Alex O’Loughlin Can Drum Up Chemistry With a Door Knob

mick and coraline

The line about Alex having chemistry with a doorknob is just a funny one I read over in the comments section of the Latina blog. It seems a good number of Alex fans are popping up over there to protest Alex being called “What’s His Name”. It was also implied that casting JLo with Alex was a sure fire way to sabotage JLo’s career. That had me a little hot under the collar since I am of the opinion that Alex is the best thing about this new movie that will be called The Backup Plan. If Alex can drum up chemistry with a door knob all I can say  is “Well, let’s hope so.”

I think Alex fans know that Alex has had rockin chemistry with his other female costars. He brings out the best in them. It got me thinking about my favorite Alex co-star and it may surprise you that it is not “Beth” aka Sophia Myles. Who did you like Alex with? Here are some possibilities:

mary bryant

Will and Mary (Alex & Romola Garai)  – They played husband and wife in The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant and I really liked this pairing because we got to see the fatherly, caregiver, provider side of Alex. Right from the beginning he sees something special in Mary, even though she is pregnant with another man’s child. When they get to the penal colony they team up to take care of each other and they get married. Will acts as though he doesn’t want to get married but it was a little too easy to talk him into it. Will raises Mary’s oldest daughter as his own and he even allows Mary to take up with another man (an officer) so that they can escape. He loves her so much that he allows her to betray him in that fashion. Lucky for Will, Mary knows she has a keeper and their love story was one of the most touching ones I have seen on screen.


Mick and Beth (Alex & Sophia Myles) of Moonlight– This is the romance most will think when they think of Alex. He is the sexy vampire PI and she is a curious reporter. They have a history since he saved her life when she was little and he felt protective of her ever since. Despite having amazing chemistry they can’t seem to commit to their feelings for each other, always letting other people or extenuating circumstances get in their way. They also have the immortal versus mortal conundrum to face but one thing is for sure. They could be and would be totally devoted to each other if they made that leap. In many ways Mick seemed younger and more vulnerable with Beth. He was sometimes awkward and unsure of himself when around her…like the first love of a teenager. It was adorable and heart warming at the same time.

mick and coraline

Mick and Coraline – (Alex and Shannyn Sossaman) of Moonlight – This is actually my favorite pairing. I realize that may rub some MickBeth fans the wrong way, LOL. I love Coraline and Mick together! I love the heat and the total reckless abandon they have when together. Of course that type of love may be big trouble but it is incredibly fun to watch. Some of my favorite moments on the entire show where when they kissed. I know that Mick didn’t want to kiss Coraline but he couldn’t help himself…he was so drawn to her in some sort of primitive animalistic desire.

I was actually kind of disappointed in Mick’s character when he allowed Coraline to be abducted by her brother and not go after her. She sacrificed herself to save him and he kinda said “Oh well”. I was hoping for more of Mick and Coraline in future seasons.

So who do you think Alex had the best chemistry with?

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  2. Hello, world!!!

  3. First of all, I must comment on his movie, The BackUp Plan. And, yes, I wrote “his” movie because he totally owns that movie. Any success that movie had was because of the sincerity, comedy, and beauty that he brought to it (and that’s just for starters). I will watch that movie for his scenes a hundred times and fast forward all the other scenes. Move over JLo!
    Secondly, my favorite Alex romance would the truest one… Alex and Beth. His love for her was the perfect example of what love needs to be in real life so it can last and keep building with quality and intensity. He always thought of Beth first with no regards to himself or regrets. Perfect example… in the scene when Josef returns Mick. Alex said during an interview that the “my Beth” line was totally improv becaus he was so in the moment and completely thinking about how much he loved this woman. This is what sets Alex O’Loughlin apart from other actors. He lives and feels his parts. I truly would not be surprised if the love that he showed us between Mick and Beth is the way Alex would love his lady in reality. His outer attractiveness is magnified by his inner beauty. You can see it when he is doing a show or an interview. It’s all there in his eyes and smile, and that you can’t act.

  4. Went to see The Back up Plan and truely Alex is the best part of the movie. So much expression of his feeling come from his face and his hazel eyes. Funny, Talented and oh so nice to look it. This was another great acting performace.

  5. Hottest relationship? Mick and Beth, of course! I think they have super chemistry but iof course, Alex has super chemistry with all his co-stars, doesn’t he? But I like the intensity of his attraction to Beth and the fact that the show ended with them together at last was icing on the cake. I’m glad the Coraline interaction was minimal overall because that relationship was not only completely toxic from the beginning when Coraline worngly turned him without his consent, but any further attraction to Coraline would be a betrayal of Beth becauze of the kidnapping. I disliked Mick’s inexplicable attraction to Coraline initially becasue she was so clearly manipoulating him adn a smart man would never go back to that kind of insanity. Coraline owed Micka lot becseu of what seh did to him but she came back soley to manipulate him some more for her own gain. If Mick is the smart guy I think he should be then there will be no more chances for Coraline adn, after the events of Sonata-it’s gotta be Mick adn Beth all the way. While it would be lovely to get a ML movie or miniseries, I’m behind Alex no matter what he does! Ah…Doorknob! You are so lucky!

  6. Natalie: Thanks for the lead on CBS. I just went to the website and commented. Also let them know how much we miss Moonlight &&&&& wouldn’t a movie be great too.

  7. Did you know you can comment at CBS website, just click “Shows”, then click “Three Rivers”, then click “Comment” – just to show support for Alex to the powers that be at CBS.

    Just a side note, I have enjoyed all your comments on this website. It’s been enlightening, entertaining, and just plain fun at times. I value all your comments and hope you continue to post on this website. It’s been great and I feel that I am part of something towards helping a fine actor Alex O’Loughlin through our show of support in whatever form it may take.

  8. My husband and I were big fans of Moonlight.
    I am not a fan of hospital shows but we plan to tune into Three Rivers because of Alex.
    I hope the show is a big hit for him! He deserves it. He did a great job on Criminal Minds.
    Don’t get me wrong..if Three Rivers is not a good show we will not keep watching no matter who is in it. I have no doubt Alex will do wonderful. It is just going to take some of us Moonlight fans a little adjusting lol.

  9. That’s alright, Jean F. My last name is hard enough, so just getting my initial worng is nothing and not a problem… and almost 40 years since it became my surname, people still pronouce it wrong… The man who worked on my furnace for over 8 years always pronunced it like Ed Sullivan would have announced the opening of his weekly Sunday night show… “We are going to have a really big shoe!”

