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  1. 希望你一切都好,爱你永远。。

  2. Thanks Audreyd, Now I can dream. Who knows? Right? :love:

  3. Lucky FAN! Alex is clearly a very nice guy. Wow. Anyway… I watched some of the old 5-0 shows and it was no where close to the action and drama of the new one. Let’s hope people realize what they’re missing and they keep it on cause it’s definitely worth watching! BTW~ in Michigan so I probably won’t get to be one of those lucky fans to take a pic with him. Bummer. :love:

    1. Yvonne, all is not lost, I live in Canada and I got to meet Alex in LA, when I was visiting my friend Mary. Everything is left up to chance, you never know when it can happen. 8)


  5. What a cute picture and what a pretty lucky girl. Wonder if she works there. I don’ know if it looks like he was drinking or just tired especially if it was a long work day. So sad. I live in Wisconsin (Green Bay) and I am positive I will never walk into him. What would he be doing here when he can be in Hawaii. I was there once and had the time of my life. I can see why he seems to like it there. Thank you Tiffany for the pic and love to Alex and the gang. Come on CBS, what about a season 2. I can’t see there not being one, it’s such a good show. Well, bye for now.

  6. Lucky lucky lucky girl….I’m green with jealousy… :o)

  7. Oh my, that girl really has some………..assets………….

  8. Another thing that I especially like about Alex is that when he meets a nice girl (like Amber) he stays with them. He doesn’t run around. He was with Holly, I think, for 4 years. I do hope he stays that way! Thanks Tiffany. :love: :heart:

  9. Is Alex still with Amber? he looks like such a down to earth boy, he should b with someone that is not an actor…

  10. just one song for you -Michael Buble’s -“Hollywood”,

    1. Think I will certainly check out jjdolons when in Hawaii. But Alex will most likely be back in LA by May.


  11. Entertainment Tonight this Monday 21st March & to quote the announcer ..quote…”Hawaii Five-0 Let’s loose!” un-quote.

  12. I just got the latest edition of Enterrainment Weekly….which has never had much to say about our Alex for some reason . Hawaii 5 0 didn’t even make the top 25 in TV watching….What is up with that?? :bandit: Also still no notice of the next years ( i Hope) coming show ……being renewed. :woot: SOMBODY HAS GOT TO PUT HIM IN A BIG MOVIE…people I ask about him here in my town don’t even know his name> Come on CBS, put him in a good movie. He STILL in my opionion has less face time than Scott and too much action where you can’t get a real grip on his acting or looks.. Anyone have any comments. Love from Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan :love: :heart:

    1. suzanne, I belive you said you were from Youngstown, Ohio. I’m from Warren, and belive me, everone, everyone, everyone knows who he is. My seven year old granddaughter talks about him by name in her school. All the people I work with, all my relatives and any one I run across. Can’t belive Warren has moe followers then Youngstown. Keep looking they are out there. I wish I could walk into a pizza shop and run in to HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart:

      1. Two from Ohio? I am in Columbus.

    2. I agree with Suzanne that Scott is getting the most meaty scripts. They do need to give Alex some good drama!

    3. Hey Suzanne, I have the same problem. When I tell people about Alex, and Hawaii Five-0, they say who ;-( . As long as we love him, I think that is all that matters. :love: He’s got a true fan base, that goes way back, so he’ll never be without fans.
      I also agree about the face time and how much Scott has been up front in most of the epi’s. I’ve complained to CBS. 👿 May the rest of the team will have a chance to be upfront and personal…..soon.
      I still miss Moonlight, (though I still watch it, just to get my daily Alex fix :heart: ) because it was all him in nearly every scene, along with his love interest Sophia, she was also good.
      I understand that CBS usually waits until May, I think they like to keep us in suspense, before they announce season renewals.
      I can’t see how they won’t renew it, because H50 seems to do well in the rating every week.
      Keep the faith girlfriend, I do. XXOO

    4. Well, its about time we heard from you, suzanne faith. KEEP after CBS so they will renew H50 !!!!!!

  13. TIFFINY, thanks, ‘I like your answer better then mine. Just can’t imagine how Amber feels being away from him. Yeah, I agree with you. Thanks for straiting out my thoughts.

  14. Nice photo, lucky girl. Now there’s someone “young and good-looking” for Alex. LOL

  15. What do you mean “single” I thought there was a thing going on with Amber? I hope there still is. Doesn’t his eyes look like hes been drinking? I hope he didn’t take her home with him! I would be vaery disappointed…

    1. Ladies I am pretty sure the woman in the photos works at the eatery where this was taken, as she thanked him for stopping by. Alex is not doing anything he shouldn’t be.

  16. Sorry if i offended gals but Alex is a single guy and she is very attractive!

    Was just being funny, i thought. 🙁

  17. Cute. Im surprised Alex could keep his attention toward the camera. Lol
    B 8)

  18. Lucky girl. He seems to be so nice to his fans. Hope he stays that way…….


  20. Thanks Tiffany,great photo and very lucky fan.

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