Hawaii Alt O-Hawaii Five-O Alternative Universe Ch 3


It is time for another chapter of Bryna’s fan fiction. There have been a lot of you reading it and asking when the next chapter comes out so you are in luck!  Here it is below.


If you are late to the party and have not seen this story by Bryna yet, here is chapters one and two.


Now on with the story.


hawaii alt 0 story



Chapter 3


“WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!” Steve screams fighting the arm constraints. 


WoFat McGarrett steps closer to the bed, “Steve, it’s me, your brother, WoFat. Remember?”


Dr. Williams and Grover hold him down. Dr. Williams leans over to Steve,  “Commander, it’s okay, you’re safe, that’s your brother!”


Steve tries to break free, “NO! I don’t have a brother!”


Grover whispers to the doctor, “Isn’t there some happy juice you can give him to calm him down.”


Steve heard Grover and fights even harder, “I knew it…he captured me again and your pumping me with drugs..what information are you trying to mine this time?!” Mick comes over and helps restrain Steve.


Dr. Williams swiftly grabs a sedative vile and administers it to Steve’s IV.


“No!!” Steve’s mind begins to fade and his body goes limp.


Grover wipes his brow, “Man for a bruthah with a wounded shoulder and injuries, he’s strong like an ox. I can’t imagine how they captured him when he was 100%”


WoFat, looking visibly upset turns to the doctor, “Will he be okay, Doc? Why couldn’t he remember me?”


Dr. Williams assured WoFat, “You have to understand he just came out of a terrible ordeal. He’s traumatized and could be experiencing flashbacks. Don’t worry, he’s a Navy Seal, he’ll overcome this.



Stay tuned for chapter 4



Story and Pic credit Becoming_Bryna

Adapted from the CBS characters of Hawaii Five 0 and Moonlight









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