Whimsical Wednesday Alex O’Loughlin FanArt Day


Are you ready for some Whimsical Wednesday fun? If so then you are in the right place as it is time for Alex O’Loughlin Fanart Day. The creators have been busy at work again and as always did some great pieces. This week we have a little bit of everything from the celebration of Spring to a double identity and inner conflict and a lot in between. Let’s’ delve in.




Starting with the double identity, this one is from Gaby. She took extremely identical poses and expressions of Alex as his two most popular characters Mick and Steve. She used the mirror concept to bring it home even further. It is pretty amazing how the stances are so close to one another making it very believable that one is really looking in the mirror and seeing past or present of the other one. Will the real Alex please come forward type of thing.  Nicely done.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit H50Europe



Next is from Sonja, who decided on the Spring theme for the week. She did two very diverse ones and in her own words, “I thought I would send you 2 very different, blooming“ pics …one happy, sunny Alex … and one slightly “creepy” Michael.”  You can decide for yourself how slightly creepy the Micheal one is. At least it is a flower he is smelling here as based on that character you just never know. In the second one it is nice to see a very happy and smiling Alex. Spring seems to bring that emotion out in everyone.

alex o'loughlin fanart


alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Sonja (Sonni)




Next we have the wall of Monika. She chose a more simple piece this week and boxed Alex in. The picture she chose to put in the box is one of him looking serious and concerned. Although sexy he looks like he means business so maybe someone should let him out of the box.

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Monika Wawrzenietz




One of our admins had a little time this week so she provided us this different blend. Alex is deep in thought and in this pic he is even overshadowing himself. His eye falls directly in line with his pocket which represents him looking into himself deeply…Introspection. 

alex o'loughlin fanart





We pulled again from our gallery for one from Silvia as she has been very busy this month. Hopefully she will have a few new ones soon as she provides some really great stuff that we all love. In the meantime since it is the first days of Spring, lets stay with Sonja’s flower theme. With this picture of Alex from the Backup Plan promos, his already bright smile is lit up even more with the vibrant flowered background. 

alex o'loughlin fanart

Credit Silvia



That is it for the week. Bryna’s been really busy entertaining everyone another way this past week including lots of fanart so if you have not read her short story fanfic you should check it out. It is kind of fun. The art again has been innovative and diverse so hope you enjoyed it and many thanks to the contributors. They will have more for your next Wednesday so come on back to check for more new stuff then.







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  1. Those were amazing. My favorite was the Mick / Steve.

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