    And I definitely will have to check that out, but not this wee hour of the AM, should have been zzzzing hours ago… Nighty-night…

  10. Thank you, Jean F, for reminding me…I thought it was Beauty and The Beast but I just could not think 9f it at that moment…

    Gosh I would not want Ron Koslow getting the Tinseltown stigma put on him as the “Unlucky Writer”, so we do have to also recognize, that again, that show as well as ML came in on the CBS Network. There you have another pattern and stigma to forewarn show producers to “be very careful where they pitch their goods”

    But let’s face it, Networks are all about what can cost them less money… Both of the fantasy themed shows in question would have cost more with special effects, makeup & costuming… Like it has been said so many times before, we do not know the whole story behind ML than most other shows to finance. We do know money rules and at that time last year,I was following the stock for CBS & CBS was losing its millions big time in falling stocks and cancelled mergers…

    I just read recently that “Samatha Who”, which won some awards including those for Christina Applegate, will not be picked up this coming Fall… So winning does mean a thing to Network big wigs…

  11. Donna McCool Hi,

    In your 2nd one sentence paragraph you summed it up so adequately of how many feel…

    Yes, I loved the Mick character as well as any of us… And Alex’s playing a doctor is such a far cry from that of a sensuous vampire, which is what makes women so enarmoured by such immortals. I can remember another such vampire that set my heart pounding about 30 years ago & that was Frank Langella(who is my age and from my hometown in NJ) as Dracula; he was by far, until Mick/Alex, the sexiest vampire I ever laid eyes on in any films of any sort…

    However, even being a ML fan of wanting, I think Alex can captivate us with his new role as Dr Andy Yablonski, but only because it is Alex in the role…

  12. OOPs, was trying to correct spelling and hit wrong key…sorry… put too many letters in superstitious

    1. And I got your inital wrong! 🙁 If you get a chance do check out the horrors we Beauty and the Beast fans went through back in the day (also on CBS)
      I’m just glad Moonlight had such an excellent season. Brief, but wonderful.

  13. Unfortunately, Jean F, Moonlight did not even have a second season. I also would not have liked to have an episode where Beth was murdered and Mick sought revenge. Looking back on our 16 episodes of the one and only season of Moonlight, we had very little violence that we were made witness to that was enacted from the storylines written…I was surprised the writer’s even killed off Josh in such a bloodcurdling manner. For the most part, Moonlight was not a show of violence but fantasy for we all know that there are no such creatures as vampires….

    I am trying to think of the Ron Koslow program cancellation of which you speak and am drawing a total blank. Can you please enlighten us… Thanks…BTW, since Ron wrote also for ML, are you indicating that perhaps that was a bad omen or something. You do know artisans are quite supersticious

    1. Tish H wrote: “I am trying to think of the Ron Koslow program cancellation of which you speak and am drawing a total blank. Can you please enlighten us…”

      Beauty and The Beast. Talk about a BAD experience for the fans! I did feel that familar sinking feeling when I saw Ron was involved in Moonlight. I was honestly afraid to watch the show until after it was cancelled and came out on DVD. Beauty and the Beast PTSD 🙂

  14. I’m old enough to have lived through the very,very painful cancellation of another program Ron Koslow was involved with, and while I would certainly have liked THAT to have ended better, its sure not going to keep me from watching Hellboy :). I wish Alex the best in his career, he can obviously do a great deal with his acting talents.
    I’m just glad Moonlight did not have a season three where Beth was murdered and Mick set out for revenge….

  15. I commend the writers of Moonlight. They protrayed the love and respect Mick had for Beth and the obessive unhealthy relationship with Coraline. Most men ( and women ) could not have resisted someone like Coraline. This series gave all of them a chance to act. It didn’t move too fast and left out details that we didn’t care to see anyway. Alex is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. One thing I noticed is when he smiles, really smiles, it even goes to his eyes. Like when he is talking about Musso’s.
    Don’t really want him to play a doctor because we all have embedded in our minds that he is Mick. I’ll watch the series of course but what a shame.
    Also that scene with Josef and Beth where they are going to kill that guy is one of my favorites too.

  16. Thanks, Cheryl but is it time to move on. I have always tried not to put people down or make insulting comments within my opinions but others did not feel that way. I know if I were to continue, I would begin to sound like a closed-minded, know-it-all who only listens to opinions that are of my own. I do not want to do that because there are a lot of wonderful, gracious people that I have met and I do not want them to feel that my comments may have been directed towards them. I will take the high road even though I was entitled to my opinions, right or wrong. I will still continue to follow this website because I want to be kept up-to-date about Alex because Tiffany always has the info that we are looking for but it is time to move on, even if other do not or put me down for doing so. This is a great website so please continue to keep it this way because, remember, it is about Alex, not us.

  17. Nicely put, Cheryl, and may I say your lengthy, but enjoyable, valuable post shows me somewhat of a writer’s heart and mind in you…

    Oh my, the idea that the short time that Mick was human and that his hormones activated his sperm supply…Oh Wow, a baby with Beth…Anything could become possible in the world of fantasy, even in a vampire.mortal love story; for example, there is going to be a lot that you are not expecting to occur as the Twilight saga continues to unfold on the silver screen…

    When I read your catchy title: Moonlight: The Retirement Years, I had this awful image of Mick as an elderly vampire who had to take his fangs out and put them in a glass of Effident with water at night… Oh that would be horrible, but tafterall there had been some parts of Moonlight’s stories that had a bit of humor, which is an A+… So why not,as we rejoin Mick & Beth, in the beginning of a Moonlight movie if some humor was added with Mick having this dream about him being old and with vampire dentures. He is having this sort of weird hot flash because he spent the night at Beths sans his freezer so this brought on the dream. He jumps out of bed, waking Beth in the process, says nothing to her and goes to her kitchen, opens her freezer door to let the ice cold temperature pour over him…Beth is standing there watching, but does not interfere as she does understand… Her only thought is how many layers of clothing she will need so not to freeze to death every night in a double freezer she will have to have custom made….

    Well all humor aside, Cheryl and folks, I feel that Joel does have a plan and that we will find out about it very soon, especially if people want to brush his ego on the matter praising his Moonlight and his works by writing to him about a Moonlight movie to become a reality…

    And I am all up there for Alex to strut his style in various roles beginning with his new role and profession in the world of film, a thoraxic surgeon by the name of Dr. Andy Yablonski. Having gone to every effort to secure as many Alex acting venues I could, I can say we are in for a thrill for many years to come by this man…

  18. Even though I am a die-hard Mick fan… favorite scene in all of Moonlight is between Beth and Josef in “Click” where she goes to ask Josef to basically kill Dean Foster (sleazy photographer) to keep Mick safe. The emotion involved, the fact Beth loved Mick enough to eveb ask this of Josef, is one of Moonlight’s best scenes. I love his line…”I can keep a secret.” Josef realizing how difficult this must have been for her and taking the opportunity to be completely honest with her, letting her know that if she stayed with Mick and continued to work at Buzzwire…..Mick secret would always be in danger.

