Kind Words for Alex and JLo


Thanks frequent AOLO visitor Natalie for the link to this blurb about Alex and JLo.

I’m wondering when the first episode of Three Rivers will air. I know Alex O’Loughlin is busy filming The Back-Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez… ” Amy
I’m going to stop you right there to say that Three Rivers premieres Sunday, Oct. 4. I will now segue into an email I just received from Jennifer Elise Cox (formerly of 10 Items Or Less), who also has a role in The Back-Up Plan. “I had a really funny scene with Alex,” my very Brady buddy shared. “He’s so much fun!” Cox also said that J.Lo is “one of the nicest and most talented actresses I’ve ever worked with.” Awww.

The Backup Plan set sounds like a warm and fuzzy place!

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  1. As always a great pleasure seeing Alex and Jennifer together. Happily ever after :love:

  2. Now that I have watched all the videos, interviews and seen all the photos, I am convinced that not only is there chemistry between Alex and JLo, there is a genuine like between the characters that is so apparent. I don’t know what kind of heat Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman will bring for their movie – I don’t consider Bateman a “sex symbol” at all. When you compare Alex vs. Jason, no contest, Alex wins hands down. 🙂

  3. Everyone says he is fun, what a man.

  4. Hey Tiffany !!

    that’s cute and it make me want to see the movie even more if that’s even possible. I miss seeing them working, hopefully next week which might be the last one we’ll get some pictures.

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