Recap Three Rivers Episode 1 Place of Life

Three Rivers Place of Life Screencap

This is a full recap and review so there are spoilers galore. Avert your eyes NOW if you do not want a blow by blow of this episode!

First off… critics be damned… I thought this episode rocked. We have had so many poor reviews and nasty words about the show that I am left to believe that some of these people have lost cotton pickin minds… it was GOOD. Was it AMAZING? No, but it did follow the CBS formulaic approach very well. It was interesting and IMO every bit as good as CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, etc. In fact I think it was a lot better than many of their other shows. Once we get into back stories and personal stuff among the doctors I think this show could be every bit as good as ER too.

Alex O’Loughlin (Andy Yablonski) is in his element as a doctor. His acting was superb and I thought he played the part of hot shot doctor very well. I especially loved to see how he balances his obvious ability and skill with empathy for his patients AND recognition that he too must play by the rules and be accountable to a boss (Sophia Jordon – Alfre Woodward).

Katherine Moennig as Miranda Foster was also a HUGE surprise to me. I have never seen in her anything else. I LOVED her character. Her throaty voice and spunk make her a winner in my book.

Daniel Henney as David Lee… well you can’t have too much eye candy. When I am not looking at Alex and I am looking at Daniel. I am really looking forward to seeing his back story and getting to know his character more.

Christopher J. Hanke as Ryan Abbott was pretty darn cute. His impulsive, do gooder attitude is very believable. He seems to let his mouth run before his brain can catch up.

The story in Place of Life revolved around 3 cases. Dr. Any Yablonski is caring for a pregnant women who needs a heart transplant. Her pregnancy and her rare blood type make caring for her difficult at best. Dr. Andy also has a young African patient who also needs a heart transplant but the monkey wrench is that he has no citizenship and no health insurance. Dr. Foster is caring for a 14 year old boy who comes in vomiting blood. It is determined that he is eating metal objects and Miranda battles her first instincts that parental absence is causing the boy to act out.

The scenes were well acted and there were many humorous and touching moments as well. Dr. Andy’s surprise ring tone was funny as was Dr. Lee having to remind Ryan not to run with the cooler that had a heart in it. I even had a moment of anger when the adult daughter of a donor basically accuses the hospital of letting her father die in order to harvest his organs. The scene where Ryan gets in their face to tell them they could be letting a pregnant woman die while they hem and haw was realistic to me.

Miranda Foster worked out some of her own issues during the show regarding her absent father. She also managed to get to the root cause of her patient’s problem because she was willing to talk to him and really listen. Their moments of kinship at the end were very well played.

I was touched by the scenes where Dr. Andy had to be supportive to the husband of the pregnant woman and his moments with the mom at the end were priceless. I have been hospitalized many times and had several surgeries… to find Dr. Andy sitting on my bed waking me up, holding my hand… aahhh! Can you say hyperventilation? Dr. Andy should have been more careful… he could have given the woman palpitations!

Anyway it was a great episode and a great intro. I see NO reason why this show cannot be a success. I hope that they continue to turn out these good episodes.

AND remember to thank the advertisers with a quick email! Let them know you saw their ad during Three Rivers and that you like to see them supporting such a good show with such an important message. This will be a tough one for me since I am a very political person and I boycott and or despise 3/4 of the companies I saw advertising but anything for Alex ya know?

The advertisers I saw were: Allstate, Toviaz, McDonalds,, Dove, GMC, Pristiq, Outback Steakhouse, Chase, AARP, Nexxus, Campbells, Giant Eagle, Lincoln, Kohler, Maybelline, Yoplait, Oxy Clean, Aquafresh, Kroger, Clorox, Chevy.

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  1. I agree episode 2 was really good. Im glad its getting better
    Wasnt really pleased with episode 1. I hope it keep getting better and better
    Alex is so gorgeous.

  2. After seeing this weeks episode, I’m really confused. Why in the world did they not show this one in the correct order??

    It was SO much better than the premier!.

    Happy dance!!

    1. I was a little confused also when Ryan appeared as a new hirer and when he actually in the original (primier) show. I agree, except for the photography, I enjoyed this show better. It was missing information on why the donor (boy killed in the car crash) killed the girl ‘Faith’. Why bring it into the show if they are not going to complete the story.