    If Moonlight had been allowed to continue….this wouold have been a pivotal scene in the series. I’m convinced of it.

  19. To Linda A –

    Please don’t stop writing. I’ve read through your comments and appreciate your opinions. I know we all make decisions in anger. I hope this is one you will reconsider.

  20. Oops! Hit the wrong key!

    ….four or five nights….And that only because of health issues. For me things had changed once I had the dvd’s. CBS no longer had any control over me as far as watching “Moonlight” was concerned. And that freedom allowed me to accept, and look forward with great excitement and anticipation, to “Three Rivers” from the moment I heard about it. But that is just me.

    Would I like (LOVE!!!) to see a “Moonlight” movie? Of course I would. There were so many questions left unanswered. I wondered, since Mick had recently been human, had he produced sperm and impregnated Beth, becoming the first vampire to have a child? And I thought a Royal wedding between Mick and Beth (talk about the consummate POWER COUPLE!) would be a nice touch. One attended by the “A-list” vamps from all over the world. Perhap it could have been held at Lance’s Castle, maybe giving us the opportunity of finding out what really happened to Coraline. And a chance to meet the rest of Coraline’s brothers.

    But, alas, as more time goes by, and as each of these actors age, is “Moonlight, the Movie” really a viable possibility? I would support, “Moonlight, the Retirement Years.” I just don’t think the primary actors would be interested if a movie isn’t done soon. They have all moved on in their personal and professional lives. Even Alex has said “Moonlight” is over. His career cannot stop, or even slow down, just because so many of us fell in love with “Mick.” I believe that if we give him the chance, he can sweep us off our feet in many roles over the years, enriching our lives with each one in turn.

    My point to all of this is that we may each feel differently about watching CBS, or wanting a “Moonlight” movie, just as we might each order something other than “prime rib” at Musso’s. But does that make anyone of us more “right” than the other? I don’t think so. I think Nina was wrong, it wasn’t just Alex that we loved, it WAS “Moonlight.” But, at least for now, “Moonlight” is over. Are we willing to deny ourselves the pleasure of watching this incredible man perform simply because CBS exercised it’s option on his contract? I hope not!
    I know that I will be front and center from the very first episode of “Three Rivers.”

    To my sisters in Alex and Moonlight,

    With warmest regards – Cheryl

  21. Hi Loretta Averna,

    Has Tiffany ever contacted you about our idea for a luncheon or dinner at Musso’s? I do hope she will acknowledge this and put out a thread for it to see where it will lead and how we can really promote it further..

    BTW, once you begin watching Mary Bryant, you will not be able to stop at the end of part one, I can guarantee… It was fantastic besides being a true story, & I love anything to do with history of any country… Alex was superb as Will Bryant, Romala is very strong in this & she is a wonderful actress… The costuming, scenery, all breathtaking… Enjoy…

  22. Thank you, Cheryl for that explanation & apology accepted, but not needed, for this is a forum…Forums are for pros and cons…it is for the positive, as well as the negative, or it would not be a discussion forum…

    Sometimes in-fighting is not between friends on this site, that I have been on for a very long time now. No, in fact, many times it is instigated by certain persons to cause such unrest… IMO, it is my best gut feeling that tells me that trolls are among us… I do not know who they are, nor do I care to know… I am too old to be backed in a corner for what I believe in nor should any of us who care about any values,no matter what they are…In reference to here at this site, whether they be for Alex or Moonlight…but, when we separate the two, it is wrong for as Joel Silver said during the ML campaign, “Moonlight is Alex; there would not be Moonlight without Alex”

    So, my gut feeling, may be giving me ageda (may have spelled it wrong, but it is Italian for a tummy ache or nervous tummy), but it is also a clear message sender like a crystal ball is to a fortune teller. Now folks, I do not claim that title, but I can say I have a gut feeling that if Alex was approached by Silver again to bring us a ML movie, as he did in December, 2008, to resurrect Mick for a short time, Alex would go for it and deliver a Moonlight movie to all of his fans…

    And I am one who boycotted CBS, plus their programming is getting tiresome, but I have only turned it on on April 29th to watch Alex in Criminal Minds…And it has not been on my TV since… If Three Rivers unfolds as a definite TV series for the Fall, I will definitely be watching Alex become a doctor. Other than that, CBS does no, will not, be used on my TV…

  23. Cheryl: I too have the DVD of Moonlight. I have watched each one about 5 times. I’ve downloaded 17 songs and given them away as a gift, and of course for myself. I’ve written to Joel Silver about doing a Moonlight movie. I just love this Alex. And Tiffany thanks so much for creating the website and keeping us up to date. Just viewed the photos from the new movie with Lopez. Tonight, I think is part I of Mary Bryant….again….

  24. Hi all –

    I am new to this site, so I don’t know the “personal history” of those involved. I just read over most of the posts of the past few days, and I, too, am distressed at some of the in-fighting.

    I realize that some of what I wrote probably stirred the pot and brought up previous feelings of animosity. For that I apologize. When I referred to some as “diehards,” it was not meant as a slur or condemnation, but rather as a simple descriptor – ones “strongly resisting change.”

    Did I feel betrayed by CBS when they cancelled “Moonlight”? Extremely!! And I was a diehard about watching anything on their network. But I realized that several of my favorite shows were on CBS, and traitor or not, I watched them. But I NEVER WATCHED ANYTHING THAT AIRED IN MOONLIGHT’S FRIDAY NIGHT TIME SLOT! Until January. Although I had several episodes taped, I didn’t have the complete “first season” until it came out on dvd. I had watched 1, or 2….or 5(!), episodes of “Moonlight” almost nit since it’s cancellation. But until I had the complete series, it wasn’t enough. When it became available, I bought two sets for myself: one to play, and one to put away – just in case I w ar out the first set. And since then, I have watched 1, or 2…..or 10(!) episodes all but four or five nights.

  25. Hi Diane,

    It is Aussie Di I am addressing, correct?

