  14. hi thanks i cant wait but my cp would not let me see it

  15. I wish I knew they were going to be on!!! They are so good together and should be a great cast and great show. Whipppeee! Hope they find some reallly romantic gal for Alex to at least date…he’s so good in the romantic depatment….but no, not marry! Thank you thank you CBS for promoting and giving our wonderful Alex (and his talented crew) the chance to really shine. A lot of people are going to start liking CBS again….Love Suzanne Your Forever Fan HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK WITH THIS ONE!!!!

  16. I will be watching anything Alex is in. He has such charisma, good looks and is such a talented actor. He had me from “MOONLIGHT”. Can’t get enough of him. Love him!

  17. Yeah baby!!. woo hoo.. lol.. love to see him.. So far good vibes on the show.. would love to see clips.. Love Alex ;P

  18. thanks for posting this.. can’t await!

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