Alex O’Loughlin on Men’s Fitness Cover August 2011

Alex is showing his buff and tattooed arms on the cover of Men’s Fitness next month. Woot! Thanks to Just Jared we have an early look.

On loving workouts outside of the gym: I much prefer being in the canyons or the hills or the ocean – being outside and using the resistance of the earth and gravity and my own body weight. I’d rather hang from trees and do pull-ups than be in a gym, surrounded by people in Spandex.

On keeping his mind clear with exercise:  I’d [Attention deficit disorder] went diagnosed and I managed to keep it hidden, but it caused me a lot of frustration. When I stopped being cerebral and became physical, my mind cleared. That’s probably why I like to be so active. It’s a huge part of the balance of who I am.

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  1. I bought my copy of Men’s Fitness at Barnes and Noble. What an issue! Many thanks, Alex!

  2. Hi guys, Just picke dup my august copy of Men’s Fitness. It wasn’t on the shelf yet, but the clerk went to the back and 10 minutes out he came with my copy. Just wanted to let you know. Cheers. :love:

  3. hi i had to get mine off ebay i dont where to look i found mine on ebay maybe thats thw way to go charlene

  4. I am confused. I have looked in the stores for this magazine and the one they have for August 2011 has a picture of Stephen Moyer on the cover. You know, Vampire Bill from True Blood. Am I not looking at the right magazine or is it only available in certain areas? Does anyone know? Thank you!

    1. I think Stephen Moyer is the July cover model.

  5. Just ………WOOOOOOOOWWWWW :love:

  6. Some of the tatts he had in Feed were just cosmetic. The very large one down the middle of his back was not real But the one going across his lower back has now been made over to a much longer one. Previously you couldn’t actually see it from the front, but now it hugs his sides and is seen from the front. This happened in the first break of filming of H50, so is a very new tatt. All Alex’s tatst mean something to him. No idea about Amber not seen or heard anything about them since the break when they had a tearful for Amber parting for Alex to go back to filming in Hawaii. She was at SOTB last year, peryhaps she will be at it again this year. Or may be working on a show at present.

  7. Tiffany, thanks for the latest Alex update! I am looking forward to this issue.

  8. Alex looks wonderful. I like his tattoos but he does have enough. I do miss his Mick hair though. He has such beautiful hair. I don’t think Alex would get too buff. He is more the long and lanky type. So looking forward to next season. Thanks Tiffany.

  9. THE TATOOS ALEX HAS NOW ARE OKAY BUT PLUEEESE DON’T MAKE YOURSELF LOOKING LIKE SOME BEER SLUGGING BOZO by adding anymore…!! :bandit: Enough is is enough…stay the same beatifiul way you are and I will forever love his long hair in Moonlight, speaking of body additiions and subtractions!!! Love from alex’s forever fan…also any one know if Amber is still his girl friend?

  10. I like his tattoos – just don’t think he should add any more. They make him look rugged and dangerous!!

  11. I can’t imagine that producers are in love with him getting more tats. They have to cover them up for a lot of roles, and I’m sure they’d rather not to have to go through the time/expense to do so.

    I personally can’t stand them–on anyone. I understand the culture may be different in Australia vs. U.S., but I don’t know why anyone would want to deface themselves with something that is painful and possibly dangerous to boot. Alex looks great without them (case in point–Backup-Plan, Moonlight–where the tats were covered). He looked amazing without them. And that tramp one (see in Oyster Farmer and in Feed although I haven’t been able to watch Feed–too disturbing I think) is just a major turnoff.

  12. Hello ladies! It feels great to be connected to a sisterhood that admires and believes wholeheartedly in the talent of ALEX. Of course, the fact that he looks like a mythical Greek god is something to rejoice over as well! Anyway, just wanted to share that before this cover, our dear ALEX was also prominently featured in the June/July 2011 issue as one of the MF25, The World’s Fittest Guys and I have to say he looks positively smoking!!! As for the tats, my two cents worth is that it only adds to his mystique – he is his own man and we love him all the more for it. Mabuhay ka, Alex! (Cheers to you, Alex!)