    I really do not like going public with my ISP address, so here is my alternative that is actually been in use by me than I have had a computer… Used to use friends and go to public libraries, which, over here, have computers to use for certain lengths of time…

    I have needed to speak with you, so this is probably the best way to do this…

    Feel free to put that in your online address book…

    Oh, and if I ever get the opportunity to go to AU, I definitely will let you know so we can meet…Hope Alex can join us for lunch and is home then… My Goodness, Di, if that were ever our good fortune, we couldn’t eat a morsel as we would be so slack jawed that our food would dribble out…

    Anyway, I hope to be hearing from you soon on the private address


  26. Tiffany I have the utmost respect for you for bringing us this great way to hear about Alex but yes, I will no longer post but I will still read because you are the source for everything about Alex. It’s been nice talking to all of you. I wish you well.

  27. I first saw Alex this year in Moonlight. I looked up his movies then because he is an actor that has attracted me. I noticed he was in The Invisible and had to watch that again. I had originally watched it because of C.K. Rennie. There was Alex in a different role and did a good job. Bought Oyster Farmer and thought that was boring and a waste of his talents. I hope he gets some good roles so we can enjoy them. Criminal Minds was great.

  28. Oh stop ladies…don’t make me come over there! And Linda don’t you stop posting either. 😉

  29. Tish maybe it’s because your comments always seem to be sort of a put-down for those who are not following your passion for a movie – when people comment on those of you who want a movie, it is just that but your comments always have a side bar or little dig, like calling us “giddy females, going ga-ga” or we’re “naysayers” Unless we were all jumping on the same bandwagon as you, writing letters, etc., we were all one big happy family, but things have changed because we all have different opinions and those do not agree with yours. All I ask is that when you comments about those who have chosen to move on – just make your comments, do not add an additional insult with that. Yes, Tiffany if the moderator of this website and she said it is a website about Alex, not specifically a “Moonlight” site. Yes, this brought us all here but the tone seems to be quite heated when opinions do not agree with yours. You can disagree with someone without offending others. Some of your comments are over the top but then it goes back to how the readers chooses to react to them and vice-versa. I apologize to anyone who feels that I have offended any of you by what I have said, or how I said it. I will no longer be posting. Tish – the floor is yours, just as you want it to be. 🙁

  30. Oh forgot, yes, Alex has a son who is about 12 now named Saxon. The boy is from a youthful relationship and Alex possibly must stay on some cordial terms with her to have open visitation with the boy… I am not certain if the child has ever been to the states to visit with his dad, but there was just one photo I saw online at Photobucket of Alex with the boy in a pool… Seeing the child was not very clear as Alex was holding him cradle fashion on his back so Saxon’s face was obscured…

    In the photo it even appeared to me that Alex was unaware of being photographed…anyone could have done this shot with a telephoto lens. Alex does prefer his son is protected from the public eye & who could blame him in this world of crazies that do harmful things to children…

  31. Hi Loretta,

    I live in the rural outskirts of Tucson, AZ and am about 40 miles (going toward Sasabe down the Sasabe Hwy, Rt 286) from the Mexican Border… Been in AZ 18 years & on this property 9 years; was moving here when my husband died suddenly.

    A different mind set about Australia? Are you speaking of finding attraction to the Land Down Under again because of a young sexy male Aussie or because of the poisonous critters my friend, George, told me about?

    Australia is my destination, hopefully, one day…Perhaps a trip during the Holiday Season in hopes of spotting Alex on his home turf near Sydney… But first I would pay a visit to my friend in AU who lives in Adelaide in hopes he would be my guide…

  32. Here we go again is right…What brought many to this site was not only Alex, but our love of Moonlight…So to be called die-hard Moonlighters is so condecending & insulting because we want both, not just Alex working and making his career rise to the top, but the completion of Moonlight in movie form.

    Now Linda A enough, for it seems that it is whenever I voice about a Moonlight movie you are right on it. When someone else does make a statement about a Moonlight movie, you let it go unnoticed…

    And while I am taking note on posts, I believe it is still Tiffany who is administrator of this site, so no big show from elsewhere is needed… We all know she does a job well done & that she pays heed to what comes in front of her via emails, etc. I, for one, have occasioned to privately email her with such, too…

  33. Alex has a son????? So that’s what he meant in an interview, “I’m a family man.”
    And Trish, where the heck do you live?? And check out the airfares to Australia on Qantas. I just booked for Oct. Have to go back and I have to see Australia with a different mind set.
    And yes, I’m watching Three Rivers. Watched one episode of The Shield and Moonlight’s Fever today. Awwwww…….I just love him and won’t quit because Moonlight is over – on TV.

  34. Once again, the great divide has appeared. Why such division here, It’s as though it’s US against THEM. If you are on the side to continue the campaign for a “Moonlight” moive, then you are put in one catagory ( US ), the rest are lumped into the “naysayers” catagory (THEM). How is this considered respecting others and their opinions if there is always some type of negative or condescending comment within a comment? Guess it depends on which side you have been lumped into. We know there are those who want a movie, while others are just glad to see Alex being a working actor. There is no wrong or right here and we should not be made to feel like we have to choose and hope that we made the right decision as not to offend others of different opinions. As long as Alex is working, that should be enough, regardless of the format that brings him to us.

  35. Cheryl – I agree with you – who would refuse a face-to-face with Alex – I can’t think of anyone! As far as his “hottest” relationship, It is definitely with his fans. I think we have been more loyal than any girlfriend. We should know something soon about “Three RIvers” Tiffany is on the job so I am sure the minute she knows, we’ll know. It was around this time last year that we learned the fate of “Moonlight” so it shouldn’t be much longer for some news. I, like you and so many of us, will be waiting for the good news. 🙂

  36. Cheryl,

    Yes there are many of us die-hard Moonlight fans. We want a Moonlight movie for complete closure and I am certain when one does come out all naysayers will be in the long line for tickets.

    Now as far as CBS and not punishing Alex, they know Alex has draw, sex appeal and talent…He allows the big wigs to pad their pockets by work from the sweat off his brow. It had nothing to do with not punishing Alex for goodness sake, he is their money maker for Nina thought we were all just interested in Alex and not Moonlight’s storyline… Not saying here that I am not interested in Alex, for that statement can be misconstrued; I am totally interested in his getting his career farther up the ladder of success and so feel he will hopefully shrug off the CBS to make that happen… Check it out, George Clooney had his break in NBC’s ER, left and became one of the biggest box office draws…

    What you don’t know is that CBS’s stock were falling badly, former merges went belly up, so someone had to grasp the brass ring and bring in audience interest again…

  37. Now Awesomegrannie none of us are old yet & so sorry you have yet to meet him after already putting so much cash & effort into it.

