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  1. SoOOOOOOOOOOO funny. ALex soooooooooooo secy, gorgeous.
    Is it me, but in Moonlight Alex )Mick had quite a hairy chest, in all those wripped shirts wet chest. Did he get it waed wonder? His chest is not so hairy at all just a cluster in topless scene? Hairy chest or not he is hunky. Sexy voice and all

    1. Oh I just can`t wait!
      He is such a gorgeous actor and I think it`s about time to see him a little more permanently in the theaters! Hopefully he won`t quit his job one day because of all this stupid “only one season” stuff , really I can´t understand them to stopp Moonlight and Three Rivers, the stories were great, the actors brilliant and the fans happy, actually this should be the sing to go on with the series. If I were him I would feel really upset.

  2. OMG…this movie looks great and funny…get to see the funny side of alex, cant wait to see it..oohhllll alex without a shirt on..looks good!

  3. Thank you for the great video clip, It’s a shame we have to wait so long to see it released. They look like they are a perfect fit, his smile is just to die for. Tiffany, bless you for giving us all this info to absorb, to you & yours have a great holiday.

  4. i sooo cant wait to see this movie .. i keep watching the trailers time and time agen and ever time i pmslol ..lol…. i have read some were that it comes out on the 16th of april …dose anyone know if that is just in america ..or is it world wide ?????

  5. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I keep replaying the ET show. Alex has to make a hit in this movie. His voice his looks he is everything a woman would want. I love you Alex, please write to us and tell us what your next plan is going to be. signed hopeful

  6. Can any one tell me WHY we have not heard nothing from or about Alex at this time?????

  7. I agree Jenny, Alex is on his way to the big time. This is the perfect film to show off his talent.
    Move over Hugh Grant you have competion for King of the Romantic Comedies.

  8. Guys…..he is on his way to the big time, this is it, I can just feel it.

  9. Wow, they certainly put a lot of the movie in this ET vid. Almost too much…but I love what I see and it is funny and delightful. I like the scene where Alex says I Love You and JLo throws up. Not what he was expecting…was it 🙂 I think this will be a very entertaining movie. Can’t wait until April 16, 2010.

  10. Thank you Tiffany. This movie seems so sweet and funny. And, our Alex is absolutely “Yummy”. Alex and JLo have chemistry. Hopefully, this will be a hit for him and will bring him to everyone’s attention. Can’t wait to see the movie. Hooray for Alex!!

  11. I saw the promo on ET and I must say that I have to eat my words – OMG! Is there anyone hotter than Alex – The promo was adorable and you can definitely see the chemistry between Alex and J-Lo – I have definitely changed my mind about going to see this movie – It will be worth the price just to see Alex on the big screen for 2 hrs. Hope there will be a DVD of it.

  12. And don’t you just love that little side profile smile he gives her in the scene where he is wearing in the brown sweater?????? Oh my!!!!!

  13. I can’t wait for this movie!! The scenes shown are so funny. He looks so incredibly yummy!!! Wish it was still coming out next month:-(. I agree about his voice…OMG!!!!!!!

  14. Kale, I also thought his voice was very sexy in this. You just want to melt when you hear him.

  15. On yes! Can not wait to Alex on the big screen! Is it just me, or is his voice particularly yummy in this clip????

  16. PS Watched Moonlight on the SyFy channel almost all day…the marathon was on for 8 hrs today and I am lucky enough to have a TV in my office… Cannot miss any chance to see Alex’s face when it’s on tv…especially when it’s ML.

  17. So happy to be able to see the whole broadcast of this ET promo…missed part of it when I tuned in. Thank you big time, Tiffany. Hopefully this movie will bring Alex O into more people’s lives when the movie premieres…wish it wasn’t so long off. But I guess April will come eventually! I hope he gets to do a lot of guest appearances for the movie. He’s always so charming in interviews. Go Alex.

  18. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this movie …. get the feeling that it’s going to be another hit now that people tend to watch romantic comedy films !!! Wish they did not change the original playdate ……. Alex and JLo fans are so waiting for it !!!! Can’t wait to see it !!!

  19. Looks like a very good movie. I laughed at a few parts. I can’t wait to see this in the spring!!!

  20. It looks really good, J-Lo does very well in comedies. Can’t wait.

  21. Thanks, Tiffany for this great video!! Is he gorgeous or what? I can’t hardly wait to see this movie, it is the first time we get to see Alex in a truly romantic role. Wahoo

  22. and … funny as in for sure.

  23. 100% looking forward to seeing without a doubt… and that of as to enjoying is for sure going to be the case… heart with true feeling …..

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