  13. Finally that’s amazing! Alex looks so gorgeous. For sure I’m so grateful to see him on the magazine cover. Alex always be the best ever :love:

  14. Just hoping will be able to get in Oz – managed to get a copy of GQ mag online:)

  15. Mm dunno why I added a u to the end of my name. Seriously I would die for a copy!!

  16. What about us Brits can we buy that mag over here or would anyone like to send me a copy!!! :p

  17. Alex is so hot and gorgeous on this cover !! Those muscles !! :love: :heart: :love: :heart: The magazine is supposed to be available July 11. Cannot wait to get my copy.

  18. Be still my throbbing heart. :heart: :love:

  19. WhooHoo! Alex looks great on the cover! He’s finally getting the recognition he so deserves! I just wish Alex knew his body is NOT a canvas! He has enough tats. Doesn’t need any more! Thanks Tiffany! :love: :heart:

  20. CAROL S. do you think the pictures we seen of Alex & Amber at the airport the end of last year were not just a “good bye see you soon” but a “good bye” She was crying so hard. I felt so bad for her. I think they make a cute couple, hope he didn’t leave her to concentrate on his career cause he’s already come so far. Loved by so many others now, not just us die hard Alex fans…

  21. (Sigh!) What a gorgeous hunk of man! I don’t think we need to worry about Alex buffing up like a body builder. His role is a SEAL and they don’t buff up like that–too bulky for the types of activities they do. I luv a few tatts on a man–Alex has it just right! Thanks for the info Tiffany! Can’t wait to see this at the newstand!

  22. WOW!! I am breathless and weak in the knees all at once. Can’t wait to see the magazine. Thanks Tiffany for the info.I love all of Alex’s tattoo’s. They all look good. Have not seen his newest ones yet. Yes, has anyone heard anything about him and Amber? I hope they can get some time together during the summer. What a truly sexy man. Love ya Alex, you roc.


  24. It doesn’t matter to me where his tattoos at…this man is absolutely beautiful. He has charisma and charm..and those attractive blue grayish eyes I have ever seen..if that is truly the color. This man is so sexy…it should me a crime because he is just SEXY! I love his character and I am sure he posses some of those traits in his everyday life. Go Alex…stay SEXY! :love: :heart:

  25. SANDRA I don’t agree, his tramp stamp always came around the sides, however I think his tatts on his shoulders are larger and more colorfull. I had thought the new one above his nipple was a name, what is the ragged line suppose to mean?

    1. No, his original back tat did not come around to the sides – that’s part of the newer, larger work (which I LOVE). And those tats on his pecs aren’t new, they’re just now being seen. And…I don’t think he got his arm tats touched up, the photo on the cover of the magazine just brings out the colors.

  26. Alex had his arm band type tatts removed, they were getting wishy washy in colour. But his tramp stamp on his lower back is now twice the size of the old one. It is different and clinches his waist either side, so bits of each side can be seem front the front. The red one above his left nipple is like a ragged line, the one over right nipple is a gecko

  27. LUNA The two tats that were removed were the two on his arms above his rist. He still has his tramp stamp and I find it most sexy! I don’t however know what the new one above his nipple is, anyone know that? Also anyone hear anything about him and Amber?

  28. I am breathless! That is an amazing cover, can’t wait to see what is on the inside. WOW! :love:

  29. Alex is a beautiful man with incredible talent. I truly would not like to see him muscle up much more, that detracts for me and could pidgeon hole him into only action star roles. He is far too talented for this.

    Also, and I know this is generational, but I am not a big fan of tatts. I confess, I got one on my behind for wear with string bikinis back in the day when only sailors and Cher had them and I always wished I hadn’t done it. Genearational, as I said. So, I hope he doesn’t get more. That said, the ones on his arms “work” and like Angelina Jolie’s, they can be covered up. Since, alas, sadly, I am not his girlfriend or mother, I have no say over what he does. LOL

    And I wanted to add that I had a Paul Newman movie fest the other day while knitting and have decided they should remake Cool Hand Luke with Alex. He would rock the world in that part and probably get an Oscar nod. Someone here once mentioned he would be good in High Noon, too, and I totally agree. Alex has all the physical beauty and talent to be as incredible in films if given the right opportunity. This man has it all!