    We have yet to hear from Tiffany & I wish we would…though we are free to do this on our own, it would be so nice if the blessings of our AOLO administrator were upon us and that she, too, can join in for such a trip. Plus we need more input on this venture for surely Alex’s manager would not just let him show up for a handful of ladies, though I doubt Alex would mind…

    Plus I would like to see the guy eat a nice big meal as he is getting too thin &, if I can get someone I trust to take care of my menagerie (I have 9 dogs, 3 of which are rescues of being dumped by cruel people on the highway, & 3 horses; so someone must know how to handle animals…a few dogs I can put into a boarding kennel, but I do want some dogs here while I am away), I will even buy Alex that meal… If the chef would allow me in the kitchen, I’d even cook it for him. It is an Italian restaurant, isn’t it? Well I am mostly Italian so it a cuisine I have made many times…

    Anyway, I was going to make reservations for that trip to London and called Alex’s manager’s office & the lovely assistant advised me not to make any plans yet as if Alex was working he would not be able to make the appearance sooooo I listened to her… It seems she was correct and knows show business really well…

    Okay then, so at the present Alex is in LA shooting “The Back-Up Plan” but for how long I am not certain, but can be certain it will probably take a couple of months at the least. Next depends on his “Three Rivers” & if it is a Go to the little screens in our homes then we must ascertain where the makority of it will be shot. Pittsburgh or LA. Perhaps like Grey’s Anatomy they may shoot some outside shots for introductory purposes of Pittsburgh and the areas surrounding the Brownsville Hospital, may have done that already, we do not know. However, the east coast is really offering tax breaks up the ying yang for movies and TV shows to be shot there and not in CA. eg, Ugly Betty went there at the start of last season. When we get somemore input on the restaurant event, and we know for sure that Three Rivers is a TV show for the Fall, then Alex’s personal manager can be called and we will know where and when will be convenient for him…

    Now, depending upon how long it will take to film enough shows to run through the Christmas/New Year Holiday season of 2009, we must consider if Alex will be here then and when he will leave to go back to AU for family time… If the show is a winner he will not be gone as long as he was this past holiday season when he was not working on a series… So he may stay like a month, give or take a week or so, he has a son there also & may want to spend time with him (boy is around 12 and no, the boy’s Mom is not in Alex’s life except giving carte blanche for visits with his son, Saxon) as in AU our cold months are their hot months or their summer…

    Speaking of which, I was just e-mailing this AM with an AU citizen (no not Aussie Di) & he was telling me about all of the dangerous poisonous creatures that abound in that lovely land with its gorgeous beaches… There are salt water crocs, blue ring ocotopus, 9 deadly types of snakes, 2 spiders that can kill a human,to mention just a few…Thank God Alex survived to grow up and be our hero… Just thought I’d give some of Alex’s native land’s color, thought spme would be interested…

    Well, Loretta, I feel the more the merrier to let Alex know he is truly loved and honored, but great that you are in PR…

    Well, I need to go feed horses, so later girls…now we all are at heart…right?

  38. I think Alex’s hottest “relationship” is the one he has with his fans. Is there any one out there who, if offered the chance to meet him, would refuse? And I believe most of us are “chomping at the bit” for the word that “Three Rivers” will be part of the CBS Fall line-up. (Except for the few die-hards who just can’t forgive CBS for cancelling “Moonlight.”) It broke my heart when they cancelled “Moonlight,” but I can’t see punishing Alex for what myopic CBS execs did. I will watch anything in which Alex chooses to take part! He stole my heart in “Moonlight,” and I can’t imagine it ever being different. You just can’t un-ring a bell.

  39. In my last comment I forgot to mention I live in Upstate New York, namely Rochester. Long way to CA. Too bad my brother moved from Pasadena back to Rochester a year ago. Would solve some of my problem.

  40. Hi to all. I would love to go back to LA but am not sure it would be possible for me. I lost close to $300 for canceling the trip to London because Alex had to cancel. AND for me to come I need to bring my adult granddaughter with me as I am in a wheelchair. So the cost gets up there for me and I am a retired widow who lives on SS and retirement pension. I absolutely love Alex and would give anything to go where I would have a chance to meet him which is what I thought when I went to the Moonlight Convention a year ago and when I signed up for London. Haven’t met him yet and can’t afford to go where ever he might be. Besides I am almost 71 years old. I have such a crush on him even if I am old enough to be his grandmother. He is so hot and sexy and believe me, I am not dead yet.

  41. I live in NC. Though I’m from LA. And for me, it would be worth it to go to Mussos to meet all of you, AND to meet ‘the man’. Plus there’s hundreds of things to do in LA. Please feel free to use my personal email.
    Since my background is Public Relations, then maybe if we can get any kind of interest on behalf of Alex, then I could work with the restaurant for a little extra publicity. PROVIDING no other fans try to muscle in on our time. HA!

  42. Aussie Di,

    I do hope that you will contact me as it is important… Hope all is well across the seas in Alex’s homeland… Check above for my personal address


  43. Whoa, I think it would be a great plan, but let’s hear what Tiffany has to say about it as she lives a long way from LA, actually is eastcoast… I think we all would love for her to be there to meet us and Alex (fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes & whatever else can be crossed that he can be there, too)…

    Hey, Loretta, I am all for it, big time, but I would like to hear from others as well, especially Tiffany… And, yes, we would definitely have to work around Alex’s schedule… Depending on the size of our group, it probably would be best, if it is a large group, to pre-order one entree alike for all & perhaps they will give us a group rate, especially if Moonlight and its star is mentioned since it got that plug on the show…And, yes again, I have spoken with Alex’s manager’s assistant, a very lovely woman, several times, so when there is a vested interest by all, we will get this ball rolling…

    Geeze, I bet I can’t eat a bite with him there… And, I cannot wait to meet you all, seems like many of us have been on here forever, some I am just getting acquainted with, and it would be super to finally meet; like a family reunion…

    Loretta, I will put your e-mail address in my online address book, it that is alright with you?…4 messages up is one of mine & you may feel free to do the same…

    Let’s hope we can pull this off and all go for the chance to have a meal with Alex and meet our AOLO sisters and, possibly, brothers, too…

    Wow, love your exhuberance and “go for It attitude”, Loretta, hopefully this will become contagious

    Hugs, Tish

  44. Donna McCool, Trish, awesomegrannie All: I think the meet at Musso’s is an absolutely GREAT idea. And Trish I’m betting you can figure out to contact his manager. Donna, the script thing is such a great idea. If you still have these and to make our arrangements at Musso’s my email is:
    grannie, I loved Mary Bryant, bought the DVD and this week will be my second viewing. And yes, the love scenes between the two were just great. Sometimes I hold off watching the shows just to ‘tease’ myself. I’m very excited about this restaurant idea!
    This is fun. My first participation in a blog. Now we must get Alex in on this.

