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  1. I love the way he says Uuuuuuuuhhh. It just made me want to be there with him. So gorgeous…

  2. HI Tiffany, what a great interview!! I loved it. Alex seemed much more relaxed than on Craig’s show. He is so gorgeous and that smile of his is intoxicating!!! 4 m ore days till Three Rivers. Can’t wait!! Thank for keeping us up to date on all that is Alex!!

  3. Thanks for the share Tiffany…really enjoyed it, but there’s got to be more if the clip!

  4. thanks so much alex looked so handsome the show was taped for me when i get a change to watch it but alex looked so good
    thanks again

  5. He is such a fun guy. Very relaxed much more so than on the Craig Ferguson show/
    Can;t wait to see the whole interview.

  6. This is absolutely fantastic. Love it. Alex just excels at being oh so charming. You cant help but melt just watching him. Thank you so much for this delicious treat.

  7. Thank You! Cable is still out. At least I got a small Alex fix tp keep me going til Sunday.

  8. Alex is gorgeous, so funny, so entertaining. I like this interview so much. Bonnie is a great person, so perfect for Alex’s type of fun-loving humor.

  9. I just saw the Bonnie Hunt show. Alex was so great. He looked more relaxed than I have seen him look in a while and he was so funny. Of course he was also gorgeous!! Can’t wait to see Three Rivers on Sunday.

  10. Hello from Germany, too =)
    Oh my GOD!!
    He’s sooo handsome!
    This smile these eyes it’s just… everything about him is soo great! 😀

  11. watched over and over again. still keep laughing :). How funny & cute he is. Love to see more of this show. It seems this show it rock 🙂

  12. Just watched the show and Alex is HILARIOUS—and of course GORGEOUS!!!! Great interview!

  13. Hello from Germany and OMG!!!! Look at his eyes and his brows when he talks about this situation!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to kiss my screen 😉

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