Hawaii Alt 0- Hawaii Five 0 Alternative Universe Ch. 4


Moving on in Bryna’s story it is time to find out what happens next. Only two more chapters to go including this one so it is almost time for the big reveal. What is really happening to Steve and why are all these unfamiliar characters (to him but not to us) showing up in his life.


Have you been able to keep up with who is who, and what and why this is happening?  Do you have any theories?


That big reveal will be in chapter five. In the meantime enjoy more of the buildup as we present chapter four as Bryna meshes in a few more characters to deepen the plot.


Hawaii Alt 0 Hawaii Alt 0 Hawaii Alt 0



Chapter 4




Steve recognizes the voice, he fights past the pounding headache and opens his eyes, “Mom?”


“Oh Stephen….we’re so glad you’re okay!!!” Doris kisses his forehead and sits by his side.


“Hey Champ.” John McGarrett comes close and pats his son’s leg.


“Dad?? What..what are you doing here? I must be hallucinating again.”


“Again? Since when do you hallucinate, you’re a freakin’ Ninja!”


Mary chimes in as she wipes away a tear. “So glad you’re okay. How many times do I have to tell you…you’re not Superman. Captain America maybe, but definitely not Superman.”


“I must be dreaming…this can’t be real.” Steve closes his eyes.


“It is real, brother,” WoFat comes by Mary and sits on the other side of the bed.


John looks over to WoFat, “Son, I’m sure the drugs had something to do with Steve not recognizing you. You’re closer than any two brothers I’ve ever seen.”


Steve winces, “I think I’m gonna be sick.’


Dr. Williams walks over, “Well on that note, I think we need to let the patient rest. “ The doctor motions everyone out of the room.


“We’ll be back later, Honey. So glad you’re okay.” Doris kisses Steve again and heads toward the door.


John holds onto Steve’s hand and squeezes it, “Proud of you, Son. We’ll be in the cafeteria.”


“Yeah, not sure if I can eat thinking about you getting sick, but I’ll try,” Mary kisses Steve and walks over to WoFat, “Come on, brother. This time you owe me a plate lunch.”


“So glad you’re okay, Brother. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” WoFat pats Steve on the leg and walks out the room arm in arm with Mary.


Steve’s mind is still wheeling, “The circus is a wacky world.”


“It sure is, and I’m about to make this wacky world slow to a halt. This will help you rest, Buddy.” Dr. Williams injects Steve’s IV with a sedative. Steve welcomes the oncoming sleep as he’s still trying to figure out what is going on. He starts to fade until he sees Mick walk over to his bedside.


“We’ll come back this evening for an official statement so we can find the guys that did this to you.” Steve nods at Mick as he starts to fade into sweet sleep.


Mick, Danno and Kono head toward the door. Grover clears his throat at Mick and motions to his ring finger.


Mick stops in his tracks, “Oh, that’s right!” Mick quickly turns to Steve, I forgot, with all the excitement with your family, I forgot to tell you your wife is on the way.


“My what?? Wwwaaiiitt” the shock of hearing Mick say his wife is on the way was still not enough to keep him awake. He fades into the darkness.


Mick turns and sees Mrs. McGarrett enter the room with a young officer on her arm, “Here she is, perfect timing,” Mick turns to Steve, “Commander I would…Commander? Those meds work fast.”


Mick turns back around, “Mrs. McGarrett, he is okay…he’s just sleeping due to the medication Dr. Williams just administered. He will be up in a couple of hours.


“Thank you, Detective,” Coraline McGarrett said in a soft voice. She walked shakely into the room as she held on to the young police officer who escorted her from the hospital lobby. He gently led her to the chair next to Steve’s bed side. She turned and thanked the caring officer.


Mick motioned to the rookie, “Officer Josef, let’s give Mrs. McGarrett time with her husband. If you like, I’ll post you outside with Duke’s men.


“Josef nodded, “Thank you, Detective.”


Mick and Josef walked quietly out of the room. Coraline gently caressed her husband’s hand, “I’m so glad you’re okay. Officer Josef said you are in good hands, he said Detective Mick is very persistent. She leans over and kisses Steve on his cheek.


Stay tuned for chapter 5- the final chapter and the big reveal.


Story and Pics credit Becoming_Bryna

Adapted from the CBS characters of Hawaii Five 0 and Moonlight









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