  3. I loved TR!!! I think people have to stop comparing it to Moonlight. Moonlight is gone and Alex’s fans need to move on, He has. I think we need to give TR more time. You can;t know everything about the characters in the first episode. Alex was great as Andy and I loved the inter action between him and the boy from Ethiopia. Come on Guys give it a chance.

  4. Does anyone know what sort of numbers Mercy and Trauma got compared to Three


    1. You asked about the ratings for Trauma and Mercy:

      Network Show Rating 18-49

      October 5th NBC Trauma 5.49 1.8/4
      October 7th NBC Mercy 7.29 1.8/5


  5. I agree, tension and nail-biting situations must be added to Three Rivers. From what I’ve
    read, at least six episodes have been completed so far, and hopefully they’ve ramped up
    the pace. Getting to know the main characters and their personal lives will certainly help.
    As for plots, how about angry and/or grief-stricken family members whose loved one, for
    one reason or another, did not get the life-saving surgery they were supposed to get.
    Opposition because of ethical or religious beliefs could also be explored. I even thought
    that Dr. Yablonsky could rescue a hijacked organ from black-marketeers by doing a Mick
    St. John on them (without the fangs), and without hurting his hands of course. Naw, too far out, but we can always hope. LOL. By the way, I got such a kick out of the cinnamon bun
    scene from Three Rivers. I thought of the donut scene from Fated to Pretend. It brought a
    tear to my eye. Anyway, I hope CBS will do everything possible to keep TR on the air.

    1. I had the same reaction to the cinnamon bun scene!!!

  6. I have mixed feelings about the show. I kept going back and forth between three rivers and desperate housewives. alex as always was great. I didnt really get the hospital stuff
    it just seemed to high tech for any hospital i have ever seen. I liked the story lines
    but need to have a more realistic hospital. I would like to have seen more of Andys personal
    life. just my opinion.

  7. Okay, if anyone cares, here is one fans idea to tweak TR.

    Since the set is such a huge character in itself – I thinks it’s gotta go. It’s overpowering, too jumbled and too high tech. It overpowers the characters and the dialogue. It’s whole atmosphere says power, and money, and that the worst thing that can happen there is for someone to misplace an icon, or leave a messy fingerprint on the nifty screen. It’s just too perfect and gimicky.

    Since we’ve got three massive rivers there — I think they should overflow thier banks and flood that place!! Force the team to move back to that old hospital and work under some more difficult conditons (like a construction zone). To do a heart transplant in a perfect setting is good medicine. To do it in a under extreme conditons is heroic. Big difference.

    And ya want some moral issues??? During said above flood, have a patient on the table ready for a transplant — and the plane can’t land.- runway flooded. BUT, some EM brings in a person who has been injured in the flood and is now brain dead. No ID, no nothing — but a bunch of perfectly good organs. Patient waiting for transplant — body on life support. What to do?? THAT would make for some interesting moral and ethical debates.

    I want to see some stumbling blocks thrown in the characters paths. Right now the only setback is the time-line. And that can get old. How many ways can you show people fretting over the time factor??

    Perhaps in a year the old hospital (ie, set) could be restored, but in the mean time there could be some real challenges and setbacks and character developement that I can only see happening in a less than perfect setting.

    Anyone want to add thier 2 cents??? There’s gotta be some good ideas to kick this thing up a bit.

    Thanks for your time

  8. Hi LucyZanK I have gone into itunes store, TV shows, I can’t see Three Rivers. Perhaps mine is an Australian version so a little different. Did I go to the right place?

    1. Perhaps it’s not available until after the first airing. Here it is listed under TV Shows, then click on Show All and scroll through the list. If it isn’t there I think you’ll have to wait until Oct. 15.

  9. I know it was mentioned somewhere here previously, but as a reminder you can download the first episode of Three Rivers on iTunes for FREE!! I have it on my laptop and have rewatched it 3 or 4 times. I hope they continue to offer it there, free or not! I think the first show would have befitted from a 2 hour premier, they could have included elements from the pilot that explain some of the background of the characters, including that great rugby game they shot. From what I have read, they are taking parts of the pilot (the later one, not the original) and including them in future episodes. That probably means they are re-editing the eps they have already shot. Let’s hope they do whatever tweaking is needed to improve what they have to insure a larger audience and a better response from the critics. Not all critics were negative and CBS has new promotions featuring these positive comments. Alex did his job very well, let’s hope TPTB do theirs!! I will continue to watch and encourage others to watch as well.

