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  1. Wauwww!! This film looks great and funny, can’t wait until june when the movie will come to the Netherlands…Alex is a great and good looking actor will always by my favorite one! Hope the world would see Alex’s big talent after this film, he deserves it.
    Thanx Tiffanny for sharing this awesome vid!

  2. merry christmas late happy new year alex darling

  3. This movie looks like it will be a hit. Movie looks funny and delightful! Will see you there on April 16, 2010! Alex looks so good in this. They both have such great chemistry! I love this film already!

  4. Only Alex could make a pineapple juicebox look sexy…

  5. Yep the world is going to notice Alex after this movie (the people who have been walking round with their eyes shut anyway!) – just wish it wasn’t so far away. So dying to see it:)

  6. awwwww… i wanna kiss alex toooo!!! he is such a great man.. i loooove him.. love his eyes and smile.. his eyes says he is a kind loving person 🙂 wish i could meet him some day!! i am looking forward to see this movie… even though i am joealous on jennifer.. hehe.. 😛

  7. I think this movie is going to make a big movie star of our Alex:-)!!! I can’t wait to see it. I wish it was still coming out next month, cause April seems so far away. He looks so damn gorgeous!!!!

  8. Excellent!! This video just made my night. Oh, such a beautiful man! Oooh, those abs, SEXY. This movie looks like it is gonna be so funny. I can hardly wait until April.

  9. Isn’t be just so cool
    It looks such fun. Got to see it. Hurry up April

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