  45. I love Alex in any role he plays but my very favorite is “The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant.” After watching their love scenes I was wondering if they might be involved off the set. I know Alex is one of the best actors out there today and he can play anyone he chooses and make it believable. His love scenes with Romala were so real that I feel they were the most tender, romantic, loving etc. scenes I have ever seen in a movie. He also played a truly loving father to the children. Did anyone watch him in Criminal Minds? He played a serial killer and made him someone you actually felt sorry for and I cried at the end when he died. I can’t wait for his new series Three Rivers to be selected as one of the new shows for this fall. I have a hard time imagining him as a doctor but I know he will be fantastic in the role. As I said he can play anyone and do it better than anyone else.

  46. Hi Ladies – I hope that we are all planning to stay in touch through this website. We have all become friends and it would be a shame for it to end just because the TV version of our favorite – “Moonlight” is no more. Alex’s career seems to be on target so we will have a lot more to talk about. Until next time, friends, stay well. 🙂

  47. SIlverchex & Aussie Di, need to contact you on your personal emails, so I am leaving mine here…Silverchex, I got your message about the discussion but cannot get through…

    Ladies, my personal email is

    Hugs, Tish Schau

  48. Never say never, Donna McCool… First of all we already know that there is no hope of the TV series returning, but did you not read the article in the Boston Herald Interview of Alex which stated that pre-Christmas, 2008, Joel told Alex there would be a Moonlight movie… Writing to Joel can speed this project up to a closer date of filming… I mean, look at the picture “Whiteout”, do you know how long it has sat on the shelf at Silver Pictures? Yep, the same Silver Pictures belonging to Joel Silver & now it is again given another release date… Like I said, most living in Tinseltown are eccentric…

  49. We all loved Moonlight but there doesn’t seem to be any hope of it returning. My sister and a friend were really into the show and wanted more like so many. I wrote several stories to finish and give answers. It has given us great pleasure. I even wrote one about Josef in a pre moonlight mode. How he became a vampire. You already know the actors and it’s not hard to imagine them in these parts. We had so much fun doing this.

  50. I guess I am the one to blame for the thread change. Just wanted to hear different versions of why we loved “Moonlight”. We all agreed about the “chemistry” angle of it, I was just curious of what else got our attention every week. Sorry. 🙁

  51. Do not know how this thread turned into one about something else, but here is my answer about my favorite non-romantic episode would be of the one of the scene where Josef had to turn Mick back from human to vampire again…That scene will always linger in my mind, even more than the cherished Mick/Beth kisses… It was done with such meaning, such warmth & brotherly love… All while it was happening I was saying to the TV, thank goodness no one was around to hear me, “No, Josef, find another way to save Beth. Let Mick and Beth have a normal human life together for awhile”… By the end of the scene and when Alex had this tear roll from his eye as he still lay on the table, I was in a full blown cry myself…. All I can say, those two, Jason and Alex do have great report and timing when they act together…Hopefully we will see them together in film again…

    And Loretta, I just think it is not that we need a different life, but that only once in a great while does such a TV series become so endeared by its viewing public… And that is how we all came to love Moonlight… Let’s face it, the world is really scary in this age of nuclear weapons that can blow us all to Kingdom come, many youths are over in a strange country fighting for peace (for within that country) and yet still protecting their own homeland shores, & the economy is destroying the lives of so many, so why should we not love something that os not of the real world in its charm? Other shows try to make a gallant effort to entertain, but most are just reality facades or ones that depict in make believe stories but are really so close to real life… So something to do with vampires, which is purely fantasy, was just what was needed (may still be needed the worse the world gets) to lift us from everyday woes into a magical, mystical world of the unknown told with a different story of folklore as compared to that of Stoker’s Dracula…

    Oh my, would this not be a feasible idea, Tiffany’s permission to go for the idea… Why not have one big meet of this fansite at Musso’s and invite Alex to join us all there for either lunch or dinner? Of course we would need to amke it convenient for all of us long in advance so we can arrange for out own private lives not to be inconvenienced by this trip… And arrangements would have to be made with Alex’s Personal Manager, I would think, and to ascertain Alex’s schedule so he can make it, too… Then, of course, arrangements must be made at Musso’s, but until we know Alex’s schedule to join us, we cannot make reservations at the restaurant… What does everyone think?

  52. Hi Donna – I don’t think he was wiping off the kisses but making them linger a little longer, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Hi Loretta – You’ve got to be kidding about Musso’s – – – you have to go now just to tell all of us what it’s like. I also like your choices for your favorite non-romantic “Moonlight” episodes. OMG – we are on the same page for the “club” look , too. Right after that was when he said the now famous line “Coolness is the Vampire’s Curse” So hot !!!!! Speaking of hot, is it getting warm in here or just me? LOL!!!! 🙂

  54. I did not know who J. Lopez was till I heard about this Alex movie. I have looked her up now and I think the two should be great together. I don’t know why they think her career will be hurt. Alex is the first actor I have seen in a while that really acts. A pleasure to watch him. The only thing that bothers me about him is —– Why does he wipe the kisses off ?

  55. ewwwhh, good question about other-than-romantic moments. A couple come to mind. One is after the shower scene and he’s talking to Beth while she’s on the couch. I just LOVE his body language as he asks her a couple of questions, does she remember what she did. He’s sitting in the chair and nods now and then. He is ‘perfect’ in that moment. Another time he talks about not wanting to be a vampire. “I used to love the prime rib at Mussos.” His smile and inflection just kill me. And get this; last week I’m on a plane flipping through a magazine and something about a restaurant caught my eye. It was fricking Mussos. And it really was there when ‘Mick’ would have been going after the war and into the ’50s. I MUST go there the next time I go to LA.
    And let’s not forget when Joseph wants him to find Lola. Hands him the phone while Mick is in the freezer…and he nods with his head, like, eh, close the door….Awwwwwwww. OH, OH, and when Beth is walking across the street to the club, and he’s watching her from across the street. Like Ralph Fienes in the the English Patient, to have a man look at me like that once in my life!

  56. Linda A – I couldn’t agree with you more! When I saw the scene with “Mick” expressing his anguish over losing his friend, I became even more impressed with Alex. It was an excellent example of his range, and is probably the reason I sought out his other works. I will continue to follow whatever roles he undertakes, and wish him well in all he decides to do.