  10. Thanks Heather, have tried that unfortunately CBS blocks anyone out of the USA region from being able to watch it.

  11. I also watched the other “medical” shows and did not like either one – too gimicky, especially “Trauma”- when out in the field, the action was there, other than that, boring. Getting back to TR – 9.2 million viewers for first time out is very acceptable considering what it was up against, ABC’s Desparate Housewifes” and NBC’s Sunday Night Football. New shows are always slow at the start, yes even “Moonlight” was slow at the beginning. took time for character and storyline development – TR will find its niche. Do not give up on it yet.

  12. Living in Australia I haven;t ahd the chance to see 3R’s. Reading other comments on other sites and the ratings it doesn’t sound good for the show. Australia will get it on Oct 14th on a channel I do not get in my Outback region, so that is not good for me.

    Rading some of the comments above it is a mixed bag, overall most like it, but mainly for the man, not for the show. Alex chose it out of the the scripts they gave him, whether or not it was the best in a bad bunch I don’t know, but he must have seen something in it.

    I fear for him. If it gets cancelled that will be two shows that went the same way. This one will not be beacuse of disagreements between two men high up the production ladder, but because of the show itself. Can you imagine what it will do to Alex’s self esteem, and pride in his craft. No doubt something else would come along, but it could mean months of no work no money.
    I honestly hope everything works out well. but a first show does have a big impact on future viewing, Will people who have never heard of the man still watch it. I read one article saying if they hadn’t seen him in a long black coat and fangs they would wonder why CBS was bothering with him their star, or word to that effect,

    Oiir dear Alex

  13. Well, I have to agree with many of Alex’s fans. I am a diehard ALEX fan and will support himi in anything and everything he does. BUT, I was disappointed in THREE RIVERS. I thought ALEX was great, as always, he’s a gifted actor who I believe could play role given me. This show just didn’t grab me and wanting for more… I will continue watching it for ALEX but do hope it improves!!

  14. Three Rivers did not get off to an auspicious start (neither did Moonlight, the pilot left a lot to be desired and by the last episode the show had changed drastically). However, the premise is compelling with a great cast and a plethora of storyline possibilities: all the elements for good television. Alex O’Loughlin will shine bright no matter what project he undetakes; Alfre Woodard…well, no explanation necessary her resume speaks for itself. Looking forward to the next episode. Sidebar: never say never to a Moonlight movie. Can anyone say Firefly/Serenity, Sex and the City, Star Trek….

  15. Three Rivers leaves much to be desired by way of plot and drama. The acting is good, Alex is, as always, awesome. The storylines are blah. Make me long for Moonlight. There is no drama in this show – you know exactly what is going to happen before it does. There is no suspense. The set looks good, the people look good, now if only there was a good story. I saw previews of, I guess, the first pilot and it looked way better that this first episode. They will be losing viewers if the storylines remain so blah. I believe most people (women) will emain for Alex, not only for his looks but his acting ability and he makes an excellent doctor, he can operate on me anytime – but please give him better storylines.

  16. I just realized that after football, Alex O’Loughlin’s Three Rivers would be up against NBC The Marriage Ref & Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. I think Alex’s show could beat them, but can we get Alex’s show to last until Super Bowl in January? Three Rivers has a tough schedule until then, I don’t think any other show in that time slot could be much better until football season ends.

  17. Here are the tv rating numbers:
    Time Network Show Rating 18-49
    9 PM CBS Three Rivers 9.17 2.0/5

    Look at Fridays. CBS won their night, but
    8PM CBS Ghost Whisperer 7.53 1.6/6
    9PM CBS Medium 7.47 1.8/6
    10PM CBS Numb3rs 7.67 1.5/5

    It’s unfair, Three Rivers lost their night but would beat on Friday nights. It’s so difficult against long establish show Desperate Housewives (although now that the wedding sequence is over, drop in ratings?) and NBC Football.

