Alex O’Loughlin’s Tattoos

Since I have been getting so many site visitors searching for information on Alex’s tattoos I decided to post some pictures.

Alex has 6 tattoos that I can count. Occasionally he gets an extra “fake” one for a movie too. He has large tattoos on each shoulder, tattoos on each forearm, a small one above his right nipple, and one large one that spans his lower back and reaches slightly over his hips (my personal fave). The one on his back looks like barbed wire, one of his shoulder tats looks like a pyramid or shield of some sort and the other appears to have serpents. The forearm tattoos are pretty faded but the chest tattoo almost looks like a lizard or a gecko.

Fake Tattoos: The bird tattoo on his neck for the movie The Invisible and the tattoo (looks like a cross) on the middle of his back for the movie Feed.

The picture below are from movies. The top on and two bottom ones are from Oyster Farmer, the movie poster if from Feed, the two middle photos are from The Invisible.




alex arm tattoo

The tattoo above is modeled after a print by H.R.Giger called Illuminatus II.

giger illuminatusÂ




Update: Alex has since covered his forearm tattoos and he has another small one over his left nipple as well. 

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  1. Nice ink! Need to get me another one. LOL

  2. His body are hottie and loved thier movie actor. I crush him for almost 7 years until now I still crush at him and no one will steal him from me!!!!!!!!! I wish meet him real life. I did watch his many movie show but my favorite most is Moonlight more better than other movie. I have many pics of him in my bedroom over 100 hahaha very crazy and hyper girl!!!!!

    I :heart: ALEX O’LOUGHLIN

  3. Why would he want to do that to his body. I think is a very good looking man, but the tottoos
    are awful looking. It is his choice. I just think they look awful

  4. i dont think that any of these are his actual tattoos. He has totally differnt ones on hawaii five-O and none of the ones mentioned in movies other movies then ones on this page

    1. Really? Then why does he have the exact same tattoo on his lower back in two different movies?

  5. What tattoo is on his left shoulder

  6. You’re amazing in Hawaii five-o! 😆

  7. cool tats ^_^ 😆 😮

  8. Comment hi I am from barbados I love to see alex an his tattoos
    I would love for you to come to barbados so I can see you in person


    1. Wow, you are SO SQUARE! I’ll take him with all his tattoos so you won’t be bothered by them.

      1. im with you Michelle if jo only see’s tatoo’s rather than that fantastic body i feel sorry for her

  10. “Godday to2 all, as Alex problebly would say ! I have A Suprice to you , who love Alex`s Tattoos. I was watching The Invisible yesterday at home, I had bought a home-DVD earlier at the week .( I really hope that Alex doesen`t be offented of this discovery And that I tell about it !) ! There where a Feature Audio Commentary Whit Director David S. Goyer And Writer Christine Roum.
    They spoked by the seen , where Annie ( Margarita Leviera) and Alex as Marcus was standing at the edge of a cliff, whiteout any visual fact`s.
    Annie and Marcus had only a tiny, little wire rope on their ankles, to help if they would go over the cliff. An David, the Directer have the nerve to say he was proud of them both to do the sceen like that. I got very angry and worried about it. I tryed to look for that rope inch by inch the whole screen, And it was then I sow It ! In Alex back of his head there where A Tattoo like a Geggo , little bit smaller than the he have on the right, side by the nipple. Not

  11. I don’t believe the bird on his neck is real; it was just a touch he chose to have in the movie the Invisible.

  12. · Edit

    I love eveything about Alex….he is loveable 😉

  13. what is a tat?

    1. Have never heard a tatoo called a tat.

      Why is Alex so unhappy and mean looking on Hawaii Five O. has a cute smile use it. His character seems so unhappy, very seldom does he smile. Sorry to say I don’t watch the series anymore. Moonlight was the best of them all.

  14. i really love tatoo…. and Alex’s tatoo are so sexy…..

  15. I adore Alex as an actor, and think he’s beyond sexy. I really like what I see of his personality in every single interview.