  57. Hi Everyone – I’m not sure if this should be in this thread or not but since I have no computer savy to start a new thread, I’ll give it a shot. We have all commented on our favorite romantic moments of “Moonlight” and I am sure we can quote each and every line from our favorite episode. Just for another topic of conversation – Which is your NON-ROMANTIC favorite “Moonlight” episode, and why? Even this is a hard one to choose from because there were so many. The one that comes to mind first is the episode where Josef was “killed” and Mick got angry at Beth for trying to get a story from what had happened. Later, Beth was waiting for Mick outside his door so she could apologize for bringing a camera. When Mick started to cry over trying to mourn his friend, that did it for me. Who knew that seeing Mick cry could be so sexy. Vulnerability and not being afraid to show it except to someone you care about, like Mick letting his guard down in front of Beth, can be very powerful. What do you guys think? 🙂

  58. Trish, I haven’t seen Feed yet. But after I introduced my husband’s daughter to Moonlight, she too became a fan and rented the movie. I didn’t know that the movie had a ‘history’ based in reality, but I did read that he was one of the co-producers on it.
    Trish, do you think we need to get a life? I’ve never (well, until Brad Pitt fell so hopelessly in love, but even then I never joined a fan site) been so involved with an actor before. But I love him, no doubt about it. Just tried to find a Joel Silver email address or website that belongs to him, but haven’t been able to. And I agree with you. Any actor would be flattered to be asked to continue a role in a film.
    with a stake in my heart!

  59. Thank you, Loretta Averna, for being the next one to get the ball rolling… Anyone else can feel free to jump in on this venture, I hope they will…

    Please note, ALL, this is not being untrue to Alex or to his current & future projects in anyway… In fact, this is, or should be, very flattering to any actor that one of his/her roles is so embedded and remembered due to its allure; in no way is this meant to insinuate that any actor is being typecast in such a role… In Alex’s case we know his previous works have been made available to us through DVDs so we do know the man is multi-talented and would never be typecast as just a vampire…

    Speaking of which, you mentioned Feed, Loretta, yes it was somewhat gross, but Alex played Michael Carter brilliantly… Surprising, or coincidental, Michael Carter was in reality a serial killer & CBS chose a script for Criminal Minds for him to play a serial killer…. Any thoughts on this?

  60. All: I did write a letter to Joel Silver (Trish provided the address) and I posted it on the Resurrection site. After I mailed it I realized that I should have provided an email address vs. a street address, as just MAYBE I would have received some type of reply. My request is a Moonlight movie. Too many unanswered questions and salivating fans! Other than the movie Feed, which I understand is pretty freaky deaky, I have everything he’s done. And I agree with you, if this movie is any kind of commercial success it will be BECAUSE of Alex, not in spite of him.

  61. wubbywubby,

    Many thanks for your last expression on this thread… Nice to know I am not alone in wanting something further to complete our Moonlight desires… Some here have been very negative about this option including my postings mostly, I feel, due to Alex’s last remarks of pleading to let Moonlight go… I feel that he would gladly do such a project to fulfill our wishes, bring his Mick back to “life” again and play vampire again which, with all respect to men in general & having been the mother of of young sons, is a “make-believe” most “boys”, including our older boys, enjpy playing, & it is already being considered (check the postings of his interviews & note Silver’s input) by Joel SIlver, executive producer of Moonlight…

    Recently it was indicated that there are older age groups here besides those below the age of 40 to 50, so those of us above this age would, in fact, take Alex’s choice of wording, tagging his fans, if they choose not to let go of pursuing a further Moonlight project, as being not true fans, as being arrogant and disrespectful… Privately, I have a friend, originally met on this site back in our Moonlight campaign days, use the word arrogant & she also felt he was being bullied by CBS to make such a statement (so as to focus our thoughts on CBS/Alex new show “Three Rivers”) & that he did this, not because he is a puppet (as someone here accused me of saying) but because, as I also said, he has to work to pay his bills and rent… The lady is a devout fan of Alex’s, also a few years my senior (I am 63), and still is active in the business world…

    Any desires to see the completion of Moonlight for its undying fans, as I have said, will need to be addressed to Joel Silver since he is already comtemplating such a project, a Moonlight movie (was back in December of 2008)… It might prove advantageous to let the executive producer know that we are still not satiated by the last episode of Moonlight, Sonata… and that we would love to se the entire TV cast brought in to complete their characters as only they can, including Alex’s iindelible portrayal of the immortal Mick St John…

    I will never feel that this is not being a true fan of Alex, this is the bad choice of words, and, if he was not such a beloved actor and human bieing, he would have lost many by such a remark… He has not lost me as a fan, but I am too old to be reprimanded by youth for my choices…but then anyone should not lose their rights to choose, this is part of being an American, too…

  62. Hi Silverchex,

    Nice to see you here from LLOL…

    I also have to agree with you again about the Mick/Beth chemistry… And I echo your feelings, too, of how there would have been so many different twists & turns in their relationship after the Sonata episode… If nothing else keep all parts crossed for Joel Solver to make good his decision to make a Moonlght movie. which he spoke to Alex about previous to Christmas, 2008, I believe…

  63. Loretta Averna,

    Your first sentence above had me laughing so har that it gave me a pain in my side…Woman, you Do have a great sense of humor…

    And, oh my, the dock scene from OF…geeze I was slack jawed… they both made it look so intimately intense…

    As far as the Chair Scene in “The Shield”, it’s a quickie, so don’t miss it… Oh, I’ve watched the entire season 6 & if memory serves correctly I believe it is either in the last episode or the one just before that…

    Ah, yes, the Josef & Mick bantering…never thought of it as sensual chemistry, but definitely bonded these two young stars who are now real life friends… Alex, when ML was still on, invited Jason & his wife, Lauren, to AU for the Holidays…That was so nice…

  64. First I want to say that I dont remember a JLo movie that really hit it big.. does anyone remember gigli? So to say Alex will bring her down.. honestly I am worried about his carreer because of it.

    Also I have to say that I felt more connection with Mick and Coraline than with Beth. I liked the possibility of the Beth/Mick connection, but it always seemed pushed or something..

  65. If you ask my opinion, Alex is too good for Lopez; I have never like her or her acting. Alex will definitely be the star…

  66. Which one? I think a door knob would be aroused when Alex takes the handle. I think it’s Coraline and Mick. Yes, she’s a bad girl, but that’s what he likes about her. At first I didn’t have the same draw to Beth as C&M. BUT, after Beth stabbed Coraline, and later put a contract out on that photographer, whoa, get it on young wo-man! And when Coraline and Mick kissed on the photo shoot, well….I was holding my breath.
    I have all the others – don’t forget the dock sex scene in the Oyster Farmer. And right now (I’ve bought The Shield, 6th season) I’m waiting for the one with “The Chair Scene” with Alex. Whew! pretty good stuff. And Pinkleple, I agree with you Alex and Jason were superb together. Even my husband enjoys the bantering.