    1. thanks for the perspective on the numbers Natalie—lets hope CBS realizes that! Also—the star of The Good Wife has been on Major talk shows, how about booking Alex and the rest of the cast on something more high profile than Craig Ferguson and Bonnie Hunt! Can’t you at least promot it on The Early Show??????

  18. I just got the chance to see TR “uninterrupted” tonight (had to DVR it). I thought at first it didn’t seem to “flow” with lines and camera shots. I think there was so much information with each story that it did feel “rushed”. But then by the end I was boo hooing and was wondering what happend to the man from Ethiopia (DVR cut off too soon). I am looking forward to the next episode to see what happens. I guess I would say the only real problem I had was with some of the camera shots. One shot of Dr Andy the camera did a sudden close up shot of him and it was alittle ackward for a moment. As time goes on I’m sure they will all settle into the set, their characters and their stories.

  19. I am a big fan of Alex but I too found the show boring, half way through I was done although
    I watched it to the end. I am not one for medical drama but I can watch House because of the personality of Gregory House. The acting was good in Three Rivers but for the show to succeed it needs an edge or something to grab you and want to come back next week. It was in a good time slot because unless you are into football there was nothing else on.

  20. I’m sorry to hear so many negative comments about last night’s show. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even with so many characters that we knew absolutely nothing about. You can’t possibly expect to learn about every character in the first episode. The writers want you to return for more info each week. Give them a chance; right now the characters are probably still evolving. And they did need to devote time to get us involved in the storyline for the night, while introducing us to the critically ill patients. I was intrigued by the capabilities of their computers as demonstrated when the team was in the team meeting in the conference room. As for Alex, I thought he was totally convincing as a doctor. He was so graceful and natural. I wonder if he would take my insurance card. Bottom line, I loved the show. Especially when Alex was on screen. Desperate Housewives has really gotten stale for the past 2 or 3 seasons. I was looking for something to fit into my 9:00 pm Sunday TV viewing schedule, and I just found it.

  21. · Edit

    People….slow down..hang in there…give TR a chance. Haven’t you listened to Alex’s interviews …Trust him, he is so passionate about this show and given time I am sure he and the cast and the writers will make you all happy. I still think a lot of the problem was the constant interruption with commercials. Granted they are necessary to pay for the show, but one gets spoiled watching dramas on DVD when you get continuity and not interruption. I’m for patience and trust. Wati til next week. ( in total agreement with Tiffany).

  22. great tosee you back on tv i just hope cbs keeps this on for more than one season if not ill never watch another one of there show unless alex is in it good luck ale we miss you

  23. I enjoyed the show. I do not know if it was because I adore Al and anything that he appears in, but I thought the acting was really good. LOVED Katherine Moennig. I never had the pleasure of seeing her before, and I really thought she was wonderful. In those scenes with the young boy, Katherine was heart felt. She was great facing her past, but focusing on the boy and, eventually, overcoming her own demons. Kinda like “House”…with heart,

    Loved Alfre Woodard as well. She is an amazing actor.

    I thought the guest cast was great. Enjoyed the pregnant couple; the man who needed the transplant (HE WAS SO SWEET!!). They were all fine in their roles.

    Was pissed as hell that they cancelled Moonlight. Roles with lots of physicality suit Al so well. Sometimes I wish I could advise him (yeah, I am a dreamer!! LOL!) but he is so suited to roles like Mick St. John. BUT, Al is so smart and he plays the transplant surgeon Andy Yablonsk so well. He can do anything… As the pre-eminent heart surgeon , Gonzalo “Gonzo” Gonzalez-Stawinski said, “Al is like a sponge and soaks up everything.”

    I can only imagine how smart Al is (since I do not personally know him) but this I know, after all is said and done, Al will be fine. If the critics do not like Three Rivers, and the ratings do not justify its continuation, Al will find another vehicle that will make him the best thing on TV or film. Al has proven to be a fine man…easy to work with, and CBS, or other networks will continue to work with him and find him another gig.

    I really did not think I would like Three Rivers, but I did. The cast, the message, the hope and its entertainment value… I hope CBS sticks with it and gives it a chance, but only if that is what AL really wants!

  24. I really love Alex, but, the show really needs some work to keep it on. I think Alex needs
    to find a new Manager.