    1. M L Staats – First I must say that I am impressed with anyone who could wear a “string bikini” even if it was 30 some years ago. Even when I weighed around 120 pounds, I couldn’t wear one. And believe me that was a long long time ago.

      With regard to tatts, of course, a person is free to do whatever he/she wants to their body. However, age does take its toll, and I just wonder about how those in their 20s or maybe even 30s are going to feel with extensive tattoos when in their 50s or more? Just not flattering with wrinkles.

      I personally think even Angelina has gone a little overboard, but hey its her business and she has Brad. Jennifer A. just got one near her ankle in memory of her beloved dog, and I think that looks good on her. I think in the case of tatts, the saying about “less is more” is really true. But again, just my opinion.

      But Alex really looks good and I hope he can get a movie role soon that will display his talents.

    2. M L Staats, I certainally agree w/ you. Alex has come a long way w/ his acting. It’s time someone else noticies….Like the big movie directors…

  30. I’m sooooooooooooooo jealous !!! 👿 Overhere in the Netherlands we can’t buy all those magazines mentioned on this site. Hope the pictures are gonna circulate on the internet.
    Love Alex since Mick St. John :heart:


    1. His body, his business.

  32. I have been a fan of Alex since episode 1 of Moonlight. Since then I have (thanks to you for all the great intell) gone on to watch all of his previous work, I actually was a fan of him on The Shield, and didn’t know who he was. But his amazing acting, his fantastic body and that face, and those eyes, lets face it, we are looking at the future greatest male actor of the world, and ladies we got in at the beginning! Thanks all due to our lovely and talented and extremely dedicated moderator. And I have the greatest confidence in the fact that we will never see Alex have some wild freak out or melt down like the others before him. I grew up through my teens and early twenties being a lover of Mel Gibson, and then I found out he was a complete lunatic. Thankfully I had moved on to our lovely Alex by the time he 👿 completely lost it.
    But seriously, how incredible does he look in this cover??? I personally am going to buy this one just for his pictures. I was never able to get my hands on the GQ and I will never forgive myself for that. But I WILL get this one! :heart: 😉 😉

  33. Thanks Tiffany for the look at the upcoming Mens Fitness with Alex on the cover. Alex is in great shape and love his muscles and tats. I agree with Faye,I hope Alex does not go too far with too much muscle definition. Don’t like that look at all,and no more tattoos I hope. Love the tattoos on Alex’s arms.

  34. I agree that Alex looks really fit in these photos. I hope no one throws anything at me but I hope Alex doesn’t become the “body builder type” where muscle definition becomes severe. Not sure if I am making sense but the bodies on some of those “body builders” are a turn off to me. I love a six pack ab and some muscle definition but not like Arnold had in his hey day. Just don’t want that for Alex but I agree it is his body to define. Just saying what I like. Also I hope he is done with the tats. Too many are no longer a turn on to me. Too old fashioned and still too much of a Mick Girl.

    1. I am a lover of tattoos myself, but I think that on Alex what he has is perfect for him, they can be used for the hotness of his current role on Hawaii 5O, and things like this one, but they can also be covered easily. I think his are perfect just the way they are.
      Correct me if I am wrong, but I did read on his Wikipedia site or some where that he had two removed? I am pretty positive that one was his lower back one AKA Tramp Stamp, and I am sure that the culture in Australia is different than here, so it didn’t have the same kind of stigma there that it does here. I know for the show they cover the ones on his chest, and he still has those because I saw them in the GQ pictures. But for the life of me I can’t figure out what the other one is that he had removed. Does anyone know?
      But I did just want to say that from a tattoo lovers perspective, he has the perfect amount. Just enough to make him a little bit of a bad boy, but not too much to make him a freaky bad boy (not that there is anything wrong with freaky bad boys, i love ’em) but he is perfect in every way.
      I don’t think he will become too muscle bound, not the way he works out. As the little bit there said, he doesn’t work out in gyms, so he is not lifting weights, his workouts are cardio and fitness, and too keep that amazing body the way it is. :love: :heart:

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