  67. In this foto Alex is beautiful

  68. My favorite pair was Alex and Jason. Superb! Alex takes over the screen when he’s on it and Jason could hold his own. A very difficult task! Mick and Josef loved and understood one another like no one else could. They shared such a strong bond. They were both strong alpha male personalities that seemed to enmesh with one another perfectly.
    As far as romantic pairings, it would have to be Will and Mary. That is a love story to top all love stories. They made so many sacrifices but Will made the ultimate one. Romola is an outstanding actress but even she seemed to take second banana when Alex was in the shot. The man is a camera magnet. Lucky for us!

  69. Coraline. No question!
    If Coraline was present, Beth was only the second.

  70. Alex can drum up chemistry with anything he is wonderful ,hes sexy, funny, dramatic,,i love everything he has been in.the man is awesome .

  71. The comment about Alex being able to drum up chemistry with a door knob cracked me up (GOOD STUFF, GOOD STUFF)…In any case it’s true, Alex has amazing on screen chemistry and I think all the women that have been lucky enough to be paired with him so far know this… Soon every leading lady in Hollywood will be lining up just waiting for the chance to star oppistie of the extremely gorgeous and charismatic Alex O”Loughlin… I for one think he’s absolutely PERFECT!!!

  72. I must agree a bit with Harmony about Alex & Jason, ie Mick & Josef in Moonlight. These guys are terrific friends and the chuckles between them were just awesome, BUT Mick/Beth is where it’s at. It’s the “forbidden” the stand offish way Mick is not to get to close but is always there, and the kisses, Oooooh the kisses on the roof, wonderful. It is just awful that when the door shut while he was holding her in his arms is all we have left with our imagination.

    Now there could be a mini series or movie to help things along 🙂 🙂 🙂

  73. Alex has great chemistry with most actors he works with. It’s one of his gifts as a talented and versatile actor. The fact that he’s a great guy probably puts them at ease. His best chemistry was with Shannyn. It looked so sexy and…REAL.

  74. For me the chemistry between him and Sophia was incredible so my favorite is MickBeth. I loved their relationship on the screen. All the angst of not being able to be together and then finally coming together and still working through all the vamp/human problems made it for me. Too bad we didn’t get to see more of that relationship allowed to grow and what twists and turns there were to still be explored and discovered…

  75. PS: Even good ol’ JR had a certain chemistry with Sue Ellen; did not mean it was good for either one of them…

  76. Well, Tiffany, every good show with some mystery or melodrama needs a villian and Coraline, at first, was just that person…Perhaps that is why they decided to cut Coraline some slack and give her an eveil brother like Lance… Coraline may be a decendant of French Royalty but can’t say this was not a Strange family…

  77. Tish, interesting that you thought of her as JR… and loved to hate her. I loved her character from the beginning and wanted to see things heat up between her and Mick. Even Beth saw immediately that there was some seruous chemistry between them.

    Of course I really liked Shannyn from her film career before Moonlight. She was awesome in A Knight’s Tale and 40 Days & 40 Nights.

  78. Way to go Tiffany – you brought up a subject that we have all agreed upon! Only you could have done that, nice job! Great comments everyone, great subject – Alex – can’t go wrong there! Lots of positive energy! 🙂

  79. As pointed out, Alex could drum up chemistry with a doorknob and to pick one character over another is indeed a difficult task. But IMHO, if I’m being really honest, I have to say that Alex had his best chemistry with Jason Dohring who portrayed Josef Kostin. Their scenes together were always filled with emotion, sometimes explosive, sometimes very understated, but always, always interesting. The two actors became really good friends, and that translated onto the screen very well.

    Alex is such a talented actor, he will always make anyone he shares the screen with look good.

  80. Thanks for a great article! I agrre that the heat between Alex and Shannyn was the best. There was something so strong between those two. It is too bad that Moonlight was cancelled. The story of Coraline was one of the many stories that had so many possibilities. One thing for sure, Alex can play the romantic lead to perfection. Actually, he is perfect in every role. J-Lo’s fans are in for a big surprise!

  81. Oops, typo… 3rd paragraph above, 2nd line should read:

  82. Wow, Tiffany, a really hard choice, but I loved the chemistry between Sophia & Alex on Moonlight… Perhaps this was because it was such a “forbidden” type of love that could very well have gone down a dark endless alley never to be again & destroy them both in one way or another…

    Actually Coraline (Shannyn) played her part superbly and became, like JR Ewing, female form, “The woman you tuned in to hate”… But I can say I actually felt sad for her as her evil brother carried her off to whatever horrors he had planned for her (or Mick orignally)… Since Coraline came into the show after Beth, it was pretty difficult to to feel any deep feelings for her, especially since she was the reason Mick was turned into a vampire…However, we must give her some credit in this vein; if she hadn’t turned Mick, he would have been too old, if mortal, to show any love for Beth…

    As I have stated previously Alex was a new face to me upon the birth of Moonlight, as was most of the cast… However, I did not begin seeking to know more about this fine actor and what other productions he had been seen in… Since then I have seen his talent in Mary Bryant, Oyster Farmer, Feed, etc… And Alex did reach my heart in many scenes in Mary Bryant… I can’t say his chemistry was matched with his female lead, but his talents made up for any “stutter” between them… She did a great job performing her character as a stoic, no-nonsense, woman in the heartless cruel world of her captors but it was her means to survive were counter-balanced by the full heart of love in Alex’s performance; it isn’t any wonder that he was nominated for 2 awards in AU for that TV mini-series…

    BTW, I am not certain if he was just nominated for these Aussie Awards or if he actually won…. Does anyone know for sure?

  83. Alex is great in all his roles. He is charismatic, brings vulnerability, strength and shows all of his emotions on his georgeous face. He is definitely and “A List” actor and can go toe to toet with the best of them. I see his star rising very quickly. Keep up the good work, Alex. We look forward to seeing you on both the “big” and “small” screen.

  84. A sign of a good actor is one that can go toe-to-toe with anyone, male or female. Alex has brought out the best in his co-stars and vice-versa in part because of good scripts and good acting. To pick one over the other is hard because each actor brought his/her own personality into their characters allowing Alex to shine in his performance opposite that actor. If an actor can not find or develope a chemistry with Alex, then it’s that actor’s issue because Alex has proven himself as a talented actor who is no longer a “what’s his name” actor. He has a name and it is a bankable one – Alex O’Loughlin – and he can go toe-to-toe with the best of them. 🙂

  85. Great article! I love Alex in all his roles. He made me cry and smile and laugh. He is really a talented and gorgeous actor!
    Seeing him is loving him!!!

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