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Alex O'Loughlin Chatting about the Movie The Backup Plan

Alex O’Loughlin (Stan) – “I first auditioned for the role of specimen CR04239B– I wanted to give my seed to the film… but they weren’t interested… so I just auditioned for the role of Stan and got it. I’m happy with it. Stan is a daydreamer. He’s a little frustrated at where he is. Then suddenly, Stan and Zoe collide into one another’s lives. It’s very serendipitous because they end up exactly where they want and need to be, but it takes a minute to realize what it is.”

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  1. Loved The Back Up Plan! You and Jennifer were adorable. It’s a definite buy for our collection. Thank you for your performance, my beautiful daughter is still swooning!

  2. Yes Sandra I agree with you Alex certainly does have the Aussie charm, quick wit and sense of humour. I enjoyed listening to the interview with Jason Dohring also and they seemed to have a great comaraderie with each other. Both laughing and joking with each other as well as the interviewer.

    I think it’s good that Alex can keep his sense of humour as it would be so easy to fall into the trap of taking yourself too seriously like many other hollywood stars do.

    Alex always comes across honest and open and is a pleasure to listen to when he is interviewed.

    Looking forward to ‘The Backup Plan’ and ‘Three Rivers’.

  3. Jeannie
    Well, he is an aussie because he is Australian.
    The Larrikin bit. Well official definition is clownish, loud. So yes, that would be Alex. My slant on it is a bit of a boy, full of mischief (if you watch Jason Dohring and him together in an interivew, poor Sophia I bet they pulled some pranks on her) Good with the ladies, but a little wild. (Hence all the tatts, and 3 lots of body piercing, which are un-used these days) also his love of rock climbing and motorbikes. Steve Urwin(Crocodile Hunter) sort of made the word Larrikin more prominent. He also was an Aussie Larrikin, but in my opinion way more over the top than Alex. Also hence Alex’s smart ass remarks at time.

  4. · Edit

    I am always awed by Alex’s impromptu comments. That’s why I’d love to see more of his live interviews….where are they??? He is just so adorable.

  5. Sandra,

    What’s an aussie larrakin???

  6. He is such a smart ass, always ready for a laugh, a proper aussie larrakin. But so hot too.

  7. Alex….nice! Thank you.

  8. Still laughing…sexy, smart and funny… the whole package indeed. Bravo, Alex!

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