    1. Cindy, Alex hand picked this show…

  25. I haven’t seen Three Rivers as I live in Salisbury, England (we’ve only just got Moonlight!) but having read the comments I take it, the first episode wasn’t particularly well received by the TV critics. I sincerely hope CBS give the show a chance to gain momentum. It was the first episode for heavens sake. Very few if any new dramas actually grab the audience on their first viewing. Most take time to bed in. I remember watching the 1st ever episode of ER – I found it too ‘busy’ if you get what I mean – just too much going on and I didn’t relate to any of the characters. But I stuck with it……….right to the very end. I gave it a chance! I know the US TV networks tend to be very ratings driven – we in the UK are heading that way too. Over hear our TV critics spend their days absolutely slating THE most popular TV shows – and we the viewing public very loudly IGNORE them. Audience power works here. I sincerely hope the same happens for TR and it gets the chance it deserves. I think it can be a great platform for Alex’ extensive acting talents. And with that last statement in mind – I also sincerely hope that at some point in the not too distant future we here in the UK get to see TR.

    And as a final foot note – love this site! Lauren 🙂

    1. Lauren, it got 9.2 million viewers last night. I don’t think that is too bad at all, especially since it was opposite Sunday night football!

    2. if you don’t mind viewing the show on a computer, you can login to TV.COM, they have the full epidsode there.;container

  26. In the previous mail I ment to type “struggle”.

    Stuggle sounds kinda warm and sexy……

  27. Honestly found the show somewhat boring and tepid. Sorry…I agree with earlier comments not alot of warmth or character interaction. Yeah, its the first episode and I hope for Alex sake that the next few episodes pick up the pace. I will continue to watch and support the show. However, have watched a couple of the other new medical shows to compare and found them more interesting.

  28. Question – for those of you who did not like TR because it was “not what you expected” – exactly what did you expect. This was the FIRST episode – – I hope the naysayers out there give this show a chance and not be so quick to write it off. The character interaction will progress as the show progresses. As far as “warmth”, I thought “Dr. Andy” displayed a tremendous amount of warmth – I don’t know of too many doctors who actually sit at the patients bedside the way “Dr. Andy” did – maybe if more doctors showed that type of warmth and compassion instead of the usual “next” assembly line type of care that some doctors provide, health care in general would improve for everyone. Please, do not be so quick to write TR off – if for no other reason than Alex.

    1. I didn’t write-of TR — I just didn’t like it. Found it basically boring. A drama has to have DRAMA! There was little of that. The characters were all warm a cuddley, and that’s just not good TV. I think of what a screenwriter friend of mine once said — “The life you’d like to live, is NOT the one you want to watch. People want to see stuggle!!”.

      Now I’m a die-hard Alex fan – I’d pay to watch him read a phone book, but we’re in a minority here (by here, I mean all TV viewers), and I know this group will bend over backward to see the good. People who are not fans will not.

      So I think it’s bad sign when a fan (moi) is tempted to turn the show off after 1/2 hour. That first show has got to be a grabber — this one wasn’t.

      I hope the non-fans will tune in next week.
      I hope they come up with a whoop-ass show next week.
      I hope I love next week……..

  29. I too was disappointed by the show. The show has a lot of potential, if the writers are willing to put some time and effort into the plots. Alex was wonderful, as usual….oh that smile! I did connect to him more so than the other actors and felt they were somewhat really not into the medical field. I know there’s a lot of big medical terms to learn, but they just did not hit me as believeable as Alex did. Of course, he is the main doctor and the principal actor. I too thought the story lines jumped around too much and the show would have been better if there had only been one patient. I did watch the whole hour, but got a little bored, except when Alex was on screen. Hopefully, the writers will get on the ball and really put their hearts into the story line. This could be a really good show, as it deals with organ transplantion, something a lot of us never really think about doing.

  30. I do agree with what Heather is saying. I want to support Alex, but the show is missing something. It went flat mid way. They need to change a few things.