    BUT…I have to say the one thing that’s a turn off for me is the oversized tramp tat. I’m sorry, but for me that is just eww on a guy. I was really hoping that was a fake done for a role rather than something he actually chose. Once I saw it in both the Oyster Farmer and Feed, I knew it must be real, and it’s the one bit of his taste & personal style that’s a downer. EVERYTHING else about the man is perfection though.

  16. only a fan of tats when they are on alex………nice!

  17. At Alex everything is parfeito even tattoos that I am not very adept, that man is to stop traffic. What will Alex, morning, noon and night. Kisses

  18. Não aprecio muito tatuagens, mais em Alex tudo fica perfeito, e que corpo maravilhoso, amo esse homem.

  19. yes!!! its actually its 34:43

  20. why cant i see any tats on moonlight??? somebody please tell me.. 😀 –thanks.

    1. nelazgela, they were covered with makup for his role as Mick.

    2. I never knew that make up could cover them so well. I read somewhere that in the episode The Ringer, there is a scene where is shirt went up in the back and you can see it, but I haven’t been able to catch it. Have you?

      1. It’s at The Ringer 33:35 when he takes a tumble over the grass at the cemetery 🙂

  21. The Tattoo by his nipple is indeed a gecko.

    1. That’s the one I like the most.

  22. ilov all the series of moonlight and all the cast i wish they never have canclled it on cbs i hope scifi picks it up since there running the complete series mick and beth are so hot together and the show got great ratings please bring back moonlight sinclery big alexoloughlin fan and of vampires and sophiamyles .

  23. alex u are sooooo sexy i love this man u are soo hooot u are yummy i like your action,,,,,u are sooo cute and i like your tattos very much xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. We all wish for the same thing, but not so because Alex is so sexy or he does great stunts, both of which are definitely true… In actuality, we all know Alex is extremely talented and a multi-versatile actor with a long range of charcter performing abilities… However, that entire cast of Moonlight brought to life, superbly, the wonderful storylines of each episode written by great writers who have uniques minds… And, we definitely all would appreciate a lifting of this Moonlight death sentence handed down by the “B” Queen herself, Nina Tassler… But we would hope that the lawyers working for Moonlight’s Executive production company would make certain, contract-wise, that the bumbling Queen Nina kept her 2 cents out of Moonlight & that the contract forbade any cancellations of the show & its production for the next 5 years…Making a contract so ironclad that it would take an Act of Congress to void it…

  25. I love mick and i wish moonlight was back on so i can watch him in action he is so sexy

  26. My dear sweeties on this thread we’d all love to “shag” Alex, even us older mums. Now instead of typing your sensuous desires on this page do something creative for him and his cancelled show Moonlight..

    Start snail mailing the right parties and, if you want to see this gorgeous man weekly on TV or the Internet showing of Moonlight, then check out the other news threads on this entire site to find out who, what and where you must send your regualr PO letters to get Moonlight back into production on another network..

    We are all aware of Alex’s physical attributes but show him we are not just a bunch of giggly airheads and that we have the brains and right stuff to get his show out of cancellation.. Vampire Solidarity, Rah! Rah! Rah!

    His Spiritedangel

  27. god hess soooooo hot i love this guy !

  28. · Edit

    mick is so y…..yummy. a man that plays a vampire is always hot especially him. i love all of his thanks for putting them on here

  29. He’s just so sexy…
    Just one question… how do they cover them for the Moonlight episodes?… i.e. in Ep.13 he spent first scenes shirtless (yum yum) and no visible tatoo… they must do it quite thoroughly… 🙂

  30. The one on his upper arm could be his O’Loughlin Family Crest. Because it’s some kind of shield ususally family crests are like that. That may not be what it is, but I think it might be a good guess. 🙂

  31. The tats are sooo Hot on ALex..He’s not overly done with them but the ones he has certainly suite him..I love the lower back one. Yummy!! Thanks for the info!!


  33. omg i would totally shag him!!!!!!!!!!oh yer baby!!

  34. · Edit

    Alex sure likes his tats, not that I’m complaining coz he sure suits them 🙂

  35. I love his tramp stamp…yummy!


    2. So do I. Actually I am impressed with all of Alex’s tattoos….awesome.

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