The Many Ways to Wish Alex O’Loughlin a Happy Birthday

The earth has almost done a complete cycle around the sun again, so that means it is once again time to look at ways to wish Alex a happy birthday. As you recall, last year was a milestone year for him as he turned 40, so that would make this upcoming one his 41st celebration. Many fans over the years have done different things to help send Alex birthday wishes and this year is no different.

In prior years, what he has asked for the most is to make a donation to his favorite charity, Taylor’s Gift. We doubt that this year his wish would be any different so thankfully there are many different ways you can do so. We have listed them below with details for each one. They are not listed in any particular order as the money all goes to the same place and for a good cause so if you choose to donate, you can decide what one resonates the most with you to do so. Read about each campaign and go from there. Again we are posting this to help wish Alex a Happy Birthday and help Taylor’s Gift, so it does not matter how you meet that goal.



Alex O’Loughlin Fans for Donate Life

Alex O'Loughlin fans for organ donation



The campaign ends Aug. 23 at midnight since Alex’s birthday is on Aug. 24.

Here’s the detailed info in English:

Here’s the detailed info in German:

The direct link to the fundraising page:

The direct link to the online birthday card:



Alex O’Loughlin: Actions for Life – Supporting Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Alex O'Loughlin: Actions for Life - Supporting Taylor's Gift Foundation



46 Fans will be enough to make him smile. For $ 25 do not hesitate to deposit a greeting that will be transcribed on virtual card. 1976 is a great year because a hero is born … Let’s celebrate Alex’s birthday with class. Click on the following to deposit your donations.

Ends August 23



Taylor’s Gift Direct

Taylors Gift


The third option would be to donate direct to Taylor’s Gift. This can be done at anytime before his birthday or any time after, for that matter. We think it is important to remember this cause other times of the year as well.  




If you want to read more about why this organization and organ donation is important to Alex in case you do not know, please do so here.

If your circumstances allow you to give a donation, it is the perfect way to say Happy Birthday to Alex! Every little bit helps so do not feel as if you have to give a lot. Do what you can, IF you can, and choose to support his favorite charity.

You can also register as an organ donor if you have not done so already and feel it is right for you. This is a free way to get involved.



If you are not able to give there are a few other ways that you can wish Happy Birthday to Alex (and Scott in this case) that do not include a financial contribution. Here are the details about the Birthday Project run by H50Europe where you can provide a personal video/message to either, or both of the Hawaii Five 0 men. There is also a message board that you can write a direct message on. As you can see, they have all the angles covered there so check it out.

Birthday project for Alex and Scott



Message board link



If you have not heard yet that Alex and Scott were born on the “same” day, then the beginning part of this video will enlighten you. It is the best explanation of the actual timing directly from them. Although the details are in the beginning of the interview, we included the whole segment for you that we found on youtube. It is a good interview and worth watching.






There you go! As you can see there are plenty of ways to get involved in wishing Alex the best birthday ever!  (these campaigns are the ones that have been brought to our attention so if we missed anything, it was not intentional)

Here’s wishing Alex the best for not only this one but for many more!!


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  1. Alex and scott, Happy birthday, I am disabled and was in a major motor cycle accident, but I am donating what ever parts are worth saving, I have a friend that lives in Hawaii, wish I could afford a ticket, feel free to send me one, LOL I would love to meet you two.. is alex really as nice and kind hearted as he seems on the showThank you

  2. Happy Birthday Alex!
    Im sitting here winding up my 50th birthday thinking “WOW, what a great present it would be to meet you.” The better gift though is the gift of life. I am an organ donor for many years. Hopefully, I will have something left to donate as I will be having TPIAT surgery in the near future! Then, I would like my ashes mixed with glitter and placed into my favorite vodka bottle!
    GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK in bringing awareness to the gift of LIFE?
    I wanted to share a pic of me and my dog Cupcake kissing me on my bday but I cant seem to add it here for you. Booo

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please know this is not Alex and we are just a fan site.

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