  31. Have to admit I was a little disappointed in Three Rivers. Although Alex, Alfre, and the rest of the cast delivered their lines superbly, the show lacked warmth. The characters didn’t interact with each other like in real life. They seemed somewhat robotic. What makes a show great in my opinion is the way the characters act with one another. Using humor, unrequited feelings, sex, jealousy, etc. we glimpse into their personal lives making the characters seem more real. We at home need to feel that these people are just like us. They laugh, cry, get angry, and have soul. The show left me feeling empty, and after an hour of watching the premiere, with the exception of Katherine Moenig’s character, I didn’t feel connected to any of the characters. If CBS wants me to tune in for more episodes, they’re going to have to place more emphasis on the (main) characters and less about the medical jargon and transplant surgeries. If I wanted that kind of show, I’d tune into the discovery channel. The talent is definately there, it’s the writing that is not capturing the essence of what viewers seek.

    1. KEM, I agree on one hand but on the other it was the first episode. It seemed to me that they took ONE character and fleshed them out a bit… Dr. Foster. It would have been too much if they did it with all the characters. In episode 3 I believe we get to meet Dr. Andy’s estranged wife so maybe that episode will be more about his backgreound and then next week someone else, etc. Once we get to now all of them, then more backstory will make sense. Right now we are getting to know them.

      The show made me want to know more about the characters so I think it did its job.

    2. I strongly agree with you. I thought to myself that if I was not going to be 100% positive about the show, I shouldn’t say anything. But, like someone here said, that would be burying my head in the sand. I don’t like the sets. Are there really any hospitals like that? Not a soothing environment. And please, CBS, spare the jargon, that is not why I tune in. I honestly expected the show to be better. It was lacking in many areas. I am hoping that it gets better when we begin to delve more into the main characters. Perhaps trying to show what is happening with all three sides is too much for one hour. Not enough time to develop characters and stories. But then again, we know that pilots are not always that great. I was not hooked on the show, but for Alex’s sake, I will continue to tune in and recommend it to others.

  32. Critics said the show was going to be a flop. So much for the critics, can’t trust them. However, I watched and enjoyed it primarily because of Alex O Loughlin. The show was okay but not great. I am still angry with CBS over Moonlight and will not watch their channel any longer except for this one, Three Rivers. I’m not in the medical profession so I am viewing it on the patient-doctor interaction not for medical impurities. However, the baby was a little large for a preemie and no hospital of Three Rivers, would allow a foreign walk-in to receive a transplant. Wished doctors were really caring like portrayed in the show instead of cold and indifferent like in real life. I think it will aid people in their decision of being a donor. The show should have run 2 hours and had deeper stories about the donor vs. recipient plus information on the doctors (personal lives) would have improved it immensely. The show fell flat when it didn’t show the 2nd opinion the daughter requested or more on the young boy who swallowed metal. The show lack insight into the donor program. Especially as to why the pregnant women would be offered the heart without being on the donor list. I, however, hope CBS gives the show a chance but they definitely need to rework their format (like the flashing-fast forward, double-triple shots of what was happening in the show). I got lost when they did this. Alex was good but he has acting capabilities beyond what Three Rivers will allow.

  33. Wonderful show .. loved it.. The acting was great from ALL the actors and actresses
    Been waiting a long time for it.. Hope CBS gets top ratings for it.. As usual Alex did a wonderful job. I will be watching every week. Alex is wonderful

  34. IT was a very good start. This first episode really touched on a few important issues. First , not being an American myself you see how it is difficult for individuals to have proper health care coverage. Second how people look at the whole process. I am looking forward to the second episode.
    Great Job Alex.

    1. I also liked how it lightly touched on our terrible healthcare situation in the US. If the African man’s character would have been in Canada, Great Britain, or Norway, he could have his surgery.

  35. I too am a big fan of Alex, but found the 1st episode disappointing. Didn’t hold my attention or make me feel like “can’t wait till next week. I think everyone played their part well. Daniel is a new one to “watch 4”, but the show doesn’t have the writers CSI has or any of the others mentioned ,have. I too, after about 40 minutes, lost interest. I put a DVD from the Mentalist in to watch the end of it, then went back to see the end of 3 Rivers. I hope it gets better, but if the first show is supposed to be the one to get you to tune in again, I’m afraid only Alex fans will be there. Why can’t his manager get him a great project?

  36. I’m with Jeanne on this one. This show didn’t do it for me. I’m a huge Alex fan and have been waiting for this. I watched “Moonlight” from day one and it hooked me immediately. Not so with “Three Rivers”. I will continue to watch to support Alex but if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would.

    1. Why compare it to Moonlight? That is comparing apples to oranges. I don’t think anyone expected that this show would be another Moonlight. It is what it is…

  37. Oh boy……..not what I expected. The tollowing is ONLY MY opinion. I’m a great fan of Alex, but burying my head in the sand and saying the show was great would be a dishonesty.

    Sorry to say, but I didn’t like it at all. So many reasons . I thought I’d love the set, but I found the loud colors and jumbled textures extremely distracting – had a hard time focusing on the actors.. The sequways were a jumbled mess. The walking-and-talking bits were too cute and trite. Very MYV feel about the whole thing.

    The acting was good, but everyone was so ernest and sugar sweet that I got exasperated. 40 minutes in, I started looking at my watch wondering when it was going to be over. There was no dramatic EDGE to it. No bite. No real hook.

    So disappointed. It also seemed to me, that the writers were trying to cram WAY too much into 1 hour.

    I hope it gets better. I really do.

  38. Definitely worth the wait! When that screen came on and you saw the new dad and his baby boy, you could have wiped me up with a sponge- a definite awwwwwww, kleenex moment. I loved everything about “Three Rivers” from the scenes of Pittsburgh, which were awesome, to the father mentioning he and his wife were going to watch the Steelers play after they painted the babies room – BTW, Steelers did play last night and won. I also caught the details where “Andy” washed his hands before touching patients – Some doctors in real life haven’t got that concept down yet. I also liked the part where Miranda was trying to log onto the computer to review a medical record. I work in a hospital, specifically in a Medical Records department so that was a little humorus part there – I hope that CBS continues to support “Three Rivers” and gives it a chance to grow, and it will. Can’t wait for next episode.

    Thank you all and each one of you for posting and comment allowing me to get a glimpse of the story although trough yours eyes, to be more accurate I’m seeing it trough your hearts..
    Thank you


  40. Critics were talking out the sides of their heads, the show was wonderful. I especially loved the ending. Okay, *Spoiler Alert* I loved they way Alex held the woman’s hand, how she had to squeeze his hand to show she was awake, and to show she comprehended what he was saying (as one of the determinations of whether she had brain damage or not). But the biggest thing was when Dr. Andy turned on the monitor to show her husband holding the baby. She lived because she got a new heart and lived to see her new baby…I could have just puddled up. It was the awwwwwww moment I hoped it would be. This show should have legs. This show is intelligent tv, it’s not the boob tube. It’s a show that has something to say and says it. Kudos to Alex O’Loughlin and the wonderful cast of Three Rivers. You should be proud of your show, it’s Emmy worthy (*whisper* sorry don’t want to jinx it). We, your fans are proud too. Go Alex!

  41. I really liked Three Rivers too. Alex was great. I don’t know how any woman would not have heart palpitations gazing into his luminous eyes. The rest of the cast was good too. I’m
    glad CBS used this episode as the first.

  42. Happy to see Alex back on the screen. He is such a wonderful actor, brings you right into his performance and makes it believable. Enjoyed the show, can’t wait for next Sunday. Hope CBS keeps it on and doesn’t make another big blunder like they did with Moonlight. Moonlight fans turn on and support Alex.

  43. Great show, lets hope CBS got the ratings it had hoped for. I like the Outback commercial, very appropriate for the Three Rivers show: “think Australia”, we always do don’t we? lol I totally enjoyed the show.

  44. I agree — you have to give new shows a chance to tell their stories – to unfold all the backstories and understand each character. Then to watch the interactions with each other and their patients and loved ones. I feel this show is pretty good and has tons of potential in telling their story.

    Alex looked great in the part and did a super job – as usual. The rest of the cast did their jobs well too and they’ll mesh even better as we go through the episodes.

    Please CBS – keep the show going and give it a chance for the season – let them prove to the rest of the viewers that aren’t Alex fans already that he’s an upcoming dramatic star in the making – he’s already that with his faithful fan followers. Let’s hope this series grows its fanbase enough to bring it back again and again.

    I couldn’t wait for tonight to come.

    1. I liked Three Rivers. Noticed Alex was wearing a silver wedding ring. Was I seeing things?

      1. No, you weren’t seeing things…”Andy” is married but separated from his wife.

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